The Most Amazing Sex

She had to be the most gorgeous girl i'd ever seen naked. She grabbed me by my hand and led me to her room... I had been stayin with her and her father and she and I hadn't been dating long when her father decided he was going boating for the day. We started out in the shower... she really turned into something else in the shower... I couldn't help but notice how beautiful... how sexy she was with hot water running down her perfect body and down her stomach, between her legs and onto the shower floor... She always gave me this seductive look I couldn't turn from or resist... so I started to kiss her and ran my hands down her body gently making my way to the sweetest pussy I had ever felt... when I started to rub, she nuzzled her head into my neck and started to bend her knees... she pushed a little... so I backed her against the shower wall and began to slowly slide my fingers inside her... she had the most gorgeous amazing tits I had ever seen and the water only highlighted them... I couldn't resist... I stroked and massaged them with my fingers and hands and slowly found myself licking and sucking them like I had never had a woman before.. she started to arch her back into me and guide my mouth and hands to the pace she wanted.. after a bit the water started to get cold... so we stepped out of the shower.. I grabbed a towel, still being self conscious about being naked and she grabbed my hand and led me to her room....

She had pushed me back on the bed and what stood in front of me was the most gorgeous perfectly sculpted woman I had ever seen in my life... I noticed as she got on the bed she was tugging at my towel.... I let her remove it because it was only fair even though I had nowhere near the body she did... as she started to kiss me, bite my neck, and run her hands across me, I couldn't fight the feelings to want to make her feel amazing.... She was always in control... but I decided to try and coax her down to lay on her back... I never left a single inch of her body unnoticed... I licked and sucked her breasts while she pushed against my mouth showing me what she wanted... I loved the way she always held control.. I slowly moved my way down her stomach... her perfect hips.. and down her pubic mound... as I kissed the insides of her legs, I could feel she was soaked.. Even though she liked to be in control, I always liked to tease her... So I ran my tongue across the insides of her legs.. down the sides of her pussy and barely inside of it... she was so wet and tasted so good her scent was intoxicating... I couldn't help it but to plunge my tongue as deep as I could inside her and lap up everything she had made for me... In the midst of it all she whispered that she had never had someone so deep inside her with their mouth... and pulled me up...

She had mentioned having a fantasy before but never got around to telling me... as she pulled me beside her, she reaches to the side of the bed and gets restraints and our strap on.... at this point I was game for anything she wanted.. so I fastened the straps as she played like she was going to get away and tightened them... I knew the strap we had was too big because she was soooo tight.... I could barely fit two fingers in her... Worried about her not being able to take the feel width of the strap I started sliding my fingers in her slowly and deep.. I noticed that just since I had tied her up, she had become so wet I didn't think I would have a problem with the strap... So I slid the strap on... pushed her knees open, and worked myself towards the most wonderful pussy I had ever seen in my life... I rubbed the head against her clit and barely inside her trying to get her used to it.... after she got anxious she thrusted against me and pushed all 9 inches inside her... to which she let out the most amazing screams... I just watched in amazement as she worked this toy moaning and screaming and scratching me... finally I met her thrusts with my own cause her to scratch deeper... it was so amazing... I could feel her cum over and over but she didn't stop... she had soaked my waist and thighs with her juices and it was intoxicating... Finally she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed and screamed as hard as she could as she grew limp in my arms.... I unsnapped her restraints rolled her onto her sides and held her in my arms... she was completely spent....

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4 years ago
i would lov to do that#
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
DAMN GIRL I would WANT to meat both of you girls. tell me more!
4 years ago
u reali had fun