Kinky night with the Doctor!

The outfits and stuff arrived today. Six huge boxes filled with erotic outfits, it was like Christmas day for perverts. The boxes contained the following:
Long Blonde Wig
Mid length Black wig
Black PVC Bed Boots
Black Rubber Stockings (2 pair with a spray to shine them)
Black Thigh Length Bed Boots
Red shiny PVC Waspie (He bought it without me knowing bless him)
Red shiny skin-tight PVC Catsuit
Black shiny skin-tight PVC Catsuit
Pink shiny PVC Suspender Belt with matching ½ cup bra
Pink shiny PVC Elbow Length Gloves
Black shiny PVC Elbow Length Gloves
Silver Platform strappy High Heeled Shoes
One dozen pairs of stockings, Fishnets and Glossy (all black)
One pair of nipple clamps (unaware he’d purchased these)
Leather Dog collar and leash (didn’t know he bought this either, very interesting)
A white PVC Nurses outfit (Which looks two sizes too small)
And needless to say a few Vibrators and a finger cover for anal intrusion.
I unpacked all of the goodies and arranged them on my bed, matching the outfits to the accessories. After touching the soft latex and PVC my pussy was bubbling like fine champagne. Picking up my mobile I texted the Doc and informed that the goods were here and did he want a fashion later this evening and should I invite the cameraman along to record the event and maybe take part? He replied instantly that he would be over at 8.00pm and that he hoped the cameraman would be there already! I then texted the cameraman and informed of the evenings arrangements if he was up for it. I never received a text reply as he phoned me immediately.
“Are you sure this guy is ok with this? I have no problem him being there when I photo you, but will he be ok with me fucking you?”
“Of course he’ll be ok. He’s desperate to see the outfits and is turned on by the fact that that you’ll both be fucking me. You can double penetrate me. It will be awesome with one cock fucking my pussy and one cock fucking my ass!”
“I hope he doesn’t get to greedy fucking your ass! I love to fuck your ass!”
“And I love you to fuck my ass, but my mouth and pussy need attention also!”
“Save all this filthy talk for tonight or you’ll have me coming!”
“Oh I’ll be talking extra filthy tonight with two cocks to lavish attention over!”
“Do you want a video as well as photographs tonight?”
“Bring everything and we’ll play it by ear”
Hanging up my phone I headed off to the bathroom to pamper myself in anticipation of the abundance of fucking that was sure to occur. Filling the bath with hot water and oil I placed a clean razor on the side of the bath to ensure that my pussy, legs and everywhere else that should be, would hair free and smooth. I was planning my itinerary for the evening. What to wear first, who to fuck first. What would be the best way of making the guys feel at ease with each other? If I was ready in the first outfit when they both arrived, I suppose that would break the sexual ice and put them both at ease. The cameraman could set his equipment up and I’d obviously fuck the Doc first and the cameraman could join in. Getting out of the bath I went to the kitchen and put four bottles of white wine on the shelf to chill. Returning to the bedroom I started to apply my makeup, much heavier and more slutty than usual. Tousling my hair I decided I’d go with the blonde wig first and selected my outfit to wear. It was coming up for 7.00pm and the guys would be here in an hour. I lightly rubbed baby oil all over my naked body allowing the oil to be absorbed by my skin, leaving a sexy glistening sheen. Next I picked up the Red Shiny PVC Waspie and fastened it as tight as it would go. Opening the shiny black wet look rubber stockings, I stretched them over my legs and pulled them up my thighs. I fastened the suspender straps of the Waspie to the top of the Rubber stockings. Taking the wet look spray, I lightly doused the stockings and Waspie with the mist and buffed the stockings shiny. Taking the platform shoes I fastened the ankle straps and was amazed at how tall I appeared. I could get fucked standing up I was so tall. A light spray of perfume and that was me ready to go. I placed the see through black robe over the top of my outfit and waited for my cocks to arrive. It was almost 8.00pm so I opened the first bottle of wine and poured out three glasses. Placing them on a tray I took them into the lounge waiting for my guest’s arrivals. 8.00pm on the dot the intercom sounded. The cameraman was the first to arrive. Letting him cross the threshold he gave me a light kiss complete with a tender pussy fondle and began to set his equipment up. The intercom buzzed again and I let the Doc enter the fray. Removing my robe and standing before my guests with only the Waspie and stockings preventing me being naked, I introduced both guys to each other. They shook hands amicably and began a little small talk. I sat on the high backed chair and informed the guys that I wasn’t here for small talk, just to be fucked! Taking control of the situation I informed the cameraman to set me up wherever he wanted to get some shots of me in my new outfit and that the Doc could fuck me anytime he was ready, and judging by the bulge in both guys’ jeans that was right here and now. The cameraman had me standing and bending over for a few shots then sitting on the arm of the sofa with my pussy on display. Handing me a vibrator he said
“Put that too good use!”
