Kinky is what the Doctor ordered!

“Hi it’s me. I’ve downloaded the photos and Videos from the other night. Do you want me to bring my laptop across and I’ll give you a sneak preview?”
“Actually you can bring your hard cock along too. I’ve been horny as fuck all day!”
“That sounds better than showing you pics and videos!”
“No I want to see them also. Plus I’ll need a copy for the Doc. Do you want me to ring him and invite him to the premiere?”
“I’d rather show you the goodies and spend a little quality time just me and you!”
“Ok. I’m easy! But you know that already! Do you want me to wear anything special?”
“Now that you mention it, we haven’t seen the Black Thigh length Bed Boots. You could put the Red PVC Waspie on and the Black PVC Gloves. I’ll have the camera anyway if you fancy a spot of modelling!”
“Give me an hour to get ready and I’ll see you then.”
You all know my pre-fuck routine by now. A nice shower, removing any hair that could get in the way, a body oil rub down then dress in the chosen outfit and finally makeup and hair. I’d just pulled the gloves on when the intercom rang. Placing the see through black robe over my lingerie clad body; I pressed the intercom for the cameraman to enter. I’d put a pair of Spiked heel ankle strap pumps over the bed boots. Beneath them I was wearing a laddered pair of smooth glossy black stockings and attached the suspender straps of the Waspie. I fastened the Waspie as tight as possible and then pulled the lace ties in even tighter. I really was hour glass at this point. My breasts were sitting proudly waiting to be stimulated. I’d arranged a couple of chairs at the desk where my PC sits. At the side of the PC I’d arranged a selection of adult toys and a tube of anal lube of which I’d already applied in anticipation of what lay ahead. Opening my front door, the cameraman stepped inside with a huge holdall type bag in his right hand. Closing the door we walked toward the room where my PC was stationed. Cameraman’s hand massaged my ass cheeks as we entered the room. Opening my legs a little his hand cupped my shaved pussy and gently rubbed my lips. Placing the Holdall bag on the floor, he slipped his left hand inside my robe, holding my Waspied waist and pulled me toward him. Raising my lips to meet his, I circled his mouth with my tongue as his right hand clasped my buttocks and pushed my mound toward his crotch. I rubbed my shaved mound into the crotch of his jeans and could feel his ever growing erection almost forcing my pussylips apart. Slipping the robe from my shoulders, it slid from my body and gathered on the floor at my feet. Placing my gloved hands at the nape of his neck I began to gently caress his hair and scalp. With my mouth locked on his, as our tongues entwined I could hear myself softly moan as my clit rubbed against the fly of his jeans. Forcing his bulge at my exposed cunt, I fucked at the rock hard protrusion. Both his hands began to squeeze the flesh on my naked ass. Lifting one leg off the floor, I rubbed my cunt hole onto the prominent bulge, dry fucking the straining denim encased cock. He removed one hand from my ass and undid the buttons of his jeans allowing his hard cock to escape the confines. My pussy almost sucked his shaft inside. His cock slid effortlessly deep inside my pussy. Raising both legs off the floor, I held his neck as he bounced me off his invading cock. Holding me tightly round my Waspied waist, he pounded my pussy with ferocious delight. Placing my ass on the desk, he began fucking me harder than he’d ever fucked me before. The sensations were delightful, as my orgasm began to engulf his cock. With each deep hard thrust of his cock my orgasm heightened. As my orgasm was reaching its peak, his cock twitched violently inside me as powerful jets of hot come flowed inside my pussy. The walls of my pussy convulsed in orgasmic delight as his seed emptied from his hard cock. Pushing back at his wild rhythmic thrusting, I could feel his hot fluid seep from my pussy with every out stroke. Panting, we both locked mouths and devoured each other’s lips and tongues. Cannibalistically devouring each other’s lust filled flesh. Saliva passed from one mouth to the other as we continued thrusting each other’s sexual organs at each other. His cock slid from my sexually greased pussy as the remnants of our orgasmic residue slithered onto the surface of the desk. Without further ado I lifted myself off the desk, bending over suggestively, I extended my tongue and proceeded to lap the come juice of the desk top. He’d lifted a camera from his bag and began snapping away as I licked the come off the desk. Slithers of hot come were beginning to cool as they slid out of my pussy and gathered in my labia heading for my stocking tops. Cameraman positioned me on a chair, encouraging me to open my legs wide and began to photograph the come oozing out of my cunt. Placing my fingers either side of my pussylips I held my pussy wide open exposing my inner pink flesh and the small black hole within. The camera clicked away as I squeezed my pussy forcing the come out of my opening. Draughts of air blew gently across my exposed pussy, tantalising me with their soft gentle kisses. As the remnants of come slithered out of me I scooped all of the white liquid onto my fingers and licked them clean. On completion of the licking of come I sat beside the cameraman at my computer and said.
