I’m an Exhibitionist...Deal with it! (Part T

I’m an Exhibitionist...Deal with it! (Part Three)

For the next two days, hubby couldn’t keep his hands off me or his cock out of me!
We fucked all over the house, with me wearing different sexy outfits. He even took me into a sex shop in town and kitted me out in some fantasy wear. Included in the purchase were a Nurses uniform, a French Maids outfit and a very sexy PVC Cat suit that zipped all the way around and various Stockings, Garter Belts, a couple of ½ cup bras and an assortment of G strings.
I’d shown him a couple of times my intended striptease routine and I practised my lap dancing on him a few times which he loved.
He continued asking me in greater detail about my antics in Tenerife and what actually went on in my audition.
I would embellish the tales during sex to add a little spark to the proceedings, which worked for him and for me. I told him the whole story in real-time of both events and that just made him horny and we ended up fucking again. The next day was Friday and I would be making my striptease debut that night so I told him that there would be no sex before my striptease debut but I would wake him with a surprise when I got home at about 4.00am.
He’d promised not to come around to the club until I’d gained enough confidence as a stripper. The thought of him coming around did arouse me somewhat, him watching as I teased and tormented all these males, maybe flirted with them more than I should, giving them the impression that more was on offer. But that must wait for the future. I needed to earn my colours as a stripper first.
We made love slowly on the Thursday night, me totally naked as both of us declared our undying love for each other.
Hubby left for work on the Friday morning which gave me a day to pamper myself, plus I had to pop in and see Jen as she had some costumes for me.
I went into town and got a facial, my nails done, a spray tan then popped into the hairdresser to get my roots done.
I arrived in Jens store at about 2.30 to be greeted by Jen smiling.
“Tonight’s the big debut!” Jen cheered “Are you nervous?”
“Strangely not!” I replied “Though I am frantically excited!”
“Here have a look at these!” Jen said as she laid some garments on her counter.
There was a wet look black Basque. A wet look red bustier with matching tight shorts that laced up at the sides and magnificent Fishnet Basque.
“They’re all in your size and they’re my little present for new job!”
“Jen I couldn’t possibly that’s your business you’re losing!” I answered
“Fuck that! You should have seen the finder’s fee Bob gave me!” she laughed
We both laughed as she put the goods in a carrier bag and then she handed it to me.
“Good luck tonight Babe!” she said “I know you’ll floor them!”
Giving Jen a peck on the cheek and a big hug I then left the shop to head home to prepare the evening meal and pack my Stripper bag for tonight.
I placed the outfit I wore for my audition into the bag only substituting fishnet stockings for the seamed ones. Fishnets would difficult to ladder was my reason.
I placed the new wet look Basque that Jen made me and would use the black thong from other outfit. Packing make up, wipes and toiletries along with my trusty Michael Kors perfume, I now looked for what I would be wearing to the club.
I thought I would wear the white mini dress I wore in the nightclub in Tenerife. Getting the dress out of my wardrobe I knew I would be wearing underwear so I went over to shoes closet and took out the White Spike heeled shoes I wore that night. I packed a couple of small hand towels not knowing if there would be a use them, but taking them just in case.
I went into my closet to retrieve my white handbag. Well a girl has got to accessorise!
I opened the bag to put a little eyeliner, mascara and lipstick in when a business card fell out.
It was the card from the guy who fucked me in the camper van. His works number and cell phone were listed on the card. His name was Scott Masters and he was an Engineering Manager for a major company. I looked at the card in my hand. I was sitting naked on my bed holding this business reliving the memory of that incredibly sexy night.
Hubby would be home in less than an hour and I was so tempted to give this number a ring. The guy’s office was less than ten miles away from where we lived so I thought what the hell I’ll give him a call and see how things go.
I put his number into my cell phone and pressed call. He answered his phone after three rings
“Scott Masters!” he answered.
“Hi Mr Masters do you remember meeting me in a camper van in Tenerife?” I teased
“Is that Becky?”
“Of course it’s Becky! How many dirty sluts do you give your card too?” I enquired giggling somewhat girlishly.
“It’s terrific to hear from you. How are things with you and that fabulously sexy body?” He asked.
“Well I start a new job tonight as a Stripper and Lap Dancer!” I brazenly exclaimed
“Well honey you were born to do that! Me and the guys all compared notes on you and everyone was desperate and still is desperate to fuck you!”
“Well saying as you only live a few miles away, why don’t you guys book me for a gentleman’s evening and I’ll come down and do a nice little striptease for you all and probably have a little fun in the process!” I informed him
“It would have to be in one of our Flats or houses!” he stammered.
