Do gooders need fucking too!

Being the caring sharing individual that I am, I’d enrolled to volunteer my services to help with the re-painting of the local open air swimming pool. Its ok I’ve not gone soft, I just thought this might be the ideal opportunity to check out some hot half naked guys.
I went along to the meeting on the Thursday evening at which we’d be given our assignments to perform for the next three weekends. I turned up at the meeting dressed quite conservatively in a grey coloured business style suit (pencil style skirt and nipped waist jacket, high necked white crisp blouse, unusually for me, black tights and high heeled black court shoes) If I say so myself I could feel one or two eyes lingering a little longer than was normal. Returning the lingering looks I concentrated on one specific guy who looked quite athletic. Everyone took their seats in the community as the committee allotted the tasks to be performed. On completion of the distribution of tasks everyone was encouraged to mingle and socialise. My guy came toward me carrying two glasses of white wine. He introduced himself and informed me he had just moved into the area and thought this would be an excellent way of getting to know some of the locals. After a lot of general small talk he began slowly flirting with me, throwing out discrete compliments one of them commenting how refreshing it was to see a woman still making the effort and wearing high heels. I informed him that I wouldn’t leave the house wearing anything else and that I would feel unfeminine without my high heels. Laughingly he stated it wouldn’t really be appropriate footwear to help in the re-decorating of a swimming pool. Smiling I assured him that I would indeed be appropriately dressed but that would include my uniform high heels. Smiling he winked and said this he must see. The meeting was drawn to a close and it was agreed that we would all meet up at the pool on Saturday morning at 10.00 am. I told him I was looking forward to working alongside him as we both had been given the Changing rooms to decorate and would bring us a light lunch to enjoy during our break. He thanked me for the kind gesture and said he was looking forward to Saturday already.
When I returned to my flat I started to put my plan into action. I dug out an old baggy pair of dungarees, a tight yellow crop top t shirt and an old tight yellow see through wonderbra. Thinking deeply about my choice of further attire I decided the following would indeed be appropriate. I selected a tight black lace suspender belt I’d not worn in quite a while, some seamed fishnet stockings and accompanied them with a pair of black leather high heeled ankle boots. I placed the articles on top of my ottoman waiting to be worn on the Saturday morning. Saturday morning arrived and after my morning wake up shower I dressed in my chosen clothes and footwear. Rolling the legs of the dungarees up a couple of turns I looked very eighties in my selected attire. Finishing off my look with a cinching yellow PVC belt, I placed a bright yellow bandana over my skull and set off for the pool. True to form my knight in shining armour was waiting just outside the changing room for me. Tossing his head back slightly he let out a very sexy giggle.
“I didn’t think you’d wear high heels!”
“I’m a high heel girl, what can I say?”
“Well I find it charming and refreshing, and ever so sexy!”
Smiling at him I asked should we get started.
“Where’s lunch” he asked.
Shit I forgot our little picnic. Thinking on my feet I said
“I thought if we got this out of the way quickly we could go back to mine and I’ll cook you a light lunch!”
“Sounds like a great idea. Let’s get this finished then lunch at yours it is”
We blasted our way through the first coat, making general chit chat but getting more and more flirtier as the morning progressed. By the time the second coat was complete our flirting had reached the sexual innuendo stage. The committee chairman came into the changing room and told us that was it for the day. He looked around and said we’d finished that changing room well ahead of schedule and thanked us for the effort. If only he knew that all the effort was extremely sexually charged. Thanking the chairman for his compliments I turned to my workmate and told him he should come with me and we’ll get lunch at my flat. We walked the short distance to my flat, continuing our flirting all the way there. Eventually we arrived at my abode. Placing my key in the door we entered the lobby and made our way up the staircase. Putting my plan into operation, he walked behind me checking out my ass as we walked up the stairs. The taut suspender straps were visible through the material of the dungarees and the high heeled ankle boots had raised my ass into nice tight buns. He was obviously straining to view a pantyline, but he’d have a hard job to find one. Knowing full well he was staring at this, I feigned a stumble and he caught me by the waist as my breasts brushed his chest.
