me,her and her phone..

Its was last year i had meet a lovely girl from an internet site cute young sweet and would turn out to be a really dirty girl,we talked on msn and by text about everything day things work the weather innocent things. About two weeks had passed when we would start to talk dirty i would text her telling her what i would love to do to her if we was to meet,one night after me telling her how much i would love to be running my hands all over my body she sent me a little reward,a gorgeous picture of her laying on her bed half naked with a look of "i want you so bad". Thinking to myself how horny that was i couldn't help wonder how good the picture was taken i guess only i would think like that "god you are so horny you don't know how much i want you that picture was great","you are turning me on letting me know what you want to do to me we thought it was only be fair to send you a little treat". I couldn't help thinking we! texting her back i got my answer me and my husband we have been reading all the texts together and maybe its time me and you should meet my husband would really like that as would i alot,I was taken back abit not having done anything like this before but thought hi i'm not hurting anybody.

We would meet in a hotel not to far from her i got to the hotel early had a shower and send her a text letting her know the room number waiting i got that knock at the door,there she was looking as good as she did in her picture taken by her husband getting her a drink we moved start on to the bed it was like we had know each other for years,we started to kiss it was like we had no time to wasted running my fingers up her back and through her hair she pushed me onto my back removing my top and slowly working her way down my body kissing and licking every part of me,she was at the top of my jeans undoing my buttons i give her a hand getting out of my them her hand moved start into my boxers removing my cock watching as she moved her lips closer to the tip,she started running her tongue up and down my cock i opened my eyes just in time to see her mouth going down on my cock gagging as she tried swallowing the lot i could of cummed right then,as quickly as we started she stop looking up at me she said "just need to text my husband"the night was to carry on like this,next it was her turn laying her down on the bed removing her clothes my turn to kiss my way down her body moving over her gorgeous tits her nipples as hard as rocks getting to the top of her smooth pussy i started to kiss around her lips and along her inner thighs she was so wet,moving her pussy apart with two of my fingers i could see just how wet she was and slowly moved my tongue to her clit i started to suck sometimes gently biting her clit licking harder and harder knowing it wasn't going to be long before she was cumming in my face "beeb beeb" don't stop plz don't stop her bum slowly lifting off the bed her hands pushing my hand into her pussy,she cum her body shaking with pleasure i looked up at her massive smile on my face she moved to get her phone texting back i guess to say "i'm still alright" lol.

I went over to my bag to get a condom turned around to see her licking her cum of her fingers whilst texting with her other hand we started to kiss again i could taste her on her lips,she pushed me onto my back and started to move her legs over my body now on top of me moving up and down i could feel her wet pussy rubbing on my stomach i was so ready to see her slowly lowing herself down onto my cock,moving the condom to my mouth to tear the packet she told me she didn't want me to wear one she wanted to feel me inside of her,thinking about it not for to long she moved one leg up and slowly pushed her pussy onto my cock we started with long slow strokes kissing talking to each other both saying how much we wanted this to happen,her pussy juices was building up at the down of my cock pulling her hair as we started to fuck hard she moved up watching her bounce up and down on my cock was going to make me cum also thinking about her husband at home wanking over the thought on me and her together.we moved to me fucking her from behind hard really hard as she was fingering her pussy she told me she wanted to cum together she wanted to feel me filling her pussy up with my cum i must say i couldn't wait to see my cum running out of her pussy "beeb beeb" what good timing i always think it was a text to say "i'm going to cum",a few seconds later we was cumming together my cum pushing her cum back up inside her pussy what a feeling i pulled out to see after about a minute my cum fulling out of her pussy onto the bed she passed me her phone "can you take a picture babe"...

We send the rest of the night fucking cumming and texting her husband its was a night i will never forget and want happened after that was unbelievable please let me know what you think i would love to hear your comments and if you want to hear part 2 let me know..
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