Bi-Side 3---Chaos

**Extremely TRUE!**

I began to accept the fact that Romeo was older and VERY dominant. He liked to share and he had fine ass friends so I was good. After that experience with Roger...i didnt let him hit again. That only fueled his fire but i was determined he would only dream of sex with me again. BUT one night Romeo invited his old friend named Christian over to watch movies with us. Christian was light skinned, 6'3, slim, with the face of a constantly blushing young dude. He knew Chris had been crushing on me, but wouldnt admit it because of his strong spiritual beliefs. He never judged the lifestyle, he just didnt participate. But then...Romeo was determined to corrupt everyone he came in touch with. As we all sat on the futon in Romeo's living room, Romeo stood up to and said "Aight fellas, im bout to go cook somethin for dinner so why dont yall get more comfortable." Chris looked at him in confusion and said "Huh? What u mean i AM comfortable." Romeo laughed and said "Chris man u know u was lookin at Carl's ass and shakin your head. You aint know i was lookin huh?" Chris began to blush with innocence all over his face. "Nah i wasnt lookin!" Chris said with a nervous laugh. "So if he was to get on his knees right now and suck your dick, you'll say no?" Romeo asked. "Well that'll be disrespectful to you and you my boy," said Chris. Romeo looked at me and said, "Aight bae, hook him up." Then left me alone with Chris. I cant lie, his innocence made me want to corrupt him myself.

I dropped to my knees and unzipped his jeans as he nervously said, "Man i cant believe u doing this!" I pulled out his 8 inch dick and immediately put it in my mouth and began suckin. I looked up at him and saw him staring at me with his eyes open. I noticed my mouth began filling up with his precum. I found it strange in one way but in another...i didnt have to spit on his dick at ALL. His innocence then dropped and he told me to get up. "You think Rome gonna let me...ya know?" he asked. "Apparently u dont know him well enough," i laughed. I stood up and took off my jeans and boxers, keeping on my t-shirt and socks. Afterwards, he turned me around lookin at my naked lower body and said "I wanna see how THAT feels." I lowered my asshole onto his hard dick and rubbed the head of it onto my asshole(since he precame a WHOLE lot)and began to slide down. By this point i became more experienced in takin some dick. As i straddled myself on his lap, i felt him bottom out when i felt that sharp pain DEEEEEEP inside me. I felt his precum coming out of my ass as i was riding him and actually liked the whole extra semen thing. As we were getting into it, Romeo came out of the kittchen and said, "Good ass right?" Chris blushed and said "I cant believe u lettin me do this Rome." Romeo said, "Just enjoy that shit. You can bust in him if u want. I know YOU good," then left back into the kitchen. Chris looked me in the eyes and asked, "Is it okay if i do that?" He was actually a gentleman. I smiled and said it was cool. He pulled me in closer into him into a kiss, then came. As our lips parted i looked at him then gave a sexy grin as i slowly stood up. Then his sperm ran down my legs like a fountain. Romeo came into the living room with our plates of food and asked if we had fun. We just looked at each other and blushed. Then Romeo said "I watched, yall was having a DAMN good time." Me and Chris looked at each other and laughed knowing something different just happened.

Later that night, i took a shower and left out to Romeo's house to get my cell phone i left in his living room. When i pulled in front of house, i saw a car out front...that wasnt his. "I KNOW he aint invite that bitch over here after i left out," I thought. It was his ex's car and me and the ex, Taz, had a HATRED for one another. I was only 18 and back in those days my temper was monumental. I went to the living room window and opened the window. I pulled myself up and thru the window, falling onto the floor. I heard moaning coming from the bedroom and I walked to the door and peeked inside. Of course to my horror, they were fucking. "What the fuck is goin on? What? So yall still fuckin?" i yelled. "What the fuck? How u get in here?" Romeo yelled. "I left my phone, and luckily my dumbass boyfriend is too stupid to lock a fuckin window! Just to see him fuckin his ex!" I looked at Taz, who was about 5'6", dark skinned, and NOT attractive at all(if he was cute i probably wouldve just joined LOL), and he was grinning at me. He looked at Romeo and said, "You need to keep ur toys contained." "Nigga u just called me a toy?" i said walkin toward him. Romeo jumped between us and said "Just calm down!" Taz said to me, "Ex? Im not an ex and never was an ex. He said he wanted to play with you and i said ok. He was never YOURS, shit if anything he was OURS. Fuck it, he was MINE. So now can you leave me and my MAN alone?" I looked at Romeo and asked "This true?" He looked down and said "But you know i do love you." I grinned at him and said, "Go to hell and let this "love" burn with ur black ass. Hell, you couldnt even go better than THIS troll? Good luck with that." And walked out and drove around thinking of all the STUPID stuff i did to please him.

The next day i just wanted him to look me in my face and tell me why he did what he did to me. As i walked onto his doorstep, i heard him on the phone talkin to Robert saying, "Yeah that bitch crazy! He lucky I was in a good mood or I wouldve--" I knew he never locked his doorknob so i turned it and came in and finished his sentence, "You wouldve what??? Hit me? Nigga u know im ALWAYS ready." His eyes were extremely wide and he said in a shocked voice into the phone, "Ro--, Rob, I gotta call u back." He said in a low shocked tone, "What are u doing here?" I shook my head and said "Being a dumbass and giving a fuck as usual, but dont worry...payback is a bitch!" Then stormed out with revenge on my mind. I knew revenge and so did Romeo......
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3 years ago
Right mbdc 8409, but newman 5 do that shit just make sure it's with the right one though.
3 years ago
my thoughts exactly!
3 years ago
wow nice twist, i can't Wait until the next chapter. i think romeo is just a lil player, his actions are motivated by his constant need to be sexually satisfied, he's allot older than you so he feels like he can manipulate you, using your sexual urges and making them work in his favor( and his homeboys favor) i think its time to show Romoe that you know how to have a good time without him, fuck one of his friend with out his consent, 5-stars