Cousins go randy

It was all about the times I would go over to my cousin Ricks bedroom upstairs to hang out. He was older than me but we liked to play the same games. He liked to play chess and today was a hot one. It was July in Georgia and I was 16 and he was 19. I was standing at the top of the stairs and Rick came out to grab me with a towel around him after taking a shower. I could not believe how his swinging dick bounced off the towel. He was hanging low and absolutely huge. So we start playing chess and his member starts to inch like a thick veiny snake up through the opening in his boxers. I mean right there his perfect purple mushroom head inch up and arched over his tight belly. It was the perfect banana cock, curved and hard like an unopened beer can. I can only say that cocks like this are rare. I was shaking I think but I just had to pull on it and he knew it I think. It was irresistable and I think his cock wanted me. It bounced and urged me to pull on it. I swear. I slowly gathered myself and asked him to arch his back on the bed so I could give him a massage. Instead of rubbing his back, I quickly grabbed his rock hard cock and pulled it and pulled it after spitting and slobbering on it. It was a man's cock not a boys. His body was smooth and not muscular but his cock was not his. His thick black pubic hair was such a turn on. The best part was when he did push ups on my face, slapping his pole on my cheek and fucking my thick wet lips. It was the best fuck I ever had as my cock which is 7.5 inches and 6 inches thick was next. He gave me the most soulful blow I ever had. I shot cum all over the chess set especially the King. We both kinda fell asl**p but I think it was for only a few minutes. I wake up and he is pulling my hand to go into his s****rs room. There she was in a wet bathing suit reading a book on the toilet. Rick hung out his thick hanging pole of a cock stright out as it was semi hard but still a monster and she banged it against her face. I could not believe it when she plunged her b*****rs cock deep inside her right on the toilet. It was clear they were fucking all the time.
I had my eyes on his s****r for the last two years and for this I pushed and got my cock up her smooth butt and felt Rick's cock head sliding in and out while we fucked her. In the bedroom of their parents we jammed our cocks in Kerry until she screamed. She was wild. It was to the beginning and end of a long summer.
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