“Aren’t you going to show me these Photo’s and Video’s?”
He’d only been inside my flat approximately twenty minutes and at least eighteen of those he’d spent inside me!
Leaning across to gather up his huge bag, he unzipped the holdall and extracted a bundle of CD’s.
“These are in the order that the evening unfurled so when you’re ready pop one in your slot!”
“I thought that was your job?” I giggled at the obvious double entendre.
Handing me the first disk I loaded it into the drive. The drive began to whirr as the folders appeared on my desktop. Arranged in folders titled pics and Vidz, I opened the pics folder first as hundreds of JPEGs appeared on my screen. Clicking on the first one I set the viewer to slide show and sat in amazement at the erotic images flashing before my eyes. I’m a much bigger slut than I thought I was. My eyes were lust crazed in every photo as I worshipped and loved the cocks presented to pleasure me. The guy’s faces were conveniently missing or hidden in every photo, there cocks weren’t though. Cocks in my mouth, cocks in my pussy and cocks in my ass. Spunk shots galore of come splashed across my face, splashed across my tits, dripping from my pussy and ass. Some of the photos had been shot in repetitive mode and almost captured the deep thrusting. I was stirring up an incredible sexual appetite looking at the photos and judging by the erection the cameraman now possessed so was he.
“Show me the videos” I insisted “And we can fuck and watch them at the same time.
The cameraman opened the folder marked Vidz and clicked on the first file. The media player flashed across the screen as images of me dancing in the fetish outfit played on. Holding the cameraman’s cock in my right hand I slowly wanked his hard cock while we stared at the video on screen. The cameraman’s fingers stroked my bare pussy as a cock entered my pussy on the screen. My pussy was convulsing just watching the playback as I began to masturbate the cameraman’s cock more fervently. Lifting toward his cock, he slid his length into my cunt as I settled onto his lap. Slowly rotating my pussy on his cock we continued watching the screen antics. With my legs placed either side of the cameraman’s I opened them as wide as possible. My cuntlips hungrily swallowed his shaft and stretched over the hard flesh of his pulsating cock. Pushing my cunt onto his cock I could feel the soft pubes grazing my stretched lips. My cunt walls convulsed on his cock and gripped tightly on his throbbing flesh. Not moving our bodies my pussy clamped his twitching cock. Rotating my hips in a slow circular motion I began to sensually fuck him. His hands held my pussy open even further as his fingers softly caressed my exposed and stretched inner flesh. My juices flowed like never before as his cock nestled at the opening of my cervix. The pulsing of his hard against the opening of my cervix was delightful to say the least. I could feel my cervix opening and allowing his cock to invade awaiting the deposit of his seed. The head of his cock now nestled inside my cervix as my pussy walls gripped his cock. My hips rotated slightly as my pussy began to milk the come from his captive cock. Placing my PVC gloved hand on his balls I gently stroked the ever tightening orbs. His balls hardened as my tickling continued. He pulled my mouth to his and slid his tongue to meet mine. Twirling our tongues together I felt the first violent twitch from his cock inside my cunt as what felt like gallons of red hot liquid gushed from cock. Instantly a violent orgasm swept throughout my entire body as my pussy convulsed on his exploding cock. His cock had emptied his seed deep inside my cervix and it felt like his cock was pushing the seed deeper into my hole. The sensation was not only powerfully erotic it was also unbelievably emotional. As my orgasm wavered I could hear myself sobbing as tears ran down my cheeks. Cameraman slowly withdrew his spent cock as I climbed off him to lick the monster clean. Not a single drop of come was visible on his cock. Every spurt was still inside my cunt! Cameraman lifted me onto the sofa and placed my ass just off the edge. Taking his camera in hand he positioned my legs wide apart and instructed me to squeeze my pussy walls and he’d photo the cream pie. My pussy had never felt tighter as I squeezed my inner walls. The first thick globule began to run out of my pussy and trickle down my labia. More squeezing produced yet more come. The squeezing sensation provided me with not what could be described as an orgasm but a delightfully sexy sensation none the less. The smell of sex filled the air as the thick white come ran from my pussy lips collecting onto my stroking fingers. Bringing my fingers up to my mouth I took great delight in licking the white thick come from my fingers. Cameraman made sure he took as many photo’s as possible of me performing the obscene act. I played the porn model as cameraman encouraged me to go further. I scooped a small slither of come from my pussy lips and smeared the liquid around the rim of my ass. Sliding my cum drenched index slowly inside my ass I began to finger fuck my tightest hole. Removing my finger from my ass I brought the soakened finger to my opened lips. Flicking my tongue toward the digit I licked the ass come from my gloved hand. Fellating the PVC finger I placed my other hand at my pussy and pulled my lips wide open. A familiar feeling swept over my stretched pussylips as my plastic cock was plunged forcibly into my pussy. The shock of the invasion took my breath away. As the cameraman plunged the phallic toy in and out of my cunt. Raising my hips to meet each thrust I fucked the plastic cock as though I was impaled on hot throbbing real life cock. Cameraman turned the toy on full throttle as my pussy tingled in unison to the driving cock. I began riding the cock to delirious orgasm holding my pussylips wide open exposing my inner fucked flesh as the cameraman took what seemed like thousand of photos. Taking the cock from my pussy I placed the tip at the opening of my ass and slid down the length filling my ass to the brim, all the while holding my pussylips wide open.
