Birthday fun part 1

Just wanted to tell my friends on here about my husband Dave’s birthday treat the other week.
It started off with us going on a nice romantic meal in our favourite restaurant with plenty of wine; I wore nice tight fitting dress which showed off my generous curves. I could tell Dave was getting turned on judging by the bulge in his trousers so we jumped in a taxi to go home!

I told Dave to get to bed while I locked up, I left the front door on the latch and quickly texted my friend Sarah, Dave was already undressed lying on the bed playing with his fat cock while I slowly got undressed, I left my suspenders on and joined him on the bed.

Dave was on my like a flash kissing me hard, slipping his tongue into my hot mouth; I was enjoying this and parted my legs as Dave’s fingers started probing my damp pussy. I told him I wanted to suck his cock so he opened his legs and I got in between holding his cock tight in my hand. I stuck my tongue out and started at the base of his cock and slowly licked up to the top, I ran my tongue over the tip of his cock, Dave loves this and I knew he was desperate for me to put his cock in my mouth. I was just about to when we heard noises downstairs then footsteps coming up the stairs. Before Dave had a chance to say anything in came to of our friends Sarah and Andy.

I said to Dave that this was his surprise birthday treat; I knew he had fancied Sarah for ages and one of his fantasies was seeing me shagged by another guy. I must admit that I fancied Andy and the thought of finally being filled up by his cock was getting me wetter and wetter. I could feel Dave’s cock getting harder in my hand as Sarah and Andy started stripping off. Just to set the scene Sarah is a tall brunette with a very curvy body, she has great boobs they are 40H so quite a handful, Andy is tall too but has a mop of blonde hair and is well toned. You know what I look at from my pics!

As this was Dave’s treat Sarah joined us on the bed while Andy made himself comfortable in a chair, I had a cheeky look at his cock it looked impressive was looking forward to getting my hands/mouth/pussy on that!! Sarah and I started licking and sucking on Dave’s rock hard cock, I whispered in his ear happy birthday darling and went over and sat next to Andy while Sarah and Dave got it together. After some cock sucking my by Sarah, Dave got her on her back and Dave started playing with her boobs, they were certainly very impressive. Dave was loving it he was getting her to push her boobs together while he flicked his tongue against her nipples. Dave was loving this and wanted to sink his cock deep into her pussy, he positioned himself in between her legs and eased his fat cock into her. I could tell Andy was enjoying the show as his cock was sticking up like flag pole and he was giving it a good squeeze. Sarah was enjoying herself as she was starting to moan in pleasure as Dave’s thick cock pounded into her, he is very good with his cock so I knew how much pleasure he was giving her. I knew Dave was close to coming and it didn’t surprise me when he pulled his cock and started coming all over her fat tits, he had a big grin on his face as she licked him clean.

Andy looked at me and smiled as he knew it was our turn to have some fun, we swapped places with Sarah and Dave, Andy gave Sarah a kiss, she did look great with Dave’s cum on her tits. Me and Andy started kissing and stroking, he whispered in my ear that he had fancied me for ages and wanted to taste my pussy. Who was I am to argue so I made myself comfortable while Andy ran his tongue up and down my wet pussy. This was heavenly Dave is good with his tongue but Andy was something else, no wonder Sarah always had a smile on her face, I moaned as he parted my pussy lips and probed further with his tongue, he found my clit and teased it with his tongue, I was having lots of mini orgasms, I decided I needed to show Andy my appreciation, I reluctantly pulled away from him and told him I needed his cock. His cock was certainly very impressive even bigger than Dave’s. I slowly wanked it up and down, Andy was loving this and talking dirty telling me he wanted me to suck me off, I ran my tongue around the tip of it, this was the second cock I had my tongue on in less than an hour and I was loving it!! I could see Dave in the background his cock was hard again and he was wanking it! Andy gasped as he managed to get my lips round the head of his cock and eased it into my hot mouth, I sucked it like this slowly and Andy starting moaning deeply, I knew he was close to coming as his cock was getting even harder in my hand. I didn’t care though and kept sucking pursing my lips round the head of his tight cock while I started to wank him as well as suck, this was too much for Andy and his cock tightened in my mouth and he started coming in my hot mouth, it was a struggle but I swallowed the lot!!

Part 2 to follow.......

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2 years ago
nice. more ?
2 years ago
Cant wait for part 2