Fantastic fun with other couple

This encounter happened at a recent wedding me and my husband Dave attended.
At the evening do we were seated my another couple a bit older than us John and Maureen, Maureen was a bigger build than me and had a very impressive cleavage which I noticed Dave staring at whenever he got a chance, as the drinks flowed we chatted away like old friends, Maureen seemed quite taken my Dave. We were getting on so well John invited us back to their place for the weekend.

It was late when we go to their house so we went straight to bed, we had the spare room which had a double bed, Dave was feeling randy so he stripped me naked and lay me down on the bed and started licking my pussy, the walls were quite thin so I had to bite my lip as Dave brought me to orgasm. Dave then got me all fours and put his cock deep in my pussy, I thought the bed was going to break as he hammered his cock into me, such concerns don’t bother Dave and he soon emptied his balls deep inside me.

We slept soundly after that for a few hours and I was woken by voices in the next room, Dave wasn’t there so I presumed he had gone to the toilet so I turn over and tried to go back to sl**p, I felt Dave get back into bed, well I thought it was Dave, I felt a cock nudge my arse and instinctively gave it a squeeze, I knew it wasn’t Dave as this cock was a lot bigger, it was John grinning at me! He said Dave had gone to pay Maureen a visit so he had come to see me, I was very turned on, I pushed the duvet back and went down on his lovely cock, I could barely got my whole mouth round it but gave him the best blow job I could manage, I could hear Maureen moaning in the next room so I knew Dave was licking her pussy, he is very good and I knew how much pleasure she would be receiving. This turned me on even more and I sucked on John’s cock even harder, John was loving it, stroking my hair and calling me a dirty bitch as I carried on sucking and licking his cock. Eventually John gave a deep moan and said he was cumming and my mouth was full of hot cum which I swallowed nearly choking on it all. John said he was going to return the favour and started licking me pussy, it was the second tongue I had up me in the space of a few hours and I was loving it, John was doing a good job and gently probing my arse at the same time. John said he wanted to fuck me so he got on top of me and eased his big cock into my willing pussy, I could hear the bed squeaking in the next room and a lot of moaning and groaning so I knew Dave and Maureen were having a good time. John was loving fucking my pussy and said it was very tight I loved the feel of John’s big cock inside me, John whispered into my ear that he wanted to fuck my arse I smiled and he got off me . He got me to lie on my side, he then lifted my leg up and slowly eased his cock into my tight arse, he couldn’t fit it all in but a good few inches, he slowly rocked me backwards and forwards while I played with my clit. He only lasted a few minutes, sweat was pouring off him and he said his cock was going to explode as he shot his load into my arse, we collapsed onto the bed and went to sl**p.

We were woken a few hours later by more moaning from the next room so we decided to go in, we were just in time to see Dave shooting his cum all over Maureen’s face and tits. When he was hard again we watched him fuck Maureen up the arse, she was on top of him facing away it was a great sight watching her big tits bounce up and down. I started wanking John’s cock while he fingered my pussy.
When they had finished it was time for them to watch me and John put ourselves through our paces, it all ended up with John fuckimg me up the arse on all fours while Maureen licked my pussy while Dave was licking Maureen’s pussy. Me and Maureen ended up lying next to each other while John and Dave covered us with their cum.

Not surprisingly the four of us have stayed good friends since.
More stories to follow if wanted!!! x

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1 year ago
Sounds like a great weekend
2 years ago
Gave me a big ole hardon
3 years ago
Keep them coming
3 years ago
Very HOT story! I hope you post more.
3 years ago
Sounds likea great time.
3 years ago
sounds like everyone had a great time!! looking forward to more..
3 years ago
mmm, yes more stories,have me stroking my cock
3 years ago
Hot hot fun,,great job,,,lived it
3 years ago
wish i was there
3 years ago
I stay up all night jackin off just thinkin about it
3 years ago
That sounds like a lot of fun.