Wifes threesome

This is a story of a threesome I had with my husband Dave and his friend Mark.

Mark has been divorced a few years and we often go out with him for drinks, I normally catch him ogling my big tits, often when me and Dave are having sex he teases me saying that I should give him one and that Mark has told Dave he fancies me and Dave is a lucky man, when i was giving Dave a blowjob he told me to imagine his cock was Mark's cock and made me show him how I would suck him off, I must admit the thought of Mark's cock in my mouth turned me on and I gave Dave a blow job to remember, Dave must have been turned on too judging my the amount of cum flying about it!!

Anyway we decided to put Mark out of his misery, we invited him to out place for a few drinks, Dave was very turned on at the thought of finally getting to see me with another man, while we were waiting for Mark we had a drink on the sofa to help us relax. On Dave's orders I dressed very sexily in a short black skirt and low cut top to show off my tits, must have had the desired effect judging by the bulge in Dave's jeand, as we had a bit of time to kill Dave asked me to suck his cock, he pulled his jeans down and I bent down and took it in my hand, it was the hardest I had seen it, I started licking it up and down and then ran my tongue around the head of his cock, he leant his head back and started moaning, just then the door bell went, it was Mark!!

Dave stuffed his cock in jeans while I let Mark in, Mark couldnt stop staring at my tits while Dave went to get some drinks, after a few drinks the conversation turned to sex and Mark admitted he hadnt had any sex for months and he was gagging for it. I said it was time to put that to an end and took Mark's hand and led him upstairs, he glanced over to Dave who just nodded and smiled.

In the bedroom Mark stripped off in a flash and lay down and watched me I slowly took my skirt and knickers off leaving my stockings on I then took my top and bra off, Marks eyes nearly popped out when he saw my tits. I got on the bed next to him and started slowly kissing, meanwhile Dave came in and sat on a chair enjoying the show, Mark couldnt leave my tits sucking and squeezing them. I decided I wanted to give Mark a blow job, I got in between his legs and took his cock in my hand, it wasnt as long as Daves but it was a lot thicker. I could see Dave getting his cock out and wanking it. I slowly licked it up and down, Marks eyes were glued to me, I held it tight in my hand and flicked my tongue over his bell end, he gave out a deep moan, I then put the head of his cock between my lips and gave it a good suck, my this point Mark was moaning and groaning like mad so I took his cock out of my mouth and started wanking it, I then put the head of his cocks on my tongue and wanked it hard, this was too much for Mark and he spunked in my mouth I swallowed the lot!!

Mark collapsed on the bed I told him he had to lick my pussy now and lay on the bed for him, he was very good with his tongue and giving me mini orgasams as his tongue poked and prodded my wet pussy, I wanted his cock inside me, Mark was soon hard again and he rubbed his bell end over my pussy before he slid it in me, he lifed my legs up and fucked me nice and hard, He then got me on all fours and slipped his cock into me while squeezing my tits, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation this new cock was giving me, when I opened them Daves cock was in front of me so I sucked on Dave while Mark was fucking me from behind, Dave didnt last long and with one last moan emptied his balls into my mouth.

I got Mark to lay on his back and I slid down and began to ride his lovely cock, Mark had his head buried in my tits as he fucked me and I rode him harder and harder, eventually I felt his cock stiffen and his cock errupted in my pussy.

After we had recovered I fulfilled another one of my fantasy sucking two cocks at the same time, I got the lads to lay on the bed facing each other with their cocks next to each other, I then got in the middle and sucked each cock in turn, at one point i had them both in my mouth I loved the feeling of being in control, the lads were loving it and I soon was wanking them off in each hand, Mark was the first to come and then Dave all over my tits, I lay back and rubbed their lovely cum into my tits.

Hope you enjoyed my story, I have several more if anyone is interested, me and Dave at a recent wedding when we had a surprise foursome and me Dave and my friend Kerry, please comment xxx

Pics of me are at


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1 month ago
Great fun,,more couples should do this,,,and judging by the photos I'm surprised he lasted as well as he did.
1 year ago
Great story and a great set of MILF pics !
2 years ago
loved it , nipples hard , pussy wet waiting for hubby to read ,
hope i get to do same
anymore of your excapdes
3 years ago
Great story. Sharing shows caring ;)) Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
3 years ago
fantastic hun love the pics very sexy xx
3 years ago
Great story. Like to try that one out at.my home.
3 years ago
mmm very hot and sexy