My husband and I live in the Midwest. Our basement serves as a “playroom”, so we decided to purchase one of your Stockades (with optional Fucking Rod, of course !). As soon as it arrived, my husband volunteered to try it. That evening I stripped him naked, then securely locked him down on hand and knees. In this position, with his heavy balls hanging down and his asshole spread wide-open, he seemed begging to be fucked. I lubed up his asshole, then used the Fucking Rod to slowly ream his ass with a 10” dildo. He groaned as I pushed it further in with each thrust. After several minutes, I informed him I had an “errand” to run, but would be back shortly. I left him there in the Stockade, securely bound and helpless, with his ass completely impaled by the Fucking Rod. I soon returned, with 3 of my bisexual male friends in tow ! I dimmed the lights low as I entered the basement, the men tiptoeing quietly behind me. “Are you ready for a proper fucking ?”, I asked. I removed the Fucking Rod, and proceeded to pump my husband’s ass with my favorite strapon. After several minutes I withdrew, as a rock-hard cock quickly took my place. My husband had often fantasized about being fucked by a real cock. Would he notice the switch ? He moaned, as my friend’s huge fuckrod thrust in-and-out. Then, without warning, my friend exploded, pumping jets of hot cum deep into my husband’s ass-tunnel. The surprise on my husband’s face was priceless !! With the cat now out of the bag, my husband quickly found himself with hard cocks at both ends. One huge cock fucked deep into his ass, while another thrust its entire length in-and-out of his mouth. This double-fucking went on for a good hour, the men trading off fuck-holes as they pleased. My husband moaned uncontrollably all the while, his asshole stretched to the limit, and his throbbing cock dripping precum. Then it happened … both his ass and mouth were being filled with rivers of hot cum, as the 2 cocks emptied their loads together ! This was too much for my husband ! His throbbing cock literally exploded, as streams of thick cum spurted from his cockhead. I counted 9 long spurts in all. I could tell he was screaming in pleasure, but any sound was muffled by the hard cock and cum filling his mouth. As my friends withdrew their cock-shafts, I knew we’d have them back again soon. And as my husband knelt there, still bound, cum dripping from his gapping asshole and running down his chin, I asked if he enjoyed the Stockade ? As if in answer, his cock started to get hard again !
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