my loving wife writes me on my trip

Good morning sexy..... Wake up with u on my mind really bad this morning so i thought i say hi through email i love u so much. i close my eyes i see u standing all sexy in front of me stroking your hard cock while watching me play with myself gets u so excited am even more excited that i turn u on so much it turns me on to know with just kiss i can make u hard as a rock ... u watch me tease my sexy wet pussy leaving her all juicy wet for u to taste all my sweet love juice u get lost in the moment as i snap at u to keep on stroking your cock or u won’t get any of my lovely pussy to eat..... Yes mistress u say as u stroke your cock for my eyes to watch its so hot watching u please your cock to me touching myself........ now come here i order u down to your knees on the bed as i lay there still messaging my wet pussy taste my sweet goodness u dive in making sure to not leave and ounce of my sweet juices left ...... u keep pleasing my pussy like a good lil sex slave making her want your cock even more till i cumm i can’t get your hard sexy cock in me u grab my legs with arms loop around so am unable to squirm that much u have me sit on my hand so i don’t wiggle all around n u dive back in to my wetness making me feel faint with all the pleasure u making me feel ...... i order u to stop after i cum so hard u had a puddle every were ,,,, u kiss my lips and whisper in my ear do u want this cock ,,,, as u slide it deep inside me i moan yes more please give it all to me ,,,,,, u stop just outside my pussy just give her lil tease i grab u ass claw in to your cheeks pulling u inside me i can’t control myself cumm drips all over as your thrusting into me ......i push u off me and slide down to your cock and wrap my warm sexy mouth around and spin my hands up and down licking up all my mess as i suck up all your love ......u moan loud u like how that feels i ask u nod your head i keep on doing what am doing i watch u as my mouth strokes up and down u hard sexy cock u grab my hair pulling me into u deep throating your hard cock mmmm i love how i please u see in your eyes you love way i please u tool....... as u let go of my hair i slide my mouth off your cock n order u to turn around ass in the air i quickly slip on my hard sexy cock and lube up then i get lube all warm for your ass i slip my cock in your naughty hole as i have your pocket pussy all lube up around your cock .... i decide we r going try something different instead i get your plug and i lube up and stick it in u then i grab my wand and i slide the sleeve over it and then i turn it on and slide your cock in me the sleeve still give your cock plenty of room to enjoy my pleasure hole as well as give your cock lil extra sensation..... your ass is loaded and rubbing just right spots when u stroke your cock in me the vibrations from the wand and your cock makes my pussy hummm your cock melts all in me drooling uncontralbley your toes are curling with every thrust my wet pussy gushes all down your cock......... i order u to keep thrusting in to me till i pass out from all the pleasure u keep up till your cock done drooling all in me ,,,,,, u slide out of me and kiss me all way down to my wet silky smooth pussy u begin to lick all round outside of her pleasing my clit till your hard and ready for round two.........
so round to sneak peak of what am going do to u when u get home i order u to get over here and let me show how much i missed u i start with a kiss as i grope your package .. then make u sit as i grind on u with r cloths on make u stand up and then i will strip u naked take my mouth and slowly like your cock like a lolli pop then caress your cock with my mouth stroking it as i look into your eyes ...... then am going push u down on our bed and play with your nipples lil as my silky wet pussy messages just the tip of your cock then am going to ride your pole all way down n back up again n stick my wetness in u face to clean n tease lil i flip back around slide my pussy down u shaft again and ride him hard till i kiss your lips and whisper in your ear stick u figure in my ass u wet your figure and slide in me your cock throbbing it feel so good rubbing all my right spots i can’t resist it any more i have to cumm down your cock u keep play in my ass as i cumm so hard your cock starts to drool Cumming deep in me as u pull me close....... n that’s all after we make sweet love mauh my angel i hope this makes your day ......... can’t wait to show u how much i missed u
I hope u had amazing fun weekend boo muah

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