Fucking with my husbands blessing

I'll tell you a little about me and how things are, and then you can make your own mind up!
I'm blonde 5'-4" and though not tall I do have quite long slender legs, with an hourglass figure of 36-22-36 and the cup size is DD.
It's all firm, fruity and it's all natural! I dance Zumba and go to the gym as much as possible so overall it’s all kept in good shape.
My own preference is to wear tight sexy clothing to show my curves and I do like the attention this attracts as basically that was the intention!
My blonde hair I tend to keep relatively short but still feminine.
That's the hair on my head!
The hair down below is always kept short or sometimes none at all. My preference is to keep a small landing strip above my pussy but I always keep the lips hairless!
I do have lovers who prefer a Hollywood smooth pussy so I sometimes oblige those guys.
I would admit that I do possess a shoe fetish, the higher the heel the sexier I feel and to complete the look I do enjoy wearing erotic underwear.
I don't just look the part I act the part also. In the bedroom there is nothing I won't do to achieve sexual gratification.
I know that I am a most unselfish lover as I will strive to please my partner, which effectively pleases me.
All of my lovers, and there have been many, including the odd celebrity and on one occasion a Porn star, have stated that I'm the best fuck they've ever had!
When someone is inside you and you're draining their cock, it’s an incredible turn on to hear those words. Possibly a bit arrogant and conceited on my behalf but I've drained enough cock dry to give myself a pat on the back and believe that statement.
Men are not particularly good at faking it!
My marriage was almost sexless (until recently) and I'm extremely highly sexed, so it was obviously doomed to failure until I discovered my husband’s little kink. After numerous one night stand affairs coming home smelling of sex with dried semen on my clothing, and finally being caught in the back of a car being spit roasted by two leather clad rock types whilst wearing nothing but high heels and a suspender belt, having things done to me my hubby never could. The remainder of that night was a heated exchange which became a very uncomfortable silence.
The next morning me and the hubby had a long discussion. It turned out that he knew of every indiscretion and was gaining a kind of sexual kick from each of my encounters. Well after the previous night’s activities I couldn't deny the evidence plus the large love bites on my tits, the one cock in my mouth and the other cock stretching my pussy were more than a giveaway.
In hindsight being in fucked in a car in the lane at the rear of the marital home, screaming to be fucked harder wasn't my best idea but it turned out to be.
After the long discussion had dispersed, I set out on the greatest sexual adventure of my life.
Being a man of means he decided that he would allow me to actively continue my indiscretions.
He would set me up in a flat in the next town where 3 nights a week I could live out my double life.
He already owned quite a decent flat which he loaned to clients and suggested that I use this flat.
He even suggested that if I found any of his clients attractive I could take out my sexual frustrations on them, but they weren't to know I was his wife.
This little scenario really appealed to me and this opportunity arose a few times, something else I will reveal later.
After our talk he took me round to the flat where I put a few little feminine touches to the surroundings.
I took a selection of lingerie, perfumes and cosmetics.
A few sex toys for mood enhancement of course.
A few changes of clothing, some nightwear and my obligatory shoes.
He said he would be away on business the next day so I could frolic away if I wished.
The very next night after he departed for his business activity I went across to the flat to prepare for my first approved excursion into the world sexual gratification.
My mind raced with possible situations and my fantasies went into overdrive.
I decided that on this first night I would go off clubbing wearing my tightest outfit, a clinging black knee length dress accompanied by a wide waist tightening black shiny belt with the obligatory stockings and suspenders matched with the highest heels I owned at the time.
The intention was to get some cock, get back to the flat and get fucked in every hole, but as usual I would under estimate the power of a full figure and erotic lingerie.
The night ended with me gang-banged by four guys, wearing only the stockings and heels as the four guys took advantage of every hole I possessed.
At one point one cock was in my pussy, one cock was in my ass and the other two cocks fucked my eager mouth in unison.
All done in my very luxurious flat, so my double life started with a flourish and has continued ever since.
I discovered some time ago before my marriage whilst trying to liven up a boyfriend, that lingerie turned me on. It did have the desired effect on him but on me the effect was enlightening.
The more exotic the better.
I often fantasised about the fetish scene and was drawn toward the tight sexy lingerie in outrageous material that the fetish scene catered for.
Turns out that every guy I've fucked felt the same also.
A full buxom figure like mine trussed up in some outrageous latex outfit is, if I say so myself, very erotic.
