Nazi fetish

Stranger: i have a sl**p disorder
You: Another psychosomatic piece of bs
Stranger: no, i was in a bad car accident and hit my head very hard. the only remnant is a sl**p problem
You: I could cure you with a firm slap to the face and a night of vigorous love making
Stranger: well that actually sounds lovely
You: Take any pain meds?
Stranger: when i need them. my neck is fucked up from the accident
You: Nurse Jackie!!!!!!
Stranger: i dont watch too much tv. i dont know the show
You: So you like it rough in the bedroom?
Stranger: yes, but only if it is properly proportioned to the tenderness
You: How about I lightly choke you as I tenderly tongue your clit?
Stranger: lovely
You: *slap*
Stranger: now that is arousing. good job
You: how about I step on your neck as I fuck u doggy
Stranger: that seems physically impossible
You: Google it
Stranger: besides, you cant fuck with my neck so i guess not
You: How about I pull your hair as I pound your little pink pussy and make you say my name?
Stranger: lovely
Stranger: very nice
Stranger: what is your name?
You: Dean
You: U?
Stranger: alright Dean
Stranger: Sophia
You: r u Greek?
Stranger: no american. but full of italian bl**d
You: How about I finger you then make you suck myfingers?
Stranger: mmmm nice. i like my own taste
You: I'm getting hard. Didn't see that coming.
You: What else do u like ?
Stranger: the serpent was subtle
Stranger: men in nazi SS uniforms
You: lol
You: I'm a white supremacist. But I'm also racist against the hun.
Stranger: the hun?
You: Germans.
Stranger: hmmm why?
You: jk. Nazi unis are pretty sexy. Fascist had great tailors.
Stranger: yes they did. the nazis did nothing arbitrarily. that uniform was designed to drip power
You: U must love Jesse James then.
Stranger: i have a pic of me in a real nazi death's head hat
You: I was a Marine. That's almost a Nazi.
Stranger: hahahah yeah
Stranger: so you could go all drill seargent on me?
You: I would go all Abu Ghraib on your little ass
Stranger: lovely
Stranger: just remember what i said... when it seems i cant take anymore that is when the tender kiss and whisper of my name across my lips works very well
You: Tell mr about your appearance.
Stranger: i am petite. 5 ft 2. 110 lbs. b cup. long black hair. brown almost black eyes. very fair skin.
You: Ok. When I'm dripping candlewax on ur tits and tummy
Stranger: yessss?
You: U might get a little kiss
Stranger: i could show you the nazi pic
Stranger: awwww lovely
You: Would love to see it
Stranger: alright, not the best pic of me but if you like it maybe i will show you another. hold on
You: k
You: I like what I'm seeing.
Stranger: thank you Dean
You: I wouldn't trust you around crazy people, but I would stick my dick in u
Stranger: ahhahahahhha
You: If you're ever in Malibu we should fuck irl.
You: I would get all clingy and ask u to marry me. I can promise that.
Stranger: i will think about it
Stranger: would?
You: Wouldn't. Whoops
Stranger: subconscious slip?
You: Not a fruedian slip
Stranger: whatever
Stranger: would you like to see another?
You: Yes
Stranger: dark me, or innocent me?
You: Tits at a minimum
Stranger: oh i have nothing naked
Stranger: but i guess that means dark me then
You: Ok
Stranger: hold on
You: So what city are u in Sophia?
Stranger: east coast lets leave it at that
You: U can't nail it down to a state at least?
Stranger: mass
You: Yeah your mom was srsly fucked up.
You: Nice tits though
You: Look like cs to me
Stranger: thanks. what makes you say that about mother?
Stranger: cs?
You: C cups
Stranger: no push up bra
You: Guess I can take off the k** gloves in the bedroom n
You: Let's see the good girl pic?
Stranger: really where did the mother comment come from?
You: You're a goth slut. That's bad mommering.
Stranger: oh no, i was not really a goth. nor am i a slut.
You: Lets see Good Sophia
You: Got any tats?
Stranger: many
You: Take that mom!
You: Snooki?
You: Well. I'm guessing you like to be tied up and spanked.
Stranger: if you know how to really control a woman you dont need to tie her up to get her to do what you want. i like psychological domination
You: Me too.
Stranger: innocent as all hell:
You: If you break eye contact when you're sucking mr you will get such a smack
Stranger: lovely
You: awwww little Sophie
Stranger: some of my back tats
You: Corny. Might even kill my hardon
Stranger: and my heart monitor pic from last week
Stranger: and thats it
You: Well I'll have something to read when I fuck u doggy style
Stranger: mein kampf?
You: lol
Stranger: oh you mean the tats
Stranger: haha
You: How about I put on my east German trench coat and fuck you like the bad little Jewess you are?
Stranger: mmmmmm that is very delicous indeed
You: Maybe if you can fit all of me in your mouth I won't report your f****y.
