Two in one day....not a bad idea!

I’ve been thinking about your suggestion of being fucked by two different cocks in one day and I do like the idea. Even though it’s very naughty and dirty, It gets me incredibly wet just thinking about it. Two different cocks and at least two different loads of spunk, I’m such a filthy whore at times, but I so love cock. I love it just as the cock enters me; I love the feeling of the hot throbbing hard flesh. I love to feel it going in and out of my holes, I love to feel the cock throbbing inside me as it unleashes hot sticky come in my pussy…Two cocks one after the other is almost as wicked as a threesome and is really getting my pussy buzzing with excitement….To make it even more naughty I’ve decided the second cock must have no idea that I’ve just been fucked and have fresh spunk swimming inside my cunt…I want to do two cocks in one day…we almost accomplished it once, that night I fucked the doctor and he came all over my face …remember…he had quite a big cock but he was incredibly selfish…though he did have a delightful kinky streak…he kept spanking my ass when he was fucking me…it wasn’t particularly brilliant, though it was a bit kinky and made my pussy tingle….my ass was still smarting when he sprayed his spunk all over my butt cheeks……
So what is it that you have in mind you cock hungry filthy fuck slut!!
Mmm I do like being called that… I like it when you say things like that to me….How about you coming to see me and helping me get ready for a raunchy night of fucking and sucking…..After you showering me and ensuring every orifice is clean and sparkling, you can then help me get ready in my new black PVC Waspie and tie it extra tight, fasten my black PVC ¼ cup bra and scooping my tits into position, attach my black shiny stockings to the suspenders on my Waspie smoothing the shiny flimsy black material over my long luscious legs. Then help me into my High Spiked Heels, holding me around my waist to check that I won’t be too tall in my fuck my shoes. I’ll not be wearing any knickers so my shaved pussy will be exposed but framed in shiny black. Maybe put a glossy sheen of baby oil on my exposed flesh. Rubbing it into my thighs, my breasts, my ass and my pussy…I know you’ll slip fingers into my pussy and ass as you massage the oil into me…Mmm I hope so….. Maybe even give me a little pre fuck orgasm to get my pussy nice and slippy.
Continue…it sounds very interesting so far.
I would then parade around the bedroom dressed like this with my tits, ass and pussy exposed…I would adopt a few gloriously slutty positions and you could take a few photos while I posed suggestively….Bending over, arching my back and opening my legs wide and displaying my sex…placing my hands on my buttocks and pulling my ass cheeks wide showing my tightest hole to the camera, maybe slipping a finger or two in my pussy and ass….I would then get on my knees, remove your cock from your pants and blow your cock to full stiffness, you could take a few pics of my mouth playing with your hard cock, swirling my tongue around your bell end…You could play with my tits and pussy as I sucked on your hard cock….I would then sit you down and straddle your cock…my stockinged clad legs and PVC lingerie rubbing against your naked flesh…holding the base of your cock, letting it slowly slide into my hot wet pussy as I kissed your mouth, ears and neck…leaning back slightly I would cup and caress your balls as I worked my pussy on your cock, gripping your hard cock with the walls of my cunt…My nipples would be in and out of your mouth continuously in this position…When you wanted to do the following you would only have to say….I would have the new cock vibrator stuck on the chair beside us…the big suction based cock would help me with my next fuck which would be with Tony’s huge cock….the Big cock vibrator would stretch my pussy to help me accommodate his massive length when I went to fuck him…. I would need to give it a few good sucks to help lubricate the phallic object. As I bent to suck the plastic cock you could finger my ass and pussy as I squirmed on your fingers sucking the imitation cock. I would then hold the middle of the suction cup vibrator on the chair opposite you and slide my fuck slut pussy over the plastic cock, …I would look deep into your eyes as the cock penetrated me slowly….letting you see my pussy lips stretching around the fat vibrating cock as inch by inch disappeared inside me…when the full length was buried in my fuck hole I would let out a deep sigh of contentment as my cunt filled with cock…smiling sexily at you as the entire length plunged into my hungry cunt…I would give the remote controls to you and let you decide how much pleasure the cock gave