Hotel Sex

One of the guys I’ve been fucking off and on for quite some time now contacted me the other day and enquired was I interested in spending the night in a hotel with him, Champagne, Strawberries the works with a few conditions thrown in. Intrigued as I was, I wanted to know what the conditions were. I’d be saying yes anyway as he is a fantastic fuck and very imaginative, and I’m sure the conditions would mean plenty of pleasure and an abundance of orgasms for me. He said we would be staying at this very exclusive designer hotel and would I bring and do the following:
Bring a long coat with long leather high heeled boots and wear my red quarter cup lace bra and thong.
Bring my new PVC Basque and mini skirt outfit with my high heeled strappy shoes. (I’d told him about them earlier in our conversation)
Bring my PVC Waspie with a black half cup bra and some sexy stockings and gloves.
Bring my cream and pink Basques.
And finally would I bring my suction cup life like vibrator.
He said he wanted to photograph me in these outfits and he would put the photos in an album and I could look over them during my old age and remember how sexy I was. I thought this was so erotic and yet so sweet. How could I object to that? I instantly agreed as long as we could have a romantic meal during the course of the night and that I would wear something tantalising under my dress. I assured him we would be playing footsie and other erotic games during the meal. He agreed and we arranged to meet and go to the Hotel in two days time. My pussy was buzzing with excitement at the thought of modelling all my erotic outfits for him and maybe being fucked in all of them. I decided there and then to pack my bag and ensure all the items requested were included and I’d be a little imaginative and add a few of my own ideas. As I went to take my bag out of the wardrobe I realised that my pussy was in need of a waxing and I wouldn’t be able to get it done for a week at least. Knowing how much he liked smooth pussylips I decided I better shave it all off tonight and repeat the process just before I left for the hotel so there would be no rash or stubble. I removed the bag from my wardrobe and placed it on the bed then went to the bathroom to run a nice hot bath especially for my pussy shave. The bath filling slowly I returned to my bedroom where I packed every article on the list and a couple of silk scarves just so he could tie me to the bed and do as he wished. I also packed a small bottle of baby oil and some anal oil as I’m sure it would be required during the stay in the hotel. Returning to the bathroom for my hot soak, I took my razor and some shaving cream and smoothed the white creamy foam all over my pussy mound. Letting the foam be absorbed I then took the razor slowly over my stubbled pussy. With each small downstroke a little bit of soft smooth flesh was revealed. As I reached my pussylips I gently held my pussy open and glided the razor over the intimate flesh. On completion of my depilation I ran warm water over my now hairless pussy mound. The look was astounding if I say so myself. I stood up and stepped out of the bath gently patting my pussy dry with a white fluffy towel. Opening a bottle of baby oil I applied a handful to my pussy and gently rubbed the oil into the shaved flesh. I caught my reflection in the mirror as my shaved pussy glistened with the erotic layer of baby oil. I decided that my breasts should be given a light coat of the shine inducing oil. Pouring a liberal amount between my breasts I massaged the liquid into my orbs till all the liquid had been absorbed. Casting my eyes over my body I was extremely pleased with the results and unashamedly proud of my firm large breasts and curvaceous figure. I wanted him to be here now and see me in all my splendour, but that would have to wait a couple of days.