I've been fucked, photographed and filmed in all of my outfits and loved every second of it.
There is something empowering to me when I'm dressed to fuck, plus the look on a new victims face when he discovers what you have on beneath your clothes.
I've built up quite a selection of lingerie and kinky clobber in the last two years.
Most of it has been presents from various lovers.
Basques, Waspies, Corsets, Suspenders Belts, Bra sets and thongs all in different materials. Leather, Rubber, Latex, Satin, Lace and varying man made fabrics.
Stockings of every variety, plus the inevitable shoes and more recently some black soft leather thigh length boots!
Which I have put to good use on a couple of occasions.
As well as the usual pick-ups in pubs and clubs, I've been using the Internet as a sexual tool since my rebirth. MSN, Facebook, match.com and some of the more kinky forums have been my main source for cock.
Later on I'll disclose how taxi drivers can be a good source, after all, who would know the locality better than a taxi driver!
I have a couple of long term fuck buddies, lover boy and taxi boy as I affectionately refer to them, who satisfy my sexual needs when I feel wet and horny.
which if truth be told is quite often, but I do like to experiment and try some new flesh regularly and both of my fuck buddies actively encourages this.
Lover boy in particular is not only tremendous in the bedroom, he is also an avid Internet writer and fills my head with some outrageous sexual fantasies.
Some of our outrageous adventures I'll regale later.
The first tale I'm about to disclose was a suggestion by lover boy for me to fuck a random guy and not even get his name.
Just pick him up, fuck him, put on the most outrageous sex show for him then ask him to spunk on my face.
Once he'd covered my face with cum, I would then have to get rid of him.
I was not to wipe the cum from my face till a few pics or a bit of video had been recorded to prove the fact.
Once this had been achieved I was to email the evidence and a short transcript of the evenings encounter.
If the timing went well lover boy would pop round post random fuck and give me some of his fantastic fucking skills and expert cock. Maybe even throw in some of that snakelike tongue! So here is the result of what happened that night.
Just remember that everything that is written here actually happened and is a direct transcript of the email I sent!

I've just closed the door on some random guy saying my goodbyes while his spunk is still drying on my cheek! I can hear his footsteps going down the stairwell as I bolt and lock my door still wearing the wet look Basque, black stockings and suspenders with the high heeled shoes I wore while he rode me home. He probably can't believe his luck that he's been well and truly fucked by a serious fuck artist. I put on a great display for him and I was on top form wearing the sexy lingerie, moving, moaning sexily and being a total slut like he's never experienced in his life. I only asked him for a light for my cigarette and minutes later I'm slithering my tongue over his cock, smoothing the condom over his swollen member while he plays with my pierced nipples! My lingerie clad body squirming and performing purely for the intention of satisfying him sexually which inevitably will satisfy me! How it all came about was perfect for one night stand anonymous sex!
My taxi pulled just past him as it dropped me just before my lobby door. From what I could see in the glow of the streetlight he seemed fairly attractive with a half decent physique. He was standing on the corner of my block as I got out of my taxi. I saw he was just finishing off a cigarette and I approached him for light. Each click of my high heeled shoes grabbed his attention. I stood in front of him beneath the streetlight as I pulled a long menthol cigarette from out of my clutch bag.
"Could I trouble you for a light?" I enquired.
"Certainly" came the confident response.
As he lit my cigarette very gentlemanly, his hand grazed mine. As he held the back of my hand to shelter the naked flame, I inhaled the first drag of the menthol laced tobacco. My mind sparked along with the lighter and at that moment I confirmed in my head to take him into my flat and have him fuck me in every position and every hole. He was fairly attractive in an earthy way. His physique was definitely muscular and his arms were strong and sinewy. He smelled of Givenchy after shave and appeared well groomed with a short crop of black hair framing his masculine face. He was about an inch taller than me and considering I was wearing 5 inch spiked heels it was enough to seal the deal for me.
