Absence makes the cock grow stronger part two

I’m sitting on my hotel bed looking at a blank screen that seconds earlier had been displaying my wife’s freshly shaved and fucked pussy. I was massively aroused and outrageously jealous at the same time.
She had betrayed me by being unfaithful and breaking every rule we had agreed on before I took this overseas assignment.
One night stands only. No anal sex and no sex in our marital bed. She wasn't showing any signs of remorse as she revealed the previous night’s sexcapades, even wearing the outfit he had fucked her in during our Skype chat and then closing our session down early as lover boy was pulling into my drive, to enter my house then enter my wife.
I was insanely jealous at this moment and simultaneously outrageously aroused.
She’d not only had the guy shave her pussy and fuck her ass, she had also allowed him to take revealing photos of the event which were winging their way into my email inbox.
I wanted to reconnect the Skype session but my curiosity also wanted to see the photographs. There would be no point in trying to reconnect the Skype as she was probably at that very moment impaling her bald pussy on his rampant cock.
I logged out of the Skype session and opened my email account. The usual spam and day to day emails were nestling in my account and there second from the top was an email from my slut of a wife with a large cache of attachments.
Clicking on the file I opened the mail and instantly 30 jpeg files began to load. My head was in turmoil. Did I really wish to see pictures of my wife acting the total slut taking someone else’s cock and almost worshiping the erect phallus? As the first few pictures began to clear and focus I could not believe my eyes.
My wife was laid out on a red bed wearing Stockings and a corset with her legs wide open playing with her hairless pussy.
The look of lust in her eyes was framed with a smoldering smile all for her lover and the camera lens. She had never looked hornier.
The next few pics showed her sucking his enormous cock. In her small hands it the huge cock looked immense. Her mouth was stretching over the shaft.
A few more close up pictures revealed her hairless pussylips stretched around this vein riddled solid cock. The next pic hit me like a thunderbolt.
There in the mirrored reflection of his bedroom wardrobe were the unmistakable features of my best friend Dave!
My wife was blatantly lying to me and was at this very moment fucking my so called best friend in our marital bed.
Dave had always been a serious player and had commented many times in the past how horny he thought my wife Becky was. He would always be casting furtive looks, drinking in her Silver blonde hair resting on her shoulders. He constantly admired her long slender legs and her full buttocks. He always commented on how Becky would always wear clothes to show off her glorious figure.
She was blessed with a tiny waist and a 36DD bust. Whenever he came to our house he always greeted Becky with a kiss and a hug, which always consisted of him holding her round the waist then patting her backside. The kiss was always on the lips and seemed to be a peck more than a kiss.
One time he was over at our house having a meal when he offered to wash the dishes.
Becky said she would wash and he would dry. I left them in the kitchen for a few minutes and when I came back he was standing behind Becky with his hands on her waist talking to her as she washed the dishes.
I could have sworn as I walked in that his hands moved down to her waist as I made my way into the kitchen but I could never be sure.
Had he been feeling my wife up at every opportunity? Were my overseas assignment and our conversation the green light for Becky to take things to the next sexual level with Dave?
I sat staring at the pornographic pictures aroused but feeling so foolish to have been duped by wife and a so called fiend.
A part of me could not blame Dave as Becky really is a hot piece of ass and the night of the dish-washing she was wearing a tight black waistcoat type top which displayed her breasts to perfection and a pair of skin-tight shiny black wet look leggings. This was finished off with a pair of outrageously high heeled shoes; Becky always wore high heels but never in the house. Was she dressing to impress Dave?
She opted not to wear any underwear that night and the shiny black camel toe was evident all evening, although the trimmed pubic hair she had that night, prevented her pussylips being framed and on full display.
As I jogged my memory of that night I recalled I left the table on numerous occasions and when I returned they always seemed to be giggling or moved apart abruptly. Dave sat almost next to Becky during that meal and he must have been feeling her up all evening and taking things a little further every time I left the room.
I probably planted the seed in Becky’s head to fuck Dave as I told her all about his escapades. Dave was a serious player fucking countless women. Married, Single it didn't matter to Dave he fucked them all. He would tell me some of his antics and I would regale these tales to Becky who always seemed to be turned on by the sexual shenanigans.
Once I was out of the way and had given her permission to fuck someone else, it appears that she’s made a beeline for Dave to see if the stories are accurate.
What’s more she has allowed him access to her asshole, shaving her pussy and wearing provocative lingerie while he fucks her and photographs her.
She would never fully shave her pussy for me and anal sex was birthday and Christmas treats. As for the provocative lingerie that was never even discussed. Maybe Dave had opened Pandora’s Box here and would we ever get the lid back on?
The damage had now been done and not fully comfortable with the deceit, I now had to deal with thing as they stood.