As the day arrived for our hotel rendezvous I re-shaved my pussy and went through the same routine. I dressed in Black shiny seamed stockings, Black PVC Waspie, my new black high heeled strappy shoes, black skin-tight spandex dress, long black evening gloves with a full overdone face of make up to encourage the slut look. I placed my new long coat over my frame, picked up my bag of goodies and packed all my belongings into the car and headed off to meet him. As I arrived outside the hotel I dialled his mobile number as pre-arranged. He answered and told me the room number and to come straight up as he had the champagne on ice. I lifted my bag out of the boot and locked the car for the night. Entering the hotel lobby I made my way to the lift. Pressed the button and entered the lift heading to the room of sexual delights. Two guys were in the lift and couldn’t keep their eyes off me. If they knew what I was wearing underneath and what I was about to do they’d have probably fainted? The lift arrived on my floor and as I got out of the lift I gave both guys a wicked smile, and walked in the direction of the room. I knew both guys were staring as I swayed my hips provocatively along the corridor. As I approached the room, the door was slightly open. Rapping my fingers on the door I said was anybody there? He said to come right in and close the door. I stepped into the luxurious room and closed the door behind me. Placing my bag on the floor I walked into the main area of the room. The bed was enormous and the room was softly lit. The camera was already in position resting on a tripod and facing the bed. The champagne was indeed on ice as I poured myself a cool refreshing flute. He came out of the bathroom wearing only a bath towel. Moving toward me, he placed his hands around my waist and drew me close to him as his soft warm lips brushed against the thin layer of gloss coating my full lips. His tongue delicately flicked my lips creating tiny electric shocks. I nuzzled my pussy mound into his crotch to find his cock already erect. He removed my coat from my shoulders and let it slip to the floor. Rubbing his manly hands the entire length of my black tight dress he could feel the erotic underwear I was wearing beneath the skin-tight sheath. My gloved hands removed the towel from around his waist as his cock sprung forward and jutted against my stomach. Rubbing his erection on my skin-tight dress he slid his hands down my thighs and rolled my dress up my body. The dress slid past my stockings and revealed my bald glistening pussy. He smiled his crooked bad boy smile as he continued rolling the dress up my body. The dress passed over my PVC Waspie much to his delight. His eyes lit up at the narrowness of my waist in the restraining sexy garment. As the dress swept over my braless breasts he was pleased that I was wearing my nipple rings. My breasts bounded forward as the dress passed over them and released them from their bondage. Over my arms and head the dress now joined my coat on the floor of the hotel room. Standing before him in Waspie, Stockings, Long Gloves and High Heels he stepped back to drink in the sexual view. He gazed longingly at my cinched waist and pendulous breasts as his hand slid over the mound of my shaved slit. I couldn’t help but softly moan as his middle finger slid inside the crack of my pussy and exposed my clitoris from its hood. Electricity shot through my pussy as the first of many orgasms spread through my sex. Continuing with stroking my clit he lifted my right breast to his mouth and nibbled softly on my erect pierced nipple. His finger now wormed its way inside my pussy and grazed my soft fleshy G spot. Circling the G spot expertly he applied light pressure to the sensitive area. My hips were swaying in tempo with his circling finger as the sexual pressure intensified in my pussy. As my orgasm swept through my body my legs began to buckle and my body pushed down on his probing finger, adding pressure to the sensation. His finger rubbed my G spot intensely as my first gush of the day occurred. Warm sticky fluid burst from my pussy and sprayed up his arm. I rode against his hand till the fantastic sensation waned. Still bucking against his hand I held him close and kissed him passionately. Removing his finger he e****ted me over to the bed and placed me in a seated position on the edge of the colossal frame. Looking up at him I slid my gloved hands up his thighs and placed both on his hard cock. Moving slightly forward I kissed the tip of his cock maintaining eye contact throughout. Slipping my soft lips over the length I took his hard cock deep in my mouth. Rolling my tongue on the underside of his erection I moved my glossed lips up and down the length of his shaft. My teeth gently making contact with his hard throbbing flesh. Tousling my hair with his hands he began to stroke my neck softly. He knew every one of my erogenous zones and exploited them at every possible occasion thankfully. Removing his cock from my mouth, I lay further back on the ample bed. Open my legs like an inviting whore I ran my gloved fingers up and down my shaved slit.
