Hot for teacher

This is my first time writing anything like this so please let me know what you think!

Year 10 in secondary school, aged 15.
It was the start of a new school year, we were all looking forward to seeing who would be teaching us what. The morning had mostly been very biring with double math which was taught be a rather creepy man who had a glass eye.
After lunch we headed off to geography, we had a brand new teacher. Her name was Miss Gaynor. She was aged about 30, and was one of the best looking women I have ever laid eyes on.
Slim but not too thin, she had a lushus round ass which looked aboslutely amazing in her tight skirt. She had perfectly formed tits (about d cup sized),which my eyes were glued to most of the time.

As the lesson went on i kept starring at her tits and ass, I'm pretty sure she knew I was looking. When she bent over to pick up a droped pen I noticed that she had a tattoo of a playboy rabbit just above the top of her bum. Also showing was her tight blue lace thong.

For the next few geography lessons I was always staring at her, imaging what it would be like to fuck such a sexy and beautiful woman.
One day when peeking a look at her tits I managed to see down her top and amazingly down her bra. For a breef second I could see her hard nipples and her soft boobs.
Seeing her nipples made me even more horny gir here than ever, so I formulated a plan. I didn't do any work in her next lesson, as a result of which she gave me a 1 hours detention with her. Bingo just what I needed.

When I turned up for the detention It was just me and her alone, this was just what I had hoped for. In the middle of writing some lines, I got distracted by her amazing body yet again. This time it was clear she knew I was looking.
She smiled at me and blushed. At that point I told her what I thought of her body. Again she blushed, and replied that it wasn't unusual for students to like their teachers. I continued to tell her how sexy she looked, and continued to look at her body. At this point I had a semi erection, which she must of saw.
She asked me if I wanted to feel her breats, with great delight I jumped up, walked over to her and softly cuped her right breast. Gentely squeezing and rubbing it, god her boobs felt amazing.
She let out slight moans of enjoyment, I then slipped my hand down her top and once again began touching and feeling her amazing breasts. Soon her top and bea came off, and she let me suck and lick her rock hard nipples. For the best part of 5 minuites I was happily lick and feeling her boobs, then I felt her hand slip down inside the front of my trousers, her warm, soft hand grabbing my cock and starting to stroke it.

She then stoped ne from toting with her boobs and asked me to sit on the edge of the table, I did as she asked. She pulled down my trousers and boxers and then started stroking my dick again. Smiling and looking down at me she said that if we were to continue then there had to be something in it for, I did not know what she meant until she said that she wanted me to lick her moist pussy.
Gladly I agreed. As she finished stripping off and sat on the edge of anther table. I got up and went down on my knees, placing my head between her legs. Her pussy looked amazingly tight, and she was really wet. I had never performed oral sex, heck I'd never even had sex, so I didn't really know what to do. I renembered reading an article on the Internet once that said you should make letters with your tounge and keep the movement varied. So I went for it, placing my tounge against her clean shaven wet pussy, I starred to make letters, and move my tounge around. I even threw in some very gentle nibbling. And boy was it working, she was letting out moans of enjoyment, getting louder and louder. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, then I heard her scream the amazing words " I'm going to cum " I worked my tounge faster and started rubbing her pussy with 1 hand and get breast with the other. Then I felt a small contraction from her pussy, then a bigger 1. The next thing I knew she had came all over me! God it felt good. She started k**ding me, saying that she loved the taste of her own juices.

She looked down at ne and said that she was going to return the favor. I had made get cum so she was going to make me cum.
I stood up as she got on her knees, gently placing 1 hand on my rock hard cock she then moved her mouth closer and closer. It felt amazing when she mouth finally reached the tip of my cock, I thought that I was about to cum in her mouth, but somehow I didnt. She started sucking my rock hard cock, and adding in some hand movements too, gosh it felt amazing.
Then she slapped my cock against her tits, looking up at me she asked what I thought of her boobs. I told her that they were the best boobs id ever seen, and with that she took my cock and placed it between her boobs. She started moving them up and down, sensing that I was enjoying it she said we should switch positions. She lay on the floor and told mr to tit fuck her again. Gladly I did, the head of my cock was sliding in and out the top of get boobs, she positions her head so that on every upwards thrust my cock went in her mouth too. It felt aboslutkey amazing, and within minuites I knew u was about to cum, sure enough my load shot out through her boobs and onto get waiting tounge. I had made a proper mess of her boobs. They were all sticky and cum glazed.
Somehow I was still rock hard, and I asked if I could fuck her lovely pussy, she agreed.
I lay on the floor as she climbed onto my cock and started to fuck me in the cow girl position (my fav) this felt even better than the tit fuck, my still hard cock was pumping in and out of her wet pussy as hard and as fast as I could go. She was really enjoying it. After few minuites of pounding her pussy In the cow girl position she asked if we could go doggy style, so we switched positions as I began pounding away at her pusdy again, reaching round and groping her breasts.
Her moaning once again got louder, getting closer to that 2nd orgasm. Then I felt that I too was about to cum, rather than shoot my load in her pussy I pulled my cock out and slid it into her very tight arsehole, I came almost instantly as did she. Both of us cumming at the same time felt amazing, I could feel her ass contacting against ny cock getting tighter and tighter.
As I pulled my now limp cock out of her arse we both agreed g'day what we had just done had felt brilliant.

We both put our clothes back on, she still had some if my cum on her tits and up her arse, she left it there saying it would do no harm. Both now fully clothed again I looked at the clock, we had been there for 1 and a half hours, i grabed my stuff and went to leave. As I did the head master walked in. I thought that he must of heard us or something, he looked at me and then turned to Miss Gaynor and asked why I was still in school so late. She said that I had been a naughty boy and that she had given ne extra long detention as a punishment.
And with that he e****ted me off of the school site.

Next geography lesson Miss Gaynor told me that I had detention again. No one else knew what was happening beween us.
For the next year and a half I had regular detentions with Miss Gaynor.

The end

Sorry for any spelling mistakes along the way, spelling never was my strong point, nor was geography ;)
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3 years ago
lol 6/10? xD 3/5 man. i rate this at 5 stars coz i'm nice x)
3 years ago
3 years ago
i dont think you were a alone ranger about liking a teacher but i never got detention like that
good story 6/10
3 years ago