I thanked him for the light as I deeply inhaled my menthol cigarette. Pushing the boundary I asked if he would be so kind as to see me safely to my second floor flat. I informed him it was less than twenty yards away but the lobby was quite dark and a little eerie. He dutifully agreed and helped me toward my flat literally ten steps away. As I pushed my key into the outside door, I feigned a little stumble so as he would hold me and steady me. My Plan worked as both his hands grabbed for my waist and made slight contact with the underside of my ample bust. His hands stayed on my waist long enough to feel the outline of my leather effect wet look black Basque. I wore it intentionally tonight ready to be pulled. The place I'd been too earlier was a bit desolate so my intention was to get home and get online for some cock and I would be ready to give my victim a little sexy show on webcam of what would be on offer. Now with a victim at hand I wouldn't need to go trawling the net. With the intention of getting fucked I'd adorned myself in some erotic garments. I accompanied my black leather effect wet look Basque with a nice tight black wet look suspender belt, old fashioned black seamed stockings with a spike heeled pair of black ankle strap court shoes. I'd also taken the trouble to wear long black evening gloves as my blouse that night was black and very tight, it was also sleeveless. I had chosen to go out that evening with no knickers or thong as I do like to get felt up in dark alcoves and thongs and stuff only get in the way, plus it turns the guys on more when they feel the stocking tops but it sends them delirious when they find a bald knicker less pussy. I've been finger fucked in most establishments in this area. I was in one pub once and had one guys fingers in my pussy while another guy fingered my ass! But that's another story for another day.
I stepped inside the opened door as the security lighting came on. This was very dim and quite seductive to be honest. Fuck mood lighting I like to call it. I invited him inside the lobby and closed the outer door once we were both inside. As I made my way up the stairs I ensured that my black pencil skirt would be as tight as possible whilst I walked or rather sashayed up the two flights of stairs. I was thrusting my ass out for effect with each step I took. I could feel his eyes burning into my skirt as the tightness had made the bumps from my suspender belt visible. My black nylon stockings were making a swishing sound as my thighs rubbed together during my ascent of the stairs. As we reached the first landing I could see his face behind me in the mirrored wall of the landing. By the second landing I was so horny I could have pounced on his cock there and then. As we reached my door I gave my e****t a gentle peck on the cheek, deliberately leaving my cheek against his longer than necessary.
"Would you like to come in?" I invited.
"For a coffee?" he enquired.
"No! Not for coffee. To fuck me senseless!" I whispered.
Holding his head with my gloved hands, I placed my opened mouth over his and slithered my tongue inside his mouth to entwine with his tongue. Giving out a soft moan as our tongues fucked each other. Pushing my mound into his crotch, with my legs slightly apart, I dry humped his groin as my tongue danced with his. Breaking free from our kiss I watched his eyes widen with disbelief. A nervous smile broke across his face.
I placed my gloved hand over his crotch and gave his ever enlarging cock a delicate rub, tracing the ever growing length as my ruby lips made contact with his own soft fleshy lips. I nibbled his lower lip then kissed him hard and passionately. My tongue snaked around his as I began to squeeze his now hard cock through the material of his trousers.
"Shall we go inside, then you can get inside!" I smiled at him. I could hear his breath quickening as we entered my flat. As my door closed behind us, he grabbed me round the waist again, but this time with the intention of fucking me not saving me from falling, though I did intend to fall on his most impressive cock soon enough. Pulling my body toward him, our lips pressed together as we savagely kissed. My skirt was lifted high above my thighs as he stood back taking in the sight before him. With my skirt above my waist I was now revealing my stocking tops and shaved pussy. The palm of his hand rubbed my bald mound as my legs opened just wide enough to allow three of his fingers to forcibly penetrate my cunt. I opened my legs a little wider now to accommodate his probing digits. My breath quickened to the delights of the f***ed entry as his fingers squelched away inside my pussy. Our tongues squirmed in unison as we rubbed and explored each other’s bodies. My jacket was discarded before the door had been closed. Cupping my breast he began to massage my bosom through my blouse and Basque. He could make out the little piercings on my erect nipples, even through my clothing. Unbuttoning my blouse he took a sharp intake of breath as he witnessed my huge tits encapsulated in the leather effect wet look Basque. Peeling my blouse over my shoulders I made an attempt to remove my blouse and elbow length black gloves. Taking control he stopped me removing the gloves as he held my arms behind my back and guided the blouse off my body. Holding my gloved arms behind my back he plunged his tongue deep into my mouth. His hands were now at the back of my skirt as the clasp was expertly undone then the zip slowly lowered.