“Aren’t you going to fuck me?” I said smiling at him as my fingers held open my shorn pussy. Grabbing the camera from the bedside he began shooting away like a glamour photographer on location. Entering into the spirit of the occasion I raised one leg in the air and continued stroking my pussy as he snapped away to his hearts content. Placing my free hand on my breast I began to massage my pierced nipples and lustfully licked my lips. The camera kept clicking away as I turned over on all fours and arched my back, thrusting my bare ass in to the air. My pendulous full breasts swung freely as I buried my head into the bed and held my pussylips open. The camera lens zoomed in on my exposed cunt and the eroticness of the situation encouraged my pussy to tingle with delightful sexual excitement as I could feel my wetness pouring over my exposed labia. Running my gloved hands along the suspender straps of my Waspie I asked him to pass the Vibrating cock from my bag and I’d give him some pictures to remember. Placing the camera down and walked over to my bag, unleashing the zip he began to rummage for the phallic object. Returning to the camera I could see the Plastic cock in his hand as he leant over me and kissed me gently. Taking the cock from his hand I returned to my position on all fours. Widening my legs as far as nature would allow. I ran the bulbous head of the plastic cock along the entire length of my bare pussy. The camera clicked away furiously as the cock slid slowly between my pussylips. Turning my head toward the camera I watched intently as I pushed the vibrating object deep inside my cunt. The pulsating sensations were driving my libido crazy with lustful desire. Smiling at him I moved my free hand onto my asshole and circled my tightest hole with gloved finger. Collecting some pussy juice from my dripping labia I smeared the natural lubricant around my ass. As the love juice was absorbed I placed my middle finger inside my ass as the vibrating cock was on the verge of bringing me off. Fucking my pussy with the plastic cock and one gloved finger fucking my ass, the camera continued to capture the moment. Standing at the edge of the bed, his erection was prominent as he took the photographs. I moved my head slightly forward and took his cock between my glossed lips. The camera pointed down at this image as I fed his cock into my hungry mouth and used my tongue lasciviously. The vibrating cock was now on high speed and was titillating my G spot severely. As his cock filtered its way to the back of my throat, my earth shattering orgasm surged through my body. Violently gyrating on the plastic cock, I sucked his engorged cock until I had to release it from sexed up mouth. My breathing intensified with the v******e of the orgasm. Panting ferociously I came as wave after wave of inscrutable pleasure swept over me. Not quite gushing but producing an enormous amount of love juice. The squelching sounds emanating from my pussy only heightened my pleasure. As the orgasm finally started to subside I continued to plunge the life like cock into my pussy. My friend however had other ideas. Removing the cock from my grasp he aimed it directly at my asshole and slowly inserted the vibrating object deep in to my ass. Before I had time to accommodate the sensations his own cock began nudging its way past my pussy lips, sliding his hardness into my dripping cunt. The heat from his cock and the vibrations stirring from the plastic cock in my ass sent yet another searing orgasm crescendoing through my body. As my orgasm peaked he was whispering wonderful filth into my ear. Telling me how much I loved cock and that there was never enough cock in the world to satiate my sexual appetite. With each deep plunge of his cock another string of profanities would be uttered from his soft lips into my ear, sending me further and further over the sexual edge. Thrusting back on to his cock the vibrations from the plastic cock in my ass never let my orgasm slip. Multiple orgasms pulsed through my pussy as he drove his hard cock deep into my wet quim. The head of his cock intermittingly banged at the opening of my cervix as it began to open to accept his hot seed. Pushing his cock deep inside my pussy I could feel the throbbing heat as he emptied his spunk splashing it all over the walls of my pussy as my cervix swallowed the creamy white fluid. As the last splurge of come left his cock he immediately withdrew his flagging length and picked up the camera to capture as many cream pie shots as he could manage. I could feel his thick spunk sliding out of my gaping pussy as the vibrating cock stayed intact in my ass. Rotating my hips to add to the sexual effect, I placed one gloved hand beneath my pussy and caught a large dollop of come as it slipped out of cunt. Looking directly at the camera lens I raised my spunk drenched hand to my lips, tilted my head back and let the sex fluid drip off my gloves and slide down my wanton throat. The camera clicked like never before as he captured every sexy drop of come snaking its way down my slut of a throat. With the cock still in my ass I lay on my back and gently stroked my opened pussylips, still