Stranger: yes Sir
You: *slap* shut your little kike mouth and slip those panties off
Stranger: ahhhahaha. for some reason it is difficult to do this online
Stranger: but yeah that would work in real life very well
You: I think so too.
You: I would also like to do the Abu Ghraib thing
You: Let's write a new Chapter in the diary of anne frank
Stranger: and when i am all wet from the water torture you would gently push all the wet hairs from my face and whisper good girl to me on my lips
Stranger: ahahahahah
Stranger: Sir, will you hold for a second please?
You: When your spread eagle with clamps on your nipples and a Quron ripped to shreds I will say. Now I want you to come for daddy.
You: Be quick or I'll put a jackboot in your ass
Stranger: oh no... the daddy freaks me out. but master or your name or something along those lines would be lovely
You: We'll see. It's really Nazis choice
You: Welcome to Aushvitz Sophia. I won the card game and I will be in processing you.
Stranger: alright
You: Remove all your clothes and I will check you for lice.
Stranger: as you will *bowed head*
You: I see you are shaved. I will check your hair.
You: How many sex partners have you had girl?
You: How many!!!!
Stranger: i told you Sir!!!
You: Grabs chin and f***es head upward. Look at me!!
Stranger: mmmmm
You: Five! Typical Jew whore.
You: I must give you a pelvic exam to make sure you are disease free.
Stranger: as you will Sir
You: Get on the bench and put your feet in the stirrups.
Stranger: done
You: U like tatoos? U will like the number we brand u with.
Stranger: thank you Sir
You: You are very tight for a whore. I hope you can take four fingers without tearing.
Stranger: * i let out a cry* (dont think i can)
You: Don't cry Sophia. You will be sl**ping in my quarters away from the filth.
You: I'm almost in there. Just one more finger to go.
Stranger: oh Sir.... you are too kind....i dont deserve such
You: Licks away tears.
Stranger: tries to hold back the tears
You: Put your clothes back on and take a shower then report to my chambers.
Stranger: as you will Sir
You: Run you pig!
Stranger: running Sir
Stranger: Stranger: Licks away tears. (mmmmmm oh....)
You: now before I can accept you as my chambermaid. I must test your flexibility.
Stranger: as you will Sir
You: Grab your ankles n
Stranger: yes, Sir
You: I'm going to pull you skirt down. If you squirm I shall beat you.
Stranger: (mmmmm ohhh that is so hot) yes, Sir
You: Domt move. That is just the shaft of my whip probing you.
Stranger: as you will, Sir
You: Lt. Kessler. Come here.
Stranger: (oh are good Dean....)
You: Sophia it is our custom here to let all the field grade officers take the nubile young jewesses.
Stranger: yes, Sir (mmMMMMMM ughhhh)
You: In this case I am not sure I wish to share my personal chamber maid.
Stranger: as you wish, Sir
You: You may speak now. Shall Lt. Kessler insert himself into you as I take notes?
Stranger: whatever you wish Sir
Stranger: i am only here for your pleasure
You: I want your transition to be an easy one. So I will let you release your ankles and take my penis in your mouth as Lt Kessler enters you.
You: If you feel the need to whimper my cocknwill muffle you.
Stranger: (oh god... are very good) yes, as you wish, Sir
You: You may cry on my shaft
Stranger: thank you Sir. (that is so fucking hot)
You: Lt. Kessler the Jewess hind quarters are now yours. But you may not come in her.
Stranger: mmmmmm
You: Gentle now. You're hurting her. Slow down. She is not some pollock wench. She is a delicate c***d.
Stranger: thank you Sir
Stranger: (damn Dean)
You: Let mr know when you wish to ejaculate Lt. Kessler and I will have Sophia prepare a wash cloth.
Stranger: (oh god)
You: But if you put one drop of precum in her I will have you locked in the brig.
You: Sophia place that rage on the lts shaft and clean him when you are done n
Stranger: as you wish Sir.
You: All right LT Kessler n you are dismissed.
You: Rest up Sophia,'you will meet the rest of the officer Corp tomorrow
Stranger: yes, Sir
You: So we gonna be friends or what?
Stranger: you are dangerous Dean
Stranger: like you are reading my mind
Stranger: I came so hard for you
Stranger: the introduction of the other nazi was causing involuntary movements/spasms... then cry on my shaft and the way you said youd lick my tears away... all got me very on the edge. but when you said to treat me delicately though it was a ****.... yeah. and of course my finger

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2 years ago
Fuck nazi!
3 years ago
Thanks for the summary of the sexiest parts, sweetie. Some of the photos make Sophie look very pretty, and me curious for more tattoos. IMHO her prettiest picture is chatting behind the screen.
What a lovely face! ,-)
You are one of the most daring and intrigueing writers here. A pity that the first story was taken down - for some bizarre reason, I presume :-(