my first bi experience

this happened when i was 16
i always used to watch porn and seeing the enjoyment of a guy cumming in a mouth and the receiver swallowing it many times id be on my bathroom floor bending over and trying to shoot my cum into my mouth it would mostly go over my face and on the floor
when i was walking up chepstow road one day bursting for a piss i went into the public toilets i hated using these they always stank so i went into the cubicle locked the door and started reading some of the filthy messages that was written on the wall i was in there for over 15 mins sumtimes re reading these messagess i was sort of hoping someone would knock the door
no one did i left walked into town was walking round when i remembered there was more public toilets just out of the town so i went there i walked in it was smaller than the other one there was a guy in there i walked straight past him went straight into the cubicle and locked the door sat there it was dark but u could still make out some of the messages on the wall
after a few minutes i seen a hand underneath the door i unlocked the door and it seemed ages before this guy walked in i was looking straight all i seen was this guy walking towards me taking out his cock it was bout sev inches and fairly fat he put it in my mouth nice and gentle at first letting me suck him i only managed to take half of it in my mouth but it felt so good he started to move back from my mouth i knew he wasent gonna last much longer so i put my hand on the back of his jeans pulling him closer he starting cumming in my mouth i swallowed as much as i could before he left
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2 years ago
mmmm nice
2 years ago
very nice mmmm