I recently read my husband version and this is my recollection of how it all started.

I´m not sure if it was my husband that made me a Black Cock Slut or if it was just waiting to happen, but either way it opened Pandora’s box.

I met Simon when he was 17 and I was 14. I had never had another boyfriend and not long after my 15th birthday we were fucking like rabbits at every opportunity.

I never really got on with birth control pills so it was condoms or withdrawal method. I always preferred the withdrawal as I hated the feel of condoms, so I was very pleased when Simon had the snip several years ago.

I have always had a very high sex drive & over the years had a very good sex life with my husband. After Simon had his vasectomy our sex sessions got even better and more experimental.
I had never felt any sexual desires for anyone other than Simon, I might have looked at a few black guys on the TV and made a remark to Simon “Mmmm he looks nice” but that´s all.
Simon did not have a big cock, he always said he thought he was average size, about 5 inches hard. But I was about to find out how small it was.

Simon was spending more and more time on the computer and internet in the evenings and I was wondering what he was doing.
One night he come to bed late and told me he had been watching videos of black guys with huge cocks fucking white wives.
During our love making he would tell me how good these blond wives like me looked with a big black cock fucking them. He showed me a few pictures, I was curious and excited and the thought did turn me on.
Simon got me a big black vibrator for Christmas that was fashioned on a black porn stars cock. When I got it out the box I laughed and said “who was this fashioned on, it´s a monster, who would have a cock this big” It was only 8 inches, but compared to Simon it looked huge.

Over the next couple of weeks Simon would use the black cock on me during our love making and ask me if I would like a real one this size. This got me really hot, but I would never answer him, I thought it was just his fantasy. After being together for 29 years he would never let another man fuck me.
One evening he asked me to join him in the study. We watched a blacks on blonds video together and I could not believe the size of their cocks.

I asked Simon if he thought she was a real wife or a porn star, he said I think she is real, these are amateur videos.
I said laughing, how lucky is she. He said, you could be that lucky if you wanted to, she is about your age. The black guys would be forming a queue to fuck a beautiful blond wife like you.
I asked him if he would really let a black guy fuck me and he said yes. I made as very surprised and said are you sure, but deep down I think I was hoping he would say yes.
He suggested we both look at guys on the internet, but I still did not think he was serious.

One evening we had been talking to a few black guys on AOL messenger and I had liked a guy called Michael´s picture, so he was the one I chose, but still did not think it would happen.
We talked to Michael and made arrangement to meet him at his house on a Sunday afternoon. Simon told him that it was our first time and I was not on the pill, if he did have intercourse, he would have to use a condom.

I dressed in a black topless basque with a black see through blouse, a black short skirt, a very skimpy G string, black stockings & high heels. Simon said I looked gorgeous and Michael would not wait long to get into my knickers.

When we arrived I was very nervous, I had never had another man, but seeing this handsome black man, I very quickly settled down. Michael took my coat and could clearly see my hard nipples through my blouse. He looked at Simon and said you are a lucky man, your wife is stunning.

Michael sat down next to me on the settee, we chatted for about half an hour and had a glass of wine. I could not help looking at the bulge inside Michael´s joggers and he knew it.
I don´t know how it happened, but Michael turned and kissed me, the next thing I knew I had parted my legs to let him finger my pussy. My pussy was sopping wet and he showed Simon his fingers. Michael asked me if I felt comfortable to have some fun and I said yes.

I could see Simon was very excited as Michael took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Simon followed us as he fumbled with his video camera and I could see his cock was hard.

He removed my blouse to expose my breasts, gave me a deep passionate kiss then started sucking my hard nipples.
Michael laid me on his bed and joined me. I can remember his fingers going between my legs and the instinct I had to open my legs to give easy access to my excited wet pussy.

He moved down the bed and inserted his fingers into my wet cunt. I think you are ready for me he said as his tongue found my swollen clitoris. I could feel I was already on the verge of a huge orgasm.