“Why not a real cock? There are two perfectly good ones here”
The cameraman looked over at the Doc and asked.
“Do you have any objections to being photographed?”
“As long as there are no face or head shots I suppose it will be ok!”
“No problem at all”
The Doc removed his clothing in record time. His already erect cock standing proudly, he began walking toward me on the sofa. I leant forward and kissed his cock delicately as I slid his length in my mouth. Cameraman started clicking away, closing in on my mouth, full of cock. Doc brushed the long hairs of the blonde wig away from face as I continued sucking cock lasciviously.
“Try for a sixty nine position” cameraman instructed.
Lying with my back along the length of the arm of the sofa, the Doc put his cock back into mouth. Holding my shaved pussylips open, he darted his tongue along the slit of my cunt then circled my clitoris. I came instantly. As my come slithered into the Docs mouth I looked at the camera with Docs cock in my mouth, I moved it to my lips and smiled at the camera.
“Fuck her in the pussy now” the cameraman ordered.
The Doc took to his new role like a natural. Standing between my opened legs he grabbed the base of his dick and slowly slid his cock into my hungry pussy. The cameraman clicked away, as the cock filled me to the brim, making me catch my breath when it reached my cervix. The Doc began to play with my breasts and tweak my pierced nipples. The cameraman stopped clicking and began to remove his clothes.
“You don’t mind do you?” he enquired. We both nodded to him to continue. Doc continued fucking me as cameraman picked up his equipment again and began clicking away.
“Set it up for auto and join in. Just make sure you get the come shots” said the Doc
“I want the come shots on my tits and face” I interjected.
Cameraman delved into his bag and placed the camera on a tripod and attached a long wire to the camera. I assume this was some sort of remote workings. The Doc happily fucking away at my pussy as the cameraman offered his cock to my hungry mouth. Taking his cock between my lips I sucked the length into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the glans and rolling my lips up and down the length. The camera kept clicking away as both guys positioned themselves in such a fashion that nothing impaired the cameras line of sight. Sucking the cameraman’s cock and being fucked by the Doc, I held my own breasts and began to massage them seductively. Riding back at the Doc I salivated all over the cameraman’s cock. I could feel the Docs finger slipping in my ass, sliding in and out of my tightest hole. My pussy juice was running out of my slit and meeting the Docs finger as he used it as a lubricant on my ass. Widening my ass with a second finger, I knew that he was about to invade my ass with his cock. If this was the plan I’d like a DP. Taking the cameraman’s cock out of my mouth I took control by instructing the cameraman to fuck my pussy and the Doc to fuck my ass. The cameraman sat on the sofa as I straddled his cock and lowered myself on the length. Arching my back, I invited the Doc to fuck my ass. Holding my spread ass cheeks, I could feel the heat of the Docs cock as he slowly plunged his cock inside my ass. The only sounds were my panting and the clicking of the camera. Both guys remained perfectly still to allow me to adjust to sensation of two cocks in my holes. Taking things in hand I began to slowly gyrate my hips and fuck both of the cocks. The heat inside my ass was sensational. I could feel both cocks almost touching through my thin anal walls. Both cocks were almost rubbing against each other as they sawed my holes in unison. Inevitably a powerful anal and pussy orgasm flooded through me as I began to scream profanities.
“Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Take my pussy!” I panted.
The sensations were too much and I knew that I would faint from sexual delight, but before this could occur a strange feeling swept over me. A multiple orgasm took hold of my being as both cocks plundered me. Tears began to roll down my cheeks, not from pain but from the almost spiritual sensation of being so full of cock. My orgasm never subsided but increased in momentum. Cameraman wiped the tears from my face and kissed me deeply. The Doc held my breasts and massaged my nipples delicately. The orgasms increased in their intensity and I fainted from passion. As quick as I passed out I regained consciousness, sobbing softly as cameraman nibbled my bottom softly as the Doc slowly fucked my ass.
“I want you to both come on my face” I instructed the guys.
Doc withdrew his cock slowly from my ass and began wanking his cock slowly. I lifted myself off the cameraman’s cock and lay beside him as he also slowly wanked his cock. Holding my shaved pussylips wide open, I exposed my inner tunnel to the guys as they now wanked frantically. Flicking my clitoris for effect I began to narrate to the guys that I wanted their come on my face. The camera still clicked away as both guys moved closer to my face. I tilted my head back, closing my eyes I opened my mouth as the first spurt of come splashed across my cheek. In perfect unison both guys came all over my face at exactly the same time. Some of the come hit inside my mouth which I licked and swallowed effortlessly. As both guys completed their eruptions I smeared the spunk all over my cheeks and licked my fingers clean. The only sound you could hear was the constant clicking of the camera.
