hanging around

oh your going to be hanging from the celing that is with your legs spread apart exposing your dripping wet snatch for our friends to tease for as long as i say they both take there turns licking you making you quiver as i watch as you hang there shaking from the plesure i slip this toy in your pussy you what it is you never seen it i tell you dont worry about it and just enjoy your shocking experience its a Estim dildo its alittle cold at first but your hot snatch warms it right up as i slip it in i tell you to hold it there but you keep letting it fall out so i put the strap on you to hold it in i turn it up slowly your pussy starts to tingle as the intensity incresses your wet cunt clenches so tight with every electrical pulse surging through your wet snatch while you are reciving your plesure the other woman starts sucking my cock she carresess my balls and plays with my ass it feels so good she wraps her tits around my cock and squirts some lube in there and starts strokeing my cock so good as it penitrates the top of her tits she puts my cock in her mouth your still hanging there enjoying the intense pleasure i put in you i look over at you your eyes are rolled back toes are curelled you cumm all down your thighs the other woman sees you cumming she says i want to cumm jerry make me cumm i bend her over in front of you atach the leash and coller to her pull back tight and start pounding away her lushious cunt sloshes from being so wet her juices pour out as her man is under her eating her out cleaning the mess she is stroking his cock in front of you and all you can do is watch and cumm as i fuck the shit out of her she screams out i want two cocks in me so she rides her man as i stuff it in her ass its so tight she is overwellmed with our size she cant help but to cumm all over us she pours so much out she has just squirted she had never done that before she said she was a little embaresed so to ease her i go down on her and clean it all up and let her know how much i loved it she gets put at ease this whole time you have been very good just watching waiting for your turn i let you down and unstrap you the shocking cock falls out and it was holding so much cumm up there it pours out behind the cock i lay back on the bed as you start to suck my cock ohhh it feels so good my drool is running all in your mouth you love the sweet taste of it two hands grab your ass as his cock slips in you filling you so tight he is a larger man as he penitrates your wet cunt and burries it deep in you let out a fullfilling grunt as his balls press aginst your clit he starts sliding it in and out slow at first breaking in your tight snatch for his large cock faster and faster he fucks you his balls slapping your clit just as you like it you are so distracted from the pleasure that you just lay your head next to my cock as i watch you get pounded fast and hard just like you like it the other woman is feeling left out so she comes over and sits on my face as her ass is facing you see her pussy grinding on my face as her cumm starts to drool out and run down her lips you watch it touch my mouth i go wild like when bl**d touches a vampires lips i lick and suck her twat dry she orgasams over and over again as you are too as he pounds your pussy into submission to let out your juices letting them flow free down his rod and off his balls after your intense orgasam you notice you were neglecting my cock so you get to sucking on it taking it so deep you gag a couple of times you grab the other mans cock and pull it towards my ass he slips it in while you suck me off my cock explodes you love it so much you swallow every drop but you want more so me and the other guy switch spots as i fuck his ass you suck him off his man hood unloads a wad of cumm so large it fills your mouth and runs out you are so suprized by so much cumm but you take down every drop like a good little girl you are as us men are oh so satisfied you girls still want more so you both 69 eachother enjoying the juices spilled from your lushious twats we are enjoying the show as both of you cumm over and over again ummmmmmmmmmm
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