Michael removed his joggers & boxer shorts to expose his huge cock, I think I gasped when I see it.
He placed his cock in front of my mouth and I could see the pre-cum leaking from his slit, he was so big and hard & tasted so good. But I was not used to doing BJ´s on such a big cock and I felt very clumsy. I was normally able to get all of Simon´s cock in my mouth, but Michaels cock was so much thicker, I struggled to get the head in.

Moving over me and between my spread legs he rubbed the huge hard cock head on my clit and my wet pussy lips, Simon said you must use a condom, Michael said dam it man, I don´t have any here.
I was not disappointed, but then Simon rushed back to the lounge and got some condoms from his coat pocket and handed one to me. I removed it from its foil & rolled it over Michael´s huge cock. It only just fitted over the bulbous head of his cock.

Michael inserted a couple of inches into me and allowed me time to get used to it, he then pushed deeper, I did not know if it was all in me, I was panting and could not get my breath as his massif cock stretched my pussy. I was cumming big-time already, he pushed his cock deeper, laid over me and placed his lips over my lips and his tongue found mine. It was the most wonderful feeling.

He laid there still kissing me for a few minutes and then looked into my eyes and said, I am going to remove my cock from your pussy, if you want me to fuck you properly, take the condom off me.

As he pulled out I looked down and see his huge hard cock covered in my juices, I reached between my legs and removed the condom, I guided his cock back In me and he started to fuck me hard, at this point Simon did not know he was fucking my fertile cunt bare. I wrapped my legs around him and was pulling him back into me, I had a massif orgasm, I was squirting as his cock fucked me harder and deeper than I had ever knew it was possible.

I expected him to pull out when he was going to cum, but he pushed his cock head all the way to my cervix and released his baby seed. I was screaming for him to cum in me. I could see Simons worried face when he see the condom laying on the bed. Have you cum he said, the condoms off. Michael nodded and said sorry mate, I have.

After that he fucked me bare four more times and made me beg for it. I felt bad in front of Simon, begging my new lover to fuck me harder & cum in me, but it felt so good, I loved it so much.

When we got home Simon wanted to talk about it and asked me what Michael had felt like fucking me, he asked what Michael was whispering to me.
I just wanted to go to sl**p, but I let Simon lick my swollen pussy & fuck me. I was so stretched I could hardly feel his little cock inside me.

The following morning I went straight to the chemist and got the morning after pill.

That evening I talked to Michael on AOL and he said he would like to see me next weekend, but I told him Simon was away on business & it would have to be the following week if he was free.

I talked to him every evening that week and he would ask me if he fucked me better than Simon and I said yes he did. He said that by the time we meet again I would be begging him to fuck me.

Simon left for Germany on Thursday morning & was not going to be back until Monday evening.

On Thursday evening I was talking to Michael and had my black vibrating cock with me, it was not as big as Michaels cock but it felt good. Michael asked me if I was missing him, I said yes, but I had my black dildo to help. At this point I had the whole of the black plastic cock inside me and was cumming.

Michael asked if would I come over to his place on Friday for some fun, as he could not make the following week, he said I´m sure Simon would not mind. I told him I would think about.

On Friday morning I had an email from Michael with a picture of his lovely big black cock and said are you ready for this tonight. I replied YES.

When I arrived at Michaels Friday evening, he answered the door in a pair of boxer shorts, his huge cock was hard and was trying to push out of the material.

He wasted no time leading me to the bedroom and undressing me. He fucked me so hard for hours that when it was time for me to go home I still wanted him more, so I stayed the night with him. I lost count how many times we fucked in the night, but it felt the best time of my life.

In the morning I showered and slipped one of Michaels T shirts on and we had breakfast. After breakfast I was just contemplating getting dressed and going home when the door bell rang. Michael went and opened the door and returned with another big young black guy who he said was his b*****r James.

