just a lil taste

just lil taste is all it takes , but wait it all starts here i slowly unzip ur pants and remove ur underwear then i caress ur cock with my warm mouth stroking him up and down as i play with ur balls , till he is hard, then i wrap just the tip of his cock with his wet sleeve just giving him a lil taste to make her all wet then i tell u to get down on ur knees for i have a surprise for u close ur eyes, and when u open them there’s another woman standing next to me u just want a lil taste so i tell u to lay back on the bed, and u watch us kiss ur cock grows even harder, just lil taste before u begin to finger her ass u tell me to hopp on ur cock and grind him good u caress my tits with one hand as i watch u taste her lushous pussy , u lick ur lips n tell me it my turn as she climbs aboard ur cock , u start to lick my pussy so good u get all up in me and make me cum so hard i leave a huge mess allover ur face,,, just lil taste is all it takes.......she straps on her cock down on all for i tell u as she slip in ur tight nody hole u tell me to spread my legs so u can slip right into ur love sleeve were all nice in warm waiting for u to take here to ecstasy.......first u start soft and slow as her cock slips slowly in out ur ass my pussy yearns for more then u go lil faster giving me just a lil taste of ecstasy ....then u go faster till i cum so hard u can feel my pussy milking ur cock so good u can’t help but to explode ur whole load in me...................... it’s not over yet i tell u mmm u have this look the mystery woman walks into the bathroom and comes out with her other , know ur going watch as they pleasure me just lil taste as u watch ur cock grows hard again , u wanan join in the fun u start by kissing my neck as ones playing with my tits and other eating my yum yum, before u slide in between my thighs and wrap around and grab my tit as the other guy has his wife get down and eat me while ur giving me good love as he takes her from behind.......enjoying yourself to much we switch partners, we get into it every once in while u we look at each other which turns us both on even more , to see ur getting pleased my heart races with excitement ,as ur shoving ur cock in her pussy , u watch his cock pounding my pussy making a mess that u can’t wait to clean up every drop...... just a lil taste......... just before u both finish u swap out and u give me all ur love all over my tummy then u slip between my legs with ur tongue and clean all mess up .............

90% (5/1)
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