Cameraman took more photos of this one act than he had taken of me collectively. I revelled in the slut like freedom. My ass gripped onto the cock as my stretched and exposed pussy convulsed with sexual desire. My widened pussy began pulsating like a flower opening and closing. Cameraman took the initiative and slid two fingers inside my opened pussy. His fingers hooked and headed for my G spot. The fingertips made contact with the soft spongy flesh instantly taking my sexual desire to another level as the knuckles grazed the thin pussy walls pushing against the plastic in my ass. Pressing his fingertips on the G spot I could feel the first gush build up. With one hand in my pussy and one on his camera he captured the gushing orgasm splendidly. I sobbed with sexual release as the orgasm never waned. Wave after wave of the most excruciating sexual pleasure wafted throughout my entire being as liquid burst from pussy. The unbearable pleasure closed my body down and I fainted from sexual exhaustion. Cameraman continued pleasuring my pussy, unaware that I’d fainted from sexual pleasure. As I began to come around I could feel the Cameraman’s tongue sliding across my exposed pussy and tantalising my clitoris. A small intense orgasm imploded in my clitoris as a rivulet of female orgasm slithered out of my pussy lips. Moving my pussy away from his attention, I could feel the heat and rawness internally and externally. Laying back and basquing in my sexual contentment, the Cameraman began taking post orgasmic photos. My hair was dishevelled and my make up smeared. Come was oozing from my pussy as my labia and clitoris pulsated from the sexual attention. My pierced nipples were proud and erect on top of my heaving bosom as sweat gathered in the creases of my cleavage. Still panting from my exertions, my lips were swollen and slightly parted. Running my tongue slowly across my teeth I stretched my arm over my head as my back arched. This pose sent cameraman wild. He insisted I open my legs wide in this position and expose my shaved pussy to the camera. Obeying his instructions he clicked what sounded like dozens of pics in this pose. Telling me to change my pose I turned over onto my knees, spreading them wide I arched my back thrusting my ass and exposed pussy upwards. Holding my breasts with my hands I turned my head to the camera and smiled as cameraman clicked another few dozen shots. Placing the plastic cock in my ass again he continued to shoot even more pics.
“I’ll need to take a break. You’ve fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before!”
I said to the cameraman as I slowly fucked the plastic cock in my ass. Taking this as his cue to place his semi erect cock into my mouth, cameraman slid his cock between my smudged lips and clicked away with the camera. Sucking his cock to full erection I swirled my tongue around his prominent glans, taking his whole length deep between my lips intermittently. I continued sucking his cock in this manner, very slowly and sensually. In no time at all I could feel the unmistakable twitching of orgasm throbbing through his cock. Gently massaging his balls he emptied his entire load down my wanton throat. Spurt after spurt of hot thick creamy white spunk slid down my throat as I allowed myself the pleasure of one last anal orgasm from the plastic cock. Swallowing the majority of the come a slither had trickled out of the side of my mouth and was resting on my chin. Cameraman continued clicking away with the camera as I licked his cock clean of sexual fluids. The cameraman placed the camera down beside us he scooped me toward him and held me close. We lay in each other’s arms until sl**p crept over us. Still wearing the sexy lingerie we spooned close together with his semi erect cock laying directly between my swollen pussylips, one hand on my exposed breasts and the holding my Waspie clad waist close to him. We would awaken in exactly this position only with his cock now almost fully erect slicing between my pussylips and finding its way up my cunt unaided. A slow almost minimalistic moving fuck would ensue, which provided the both of us with the opportunity to kiss and explore each other slowly. We must have fucked like this for almost an hour when his cock hardened even more and his thrusting became more urgent. Holding my waist he buried his deposit inside me.

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