Club night

How could she have done what she did this morning, it was unlike her to abandon her comfort zone, but for some reason it made her feel alive. Claire began to wonder if this was going to become a regular occurrence.

She stepped into the shower, the water cascading over her head, not too hot or cold, just perfect. Her mind began to wander again, thinking about her little escapade this afternoon. What was it that he saw in her that no one else had seen in her before...was it the way she did her hair? It was done the way it always had been in the past. Was she wearing a new perfume? No, in fact she hadn’t even put any perfume on this morning; it was just the smell of soap and maybe her hair conditioner. She hadn’t dressed any differently than usual. Maybe it was just something that was meant to be for that day.

As she showered, thinking, she began to enjoy the way the little jets of water hit her body, she turned around letting the water hit the front of her body, the streams of water hitting her chest making her nipples erect. She picks up the body wash, opens it up and puts some onto the bath scrunchie she uses, she begins to wash her arms and the back of the neck, as she moves to the front of her body, washing her chest, she lingers as the scrunchie goes across her breasts, more specifically her nipples, the warmth of the water, the slipperiness of the soap and the texture of the scrunchie sends a shiver throughout her already satisfied body. She drops it to the shower floor and starts to rub her hands all over her body. Taking her finger and thumb, she begins to gently tug, roll and pinch on her nipples. Leaning into the shower wall, she bends her knees a little, noticing how the warm water in combination with the cold tile is reminiscent of the afternoon’s adventure. She lets her hand glide down to her belly, remembering how his hand felt as it did lying in the grass with the sun shining on her. Getting lost in the shower, she closes her eyes and begins to feverishly begin to pleasure herself, although she had done this before, it felt better today.

Clare, after her shower and nap was tired of sitting in her apartment and decided to head over to the local watering hole and get something to eat and drink< she called a couple of her friends, but, as usual they all had something to do with their significant others.

“Oh, the hell with it”, she said out loud, realizing that she was talking to herself, she was beginning to wonder if she was losing it.

She looked into her closet to see what she was going to wear. Figuring since she wasn’t going out with any of her friends, and she wasn’t meeting anyone, she decided to dress a little more provocatively and go to some place across town. She chose a teal colored tank that showed off her curves and her cleavage, a skirt (that she thought was too short at one time) and a pair of little kitten heels. She stood in front of the mirror looking at herself and was pleased with how she looked, now for the finishing touches. She began applying her make-up, a little flashier than what she normally did, using colors that she had never used before, but somehow, it all worked together well.

Clare called a cab, not wanting to take her car just in case she drank too much, she figured it was the responsible thing to do.

“Where ya goin’ to ma’am”, said the cabbie.

“I’m looking for a place to have a few drinks, maybe dance a little, who knows”, she said, “But someplace new to me, I’ve been to all the places around here, do you know of a place”

“Yeah, I know of a few, any special type of music you’d like to hear.” he said.

“I’m open to just about anything, from Kool & the Gang to Europe to Adele.” she said, “When I hear music, I just want to move.”

“You look like you’d be a good dancer, or at least you have to body of one”, he said.

“Thank you”, she said, kind of embarrassed, yet excited, no one had ever told here something like that before.

They continued the small talk until the cab pulled up in front of the club.

“That’s $22.50, and feel free to give a tip if you enjoyed the ride.” he said.

She reached into her purse and gave him a $20.00 and a $5.00, “Keep the change.” She said. “Can I ask one more thing of you?”

“Sure, what do you need” he said looking into the rearview mirror.

“Do you think I’ll get lots of attention in there.” she said as she lifted her blouse, baring her braless chest, exiting the cab before he could reply.

Why did I do that, I’ve never been that brazen before, she thought, but it was nice to see how his eyes lit up in the mirror. I wonder what he’s going to be thinking the rest of the evening.

Sitting at the bar, she looks around the room and really doesn’t see much so she turns to the bartender.

“Hey can I get something to drink?” she says

“Sure,” he said, he wasn’t much to look at, but if she made friends with him he could either give her discounted drinks or maybe a free one or two. “What do you want to drink?”

“Well, I don’t want a beer right now, and I really don’t want one of those frilly, girly drinks, what do you recommend?” she said.

“Well, if you trust me”, he said with a smile, “I’ll give you something simple but good, kinda of like me, simple but good, how about a little orange juice with some rum in it?”

“Is that your come on line, if it is you really need to work on it, I’m, surprised it works on anyone.” She said.

