Caught at school

This story is a continued story from here:

It was Friday afternoon, the end of yet another school week. Miss Gaynor had given me another fake detention. At 3pm I headed down to her class to her classroom. She was already waiting for me by the time I got there.
As I walked into the room her face lit up and she smiled at me. She explained how she had been feeling really horny all week and that she really needed my hard cock inside her tight pussy and ass.

I sat down on the edge of a table as she removed my trousers and boxers. Her cold soft hands clamping around my warm semi erect cock, slowly she started jerking me off. Up and down, slowly at first then gradulallly picking up speed. Once she had made my cock hard she removed her top and bra, her beautiful D cup boobs starring at me. I started to rub her breasts and feel her hard perky nipples.
Kissing her from the neck slowly moving down her body, across her shoulder and down until I was sucking her nipples. All the while shevwas still jacking me off.
She then stoped, as her hand moved and started rubbing my balls.
Her head moved down towards my cock. As she opened her mouth and started to put my cock in her mouth. It was so hot seeing my cock slowly disapearing into her mouth. First the head, then slowly she worked get way down, until she had almost all of my cock in her mouth.
Then bringing her mouth back up my gard shaft she stoped at the top, keeping just the head of my cock in her mouth. With her right hand still rubbing my balls she took her left hand and placed it on my cock. She started to jerk my off whilst using her tounge to stimulate the head of ny cock. Gish that felt amazing. The sight if her sucking and playing with my cock was just making ne more and more horny.

She finally stoped sucking me, she got up and bent over a table. Lifting her skirt up she showed me her beautiful round arse which was partly concealed by her rather tight red thong. Holding her skirt up she told me that she needed my cock in her. I walked over to her and started to feel and rub her bum cheeks. They felt so soft and smooth. I grabed her thong and pulled it to 1 side. Revealing her very tight arse hole and her lovely pink pussy.
I got on my knees and moved my head towards her pussy. Slowly I started to lick and toy with it. My fingers just sliding into her very wet pussy. Her wet pussy tasted amazing as i started moving my tounge around.
I could hear gentle moans of pleasure as I continued to lick her. Then I started to very gently rub her arse hole. Slowly her ass became less tense as the muscles loosened. So slowly I slid my index finger inside her tight arse, and started to finger it. As her ass got used to it i was able to get 2 fingers in. Eventually I had 3 fingers in her arse whilst I was licking her out.

Slowly pulling my fingers out of her arse, and coming away from her pussy. I stood up and took my rock hard cock and slid it deep inside her wet pussy. I started fucking her as hard and deep as I could. My hands were around her body feeling her soft boobs, and her hand was rubbing away at get pussy as I fucked her.
The moans of enjoyment got louder as my hard cock ploughed deep inside her. I knew she was about to cum. Sure enough I felt the contractions against my cock. Then my cock was f***ed out of her pussy as she squirted all over the place. She was trembling as a result of the orgasm. I once again slid my hard cock back into her now even wetter pussy and began fucking her again.

As I was fucking away at her pussy we heard the classroom door open. Shit we'd been caught!
I quickly pulled out of her pussy and tried to hide, as she quickly tried to put her top back on. But it was too late.

Miss Johnson the head of geography and my form tutor was standing at the front of the class staring at us. We both thought of the worst. As muss Gaynor turned to Miss Johnson and tried to explain.
"don't mind me" said Miss Johnson. She walked over towards us and looked down at my hard cock.
"you guys sounded like you were having such good fun, so I came to ask if I could join in" age said.
My heart was still pounding but I was so releived that she wasn't going to report us.

"well" she said.
At that point Miss Gaynor said shed love a threesome.

Now Miss Johnson wasn't exactly the best looking woman in the world, in fact she would be towards the bottom of the scale. How ever at nearly 40 she did have an even more amazing body than Miss Gaynor, as I found out when she took get dress off. Her whopping 42F boobs when hanging down, I couldn't believe how lucky I was.
Miss johnson hit down on all fours as she started to suck my cock. She wasn't the best cock sucker, it was a little to sloppy. But my god it was hot. Miss Gaynor then started to lick and play with miss johnsons pussy as she sucked me off. Looking down and seeing that was 1 of the best things I have ever seen in my life.

When miss Johnson was done sucking my cock she bent over and told me to fuck her arse. Gladly if course I did. As she leaned forwards her arse in the air I slowly poked her arse with my cock, then slid it deep inside her. Miss Gaynor went around the front of miss Johnson and sat down with her pussy near her face. Miss Johnson started to lick her pussy. Now I could hear both of then moaning.
Thrusting my cock in and out of miss johnsons arse soon made me realise that she must be an anal slut, although her arse was tight around my hard cock it was really loose compared to miss gaynors arse.
I kept on fucking miss johnsons arse ploughing my cock as deep as it would go into her. Then I heard miss gaynors moans again as she squirted all over miss johnsons face and body.

I pulled my cock out of miss johnsons arse and put it straight into miss gaynors tight arse. Miss Johnson lay there masturbating to me fucking miss Gaynor arse. Deeper and deeper my cock went into her hole, picking up speed I knew I was about to cum, I kept going thrusting really deep and hard as I shot my load up miss gaynors arse. Pulling my cock out you could see the mess I had made as my cum oozed out of her arse. Miss johnson came over and started to lick the cum out of her ass before sharing the taste with miss Gaynor.

That was without a doubt the best detention I have ever had.

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Nice follow up
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Aug. 21, 2011.What a fabulous story.