I tried to cover myself & said I was going to get dressed. James said don´t rush away your better white ass than even my b*****r described. I know it sounds silly, but I was embarrassed even though I had been fucking his b*****r all night.

James came over to me and said you’re a beautiful women I would love a piece of you. He bent down and kissed me.
He was very young, only 23 years old and I guess I was flattered that he liked me.
He then put his hand inside my T shirt and squeezed my nipple. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle. James moved his hand down and pushed my legs apart, feeling my pussy he said I can see you want me badly lady. I said no I have to go home now, my husband will be calling me later. As I went back to the bedroom to get dressed, James followed me. He removed his jeans and pants to expose a huge cock, it looked even bigger than his b*****rs and I knew I could not resist. He pushed me back onto the bed and slapped his cock on my soaking wet cunt. He did not waste any time, just taking me with one big thrust. It took my breath away as I think his cock head hit my cervix.
Even though I had been stretched all night by Michael, James felt so much bigger, the huge girth stretching my pussy. He fucked me hard for only about 10 minutes, pushed his massif black cock deep into me and grunted, I could feel him gush into me and he held his cock there whilst he pumped away. When he pulled out of me, his cum flooded from my gapping pussy onto the bed.
I was still breathless and laid there, James said that was good, you’re the best piece of white married ass I have ever had. I looked up and Michael was standing in front filming his b*****r fucking me.

After a few minutes, James put his cock in my mouth and said get me ready for you again babe. I sucked the end of his huge cock and and tasted his juices mixed with mine. I licked his huge black shaft until he was hard again. He mounted me again and we fucked for what seemed like hours. I could see that Michael was filming us and when James cum again, Michael said you have really nutted her well, she is full of our seed now broth.

James and Michael fucked me all day & took turns to film their slut in action. The b*****rs worked as team, it felt like I was never without a cock inside me all day and I could not have been more happy.

By early Saturday evening I told them I had to go home, as Simon would have been trying to call me. I showered and got dressed, my cunt was swollen and dripping with their cum, my body was full of love bites and ached.

I showered and got dressed. As I was about to leave, James came up to me and asked if he could come home with me and have a shower. My flat mate has a girl with him and you have used all the hot water here. I said it’s a bit difficult, but he would not take NO for answer and got in the front seat of my car next to me, he made it difficult for me to refuse.

When we got back home, James said can you show me the bathroom. We walked up the stairs and his hand was on my ass. I took him into our bedroom and showed him the bathroom. He looked at me and said, I will take a shower later. That’s a lovely big bed, what I really want is to fuck you in your husband´s bed. It’s a real turn on to fuck a hot white wife in her marital bed and I know you want me to, don´t you. I said YES.

James fucked me all night. When he was cuming he grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pushed his cock all the way in and held it there, his big bulbous cock head was tight against my cervix and felt like it was pushing up into my uterus as he ejaculated, I felt the full f***e and had a massif orgasm.

He laid on top of me kissing and telling me how good I was, we cuddled until his cock would get hard again and he would fuck me some more. Later he took pictures of my cum filled pussy, with my husband´s camera.
Sunday morning he asked if Simon had a video camera, I got the camera for him and he set it up at the foot of our bed, he said we could film ourselves fucking.
We took a bath together in our large sunken bath. James shaved my pussy bare and fucked me most of Sunday.

On Sunday evening Simon called me. I was lying half asl**p on our bed in James arms when the phone rang. We were both naked and I jumped when the phone rang.

I said hi Simon, how are you and tried to act a natural as possible.
I was talking to Simon with my back to James. I could feel him lifting my leg and working his semi hard cock in my pussy. I kept talking to Simon, but could feel his cock getting harder and growing in my pussy. I had my hand over the receiver and was panting as I pushed back to him until all his cock was in me up to his balls. I quickly took Simon flight details for the next day and made an excuse that I was running a bath and hang up. James was moving slowly inside me and whispered, did you like my cock inside you when you were talking to Simon, I nodded yes and he fucked me hard until I fell asl**p with his cock deep inside me.

