Bi Side 4--Revenge

Another one of my very very VERY true stories***

After I left Romeo's house feeling mad as hell and seeing red, i knew i HAD to pay his ass back. As i was driving i had a memory that flashed across my brain. It was about 3 weeks ago when Romeo told me he invited his friend nicknamed Foo-Foo over his house. He explained to me that Foo Foo was just let out of jail and that he looked at him like an actual b*****r. "So when he comes over are we all having 'fun'?" I asked Romeo. "Hell no!" he replied. "You will NEVER fuck with him. I dont usually say stuff like this but he's off limits." "Why? Is somethin wrong with him or somethin?" i asked. "Nah. It aint nothin wrong wit him. I just dont get down with him like that. He got too many issues. Baby mama, just got outta jail, no car...just too much shit." I looked at him in confusion at why NOW he would say something like that when it was the same situation with the other friends. I just dropped it and watched tv with Romeo until Foo-Foo came knocking at the door. Foo was light skinned, 6'2", slim, long cornrows, and thugged out to high hell. "Waddup Rome? Long time my nigga. So this the dude you been tellin me about?" said Romeo. "Yeah this Carl, Carl this my b*****r Foo Foo." I said hi but looked at him and wondering why this extremrly attractive dude was so off limits. I watched their interactions and saw they were just like b*****rs, and even argued like b*****rs...thats why and i understood. "Man since i got out i aint have the time to take out these braids yo. I gotta get crackin on em," Foo said to Romeo. "Fuck, Carl will do them for you. Let me go find somethin for yall to use," replied Romeo. When Romeo left the room, Foo sat between my legs and leaned back. The silence left room for what seemed to be mutual attraction coming from him. I could see him looking back at me from the side of his eyes...then Romeo came in with a comb and we acted like everthing was normal. I saw right then that Foo might have 'gotten down' before but he KNEW Romeo wouldn't deal with him even flirting with me. I began to undo his braids and went on with the rest of the day normally. Over the weeks I saw them deepen their b*****rly bond more and more whether through long conversations or regularly arguing.

I figured to fuck around with Foo Foo would be my perfect revenge. The next day after the big blowout, I looked thru my phone and saw Foo's number and called him. "Hello?" he picked up. "Waddup Foo, its Carl" i replied. I asked him if he had any weed on him cuz i HAD to get blazed. He said he didnt but if i went to pick him up he would buy some for the both of us. I pulled up to his crib to pick him up and we talked about everything as we ran the 'errands'. He told me he was surprised about how things went down and assured me he had no idea about Taz. He suggested we pull the car under some low hanging trees on a dark street. We got extremely high and he started to let his guard down. "Man if i were Rome, i wouldnt have played you like that. I mean look at you. You one hella sexy shorty." I laughed and blushed but replied, "Hey i aint one of those fast hoes you deal with." "I know. Rome told me about the stuff you did for him and i figure if you did that shit to please him, shit, i wouldnt share you with nobody." We stared into each others eyes then just started laughing. My right hand fell onto his lap and i quickly removed it. He then picked it up and placed it onto his dick. It felt so long and hard, like a pole. My heart raced loud and strong. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick and it was caramel, shiny, and beautiful. "Can I?" i asked. "Hell yeah," he answered with a devilish grin. I sucked his dick down my throat until it hit the back. My mouth got extremely wet just smelling his scent of Curve cologne. I sucked his balls while i jerked off his dick, still wet with my spit. His hand wandered under my jeans and boxers and he slipped a finger into my asshole, then put his finger in his mouth. "Umm. Shit taste good yo," he hummed. I forgot all about Romeo by this point. I relaxed my asshole and began riding his finger while deep throating him and messaging the area between his balls and asshole. "Im bout to come yo!" he warned. I f***ed my throat further down onto his dick and let him explode down my throat. After i finished swallowing him, i cleaned myself up and drove him back home. "Make sure you call me later," he said with a smile. "Ok, sure," i laughed back to him. He then looked at me seriously and said, "No im serious. Call me later. Id like to spend more time with you....really." I agreed and drove off. Thinking about Romeo eventually finding out about this made me wet, but thinking about Foo gave me the orgasm.

The next week, Foo asked me if i had to work and i said no. He told me he wanted me to take me somewhere....and promised to pay for gas! When I pulled up to his house, he came to my window and said to let him drive. "Where exactly are we going?" i asked. "Its a surprise," he smiled while lighting the blunt. He offered it to me while at a red light and as i took it, he pulled my chin toward him and gave me a passionate kiss. I was surpeised cuz i thought dudes like him didnt like to kiss. "Hey beautiful," he then said. After the blunt was gone i was passed out and just remembered seeing lots of trees. Hours later, i woke up and we were in woods behind a house. "Where are we?" "At my aunts house in North Carolina. I just wanted to visit her real quick,"he responded. I looked confused and nervous. He put his hand on my left thigh and said "Yo! Dont be nervous. I would never hurt you. You can trust me." He then leaned in to kiss me and I ironically felt safe, warm, and really really horny. He asked if i had lube in my car. I said no but i had lotion. He said that should be cool. He pulled his pants and boxers down around his ankles, slid on a condom, lubed it with lotion and told me to sit on his dick. I straddled him and began to deeply kiss him as i took his dick inside my ass. After 2 minutes of grinding there was no more need of lube...i was wet as fuck to the point i was hearing squishy sounds from my asshole. He ripped my shirt off and began to suck my nipples like milk was goin to come out or something. "Fuck that ass is wet yo. Feel like a pussy yo! Fuck im gonna Come!!!" We both came AT THE SAME TIME. We cleaned off with my ripped shirt. And before he drove back to Virginia, he kissed me goodnight. Early morning, he stopped at a gas station to fill up and get me some snacks while i slept. "Fuck yo! I dont got no fuckin shirt!" i realized. He then took the shirt off his back and gave it to me. I then realized this is how i should be treated. After we got back to his house, i told him we should get in one more and he said, 'Nah yo. I feel dirty on the real.' The look on his face screamed insecurity and i thought it was actually to see that on him. I kissed him softly and got in another one...on his grandmother's bed no less! LOL! But I realized the best revenge wasnt fucking Foo Foo, but having Foo Foo fuck Romeo out of my brains. Cuz i didnt think of Romeo's ass afterwards.
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3 years ago
A great way to get back, I'm all heated up and ready for just bout what ever now.....DAMN !!!
3 years ago
lol dude this is better than i thought it would be great payback, i can't wait to see how romeo reacts, great twist,foo sound sexy and caring, i want to see where things go from here
3 years ago
very sexy...
3 years ago
Man I like this, I'm horny as FUCK now.
3 years ago
Another hot story, thank's for sharing.