He pulled down the waistband of the skirt as the remnants of my skirt fell to the floor revealing my hairless pussy in all its slutty glory to my latest victim. Standing before him in the wet look Basque, stockings, high heels and elbow length gloves I must have looked like some kind of fantasy Parisienne prostitute. Leaning back against the hallway wall I instructed him to remove his clothing quickly as I was desperate to suck his cock then slide his hot wet cock deep inside my cunt. As the clothes quickly disappeared from his body I grabbed his cock with a gloved hand and informed him that to get inside me we'd be fucking with a condom on. I said there were plenty in the draw of the bedside table and I'd show him a wonderful way of putting a condom on. I kissed him softly then manoeuvred myself down his body. Kneeling down in front of his naked body, I could smell the musky scent of his cock as I took his long meaty cock into the back of my throat. My lips closed around the shaft as I swirled my tongue around the bulbous head. A few slurps of his cock meat and I needed to feel his shaft inside me, plus the way it was twitching I didn't think this fuck was going to last too long, what with me dressed as I was and talking and acting in this manner, his cock would be erupting soon enough. Removing his cock from my lips I began standing up. Rubbing my wet look covered tits into his chest I gave him a nice cock salty kiss and lead him into the bedroom, holding his hard cock like a relay runner. He lay on the bed as I made my way on the mattress positioning myself between his legs. My legs wide open, my pussy lips and inner pussy all on display in the mirrored wardrobe door opposite to this total stranger. Pointing to the bedside drawer I asked him to get a condom out and I'd put it on his hard cock with my mouth. He rummaged in the draw as I began to lick the exposed tip of his bl**d engorged cock. Sitting up slightly he passed me the condom he'd located in the bedside drawer. Tearing it with my teeth from its package, I placed it between my teeth and slowly smoothed my lips over his cock, sheathing it with the tight latex condom. Slowly licking the gossamer cock I could hear him rummaging in the draw, when a familiar buzzing sound filled the room. He'd found one of my many vibrators and had chosen to select the replica plastic vibrating cock with a matching set of testicles. He took the buzzing plastic cock from the drawer and beckoned me to position my pussy toward his head. Still sucking his condom clad cock, I rotated my body toward him as I straddled his chest exposing my shaved cunt to the stranger as he rubbed the plastic cock on my wet hairless lips. Plugging my pussy with two fingers he began to thrust them in and out of my hot wet hole as he placed the vibrating cock head on my exposed clitoris. I happily continued sucking his gossamer clad cock as I arched my back raising my ass into the air as the stranger finger fucked me. Removing his fingers he began to slide a digit along the crack of my pussy and circled the ring of my asshole. He replaced the digits with the plastic vibrating cock, as it slowly stretched my labia as it began to impale me. The buzzing head hit my g spot. The glorious sensation was one I intended to repeat so I raised my ass slightly and I ensured that each thrust of the vibrator would hit the exact same spot. Licking his heavy balls and wanking his erect cock I began to instruct him what to do. As the plastic cock fucked me the vibrating tip stimulated my g spot intensively. I panted to him to rub my clit with his thumb while the plastic cock fucked me. I knew the view he was receiving would be sending him wild with desire. Holding his balls with my gloved hand I engulfed his cock with my painted lips. I could feel the unmistakeable sensation of my gushing orgasm approaching. The plastic cock hit my g spot as I clamped my pussy onto the vibrating phallus. The first surge of gushing pussy juice burst from my cock filled pussy. Pushing the plastic cock further and deeper, my victim rubbed my clit with remarkable speed as the next surge of liquid burst from my cunt.
"Fuck me with the cock" I screamed!
"Push it deeper.....fuck me" I demanded.
The cock was now as deep as it could be. I began thrusting my pussy back onto the vibrating phallus. A delirious wave of sexual bliss swept over my entire body as my sexual fluids squelched with the movements of the penetrating sex toy. My victim it seemed had an extensive knowledge of a woman's sexual region and kept the pressure on my cervix with vibrating sex toy. His spare hand was stroking my clitoris vigorously, which was now engorged and felt as if it was about to explode.
The speeding thumb and fingers were now replaced by a hot moist tongue as my clitoris and stretched labia were gently tongued, almost soothing my electrically charged pussy. Pressing his broad tongue onto my clitoris he moved it slowly in circular motions. A few unexpected deft flicks of his tongue brought the next gush of orgasm. The sensation over powered me as I leapt off the vibrating cock and instructed my victim to slowly push it into my asshole. My face buried in the mattress I placed my gloved hands on my buttocks and held my ass and pussy open for my victim to delight in. The plastic cock was covered in my orgasm and pussy juice as it easily stretched my tight ring and slid deep into my ass. Moaning softly till the phallic toy was embedded fully, I turned my head to my victim and whispered.
