The CD next door part1

John and his mother moved next door about 4 years ago just after his fathers death.I didn't bother with them much just to let on when we passed in the street. It was one night about 8pm when i heard his mother shouting him, he must of ignored her because what i heard next was quite surprising. She shouted if you don't do as i asked i will tell all your friends you dress in my clothes and shoes and i have the pictures to prove it. I always considered John to look a bit effeminate. Anyway the next time i see John is in the garden a week or so later, i called him over and said "I believe you like to crossdress" he went a bright red and asked how i knew, "well your mother wasn't exactly quiet when she shouted it out the other week. Don't worry i won't tel anybody it will be our secret. Why don't you call round some time" i said with a grin on my face and winked at him. It must of been about a week later when i heard a knock on the door at around 11pm. When i opened it i was speechless there was John dressed to the hilt looking absolutely stunning, of course i invited him in "Mums away for the weekend" he said.I couldn't take my eyes off him he was gorgeous. Sit down i said would you like a drink? yes please so i got a couple of beers. Well John this is a plesent surprise i call myself Joanne when i'm dressed he said. After a few more beers i said why don't you come and sit over here next to me he came over sat on my lap and put his arms around me.I started to stoke his legs and thighs to see what reaction i would get but he never moved i worked my way between his legs and stated to stroke his cock it was already semi stiff but i felt it grow in my hand. "Have you ever been sucked" i asked him, "no he replied i've only played with myself" would you like me suck you? mmmm yes please he murmered. I slipped his skirt up and pulled his panties down and there was this huge cock right in front of my face i wasn't expecting it to be that big but i was sure i could take it. As my lips touched the head i heard him moan a little i then moved slowly down his shaft until i had the whole lot his moans became more intense as i worked his cock in and out about 5 mins later i felt him stiffen up then explode in my throat i swallowed the lot. You turn now he said no i replied i want to fuck you he looked a little startled at this but i assured him i would take my time and be gentle. I told him to bend over the arm of the chair and part his cheeks, what a wonderful arse he had i got on my knees and started kissing it then moved my tongue into his hole he loved this and pushed his arse into my face. I slowly lubed him up and put a condom on. As my head entered his crack he winced a little i told him to relax and it would be fine as i pushed and entered him he let out a soft moan i asked if he was ok and he said yes i then started to work my cock in and out until i was all the way in and then went to work on that lovely arse. As i was fucking him he was wanking himself which made me even harder and i couldn't hold it any longer and shot my load.What happened next in part2
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1 year ago
on to part 2
2 years ago
hot storie more plizzz
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story. Paragraph returns would help.
2 years ago
very hot, cant wait for part 2
2 years ago
Wow, you have no talent when it comes to writing.
Stick to being a faggot.
2 years ago
sexy storie
2 years ago
wow lucky you i have a tranny come to me likes to be fucked