“Oh, it works.” He said. “Probably better than what you think”

“Probably does after you get them d***k, hell they’d probably even agree to sl**p with you” she said.

“I like you, you’re feisty, what’s your name darlin’,” he said.

Not wanting to give him her real name she came up with one real quick, “Nicki”, she said, “I’m new around here”

Nicki, huh, are you like the song Darlin’ Nicki?” he asked.

OMG, she thought, that had to have been one of the dirtiest songs she had ever heard. “I could be, you’ll never find out.”

“Never say never darlin’,” he said “You don’t know what’s gonna happen before the evening is over”

Clare (now Nicki) turned around to begin listening to the music and sipping on her drink.

She’d been there about an hour when she noticed in the corner of the bar, sitting by himself was this guy. He wasn’t anything special, but there was something about the way he sat there, checking out the room. Every once in a while she caught him looking at her. She decided to go over to him and introduce herself, after all, no one knew Nicki, where she lived, she could make it all up and no one would be any the wiser.

“Hello’” she said, “would you like some company?”

Looking at her, in a sense, checking her out he agreed to let her sit with him.

“My name’s Nicki” she said.

“That’s nice.” He said, he figured he wouldn’t let her now that he did find her attractive, just try to play it cool for the moment.

Do you have a name?” Nicki said.

“Yes” he said

Ok, what’s wrong with him, she wondered, why is he being such a prick, she had done anything wrong other than ask his name.

“I’m sorry’” he said, “You kind of caught me by surprise; I’ve never had a pretty girl like you ask to sit with me before.”

“That’s ok’” she said, thinking how he called her pretty. “What do you do, I mean for a job?”

“Let’s just say I work at a bank”, he said.

“Oh, are you a teller, or Loan Officer?” she said.

“No, I’m not”, he said, “Maybe if I get to know you better, I’ll tell you more later.”

“OK” she said.

Maybe it was the music, the rum or a combination of both but Nicki was feeling a little friskier now. “So, are you going to tell me your name” she said.

“Richard, my name is Richard”, he said.

“So do I call you big Dick or little Dick” she said, putting her hand on his leg.

“I guess you’ll just have to find out, I really don’t know what you consider big or little.”, he said, feeling her hand as it began to move up his leg.

“I’d have no problem in figuring that out, if you’re game”, she said, as she continued to move her hand up his leg. She continued to move it up his thigh until her hand was resting on his crotch. “Mmmmm…doesn’t feel bad, but I’ll have to have a better look at it.”

As she unzipped his pants she felt his hand on her leg.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“Hey, if you can do it so can I” he said

“Well, I can do something you can’t”, saying as she rested her head on his lap taking him fully into her mouth.

What was she doing, this is something that Clare would never do, but as Nicki she was doing things that she never thought she’d do.

Moaning, he began to play with her pussy as she was bent over, his finger finding her clit, rubbing it, he could feel the rhythm of her sliding up and down on his cock quicken.

“Damn, that feels soooooo good” he said.

“I know something else that would feel even better”, she said.

As the music was playing and people were dancing, she turned around, facing away from him and started grinding into his crotch, his cock sticking out from his pants at full erection. As she moved her hips around she lifted the back of her skirt up and let hid cock slide in between the crack of her ass before finally bending over and let it enter her wet pussy. Never before had she been this wet from what she could remember, but she was enjoying how it felt.

As the music pounded away she rode him like the little tramp Nicki was, although she wasn’t sure what Clare would have thought about it, but at this particular time, she wasn’t concerned with Clare.

Nicki felt Richard grab her hips and pull her in closer. She knew it was only a matter of time before he came, she slide off of him and started stroking his cock, he pulled her in close, kissing her hard on the lips. She began to stroke him even faster; she could feel him tense up.

Knowing that she could have this affect on men was really beginning to turn on Nicki and just as she felt Richard’s cum shooting out of his cock and down her hand, she started cumming as well.

Turning and looking at him she brought her hand up to her face and parted her lips ever so slightly, letting her tongue dart out and taste his salty sample.

“Thank You” he said

“No, thank you”, she said

“Will I ever see you again” said Richard

“It depends”, she said, “I’m around, who knows where you’ll find me”

“Can I have your number” he said

“Sure” she said. “It’s number one, because when you’re the best, there is no other number”

Nicki pulled herself together and left the club and hailed a cab home. On the ride home, she realized what had just happen and became a little embarrassed, for now Nicki was going away and Clare was returning, how was she going to deal with this. Unsure as to what to do, she just settled back into the car seat and listened to the hum of the tires on the way home.

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