Holding me tightly he brushed his lips against mine. I responded by nibbling his lips with light pressure. As we were at different heights on the staircase, he pulled me tightly toward him. The only option for me was to wrap my legs around his back as he held me aloft. His hands held my buttocks and the suspender straps were confirmed. He asked me outright was I wearing stockings. Not responding I smiled knowingly and gave him my door key and pointed to the door. He opened the door and placed me on the floor in the lobby. Turning toward him I wrapped my arms his neck and kissed him deeply. His hands undid the clasps on my baggy dungarees and they fell to the floor in an instant. Standing before him in my yellow crop top, black seamed fishnets and tight suspender belt I stepped out of the dungarees and removed the crop top exposing my yellow wonderbra encased breasts. Placing my hands behind my back I undid the clasp on the bra and let my pendulous breasts free from their restraints. My pierced nipples were prominently standing out, my exposed bald pussy on full display. His own clothing removed in a flurry of activity as he finally stood before in all his naked glory. Either my body or the underwear was having the desired effect as his cock stood to full erection. He stood before me staring at my pierced nipples, my shaved pussy and erotic lingerie with my high heeled ankle boots. Like a k** in a sweet shop he didn’t know where to begin so I decided for him. I knelt down in front of him and fed his cock slowly into my mouth until his purple glans was closing the back of my throat. Staring into his eyes I sucked and kissed his engorged cock, slurping saliva all over his glorious dick. He nodded toward my bedroom, so I stood up from my cock sucking and led him into my bedroom holding his cock as I guided him to the bed. Pushing him back onto the duvet I straddled his cock and impaled his length deep inside my pussy. As his cock banged inside my cunt I began to thrust as though I hadn’t been fucked for months. Leaning toward him to kiss his lips, my breast brushed against the smooth flesh of chest. Raising his head off the bed to kiss me, he looked down to witness his cock being devoured by shaved pussy. My pussylips were kissing his cock like frantic teenagers in the back row of the cinema. Rotating my pelvis slowly to accentuate the vision, I rode his cock, feeling his foreskin sliding over his glans as my cunt clamped his cock in a vice like grip. Sliding down on his cock till his balls separated my ass cheeks; we locked mouths and frenziedly fucked each other. The short pubic hairs on his balls were tickling my ass hole delightfully. Riding his cock I increased the rhythm making my breath pant, forcing me to remove my lips from his. With my head resting on his neck I swirled my tongue inside his ear as my breathing increased in tempo. My orgasm was approaching fast and furiously now. Sensing this, he gently scratched his fingernail across my clitoris as my dam burst open and my orgasm poured out. Leaning back away from his body he continued teasing my clit as I thrashed on his cock. My orgasm wavering now, he placed his hands on the straps of my suspender belt as he steadied himself off the bed with his cock still impaling me. Lifting clear off the bed with my legs stockinged legs wrapped around his waist, we proceeded to enjoy a mid air fuck. My tongue was wriggling inside his salivating mouth. The squelching of our mouths and my cock filled pussy were all that could be heard. His hand were separating my ass cheeks as he turned me toward my mirrored wardrobes to get a clearer view of my exposed ass hole and his cock ploughing my pussy. My hands around his neck and my body fully supported I began to thrust my cunt gently but determinedly onto his hard pole. Removing my tongue from his mouth and leant my head back as my climax welled up and began to explode.
“Come in my mouth and let me taste your spunk” I panted.
Still thrusting deeply he said.
“Don’t swallow and we can exchange fluids orally”
Oh my god! The perversity of this request increased the intensity of my orgasm. Thrusting and thrashing on his hard cock I panted that he could do whatever he wanted.
As my orgasm subsided, he placed me on the bed and removed his cum soaked cock from my cunt and knelt before my face, wanking his cock furiously. Opening my mouth for the expected onslaught, I placed my lips delicately over the engorged purple tip of his throbbing cock. The first twitches of orgasm spurt f***efully out of his cock and hit the roof of my mouth. Without any further warning, dollop after dollop off hot sticky semen pumped inside my hot hungry mouth. He had stopped wanking his cock now so I placed my soft hands onto his dwindling member, gently stroking the last remnants of come into my willing mouth, all the while maintaining eye contact throughout. Smiling down on me, he lay back on the bed and I moved my head toward his. He kissed my come filled mouth tenderly as my spunk drenched tongue slid inside his mouth, mating with his own tongue. The spunk saliva combination passed between our mouths as we swirled our tongues exchanging the sticky fluids. Leaning over me his tongue delivered the sex fluids back into my own mouth which I gratefully swallowed. Continuing our perverse kiss, I placed my hand on his cock to give it sensual stroke only to find his cock fully erect and throbbing. Still kissing him I placed one leg over his body and positioned my cunt at the tip of his hard cock. With one thrust of his pelvis his cock was implanted deep in my pussy. The shockwave pulsed the entire cavern of my pussy and mini orgasm cascaded through my fucked sex. Sitting on his cock in the cowboy position I grabbed his hands and placed them on my tits. His fingers immediately went to work on my pierced nipples, tweaking and twisting them gently. Teasing my nipples to erectness I continued fucking his cock slowly and sensually, smiling at my lover as I maintained eye contact with him, ensuring he was aware that it was him and only him my cunt belonged to at this moment in time. Taking his hands of my breast he leant forward and replaced them with his soft lip. Nibbling my erect nipples gently, he then placed his hands on my ass. Slowly pulling my cheeks apart, he stroked my ass hole with his middle finger, circling the puckered ring gently, then slowly inserting the digit into my hole till the second knuckle had disappeared inside my ass hole. Placing my hand on the back of his neck, I lifted his head toward my mouth and before our lips met I whispered.
