as u lay asl**p next to me the early hours of the morning i slip down under the covers as u facing me on ur side i grab hold of u cock and perk him up with my mouth u stir just lil but do not resist, u begin to moan like ur were having a wet dream ..... as ur cock gets harder and harder i take off ur covers and i lick my hands to give my pussy lil extra wetness to slide smoothly down u hard cock still ur eyes closed not sure if ur still asl**p but i still begin to ride u and u moan louder still not awake i keep moving my pussy around and around grinding ur cock so well it’s for sure drooling in me .. just then i decided to nibble just lil on ur jewelry u begin to awake from ur slumber so excited that ur were not dreaming u grab hold my hips help me to move faster making ur cock tingle just right ,,,, now that ur awake i think it’s time to have some more fun u kind give me odd look like were are having fun what do u mean ............ u see another girl standing in the room surprised where did she come from but wasn’t going questions ...... now i want to watch u please her pussy so u get up and move to where she is and both u move tords the bed moving laying her so i can see every bit of u pleasing her pussy u slowly caress her muff with ur mouth and tickle her with ur tongue as i watch ur tongue walk all over her pussy u move in and out as her crème drools down her twat , i order u to stick ur cock in her be a good boy don’t disappoint me i order,,,, u do as i say as u look at me am pleasing my pussy with the wand making her all nice and wet while watching ur cock enter in and out of her u moan she moaning am moaning ur so turned on i slide closers so u can get a taste of my crème delight on u r figures u can’t help but want to play as well so i keep the wand on as u dive ur figures in hitting all my right spots still cock thrusting away in the other pussy i sit up on my knees and move closer so i can kiss u as ur figures are working a way and ur cocks occupied i kiss ur lips and nibble just lil bit on ur bottom lip then i move to ur jewelry where i nibble more u moan .......... so now good boy i want u to please another one of ur favorite holes u smile and say yes mistress so u back out of her and she flips around ooooo her ass got ur so hard just thinking about pleasing her ass but i wasn’t yet done u also need please mine as well while ur thrusting in hers oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ur eyes get huge i see that excitement build up u lube up and lube both of us and u slip in her and message around slowly then u slip ur lubed figure in mine message me just right i still have wand going and decided to stick my toy cock in as well oooo so much pleasure am tingling every were u thrust and she moans and i know ur cock is feel so right now i imaging u drooling which turn me on more .......... as we all cum load as hell ideas string in my mind okay lets break out a two ended cock bet u love watch that would u so i order u to stand above us for just sec so u can see it enter both of us u watch our wet pussies get wetter as we thrusts riding the cock both ways ooo now give me ur cock to share i order u kneel down so i can suck on him for min then u go to her to give it lil sucking to she starts with ur balls getting them nice and wet then ur eyes still watching the cock going in and out of us creamy white mess everywhere fuck ya , i slide of the cock now its ur turn all creamed up for u i grab lube and lube ur hole up just right u slide the cock in ur as it still in her wet twat u back up in it and makes it thrust into her just right .... now i bend my wet pussy in front of u so u can take me doggie style ur quivering from feeling so much pleasure ur keep pumping ur huge hard throbbing cock in me i moan she moaning s well ur toy cock is thrusting into her just right hitting all the right spots once again we all cumm at the same time leaving nice wet mess every were.................
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