"I need to feel your cock inside me"
My victim audibly gulped as I gyrated my hips with the plastic cock plugging my ass. Turning round now to kiss my victim, clenching the plastic cock with my asshole, I manoeuvred my pussylips onto the hot purple head of his cock as I slowly slid my pussy over the head of his penis. The walls of my cunt enveloped his hard cock as inch by inch his cock filled my hole. The plastic vibrating cock was buzzing against the walls of my ass and the vibrations were oscillating inside my pussy, tormenting his latex covered cock. Gyrating my hips I felt so full of cock as my ass and pussy were now being stretched in unison. Scooping my breasts out of the wet look leather effect Basque cups, he began to flick his tongue around the stiff flesh of my erect pierced nipples. I pulled his hair tightly, riding his cock, until his head went back. I planted my open mouth over his, pressing our lips firmly together as his tongue entered my mouth. His cock exploring the inside of my pussy as his tongue replicated the actions inside my mouth. My orgasm was on its way as I felt the unmistakeable twitch of his cock ready to unload. He panted frantically that he was about to come. Sliding up off his cock, I grabbed his cock with my gloved right hand and ripped the condom from his twitching cock, holding the throbbing monster firmly with my gloved hand.
"I want you to come on my face". I ordered as I began licking his engorged bell end. Holding his balls with one gloved hand, I stroked his cock with the other gloved hand. Aiming the rock hard cock at my open mouth I gently massaged his cock shaft. Making eye contact with my soon to be exploding victim, I slithered my tongue on the underside of his pulsating cock. The vibrating cock was still buzzing away in my clenched ass as my orgasm swept over me. His cock grew stiffer as the first twitching burst of spunk splashed my tongue. My mouth opened wider and his throbbing cock released spurt after spurt of thick hot white liquid. His come splashed onto my lips and a couple of spurts sprayed my rouged cheeks. Greedily licking every thick globule up, I slithered all of his spunk into my mouth and gleefully swallowed the lot. Panting on the bed, his mind was in a state of shock and disbelief. He didn't know my name but he'd fucked, sucked, licked and flicked my body to sexual submission. I rode the plastic ass fucking cock until my own orgasm had diminished. I wanted him out of the flat to complete the remainder of lover boys request, so I made the most ridiculous excuse ever to get him out of the flat quickly.
"Hurry up and get dressed. My husband will be back in about thirty minutes!"
His face was a picture. In his post orgasm rapturous state I played with his cock and balls, running my gloved hands gently over his ballsac as I slowly wanked his flaccid penis back to a semi erect state. I gave his cock a gentle kiss, then swirled my tongue around the purple glans before taking the length to the back of my throat. Sucking his cock vigorously for a few seconds, I then removed it from my mouth as I told him
"That's how I got my kicks. Picking up strangers and have them abuse my body then get them out of the flat before my husband’s return". Totally dazed he sat on the bed with this lingerie clad slut wearing his spunk on her face like a badge of honour. Arching my back whilst sucking his cock he could now clearly see the plastic cock impaled in my ass.
"I love cock and I love to be fucked. Guys seem to like my body and like to fuck me". I stated holding his cock to my cheek. He asked could he fuck me again. Slurping on his cock I mumbled if he was at the corner next Friday at about the same time and I hadn't picked anyone up, he could come back and fuck me again. Or if I was especially horny, maybe he could become part of a threesome and bang me mercilessly with my other victim. Getting off the bed I insisted he dress and leave. As he fastened his trousers he did his best in getting his prominent erection inside the fly. The outline was clearly visible and it was obvious his cock was still fully erect. To tease him even further I gave him a quick look through my extensive sexually kinky wardrobe and asked him to pick a favourite outfit and I would wear it just for him, but next time he would have to fuck my ass and tongue fuck my shaved pussy!
