my girlfriends turn

just tought id share with you what happened with our black friend, my bf was at the pool and he called me up to tell me that luke was there, thats the black guy, he told me to wear something sexy and collect him because he asked luke to go for a beer, luke didnt know that i was cumming or that my bf had sucked his cock. so i went to my room and picked out my little tiny denim skirt a black lace top which shows my tits off really well and pink under wear the thong bearly covers my pussy and off i went, my skirt is so short that i could touch my pussy on the way to the pool, and as i pulled in there was luke and cuckboy lol standing there. luke looked so big standing beside my bf wow i tought.

my b f introduced us and we headed to the bar just outside our town about 10 miles, every time i looked at luke all i could see was my bf sucking his cock i was getting so wet
. we arrived and went inside myself and luke got some seats and j got the drinks for us. i made sure i sat across from luke so he could see my pussy if i opened my legs, we all had quite a few and i was felling a bit tipsy and very horny so i decided to open up and let him see what a little thong i had on and he took a good long look, j could see he was looking and said i looked great tonight and luke said sure does thats a daaam nice skirt j said i hope wour wearing something under there and i laughted at him and said of course. i was so horny and thats when i decided to let luke know that i knew about his incounter with j and he wasnt even shocked, he just said yea he loved havin j suck his cock that he was a good cock sucker, j said he was getting hard i put my hand down and felt his little cock sticking out and smiled at luke and said omg he is getting hard , luke laughed and said thats not a hard on ill show you a hard on if you want to get a room upstairs, how could i say no.

we got a room, j paid and we all headed up, as soon as we gt to the room i sent j to get something more to drink and as soon as he left i told luke that i needed to take off my thong because it was so wet, he said cool do it right here, wow this guy was forward i tought, so i slid it down and steped out of it and sat on the edge of the bed, he could see my pussy now and i could see the buldge in his pants was growing it looked huge it was the first time id ever shown my pussy to a black guy, and with that j came into the room and said what was going on with my thong on the floor we just laughed at him.

he sat down beside luke across from me on the single bed and i gave the two of them quite a view i asked j was he still hard and he said oh yes i asked if he would like to take it out, oh yes please he said and out came his little dicky so cute and small i said, j said its notting like lukes dick, so i said well take it out to him aswell that i wanted to see if it is true what i heard about black guys being huge, j said it is so sat back and luke stood up and untied his belt and let his pants fall down and fuck me, out fell this simi hard huge black dick, the best thing i ever saw my pussy started to flow from the sight of it, all i could say was wow you were right hunny thats one BIG BLACK COCK!!!

luke said come closer so i slid down to my knees with two cocks in front of my face and easyly took js dicky in my mouth and then tried luke i could bearly get my mouth around it, i sucked my first black the best i could, i made the head of both there cocks really wet and started to rub them off each other js dicky looked so small beside lukes black pole it made me smile, just then luke told j to go down on his knees and pulled me up to my feet, j did as he was told luke started to take off my top and bra and as he kissed me with his big lips i looked down to see my bf keeping his black cock hard, he was so good at sucking cock, it made me a bit jealous lol,

i lay on my back, naked, legs spread with a black man with a huge dick in front of me and my bf sucking it and teasing my pussy with it by rubbing it off my clit omg this was the best ever , i seen cum starting to drip from his black cock and that nearly made me cum, j put the top of lukes black cock into my pussy and oh my i could have cum right there it felt so good he eased it in nice and slow at first and then gave me the fuck of my life, i screamed at j that he would never fuck me again with his little white cock lol lol luke would pull it almost all the way out then stop and then push it in all the way..what a tease he was j stood there wanking and luke pulled it out till just the head of his black cock was resting in my pussy and j came all down the lenth of lukes cock, the amount of cum that little cock has surprises me all the time. so luke starts to fuck me with js cum all over his cock j is trying to get his head down to lick my clit and im cumming all over his dick , he didnt pull out like j begged him to, he just kept fucking me and filled me up with every bit of his cum, it was spilling out of my pussy while he was still fucking me,

when he was finished with me he let his cock slip out and he made yes HE MADE j lick my pussy clean and suck his cock clean i couldnt move for about 15 mins after, it was the first of three orgasms i had last night and we made j sl**p in the single bed while we shared the double bed, i couldnt put my new black boyfriend out x x

oh the cucks awake now he had a rough night lol, i cant wait till we do something again im hooked, j just said hi x hope you enjoyed
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2 years ago
my ultimate fantasy, watching a bull fuck your mrs and getting to lick her cum filled pussy must be so fuckin hot. love it
2 years ago
great story
4 years ago
such a good slut
4 years ago
Jim is so lucky to have such a pretty gf who loves black cock. I'm soooo jealous.
4 years ago
Great story.
Looking forward to seeing what else your made to do
4 years ago
loved the part about J cumming on his cock before he fucked u some more...mmmmmm
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hot story, I'm rock hard!