staring at the camera, I asked what his next pleasure was. Placing the camera on the bedside table he walked over to my bag and began to rummage through exotic lingerie. Pushing my butt onto the bed the cock was now embedded in my ass. Sensational vibrations were whizzing through my ass driving me wild with desire. I was beginning to get impatient for more cock as my body movements helped stir the cock in my ass. Stroking my hungry pussy I asked him what the delay was. He turned to face me holding a huge black rubber cock in his hand. The large black soft rubber cock was a present from my blue movie excursion. The cameraman gave it to me to help me accommodate the huge black cock I fucked on that evening. It had completely slipped my mind that the huge black cock was still in my bag. The black cock must have been about 12 inches long but was very bendy and I must admit it did help me take the black guys length quite comfortably that evening. Smiling at me with the huge dildo in his hand he walked toward me on the bed. Smearing the black weapon with a liberal amount of baby oil, he removed the vibrating cock from my ass and replaced it with the black cock. Slowly the greasy pole slid inside my ass, and shockingly I have to admit the entire length slid in quite comfortably. My ass was stretched to its limit with the girth of the cock. The wonderful feeling of fullness eclipsed any discomfort at this point. Opening my legs wider he smeared more baby oil onto my shaved pussy as he slid the vibrating cock to the hilt in my cunt. The vibrating sensations reverberated through the thin layer of flesh between the walls of my ass and pussy. The huge black cock took on a life of its own as the vibrations quivered through my sex. Uncontrollably I began to rotate my pelvis as the two synthetic cocks fucked my holes. Panting furiously my orgasm developed. Now out of control I allowed the two cocks to fuck me and fill my sex with pure lust. Squeezing my pierced nipples as the objects invaded my holes I drifted in to the realms of multiple orgasms. I could not stop coming! Juices flowed from my pussy like never before. Burying my head into the duvet I sank my teeth into the soft downy quilt as wave after wave of sensational sexual arousal tortured my body. Spitting the quilt from my heavily made up lips I panted a flurry of sexual expletives before fainting and collapsing onto the duvet from sexual exhaustion.
When I came round from my sexual black out, he had removed both objects from my sex holes and was gently running his tongue over my incredibly wet labia, a sort of sexual kiss of life. The mind blowing orgasm had left my sexual organs on tenterhooks. Every nerve ending was electrically charged with sexual desire. Each flick and roll of his saliva coated tongue stimulated the pleasure zones. My breath quickening yet controlled. My hips involuntarily swayed to meet every twist and turn of his probing tongue. Holding my extremely sensitive labia apart he darted his tongue quickly in and out of my come drenched orifice. Bang! A stupendous array of sexual sensations filtered through my entire body. It felt as though I was one huge erogenous zone. With my head hanging over the edge of the bed, my mouth opened and the slowest deepest moan wafted from my vocal chords as the longest orgasm I have ever experienced nailed me to the bed. Uncontrollably I began to sob. Tears streaming down my cheeks as wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure encapsulated my entire being. As the sensation peaked he instinctively removed his tongue from pussy and watched rhythmic pulsations dancing through pussy lips. This effect continued for what seemed like ten minutes. My body began trembling softly with each tiny, erotic, electric shock. As my pleasure waned an insatiable desire surged through me. The amount of fluid I had released had me dangerously close to dehydration. I sipped a glass of champagne slowly replenishing my body fluids slowly and succinctly. Now that my fluids were restored I lay seductively on the bed as I witnessed a stirring from his now almost erect cock. Adopting my position I was thrusting my bust out and arching my back, my bust must have looked huge as it jutted out before me making my waist appear tiny. I smiled back at him as sexily as possible ensuring that my tongue glossed my lips regularly. Pulling him on top of me I kissed him deeply and passionately. My tongue slithering inside the cavity of his mouth as my breathing increased in tempo. Placing one hand on the bulbous tip of his penis I guided the erect cock to the opening of my pussy. With one gliding thrust his cock disappeared inside my burning cunt. As his cock filled my crevice I rotated my hips sheathing my pussy back and forth on his hot probing cock. My pussy was hyper-sensitive at this point. As his cock thrust inside I could feel every vein and pulsing movement. Each downward thrust pushed a little more sex fluid from my cervix and coated the hot flesh of his cock. His hands planted themselves on my heaving breasts. Holding my breasts and tweaking the pierced nipples, we locked mouths rather violently. His tongue wrestled inside