“I’ll let you guys have a break now and I’ll get changed and ready for round two!”
Standing in the middle of the lounge I offered both guys a glass of wine and left the room to remove my outfit and freshen up. After a quick douche in the bathroom I entered the bedroom at the assortment of outfits laid out on the bed.
“Guys! Would you like to come through and pick the next outfit?”
Both guys entered the bedroom, looking at the array of outfits laid out.
“What about a photo session with black and the red catsuits, then the Nurses outfit with the pink set underneath and we can resume!” The Doc stated.
Cameraman added his input with.
“Have you still got your Pole for dancing? We could set that up and video you dancing in both outfits!”
“You guys set the pole up and I’ll put one of the suits on.”
Both guys totally naked went into the lounge to re-arrange the furniture and set the pole up.
I pulled on the skin-tight red Catsuit with no underwear beneath. My toenails were still painted scarlet red so I placed the platform high heels on my bare feet and tottered through to the lounge. The pole was set up in the centre of the room. The guys had arranged chairs either side of the pole for viewing. The video camera was on the tripod, positioned facing the pole. The camera was relayed back to my TV so the recorded image was visible on the screen. The doc moved over to my Hi-Fi and switched some dance music on. I seductively moved over to the pole and began my sexy pole dance. Unzipping the Catsuit to show just enough cleavage and breast, I began to twirl around the pole, opening my legs after every revolution, displaying a shiny red camel toe to the guys and the camera. Moving away from the pole I took it in turns to lap dance both guys. Unzipping myself further, allowing the guys to fondle my breasts as I lap danced for them. Standing up to go back on the pole my breasts spilled out of the Catsuit. I held my breasts up to my mouth and flicked my tongue over my erect pierced nipples. The material of the Catsuit, even though the zip was almost completely down, clung to my body, contouring every curve. I swayed my hips as I made my way to the floor. Kneeling down on all fours, the tightness of the Catsuit cut into my pussy, sending electric shocks directly to my clitoris. Arching my back I unzipped the back section of the Catsuit, slowly exposing my asshole and then my glossy shaved pussylips. Inviting the guys to fondle my pussy and ass, I splayed my legs wide with my ass high in the air. A finger poked its way into my ass while another set of fingers slid into my cunt and found my G spot. Grabbing a cushion from the sofa I buried my head into the cushion as the fingers worked their magic on me. Turning my head to the image on the screen I could see that the camera had zoomed in quite close, showing my pussy and ass being fingered in unison. Rocking my hips with the rhythm I could feel my orgasm approach. I begged the guys to keep finger fucking me and make me come. I knew this would sound delightful on playback of the video. The docs cock was quite close to my face, so I manoeuvred my mouth toward his cock and began to suck as my now multiple orgasm took me to another sexual plain. As my orgasms passed I said to the guys we should try the black Catsuit. Stopping the recording, both guys helped me undress and change into the black Catsuit. We repeated the performance with the black Catsuit in exactly the same way as the red one. The guys now had rock hard cocks and I needed to change into something a little more accessible. Stopping the recording again, both guys helped me undress and change into the Pink PVC underwear, a pair of glossy black seamed stockings with the tight nurses outfit on top.
The outfit was unbelievably tight but not restrictive in anyway. If I say so myself, my figure with all its curves looked sensational. I removed the long blonde wig and replaced it with the mid length black wig. Re-touching my make up, we all headed back to the lounge. Cameraman took a few photos to start with, me striking various poses, exposing more and more pussy and ass. The nurse’s outfit was so tight it was almost see through. The doc joined in by holding my breasts or stroking and fingering my ass and pussy. I rubbed his erect cock once or twice for the camera. I then placed the Doc on the sofa, removing the nurse’s outfit in a striptease fashion; I stood before him in the bright pink PVC half cup bra and Suspender belt. My shiny black seamed stockings glistening in the light with my ass, pussy and breasts on open display. The Doc was sitting upright on the sofa with his cock proudly jutting forward. Leaning over I held his cock in my hand and stroked it softly, ensuring my nails lightly sc****d the length. Grabbing his cock at the base I straddled his thighs and lowered my pussy over his cock. The camera clicked away wildly as I ensured that this movement was done as slowly as possible to make sure the camera caught every movement. As the cock impaled me, I encouraged cameraman to join us. He stood on my left as his cock waited for my lips to part and suck the glans. I parted my lips as his cock entered my mouth, positioning my face toward the camera so the lens would capture the slutty cock sucking. Salivating on the cock for effect, I swirled my tongue around the rim and the glans. Cupping his balls I licked down the shaft and took each testicle in turns into my mouth and rolled my tongue around the globes. The doc was fucking me in small short thrusts which my pussy was finding to be delightful. His hand on my butt cheeks, he held my ass wide open.