After rummaging through a collection of Waspies, Basques, kinky uniforms and various suspender belts he pointed to a black PVC Waspie outfit. This is an excellent choice as my most memorable fucks have involved wearing the PVC Waspie outfit. It really does accentuate all of my desirable curves. His cock was now straining at the leash so I told him that I would wear the PVC outfit next week just for him to fuck me in. Visualising me wearing the figure hugging latex outfit while his cock would be buried deep in my tightest of holes, I could see him stroking his cock through the material of his trousers. His cock was hard as nails now and almost bursting the fly of his trousers. I'd obviously pushed him over the edge with my cock teasing. I knelt down in front of him. Pushing him against the wall, I spread my knees and rested my plastic cock filled ass comfortably on the floor of my hallway. I unzipped his cock and as a little thank you I started to give him a nice gloved wank. Holding the base of his cock I put my tongue and mouth to work to try and bring him off quickly. Licking his cock I looked up at him and started the filthy dialogue in between sucks.
"Come on my face, you know I like that!" I reassured him.
Kneeling in my hallway still dressed like a Parisienne hooker with the plastic cock lodged in my ass, I began sucking and wanking his cock much sluttier and far better than any whore could.
"Next week this cock will be in my ass!" I continued. The twitching cock was now blue steel hard. The sexual tension was now at its peak.
"Bring a camera and I'll let you do anything you want to me!"
Looking up again I gently grazed my teeth across his bulbous end.
"If you have a camera phone you can take few pics of me sucking your cock!". I suggested.
From nowhere his phone appeared and began to flash away, as I played out the cock sucking porno scene. Slurping away on his hard cock, rolling my tongue and lips deliberately around the purple rim of his throbbing cock end, drooling all over the hard cock, playing the slut role to perfection. Breathing heavily on his cock as the plastic cock continued to pulse away inside my ass. Right on cue his cock began to twitch and he announced that he was about to come as copious amounts of spunk began to violently spurt all over my ruby lips and rouged cheeks. Pulling my hair gently, he held my face at the erupting tip as the thick white cream sprayed all over my slutty face.
"Take it Bitch!" he growled which I unexpectedly enjoyed.
Licking the last remnants of spunk from his now flaccid cock I stood before him. Adjusting the vibrating cock in my ass, I clenched tightly around the pulsating phallus. Leaving the thick creamy liquid on my cheeks, I placed his cock back in his trouser as he clicked a few pics of me in my undies with white fresh spunk all over my face. Doing a few seductive poses I then lay back on the floor, held my pussylips open, and gave him an open leg shot with me holding my shaved pussy lips apart as I slid my gloved middle finger in my pussy. Placing one finger from each gloved hand deep inside my pussy I pulled my opening wide allowing him to see deep in my cunt. The deep moan emanating from his throat was an enormous vote of sexual confidence in my mini sex show. I turned over so he could capture the plastic cock in my ass and my finger in my pussy. Clicking away on his camera phone I told him he'd need to leave now. Stepping out of my door I gave him one last tongue flick kiss, still with his spunk lathered all over my cheeks. I closed the door after him. Listening to his footsteps go down the stairwell I moved into my lounge and clicked the PC on. Once loaded I began to write this email to you dressed in all the lingerie I've just been fucked in. So if you're up and about please reply and I'll wipe the spunk from my face, apply a fresh layer of make-up and wait for you to come round and nail me!
This wet look Basque does make my tits look great and my waist look tiny!
No wonder he came so quick!

Ten minutes after sending the email lover boy showed up and for over four hours my pussy and ass were fucked into total submission. The sex was so erotic and mind blowing that I passed out reaching orgasm on three occasions during our sex session. I'm proud to say that on this particular occasion I managed to empty lover boy’s spunk sac four times. Once in my ass, once in my pussy, once over my tits and finally the grand spunking finale was completed over my face! Here is the breakdown of the events.

I'd finished typing the email, when after a quick proof read I pressed send. Flicking the digicam on I waited a couple of seconds to see if lover boy was online. Less than 30 seconds had passed when my camera screen buzzed.
Standing up to make sure the first thing he would see would be my colossal tits encased in the wet look leather effect Basque.
"I see you completed the task!" he said as he enjoyed the vision in front him.
"Right down to the last detail!" I said as I began to lower myself into my chair till the spray of drying spunk on my cheek was in camera shot.
"I love it when you do as you're told you filthy fucking whore!"
He knows how much filthy talk turns me on and he was the king if filthy talk in my book.
"So he fucked your pussy but not your ass? I suppose it's screaming to be stretched with some cock now? I'll be over in less than 5 but make sure you've reapplied some hooker make up and be bending over in your hallway when I get there!"