“That’s fine with me; I may even stay over if I have a little drink with you guys if that’s ok!” I teased
“Would your husband be ok with that?” He enquired
“He doesn’t have to know!” I lied “Or I could bring him with me to watch if you wish!” I drawled
“Would we get to fuck you Becky?” he pleaded
“The guy with the huge cock would have to go last, but I think it’s the least I owe you all after the relentless teasing you all endured in that nightclub! At least you got to see me naked and fucked my ass!” I exclaimed
“My buddy also fucked your ass and I did have some of my cock in your pussy”
“That you did and on Sunday I promise you can be the first to fuck me in the pussy! If any of you guys are a little nervous of performing in a crowd I’m sure you’ll let me fuck you and the others guys somewhere private in your flat?””
“We’d have to pay you for this so how much would this cost? £1000?”
I was going to ask for a couple of hundred, but this sounded fantastic.
“A grand would be fine but I feel I owe you guys so I’ll take £500 as a special friend with benefits deal. Now what kind of outfit, if any would you like?” I teased
“On your sexy curves I think we’d all have to say good old stockings and garters!”
“What about a ½ cup bra and some opera gloves?” I offered
“That sounds fantastic! I’ve got a hard on just thinking about it!” He enthused
“To be honest Scott I’m getting a bit wet thinking about it myself and you know how wet I can get!”
“Fuck sake Becky you’re bursting my cock here! What night would be best for you?” He enquired
“How about this Sunday? We can start in the early afternoon and finish when you guys are satisfied!”
“You’ve got a deal and at least you and I will be there but I’ll try and make sure all of the guys are here!”
“You make sure they’re all there and wearing something loose fitting, all of them or better still nothing at all. I don’t want those cock crammed in to confined restricted spaces except my confined unfaithful spaces!”
“Give me your email address and I’ll send you the address and directions!”
“I’ll text you the email address. What time would you guys want me there?”
“I’ll contact all the guys after this call. They’ll freak out. I think if you get there about 2.00pm that would be great. If you want to bring your husband then do so, but it would be great to see you without him as we’d all feel a lot more comfortable?”
“No problem, you all can have me all to yourselves! I’m looking forward to it Scott. I’ll text the email now and see you on Sunday!” I cooed
“Don’t forget the sexy outfits!”
The phone hung up and I texted my email address to Scott.
I turned on my laptop and logged into my email account immediately. Clearing some of the spam mail I waited for Scott’s email.
Waiting for the email to arrive my mind began to wander. If I was to strip fir these guys I’d obviously be fucking all of them then sensibly I would be better fucking them all in my PVC lingerie which I could wipe any spillages off and I assumed that there would be plenty of spillages. All guys liked to fuck you with your lingerie still. Hubby loved it and I get the feeling these guys would also. So it was easily decided that I would wear the PVC lingerie for this Strip and the after party.
Ping! The email arrived. I clicked on the file to open it and Scott had provided the Address and explicit directions how to get to his flat, even showing me where to park my in his car park. Scott had also attached some jpegs to the mail. I clicked to download the files. As they finished the download a picture began to appear on my laptop.
It was a photograph of me naked playing with my pussy. The next showed me bending over with something sticking out of my stretched asshole. The final picture was of me naked with Scott’s cock between my lips. If I say so myself I looked amazing in these photographs.
I pinged an email back to Scott saying I’d received his email and to get the camera ready as there would be more of the same on Sunday.
He pinged one back saying “Can’t wait!!! xxxxx”
I closed the lid on my laptop, stood up from the bed and placed my bathrobe over my naked form. I picked up the business card from the bad and placed it in one of the side pockets of my Handbag.
All of my required garments for this evening were d****d on my bed or placed neatly in my small tan leather holdall.
I was extremely aroused from the phone conversation, bringing back many happy sexy memories with the five guys plus tonight I would be getting naked in front of strangers and probably fucked red raw by Bob and his huge cock. My pussy was fizzing gloriously with anticipated sexual delight. If nothing else I would be turning strangers on and getting fucked from hubby as I regaled the evening’s events to him.
Hubby had pulled up and so turned on was I that I didn’t notice. I heard him enter the house and shout that he was home.
“Up here babe!” I hollered
He climbed the stairs and walked into the bedroom with the biggest smile on his face.
“My dirty little slut wife makes her stripper debut tonight! Are you nervous?” He smiled
“Not in the slightest, but I’m incredibly excited and seriously horny!” I giggled
“Well I’m going to stay home with a bottle of wine and watch some porno until my personal little whore returns to be fucked by her hubby!” He declared.