“My ass needs to be filled with cock!”
His cock twitched inside me and for a brief moment I thought I’d sent him over the edge. Fortunately it was only his cock growing with sexual excitement. Lifting me off his cock, he turned me onto my hands and knees as he made his way behind me. Teasing him further I arched my back pushing my breasts into the bed and lifting my ass high into the air. Parting my legs I placed both my hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart, exposing my cunt and ass hole giving him a choice of holes to fuck. He dipped three fingers into my pussy and scooped up as much of come juice as he could muster. Smearing the love juice on my ass hole, he inserted one then two fingers into my ass and lubricated the fuck hole in anticipation. I felt the heat of his cock at the opening of my ass hole. Spreading my cheeks as wide as I could, he slowly pushed the tip of his engorged cock into my ring. His cock stretched my ass hole wonderfully. The heat of his cock met with my own searing heat as he slowly plunged his cock balls deep into my ass. Still holding my ass cheeks, I thrust back and forth onto his delicious cock. His hands began to play with the straps of my suspenders as he slowly and sensually fucked my ass. I don’t normally orgasm when being fucked up the ass, but he was pushing all the right buttons and when his cock thrust inside me an orgasm began to develop. Moving my hands off my ass cheeks I moved one to my breasts to twist my nipples and the other I moved to my pussy. Furiously rubbing my clit I placed two fingers deep inside my pussy. Through the thin wall I could feel his cock thrusting in my ass. I pushed my fingers against the wall and felt the f***e of his cock as it fucked my arse into oblivion. The sensations sent me over the edge and my orgasm burst through its dam. My pussy juice squirted from my opening as his cock twitched deep inside my ass. Squirming my ass on his cock I scooped some of my squirt onto my fingers and lingeringly licked the come off my fingernails.
“Where do you want me to come?” he enquired panting.
“Deep in my ass then we can watch it trickle out!”
I had just finished the sentence when the throbbing of his cock increased and lashings of lovely hot spunk filled the inside of my ass. Spurt after spurt of hot semen left his cock and slid between the walls of my ass and his wonderful cock. Twitching and spurting I could feel every vein of his cock as it buried its seed. As his cock diminished, he let it slowly slip out of my ass. Kneeling I looked between my legs as trickles of spunk slid out of my just fucked asshole. The come gathered in a small pool on the duvet. As the last drop slithered out I turned to the gathered pool and licked every drop off the duvet. As I was licking the come off the duvet lover boy made his way behind me and thrust his tongue up my ass and cleaned it thoroughly. Swallowing all the come, I enjoyed the sensation of being queened just after he’d fucked my ass.
Laying back on the bed we held each other very close. Although the fucking had been unbelievably filthy, the manner in which it was performed was very sensual and strangely romantic. Gently kissing each other, the smell of sex filled the room. We lay on the bed softly kissing each other and gently caressing each others flesh. My pussy lips were slightly swollen and a little sensitive, which he observed and moved his head to my crotch and delicately kissed my pussy as though his was kissing my mouth. Tenderly brushing his lips over my raw fleshy pussy lips, he softly snaked his tongue around the peripheral of my cunthole and lapped at my pussy. The most gentle and tender of orgasms swept through my entire body, as he continued lapping gently at my pussy, swirling his tongue as it connected with every erogenous nerve. This orgasm was so intense yet romantically beautiful that for the first time in my life tears fell from eyes, as the orgasm overcame my emotions. Uncontrollably sobbing into my pillow, the orgasm reached a glorious crescendo as my pussy involuntarily squirted an enormous amount of female ejaculation. He lapped as much of the creamy fluid as was possible and the remainder spilled out on to his cheeks and chin. I pulled him up to my face and licked every last drop of my orgasm off his cheeks and chin as my hips voluntarily fucked away at fresh air, finally placing my tongue in his mouth, we kissed and held each other tightly. We pulled the duvet over ourselves and drifted off to a most contented sl**p. When I awoke a few hours later I found myself alone in the bed. A little note was on my bedside table.
Thanks for a wonderful day. We must do this again sometime. I’ve left my number on the back so call me and we’ll arrange a night out or a night in. Bye x
Placing his number in my mobile I thought I’d ring him in a week or so. It always best to keep them waiting a bit. It makes them work harder the next you fuck them.

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