Nice day for a drive and a (Part 2)

She sat there just panting heavily sort of half collapsed in the booth. Her nipples where aching to tear thru the material of her sheer dress. Her dress had become almost see-thru from the sweat that now covered her body from her passionate encounter with the little blond. I must have sat there for an hour just watching her breath in and out as her breast rose and fell with each breath and the fabric rubbing against her nipples kept them hard and excited. I motioned to the barmaid and had her deliver a long neck beer to the goddess with a little note I had written and the instructions not to tell her who it was from. The little goddess jumped kind of startled when the barmaid set the beer down in front of her with the note. The little goddess opens the note and read it and then sat back and smiled as she reached for the beer. Her eyes darted around the room trying to figure out who had written her. The note said "Here is a tall cool one, for a long hot one, enjoy it as much as I hope to enjoy you!" With that she reached her hand out slowly and caressed the neck of the bottle and slowly began to work her fingers gently down it wet hard neck just the way I imagined her working my cock. She stroked the bottle neck up and down and up and down all while scanning the room with her eyes straining to see if anyone was paying attention to her. She grabbed the base of the bottle with one hand and stroked the neck of the bottle faster and faster. I'll be dammed if the beer didn’t start to foam out over the top of the bottle. She just laughed and bent her head down and with her tongue flicked the foam from the opening of the bottle. She did this several more times before she lifted the bottle to her lips and stuck her tongue tip in its opening and then put her lips around it and swallowed most of the long neck in her mouth. God I about came right then and there just from watching her. I was so thankful for the table covering me so no one could see the tent I was pitching right there. She worked the bottle in and out of her fantastic mouth for what seemed like an eternity before parted her lips and the beer dibbled out the corners of her mouth and down her chin where if then dribbled onto her glorious tits. She finishes her beer, seductively licked her lips and the bottle top and then got out of the booth she was sitting in. She tried to straighten out her dress but it was a little difficult since it had become so clingy to her supple body. She was having a hard time walking from everything that had happened to her. She was walking very rubber legged. I waited for her to leave before I could even stand up. At this point I would not even be able to walk. As I sat there I thought that now was not the time for my a*****ion. Not yet. She seemed to be playing a sexier game with me even though she knew not of whom she was playing with. I figured I would play our little game of cat and mouse a little while longer before I took her to be my sex slave. After she left I waited a while, made my way home for the night and pounded one out big time to the sights I had seen. As I drifted off into a blissful sl**p, it came to me, my next move..............
I woke up early the next morning to the sounds of the surf pounding the beach. I laid there wondering what my little sexual goddess was doing and the thoughts of her instantly gave me the hardest wood. I showered and headed out for the day. I had a few stops to make along the way. I headed to my favorite electronic store and picked up a few toys for me and the stopped at the local pleasure shop and picked up a new toy for my little sex goddess and had it wrapped! I headed over to her house and parked block away and made my way to her bedroom window and hid just outside. I looked in the window and there she was. She was lying out with just a cotton sheet covering her. Her dress from the night before was lying on the floor next to her bed. She was still sound asl**p. I used my cell phone to call her house number hoping the phone ringing would wake her from her slumber. I made my way to her front door and left the package I had picked up laying with a note against the door. I rang the doorbell and went back to my hiding spot.

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