my mouth, battling with my own squirming tongue as saliva and hot breath mingled in the passionate embrace. His cock fucked my pussy with a****listic thrusts as my hips banged into his as we fucked wildly. Squeezing my breasts with both hands his face twisted somewhere between violent and passion. Raising my legs around his back I placed my high heeled feet on his buttocks for purchase. Moving one of his hands from my breasts he slid his fingers between the suspender straps of my Waspie and ran them over my startled flesh. Raising my hips to every stroke I ran my gloved hands up and down his broad back. With locked mouths I could feel that both of us were going to reach our goal any second now. My orgasm hit me quite hard as I panted loudly “Fuck me! Fuck me!” He released my breast from his grip and with no warning inserted his finger deep in my ass. The shock of the intrusion f***ed me to rotate my hips provocatively to accommodate the finger comfortably. He obviously enjoyed the slut like movements as he continued thrusting his cock in my pussy as he emptied a plentiful amount of seed into my orgasming come drenched pussy. As he lay on top of me with his cock still inside me we held each other close and enjoyed the satiated feeling of sexual contentment. We both decided to have a sex free shower and then I would change into some of the other outfits and see if we could capture some of the sexual glow on camera. Stripping naked we both climbed into warm shower. Gently lathering each others bodies we kissed gently as warm water cascaded over our flesh. His hands softly cleansed my pussy lips and ass, as I repaid the compliment by softly stroking his foreskin over his glans as the water ran off our bodies. Turning the shower off, he wrapped a huge white fleecy towel around my body and gently rubbed the water from my body. Taking the baby oil in his hands he poured a liberal amount down my back then the same quantity down my front the oil snaked its way down body and ran down my legs. Blending the shiny liquid into my skin, he massaged the residual oil into my flesh till it was all absorbed. I walked into the bedroom as he began to dry himself with the huge towel. When he returned to the bedroom I was fastening the shiny black stockings to my red lace suspender belt. Slipping my feet into my Playboy high heels I smoothed the wrinkles from the stockings. Placing my arms inside the straps of the quarter cup red lace bra I turned my back to him and asked him to fasten the bra. Taking the clasps in his hands he fastened the bra on tightest setting. My breasts uplifted and rested on the thin lacy red cups. Turning to face him, he already had the camera in his hands. Pointing the lens at me I set off conducting a multitude of erotic poses in the standing and bending position. I then utilised a chair for a few selective poses before settling on the bed mimicking that I was being fucked. On all fours in the doggy position, on my side with legs apart and on my back with my legs akimbo with my mouth slightly open and wet lips glistening. Every few frames I would place a finger on my shaved slit bit never pushing my finger inside. When in the doggy position I placed a fingernail just inside my ass and stroked my slit while my half closed eyes looked directly at the camera. I suggested I change into another outfit, but he insisted on placing his cock in mouth at least whilst I was wearing this outfit. Happy to accommodate I slid my lips over his rampant cock and swirled my tongue around the sensitive glans. The camera clicked away as I sucked his cock like pro porn star. I relented with lust and asked him to fuck my ass. He positioned himself behind me as I lubricate my asshole with a small drop of baby oil. Sliding my own finger into my ass I could hear the camera clicking away so I put a bit of a show on. Dipping my finger deep into my ass I began to fuck my ass with my digit. I could feel his cock nudging against the back of my hand so I moved my fingers and felt his cock impale my ass. The camera never stopped clicking as he began to fuck my ass, gently at first then quite brutally. God I loved the feeling it was stirring up in me. I began to thrust back onto his cock quite f***efully as an anal orgasm spread through my sex. Removing his orgasming cock from my ass as spurts of hot come sprayed onto my butt cheeks and back. The camera continued clicking away as the creamy spunk slid down my butt and slithered into my gaping ass. Slipping a finger into my ass I pushed the semen into the sexual crevice. He continued with the erotic photo shoot as I rolled around the bed adopting as many poses as I could. Smiling at him I suggested a change of outfit. He asked would I wear the PVC mini skirt and Corset. I asked would he prefer the shoes or boots. Smiling he walked over to the wardrobe, opened the doors and bent to retrieve something. Returning to an upright position he turned toward me smiling and handed me a pair of thigh length high heeled black PVC boots. Stripping my lingerie from my body he helped fasten me into the unbelievably tight PVC corset. Pulling the tight micro mini over my thighs he positioned it over my