Adult Theatre

I went to an adult movie theatre last week. Kind of an interesting place. Probably had had 30 or 40 seats in it. The movie that was showing was heterosexual. Girls being banged by big cocks. Anyhow, there were several guys with their cocks out stroking, everybody kind of looking around. I find it highly erotic. Of course, I had my dick out getting it hard.

One guy moved over to my row and kept looking at me so I reached over and started to jack him off. I couldn't resist and I leaned over and took his now hard cock in my mouth and really started to suck him off. His cock was not that big but it was really hard. After that another guy sat down on the other side of me and started stroking himself. I reached over but he couldn't wait, he stood up, dropped his shorts and put his hard cock in my face. He really started to fuck my face until he came all over my lips...

Then I stood up in the aisle, stretching my legs. This tall tranny walked in. She had a small leather skirt with a bikini top on, garter and nylons. I started to talk to her as I recognised her from another site and she was excited that I did know of her. She lifted her skirt and there was this really nice cock with a ring on and she had really big balls. I storked her as we chatted, then I had to lean over to taste her. I kissed her cock and licked her balls. I was really turned on and so was she. next thing we knew there were 6 other guys watching us. All of them had their cocks out, stroking them. Then it was game on. A mini orgy was taking place. One guy sucked me while I sucked her. Then as she sucked another I reached behind me and started stroking some guys cock. It went on for awile until I got off. The tranny came back over to me and whispered, "isn't this wild"...

90% (24/3)
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1 year ago
A dream.
3 years ago
I have done that at circus at about fifty seventh and Federal. I love multiple cocks to suck. Once I had a mini bukkake on my face. That was hot!
3 years ago
Nice stuff.
3 years ago
Thanks, reminds me of a hot summer day In madrid when I went to a cinema like that for the afternoon, and sucked five cocks of perfect strangers.
3 years ago
Yes very wild thanks