Closing the PC down I cleansed my face of spunk then reapplied some seriously slutty make up. Giving my pussy and ass a quick douche I smeared some baby oil on my naked pussy lips and fingered a liberal amount into my asshole. I'd only just finished fingering the baby oil into my ass and pulled the evening gloves up the length of my arm when my door buzzed.
Not saying a word I opened the external door. Opening my front door I opened my legs slightly, arched my back to thrust my ass up and chest up, then got into position as requested. He entered my hallway and closed the front door. Instantly three fingers plunged into my pussy and began finger fucking me most vigorously. Gyrating back at the penetrating fingers I could feel three fingers pushing into my asshole as the puckered ring stretched and swallowed the prying digits. This continued until an orgasm had swept over me. Still in this position, his fingers were removed from my pussy and instantly replaced with a very familiar rock hard cock. Removing his fingers from my ass he grabbed my leather clad waist tightly and banged my pussy off his cock.
"You love cock don't you?" he whispered
"Cock and spunk are your two favourite things. You want more cock inside you, fucking your pussy and fucking your ass!" he continued.
"You know I love cock! I love to taste spunk!" I added with panting breath.
"Did you like sucking his cock?" he enquirer.
"Of course I loved sucking his cock and tasting his come! He fingered my ass whilst he fucked me!" I added.
"I'm going to fuck him again and I'll wear stockings when he fucks my ass,then I'll swallow his sperm!"
I'd pushed him over the edge as I felt his hot seed empty into my cervix. Pulsating and throbbing, his cock hosed my pussy walls with thick white cream. Pulling his cock out of my pussy he directed his helmet toward my mouth. Hungrily accepting his cock into my mouth I began working on keeping this b**st hard. The filthy fucker had turned naked and dumped his clothes on the hallway floor. As I was facing the other way undergoing his sexual pounding in my high state of arousal I'd not noticed his nakedness. Quite pleased at his ingenuity I sucked even harder on his cock. His cock had stayed hard so I suggested we continue in the bedroom.
Pinning me to the bed he f***ed my legs open and thrust three fingers inside my cum drenched pussy. Scooping a healthy dollop of come from my snatch he moved his fingers to my open mouth. Licking both sets of cum from his fingers I closed my eyes and hungrily stalled the sticky fluids. Raising my legs onto his shoulders he leant down onto me as the tip of his erect penis nestled into the crease of my asshole. Without any assistance his helmet stretched the entrance to my ass. Inch by inch his cock penetrated my tightest hole. The familiar heat of cock seared through my ass until he was as deep inside as could possibly be. His face was inches from mine as I opened my mouth to accept his tongue. A little of both of our juices was on my bottom lips as his lips pressed onto mine and mingled the cum in with our saliva as we frantically kissed. In and out of my ass went his cock in a perfect rhythm. Wrapping my stockinged legs around his back, I began to thrust my ass to meet his plunging cock.
"Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Make me squirt!" I screamed at him as his cock continued to ravage my asshole. Turning me onto my side, he raid one leg straight up as he kept thrusting into my ring. His right hand rubbed my hairless mound then he inserted three fingers up into my cunt and aimed straight for my G spot. His fingers pressured my G spot delightfully as his cock maintained its assault on my ass. The tingling sensation of my anal fucking combined with the pressurised sensations from my G spot joined f***es and delivered a fabulous gushing orgasm, so severe that I passed out from sexual bliss. The gushing was still occurring when I came back down to earth, and my anal passage was still being blissfully destroyed by lover boys incessant cock. Grabbing the wrist of his right hand I guided his soaked fingers to my slutty lips where I devoured the remnants of orgasm in a frenzy. Gyrating rhythmically on his cock I could feel the tensing of his body as the second load of his cum flood my ass. With each thrust of his cock a healthy spurt of cum shot up my anal passage. When the last spurt had subsided and his cock began to recede, I moved from under him and licked his cum splattered cock to pristine cleanliness. Not quite flaccid, I was determined to keep this cock hard. Grabbing the plastic cock my earlier victim had fucked me with, I thrust it straight in my pussy. Looking directly into lover boys eyes I regaled my earlier experiences of what my victim did with the cock and what effect it had on me. It worked a treat! Lover boys cock was rigid within seconds but I kept regaling my tale. Lover boy knelt between my legs wanking his cock as I fucked my pussy with the sex toy telling him of all my earlier sexual antics. In record time lover boy unloaded a considerable amount of spunk onto my sweating leather clad chest. As wave after wave of creamy spunk splattered my chest region with a quite remarkable volume of sperm considering this was his third unloading of the evening. Taking the cock from my pussy I smeared the cum from my tits all over the vibrating b**st, squirming between my ample cleavage to ensure every drop was gathered, then licked all the collected love liquid from the phallic sex toy. His cock was purple now and would not go flaccid. It was as if the bl**d was trapped or he was so aroused it needed more action. Taking the phallic toy from my mouth I pushed its length up in my ass as my gloved hand circled my clit. I continued regaling my evenings sexual encounter, plunging the cock in and out of my ass while my gloved fingers held open my red raw pussy. Lover boy continued masturbating his purple bl**d engorged cock. I encouraged him to wank his cock for me and to give me more spunk on my face.