“Her ass needs fucking” said the Doc with a huge grin on his face.
I took the cock from my mouth and pressed my lips onto the doc’s mouth. His tongue slithered inside my mouth as he tasted the residue from the cock that had just been released. I felt a wet finger being inserted into my ass then being joined by another one. I pressed even harder on the doc’s mouth as he began to play with breasts. The two fingers inside my ass parted and opened up my asshole. The fingers were removed and I felt his hands hold my ass open till it was gaping. The camera clicked away furiously capturing my gaping ass. The cool air tickled my gaping ass when the familiar heat of a throbbing cock began to penetrate my ass. The ring of my ass stretched wonderfully over the cock, seemingly pulling the cock deeper and deeper into my ass. In seconds my ass and pussy were filled to the brim with delicious hot hard cock. Both guys fucked me in unison, as I just accepted the lengths of meat like a filthy porn star. The narrow strip of flesh between my ass and pussy was being stretched to the limit. I could feel every vein on both cocks as the fucked away at my ass and pussy. I began to come, which once it began showed no signs of wavering. Kissing the doc passionately I panted into his mouth as I came and came. The doc held my breasts as I leant back and placed my hands on the buttocks of the cameraman as he fucked my ass beautifully. The doc kissed me deeply as I felt the unmistakable twitches of a cock about to come. I said to both guys to cream pie me. Come in my pussy and my ass and we can photo the come dribbling out. This was too much for the doc as his cock violently erupted deep inside my pussy. Kissing him deeply as he emptied his seed deep into my womb, feeling every spurt and spasm as his spunk travelled inside my cunt. The cameraman was on the cusp also as his cock began twitching; he held my waist and fucked my ass frenziedly. As cock exploded inside my ass I could feel an orgasm kick in. I began to respond to his orgasming thrusts in search of my own. As his seed emptied into my ass my orgasm burst onto the scene and I fucked him back like ten dollar whore. His cock was subsiding as I continued coming on his flagging cock. As my orgasm ended his cock flopped out of ass, he held me up and guided me to the floor, encouraging me to open my legs wide. I lay on my side holding one leg high as the camera zoomed into my fucked ass and pussy, capturing the moment as both loads of come began to spill out of my ass and pussy.
The doc was sitting on the sofa with the most satisfied grin I’ve ever seen. The cameraman was too busy capturing the moment to assess how he was feeling. I knelt on all fours, my tits swaying freely as the last dollops of spunk fell out of my pussy and ass. Handing me a vibrator, the cameraman encouraged me to bring myself off one last time for the camera. Needing no further encouragement I plunged the vibrator into my pussy and thrust away as though my life depended on it. In no time at all my orgasm swept over as I asked the doc to fuck me with the vibrator whilst I played with my clitoris and tits. Once I’d orgasmed I took the vibrator from the doc and asked both guys if I needed to get changed into another outfit. The cameraman said he didn’t really have the time and could we finish this off some other time. The doc agreed, so I joined the doc on the sofa as the cameraman packed his equipment away, still naked I may add. The cameraman then dressed, kissed me softly on the lips stating that he would get a disc of the pics and video across to me in a few days. Shaking the docs hand he made his way out of the flat and left the building. Returning back to the lounge I was pleased to see the doc had mustered up a semi erect cock. I knelt in front of him and with my tongue and lips I coaxed his cock to full erection.
“Shall I stay the night?” said the Doc.
I just looked at him and smiled, got up off my knees, held his hands and guided him to the bedroom, where we spent the rest of evening slowly making soft sensual love, with me still in the pink underwear and stockings. I lay on the bed removing my shoes and opening my legs wide. He knelt between my legs and positioned his cock at the opening of my pussy. Bringing his body on top of mine, his cock slid inside me as I raised my legs and entwined them around his waist. He withdrew his cock almost to the tip then slowly slid it back deep inside me. This continued for what seemed like hours as countless orgasms swept over me. We locked lips exchanging saliva with our tongues the whole time. When he eventually emptied his seed deep inside me, we held each other close and drifted off to sl**p. When I awoke the following morning, we were still in the same position, holding each other and I was still dressed in the pink PVC underwear and stockings. He kissed me softly, unclasping the stockings and removing the underwear. He lifted me off the bed and carried me into the shower where we both soaped each and made love slowly once more. When we dried and left the bathroom, he dressed, kissed me softly and thanked me for a wonderful night, then left the flat and made his way home, promising to phone me later that day. This was a situation most unusual to me, but very pleasant nonetheless. We’ll see how the photos turn out and I’ll let you all know what occurs when we attend the fetish party.

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