It was about 5am when I could feel James sucking on my nipple and fingering my pussy, I rolled onto my back and opened my legs to allow him to enter me again. We fucked until 6am .
When I took James home, I could hardly walk. As I dropped him off, he leaned over to me and gave me a deep passionate kiss, see you soon Jackie I hope.

That evening I picked Simon up from the airport, when we got home I broke down in tears. I just thought I had to tell him about going to Michaels on Friday. I but I could not tell him about James coming home with me.
I told him that I had been to Michael´s on Friday and stayed the night and how the next day his b*****r arrived and fucked me.

Simon seemed excited by it all and told me not to worry. He asked me to tell him all about it. I could see his cock was hard and he just kept asking me questions about how good they were and did I enjoy their big cocks.

When I told him I would have to go out in the morning to the chemist and get a birth control pill, he went mad. We argued and he told me I was stupid to let 2 black studs fill me with sperm and leave it 4 day before I got a pill. When he calmed down I told him what had happened.

Simon never knew that I had had James at our home, in our bed on Saturday night until Monday morning and that he had his cock in me when he phoned me. I had told him I could not find a chemist open on Sunday, but the reason I never managed to get the morning after pill on Sunday was James was fucking me all day.

Simon talked to Michael and made arrangements for us to see him the following week at his house on Sunday afternoon. I spent the afternoon fucking Michael whilst Simon filmed us. Michael said to Simon to join us and have some fun, but I think Simon was a bit self conscious of his comparatively small cock.
Later in the Afternoon James arrived and gave me a good seeing to, but he could only stay for a couple of hours. As James left, he said you have a very horny wife Simon, she fucks like a black cock slut, James looked at me and winked.

We carried on seeing Michael for a few weeks at weekends when Simon was not away. Unfortunately Michael had to move away north with a new job and we stopped seeing him.

Simon was not aware that I carried on seeing James when he was working away. He normally went away for 2 or 3 days a week and fortunate for me it was most weeks.

James would visit me at our home almost every week, spending a few days and nights fucking me. I was starting to think that James must have been spiking my drinks as I had so much energy and sex drive when I was with him.

I know it seems I was obsessed with James and looking back I was. But let me tell you about him. He was 23 years old, 6ft 2 inches, fit with a cock that is about 10 inches and as thick as a coke can, he looked like a black god.
I was falling in love with this young man and would have done anything to have him fuck me. I loved being his slut, he loved me being naked all the time when he stayed with me and had an ability to just fuck for hours, he would cum in me and would want to fuck me again 10 minutes later. He would use Simon´s video camera to film us & then he would watch it on the TV whilst I rode his big cock.
He filled my cunt with his seed and would spoon it out with his fingers into my mouth and would film me eating his cum. When he was with me and Simon phoned, he took great delight in fucking me whilst I talked to Simon. Simon would say, you sound funny, is everything OK.

A few months ago the things I was doing I would have thought perverted. As James told me, for a new slut I was good, but he would teach me how to suck a big cock. From the very first time I met James he wanted to fuck my ass, but I told him that I did not do anal. I told him Simon had never fucked my ass.

James and I was having a bath together one evening, he got my black dildo & started to work into my ass, I resisted at first but it started to feel good, even though it was painful. That night James got me hot and then refused to fuck me if he could not fuck my ass, I had to give in to him. He put some lubrication on his cock and worked it into my ass a bit at a time, he then moved slowly in and out until he had about 6 inches of the monster inside me, he was fucking my ass and filming his big hard cock stretching my ass. I think at that point he knew he owned me and that’s what he wanted.

I was getting totally obsessed with James. When he was not with me, I would email him every day telling him how much I wanted him.