“Sounds like a plan. Don’t be wanking or anything I want all your cum when I get home!” I demanded
“Babe it’s all yours!”
“Good!” I exclaimed.
Sitting down at my dressing table, I turned to face hubby and started.
“Whilst packing my bag and selecting my clothes you’ll never guess what I found?”
“You’ll have to tell me!”
“In the handbag that I had with me on the night I teased all of the guys in the nightclub Tenerife. I opened the bag and a business card from one of the five guys fell out!”
“Did you remember them giving it you?” he asked
“It was dark most of the time babe and I had no clue whose card it was!” I exaggerated
“Do you think we should find out for a laugh?” he quizzed.
“I already did! It belonged to Scott, the guy who had me in the camper van. He was really nice on the phone asking how we were both doing!” I continued with the little white lies
“I told him I was making my stripper debut tonight and he said I was born to do that and that he wished he was there to see me in all my glory again!”
“Fucking hell! Is he coming over to see you strip?” he enquired
“No but he did ask if he could book me for a gentleman’s evening at his flat with the other four guys. He is willing to pay £200 if I do it and he wants it for this Sunday afternoon till late if that’s ok with you!” I lied about the price.
“If you want to go through with this, then that’s ok with me. Do I get to come along?”
“I asked him if that would be ok but he said the guys might feel a bit uncomfortable. He did say if we were to meet up again, him and the guys would like to have a drink with you!”
“Well at least he sounded fair. You go ahead babe and I’ll hear all about it later that night!”
“I may not be back until the morning if I have a drink with them if that’s ok with you. You know I’ll be ok with them, they were all sweet guys!”
“All sweet guys who wanted to fuck you!”
“They still do and they have requested what outfits they’d like to see me in!” I stated matter of factly.
“OK babe. It sounds like you’ve arranged it already. I’ll hear all about on Monday evening!” he finally accepted.
“He also sent a few photos in an email of the time in the camper van. They’re very explicit and I understand if you didn’t want to see them!”
“Fucking hell I’d love to see them!” He roared.
I opened my laptop and waited for the operating system to load.
Clicking on the desktop folder where I had downloaded the pictures, I looked over to him and said
“I’ll understand if you’re upset, but you told me to be honest and you’ve asked to see them!”
Turning the screen toward hubby, on the screen was the photograph of me naked showing my bald pussy and fuckhole to the camera lens stroking my clitoris.
He clicked the screen and the photograph of me with my back arched with my pierced tits swinging freely, with a hairbrush handle embedded in my ass.
Hubby stared at the photograph and said
“Fucking hell you were really dirty with these guys!” He smiled approvingly and clicked the next photograph.
His eyes widened and gave a sharp intake of breath.
The photograph on the screen showed me lying back with legs wide open while Scott’s semi erect cock was between my lips with just a hint of my tongue visible, licking the growing cock.
“Becky you look fucking brilliant!” He exclaimed “Go down and fuck these guys but please get some photos and videos, I need to see this not just hear it!”
I was delighted that he had accepted my new lifestyle. I went over to the bed and kissed him deeply.
“Thank you!” I whispered.
“I never realised I was a serious voyeur until now. But how would we describe you?” he questioned.
“I’m an exhibitionist. Fucking deal with it!” I smiled “Now give me a quick fuck but don’t come inside me, I’ve got work later!” I teased.
I unzipped his trousers and took his hard cock out. Placing it inside my cunt I began to ride him. Squeezing my own breast and tweaking the nipples I began to whisper
“I love cock and I love being spunked on. I love your cock but I now need others. Let me tease and fuck other men. Let me suck their sucks and swallow their cum. Let me feel their fingers and cocks in my ass. Let me take their tongues in all my holes and let me cum all over their faces. Let them finger blast my cunt and make me gush. Let me pose naked and provocatively for them. Let them use and abuse me. Let them use sex toys on me in any hole they wish. Let me fuck more than one cock at a time. Let me please them then come home and tell you all about it!”
He pushed me off his cock as the biggest most powerful spurt of spunk erupted from his cock. Five gigantic gushers flew from his cock, coating my tits, stomach and hairless pussy. I placed my mouth over his belle end and softly licked his cock clean.
He looked at me adoringly and said.
“Darling please do all of this with my blessing, but remember to be honest and tell me everything!”
“I wouldn’t do this if you didn’t want too!” I vowed “C’mon I need to get a shower and get all your delicious spunk off me, and then get ready for the club!”

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