My clitoris was almost exploding now as my fingers became a blur as chased one more orgasm. I was now exaggerating considerably my previous encounter purely for effect as lover boy almost rove his cock off with sexual frenzy. Teasing him to the end I leant forward, still rubbing my clit and dildo fucking my ass, opening my mouth over the tip of his cock as my mouth engulfed it and sucked the bell end very gently. He groaned that he was about to come and I begged him to totally empty his balls on my slutty face. What happened next shocked even me! I've never seen so much thick creamy spunk erupt from one ejaculation. This was Olympian the amount produced. Heavy globules of hot spunk splashed across my cheeks and lips as he emptied the entire sexual contents of his testicles. As the last violent spurt hit my cheek I waited for the wanking to cease then licked his cock tenderly. The poor thing was bl**d raw now, so I began to softly kiss and nibble the diminishing cock. My face was destroyed with spunk. It looked as though I'd dipped my face in a bucket of wallpaper paste the volume of spunk was so great. It was by no means our greatest sexual encounter but setting the scene with my earlier encounter definitely raised his already high arousal level. He suggested we both take a shower together before he left. Unclasping the suspender straps form the stockings he then rolled the stockings gently down each leg till he reached the ankle strap of my shoes. Undoing the buckle he removed both shoes and placed them neatly on the floor. Rolling my stockings over my feet he gathered the pair together into a small silky ball. Removing the Basque required the metal hooks to be released, then the object of extreme desire vacated my body. I removed my gloves in the manner a burlesque artiste would perform for her captive audience. Naked but for the leather look suspender belt, I lay my naked body across his own, his hands went to my waist and removed the suspender belt easily.
A gentle session of kissing and softly caressing occurred.
He'd used and abused my body for sexual gratification which I approved of in my whore like state of arousal, but now he was holding my body gently, tenderly caressing my curves and showing me through his affection that he adored my womanly being.
Sexually satisfied our tender showing of genuine affection moved over to the shower where for the next ten minutes we soaped, washed, caressed and massaged each other’s bodies into a state of tranquillity.
We towelled each other with the same level of tenderness, accompanied by some long lingering kisses. I broke free and gathered his clothing from the hallway.
Collecting his clothes, I walked back to the bedroom and helped him dress.
I was naked and barefoot standing before my fully dressed lover with his damp tousled hair. Putting my arms around his neck I pulled him close to give him a soft delicate kiss. Placing his hands on my bare ass, he held my buttocks and gently massaged the fleshy orbs, as we kissed softly for all of five minutes. One hand wandered from my ass, making its way up my waist it slithered up my stomach and cupped my left breast. The thumb and fore finger extended and began to stroke my erect pierced nipple.
Breaking from our kiss he placed his hand beneath my chin, smiled at me, then kissed me softly once again. He opened my front door and stepped out into the lobby.
Looking back at my nakedness in the dim lighting of the hallway he winked, said "Fantastic!" and disappeared into the darkness as left for the night. I heard his footsteps go down the stairs as I closed my door for the last time that night.
Walking into my bedroom I studied my naked body in the mirrored wardrobes. My breasts were full and firm. My stomach was taut and flat and my buttocks were full and rounded. I was delighted with my womanly body and I was enthralled at how much pleasure this receptacle of sexual joy had shared with two sexual athletes this evening. My new victim was a lucky find, seeing as he possessed such a good body and a very decent cock to match. Plus finding and using the plastic cock so intelligently gets him extra marks.
Smoothing some body lotion into my tanned skin, I removed my jewellery then carefully slipping my body inside my bed covers, I placed my head on the soft downy pillow and drifted into a wonderfully satisfying sl**p.

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