We decided that if we were going to continue with this lifestyle and Simon was going to find some new black guys for me, I needed some regular birth control and thought I would try the pill again. My periods had been all over the place, never on time. I did not mention it to Simon, but I had missed my period last month, I was not worried at first but after being 3 weeks over I was concerned.
Simon was going to the USA for a week and I promised I would make an appointment at the f****y planning clinic during the week and get on the pill.
Knowing that Simon was going to be away, James took a few days off work and stayed with me for 4 days. James invited his friend over one afternoon to fuck me, but he would not let him spend the night with us. James loved the idea that sl**ping with me in Simon´s bed, fucking me in the night was for him alone.
The afternoon that James friend come over was the first time I experienced being fucked in two holes at the same time. My ass was stuffed with his friends cock, he was not as big as James so I could easily accommodate him, whilst James filled my pussy. After the 4 days I was shagged to death and very tired, you might say I felt my age.

I made an appointment at the local clinic and had to have some tests done, they told me I would have to see the doctor before contraception could be proscribed. This was going to be embarrassing as I knew that my pussy and ass had been fucked an abused over the four previous days. The following day I turned up to see the doctor and was told I was pregnant.
That was a big shock, but even worse I had to tell Simon. After being examined by the Doctor, she told me I had been pregnant for about 6 weeks. One of my eggs had been fertilised and was caught in the fallopian tube. This had caused some complications and my tubes would have to be removed and I would not be able to conceive anymore.
After the doctor had examined me she asked me if my husband had a very large Penis or did I use large toys, as there was a lot of bruising to my cervix, I said yes he has and nearly laughed as James had been fucking me for 4 days.
Even though I had to undergo an operation, I was so relieved at the news I rang Simon as soon as I got out of the clinic. I had the giggles about Simons Penis size and wondered if the doctor would be looking for a bulge when he came into the hospital.
We will never know if it was Michael or James that impregnated me, but I expect it was over the weekend when I first met James. I guess I was stupid to think that I could have two black studs fucking me for 4 days with no contraception without conceiving.

On the sex front, I was out of action for a couple of months. We had been out one evening and when we got home, Simon said we should try a bit of fun. He fucked me & it was good, he said my pussy was tight again, whilst we laid there he asked if I would like to see James again.
Then he dropped a bombshell. He confessed that he had known all along about me James, Michael had told him I was going over there that first Friday.

James and Michael had been sending emails with the pics & videos of our meetings when Simon was away.

James had told him that I was a slut for black cock and he now owned me, I would do anything he wanted and he had all the evidence.

I watched the videos he and Michael had taken, his huge cock in my ass, my mouth, face and hair covered in his sperm. There were videos of me begging for him to cum in me and give me a black baby. There was even videos showing James and his friend fucking me when Simon was in the US. Simon had known this all the time, from the very first meeting they had kept him informed.

I asked Simon why he never told me earlier. He said he could understand the attraction I had for James. He was an athletic black stud with a hug cock and lots of stamina. He said that all the videos he watched of James and me showed how good he was, how many times he could fuck and cum in one night. I could see that you enjoyed it and could not get enough of him.

I enjoyed seeing you in the videos with James, you looked so good and sexy ridding his huge cock, dripping with his cum. I knew Simon was telling the truth because he encouraged me to carry on fucking James, and I did.

When I look back to how my life changed, In 12 week I had changed from a little blond housewife who would have fitted in any Woman’s Institute group, to a black cock loving slut. I Have been impregnated by my black studs and conceived a baby by one of them.

I love Simon, but I do love my new life.

90% (37/4)
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3 months ago
I can't believe it has been 12 years since meeting my first black lover. I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who has allowed many black guys to fucked me. I'm mature, but not ready to give up being a black cock slut yet xx
1 year ago
This is a great story, thank you for posting it.
1 year ago
Good story!.....Very Hot & sexy
1 year ago
Hummmmmmmmm !!!!!!!My Dream, Waiting for a White Wife Like You !!!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago