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This is the story of me Rittu married to a guy named Harvinder in 1996. We had 2 k**s from our marriage .Harvinder was very fond of girls and even before my marriage he use to fuck prostitutes right from young girls to middle aged women. He used to get his cock sucked and even used to fuck these prostitutes in their ass. After getting married to him he used to apply all the tricks on me. He made me watch blue films and he get his cock sucked as women in bluefilm. He even used to make me drink his cum. He tried all the filthy things on me and now I feel like a big whore. Harvinder even used to display my ripe body in front of webcam while persons enjoyed my figure in front of webcam and used to masturbate on seeing my body on cam.

Harvinder had a friend named Ravi who was a pimp .he used to supply different girls to him. One day they both went to Agra with two prostitutes named Sapna and Preeto.Ravi used to pimp different girls in Agra as he had lots of contacts in Agra. Clients from different positions used to come and fuck these prostitutes. They used all the filthy language on them while fucking these prostitutes. Harvinder came back after two days and narrated me everything. I got excited on hearing his experience and wish I could also become a prostitute and experience all these things.

I told Harvinder if I could go with Ravi to become a prostitute and also earn him money. Harvinder was very surprised but he gave me a go ahead. The next day Harvinder called Ravi and told him he had a very ripe milf to be fucked by his clients. Ravi immediately came to our place and on seeing me he was also very surprised. Ravi told Harvinder how could he pimp his bhabi, but on Harvinder insistence he agreed. Ravi handed over 50000 to Harvinder and told me to get ready and get into his car.

I wore a beautiful black saree and was ready to become a whore. My boobs were oozing from my blouse and my chut filled with juices ready for a new experience. I kissed Harvinder a goodbye and sat in Ravi’s car. On the backseat was seated Ramesh who was Ravi’s assistant.

He came in front seat and I got seated in backseat. Initially Ravi was calling me bhabhi with respect but after a few miles driving and few bottles of beer he was calling me by my name. I did not mind and few hours of driving he stopped the car at a lonely place and came towards my backseat. He told me that he wanted to fuck me. I said no and he took out 3000 rs from his pocket and shoved inside my boobs. He told me now that I have to obey him as I was his bitch and he was my pimp.

He grabbed my boobs and took off my blouse…I was now in my red bra.he unhooked my bra and started fondling my tits with his mouth. My tits were hard now and my chut was ready to be fucked. Just to heighten the felling put up a slight fight. I unzipped his pant and took out a small cock. I was tingling the cock with my finger and Ravi asked me to suck his cock. I took the cock in my mouth and started move on its lengths in my mouth and within 2 minutes he came inside my mouth. I told him why he didn’t satisfy me he told me to shut up. My chut was on fire. I signalled Ramesh to come at backseat.ravi said ok and Ramesh came at the backseat while Ravi was driving the car now.ramesh took off the all my clothes and I even asked him to strip as well.

He immediately took off his shirt and pants and his underwear.i took his hard cock in my hands and lied down on the seat and shoved his hard cock in my chut and what a pleasure I had while inserting the cock. He was passionately kissing me with both our tongues tied in each other’s mouth. I came twice while fucking Ramesh. Then I took out his cock and started sucking it and with few mins he also came in my mouth. Ravi stopped the car in a dark corner and I got dressed up.

Ravi told me that Agra is now approaching and he would drop me at a hotel where client was waiting for me.i told Ravi that I was dead tired and fix the appointment for next day but he told me money that now iam a randi I have to obey his order.

At around 10 we approached a hotel and went inside a room where Mr. Gupta was waiting. He was an old man of around 65 and had a big tummy and was wearing a safari suit.Guptaji got very excited on seeing me and Ravi also told him that I was his first client. I was wearing a black saree and my ripe body was making Gupta very excited in his pants. He handed over a packet to Ravi. Ravi told me to give excellent services to Guptaji as he was a very big industrial in Agra. I wish I could go with Ravi but then he closed the door and went away.

Guptaji now took off his clothes and was sitting naked on a sofa with glass of scotch in his hands and smoking a cigarette. Gupta made one peg for me. He started caressing my belly. He then took of my saree and I was in black blouse and petticoat. He started put on some music and then I stripped in front of him taking off my petticoat and blouse. I was now in my red bra and panty.

Guptaji got himself laid on the bed and over the top of him I was standing naked with only bra and panty. I unhooked my bra and took off my panty. Guptaji started kissing me. He mouth was full of paan. His paan stew was coming in my mouth. I told him to spit it out but he requested me to take it inside my mouth. He spitted all his stew inside my mouth. I was experiencing the real prostitute in me. Guptaji started licking my body as an old man had never seen a woman before.

He started licking my shaved chut. I was stoking his lund and then suddenly he shoved his cock inside my chut. Guptaji was now calling me all the names like randi motherchod and started pumping me very hard. He came inside me and lied over my body for 10 mins puffing with hard breath..

I went for a wash and Guptaji followed me in the bathroom. He said he wanted to drink my piss. I told him to come under my chut and started pissing in his mouth. He drank all my piss and then he took a bath and went off to sl**p. Even I was also tired and dozed off in a minute. At around 3 in morning I could feel something in my legs as Gupta started licking my pussy. I told him to stop but he wouldn’t stop and asked me to come on top of him. I came on top of him and stroked him very hard and within few minutes he came.

Next morning Ravi came to pick me up and told me that there is a programme in farmhouse and I have to entertain 4 guys in night. He dropped me at my hotel. Where I went off sl**p. In the he came to pick me up and took me to a farmhouse. Inside the farmhouse there was a large bed in the hall with disco type dim lights. I saw three guys and one woman in the hall. I was wearing a top and a trouser and the women was wearing tight jeans and top. The guys were in their shorts waiting to be entertained. Ravi then told me he would come in the morning to pick me up. The women whose name was Sheila came to me and started fondling my boobs.

She even took off her top and started taking off my top. We were both in out bras. She gave me deep kiss as of first time I was being kissed by a woman. Our tongues were fondling with each other while the guys were enjoying the show. She then took off her jeans and also undressed me. She even made me naked taking of my bra and panty. She was still in her panty while I was lying naked on the bed. She had tight boobs and I stared fondling her tits.

She started fingering me and my chut was filled with juices as soon as my hand approached near her chut to my surprise I was handed with a cock. Sheila was in fact a shemale all the guys started laughing. Anyway I didn’t mind and started stoking Sheila’s lund. All the three guys also came on the bed and stared enjoying my body. Sheila was f***efully inserting her lund in my mouth and also the 2 guys inserted their cock in my chut and ass. One of the guys was fucking Sheila’s ass. Anyway we had a great orgy that night satisfying each lund chut and ass.

Next morning Ravi received a call from Sheila that she wanted to book me for a week and she would pay a good amount. I was very amazed but I accepted the offer. I went along with Sheila to her flat. Where she used to stay. We took bath with each other and rested for the day. In the night Sheila told me to dress in a red saree. I obeyed and as I entered her room I saw she was also wearing a saree..We both cuddled each other and sat down on the sofa. She poured a glass of wine for me while she was having whisky. She said that she liked me and was very comfortable with her. She started kissing me.

Our saliva was in each other’s mouth. Our tongued were digging each other’s mouth. I caught hold of her lund and wanted to pump deep inside my pussy. Then Sheila told me that she would load all her sperms inside my pussy tonight. I said it’s no problem as I would take pills in the morning. She said no she is a very lonely person and she wanted me to bear a c***d for her. And she would pay me a good amount of money for that. I said she gone mad as I already have 2 k**s and Harvinder would never let me do so.

Sheila told me to call on Harvinder and ask for the permission. I said no but when she kept on insisting I called Harvinder and explained him all the things. Havinder said he didn’t have problems if I want to bear the c***d of Sheila. With the permission given from Harvinder Sheila was on cloud nine and her cock was waiting to be exploded in my chut. Sheila told me that she would fuck me very tight for full one week. She was like a wild a****l now. She came near me took off my saree and her saree also. We were e both in our petticoats and blouse and suddenly Sheila ripped off my blouse petticoat and tore of my bra and panty. She undressed herself and I could see her big cock lurking at my chut. She caught hold off me and pressed my tits again her tits.

Our nipples were on fire rubbing against each other.i caught hold of her lund and started sucking it .I even took her balls deep inside my mouth. Suddenly she took of her cock in my mouth and inserted it deep inside my chut. Her cock was deep inside my vagina near my baccha dani. She started stroking it very hard. She then emptied her sperms inside my chut while kissing me passionately. We lay down on each other for one hr and then we had dinner and again at night Sheila started fucking me.

In the morning also she emptied her load inside me. This went on for full one week and then I told her the good news that I am pregnant. Sheila became very happy and then I told her that I have to take her leave and give her the c***d after nine months. Sheila insisted that she would go along with me.

We landed in Delhi and rang my doorbell.Harvinder opened the door was amazed to see Sheila along with me.. I told Harvinder that Sheila would stay along with us and he happily agreed as we had a big house with c***dren staying in different room.in night Harvinder came to fuck me in my room but Sheila was also there she stopped Harvinder for fucking me.

She insisted till her c***d was born only Sheila could fuck me. Sheila then undressed herself in front of Harvinder and became naked .she also made Harvinder naked. Both the hard cocks were dangling in front of me. Sheila took Harvinder cock inside her mouth and started stroking it.harvinder also took to 69 position and started blowing Sheila’s cock. Harvinder made Sheila in doggy position and started fucking her ass while his hand was stroking Sheila cock.

I was lying naked on the bed the both of them came near me and I started stroking both their cocks.i took both their cocks in my mouth spitting on their cocks. Sheila’s tits used to rub my tits while Sheila and Harvinder used to rub their cocks together.sheila would then insert her cock in my pussy while Harvinder would fuck Sheila ass.sheila would the empty her sperms in my chut and Harvinder would fuck sheils mouth. I became slow on sex after 7 months as my tummy started bulging but harvindr and Sheila would fuck though all night and sometimes even would at the same time empty their sperms in my mouth and face.

After nine months I gave birth to a baby girl. Sheila was very happy. She sold off her Agra flat and came to settle down with us. Sheila and me now become famous female and shemale prostitutes in Delhi and fuck different clients and having orgies parties in Delhi earning around lakhs per night.
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