Becky obviously found Dave attractive as well as sexually attractive so I hoped that there would be no emotional attachment. If that could be avoided then at least I knew that Dave would eventually need to be fucking other women so he would move on to the next conquest.
Should I confront Becky on our next Skype tell her I know it’s Dave she’s fucking or should I just play along and see how things progress.
As I contemplated this I thought what if I could get them to fuck in front of the Skype camera and I could see all the antics myself. That may be a bridge too far but I’d see how things could be worked out.
Then my second thunderbolt hit me. Dave would hang out with another single guy called Bob. He and Bob would often indulge in threesomes with their conquests.
They used to joke that once you had a woman with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her mouth you could literally make the bitch do anything. Bob used to boast that biggest turn on for him was fucking married women in their own beds the sending them back to their husbands with his spunk on their face.
He and Dave would laugh at this and recounted numerous occasions when this scenario had been acted out.
I was filled with dread now. Was Dave bringing Bob along to fuck and abuse my beautiful wife? Becky’s body would drive them wild with desire and after looking at the photos, it looked as though Dave had a Svengali effect over Becky.
The urge to ring Becky and put a stop to this was overwhelming, but the reality was that they would probably fuck anyway with me out of the picture for a while.
Should I contact her and let her know I was aware who her lover was? That seemed pointless also as all of our ground rules had been breached at her first attempt. I recalled how when Becky was telling me of her sexual tryst she said that her lover said he would bring a friend to fuck her also and that they would video the occasion.
It all fell smack in to place now! Becky would be in my bed now being fucked by Dave and Bob and having the whole event videod.
When Becky was telling me of the possible threesome, she said it so matter of factly, as though it was an everyday event.
As I was in a state of shock when she regaled the tale to me, I never objected or voiced any concerns. It was also at this moment that I realised that no condoms were being used!!
Fucking hell, how far had my innocent Becky gone. She was an absolute slut for Dave and was probably and an absolute whore for Bob.
As much as my emotional state was all over the place, I was massively aroused. I've never sported a harder, stronger erection in my entire life.
Undeniably I was addicted to my wife being fucked by other men. I wanted to call her and tell her everything was OK and that I approved of the situation as long as it was me she loved she could fuck whoever she wanted whenever she wanted.
My laptop vibrated as I was trying to collect my thoughts. The Skype window opened and there in front of me was Becky’s face. It looked rather flushed and her hair seemed somewhat disheveled.
“I’m glad you called” I said “I think we need to have a conversation and we need to have it now!”
“First let me speak” she replied
“Go ahead” I responded.
“I need to confess something to you and please don’t interrupt me. Let me get this off my chest then we can discuss it!” Becky sighed.
“Last night I didn't fuck a total stranger. I fucked Dave! He’s downstairs right now and we've fucked again tonight but not in our bed. We fucked in the lounge. He is having a drink right now and he knows I’m confessing all to you”
“Honey I saw Dave’s face in one of the photos. I’m so pleased you confessed before I had to confront you!” I stated soothing her guilt.
“There is one other thing though. His buddy Bob is coming over and they both want to fuck me and video everything. I’m more than willing to do this, but if you don’t want it to happen the just say and I’ll stop this right now” She said .
I could see her eyes welling up with tears.
“Babe if you really want to go ahead and do this, then go for it, but don’t let them keep the video. Make sure you get the tape. I don’t want that falling into the wrong hands”
She smiled at me, wiped the falling tear on her cheek and blew me a kiss.
“Darling this is pure lust but with you it’s pure love. I love you honey” she said into the camera lens.
“You go and fuck those two senseless and please send a copy of the tape to me!”
She stood in front of the camera to reveal the outfit she was going to wear during her first threesome. Dave had brought her a Quarter cup PVC Bra, a High Waisted Garter belt. Fishnet stockings and she was wearing a pair of thigh length boots. The whole outfit was shiny black and creaked as she moved.
“Do you like this?” she teased.
“When I return home I want to fuck you in all of these outfits!” I ordered.
“Your wish is my command oh Master!” she teased.
“There is just one other thing!” she asked
“What would that be?” I enquired
“I’d like your permission to let both guys fuck in me the ass and come in mouth!”
“Hurry up and send that video!” I blurted. “But I have one request” I continued
“Tell Dave I’m OK with the situation but he’s not to let Bob know that I’m OK or aware!”
I’ll let him know” Becky said “Maybe if you’re up for it when you come back, you me and Dave could have a dirty threesome one night”
“Go and get fucked by these two and Skype me when it’s all over and they've gone!”
“It will have to be tomorrow as both guys have popped Viagra and will be staying the whole night fucking me!”
Giggling, she blew me a kiss and the screen went blank again.

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