butt cheeks and pulled the zip fully. The laces criss crossing the micro mini skirt looked devilishly horny. Turning to the mirror I could see the skirt just and I mean just covered my pussy lips. Helping me into the thigh length boots he took great delight in pulling the zip up my calves and locking it into position on my mid thigh. Looking at my reflection I began to squirm as the image was seriously horny. I stood with my legs slightly parted and about a quarter inch of bare pussylips was displayed. He positioned himself behind me and began shooting with the camera. Bending slightly and arching my back the skirt rode up my ass cheeks displaying my shaved pussy and recently fucked ass. I took control now and walked to my bag in my ridiculously high heeled boots. The camera was still clicking away. I rummaged through my bag till I found the vibrating suction based cock. Taking the cock over to the chair I licked the suction base and placed the cock dead centre on the chair. Kneeling before the cock I did a little slutty blowjob especially for the camera and to lubricate the imitation cock. Once the cock was coated with enough saliva I straddled the chair and slowly impaled my pussy onto the large vibrating cock. Inch by inch the cock slid into my cunt till my lips made contact with the base and my pussy was full to the brim with fake cock. The camera clicked incessantly throughout this capturing the entire erotic spectacle. Turning the power to full blast I rode the cock to a powerful orgasm, banging my G spot on the vibrating tip resulting in a wonderful gushing orgasm which he took great delight in capturing on film. As my orgasm waned I faced him and asked would he stick his cock in my ass. With the camera still in tow he positioned himself behind me and slid his wonderful cock slowly inside my ass. The vibrations from the cock reverberated on my pussy walls meeting every thrust of his cock in my ass. The exotic wonderful sensation sent both of us on the journey of no return. Considering how many times we both had come we reached our peak remarkably quickly. His seed surged from his cock and splashed the inner walls of my ass. My own orgasm sent my vaginal and anal walls into a rhythmic dance. My ass rippling with pleasure continued milking his cock dry of every drop of come. Unplugging his spent cock from my ass the vibrating cock continued to mesmerise me with unabandoned pleasure. Bucking against the plastic hard cock I steadied myself for another inevitable orgasm. Slamming down hard on the cock I remained still as the cock vibrated away inside my pussy surging a violent orgasm throughout my being. Panting uncontrollably I remained still as the cock brought me to a new level of ecstasy, kneeling directly in front of me he photographed the cock buried inside my pussy as my love juice flowed out of my pussy. A feeling of sexual contentment swept over me as I raised my pussy just enough to remove the cock. Turning the power off, I knelt in front of the cock again and licked all of the come of the plastic sex toy. Again the camera clicked and caught the moment as I performed on the cock. As I finished my performance we both agreed that we’d need a good rest before attempting anymore sexual activities. Removing my outfit we climbed into bed naked, the unmistakable smell of sex filled the room, holding each other close we drifted off into a deep, deep sl**p. When we awoke the following morning we both climbed into the shower, soaping each other tenderly. My pussy was raw and inflamed but extremely contented. My ass was still gaping from all of the previous night’s intrusions. His cock was a deep crimson red, a sure sign that some serious fucking had taken place. We dried each other tenderly, returned to the bedroom where I dressed and I paraded around in the pink Basque complete with stockings and he took dozens of photos of me in provocative poses. I then changed into the cream Basque with flesh coloured stockings. Shooting dozens of photos he had the bright idea of taking the last few of me wearing the Basque under the shower. Posing like a wet t-shirt contestant I ran through a variety of poses till we both decided that the shoot was over. Placing the camera back in the bedroom he rejoined me in the shower where we enjoyed a slow fuck still with me in my drenched undies. After coming inside me we soaped each other gently as he removed my erotic wet underwear. Slowly kissing each other we got out of the shower and towelled each other carefully. Both of us dressed and said our goodbyes until the next time. It turns out he filled a 4 gig memory card on the digital camera with images of that night and the following morning. Having not seen any of the images as yet, I am waiting in anticipation for when the completed album arrives. It should make a very exciting bedside table companion and will be a nice ice breaker for future new cocks when they enter my boudoir. With my porn movie and the photo album on display, if they don’t get their cocks hard to that lot they never will.......Then again the thought of fucking me should be enough on its own.......

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