me…hoping that you would take my stretched pussy through all the available speeds…when the cock is embedded in my hole and my body is starting to tremble, I would let you take a few pics as long as you promise never to show them to anyone. The thought of you playing with your cock as you looked at the pics of me would throw me into orgasmic delight…I would gyrate my pussy up and down the throbbing cock receiving all the sensations it could give me….my exposed breasts would be swaying gently as the cock fucked me and brought me to my first orgasm of the day…When you have had the cock make me cum I would then take your cock in my mouth and suck your prick with my dirty whore mouth…the cock would still be sending raunchy sensations through my filthy slut cunt…my mouth and pussy, both full of cock would be sending my second orgasm on it’s way….this one would be noisy…I’d take your cock out of my mouth as my panting increased…I would be bucking against the vibrating cock in a sexual frenzy…taking as much pleasure as I could…The sexual energy would have me almost screaming as my orgasm shuddered through my pussy….As the last waves were pulsing through my cunt I would look you in the eye and ask you to fuck my ass while the vibrating cock fucked my pussy…Smearing some oil on my puckered asshole then placing your cock at my tight opening I would gasp as your cock would slowly inch it’s way up lubed ass…your balls would feel the vibrations of the cock externally and your cock would feel the tremors inside my ass being generated in my sopping cunt…sliding your hard cock in and out of my greased dirtbox, your come would be straining it’s way up your hard cock and you would take your cock out of my ass and spray your spunk all over my heavily made up face….I’d be squeezing my tits and almost ripping my nipples off…to make it even filthier, when the last spurt of spunk leaves your cock and splashes my face I would take your cock in my hand and place it in my mouth, licking and sucking all the sex fluids off your cock…..dirty…Fuck! I’m coming just at the thought of it….I’ll eventually release the vibrating cock from my pussy and lick all the pussy juice off, smearing the plastic cock all over my spunk drenched face and tits, then stuffing the come soaked plastic cock deep in my pussy so that your come is inside me when I go to get fucked for the second time…If you get hard again I would slowly place the vibrating cock inside my ass and let you slip your cock in my shaved pussy. This time you would feel the reverberations of the sex toy whilst inside my cunt, as I fucked wildly on your thrusting cock. Biting my nipples, you would come deep inside my pussy as your cock and the sex toy sent me wild with sexual desire. Your seed emptying deep in my cunt as my orgasm mixed fluids with yours. You could then help me clean up a bit getting all the dried spunk off my face while I re-touched my make up…still with the cock still inside my ass…I would rub some of your cum on my nipples and massage my tits with your spunk, so that when Tony fucks me a little bit of you is still on me and a lot of you is inside me…I won’t tell him and if he licks my nipples it will turn me on even more...this is something I know he will do as he loves my fleshy orbs…you could then hand me my long coat and help me put it on over the top of my sexy underwear as I slip the cock out of my ass and into my pussy…Standing I’ll let you work the sex toy to give me one more orgasm…..I’ll remove the sex toy and give the cock one last lingering lick and suck removing my juices from the large could give me a lift to my car fingering my pussy as my feet rested on your dashboard with my legs wide apart…I could slide the plastic cock in and out of my pussy as you drive, watching it hide deep in my cunt.. then I would place the vibrating end inside my ass as you fingered my gaping pussy...I may even try to slide the whole length up my ass and if I’m successful I’ll let Tony fuck my ass later…when you’ve parked your car next to mine I’d take the cock out of my ass and slip it into my pussy for one final orgasm then I’d take the cock out and lick it clean…god I’m a dirty bitch…. I would get of your car and stand next to mine as I opened my coat to reveal my sexed up body to you…. You could take a few pics of this incident, I would even run my fingers along my swollen slit as you took a few more pics…cupping my swollen orbs as they partially rested on the Black PVC ¼ Cup Bra…after a long lingering goodbye kiss I would then get into my car with my coat still open, my breasts exposed to anyone who could see into my car…I would drive alongside your car and let you see me almost naked driving along to Tony’s house to get my second portion of cock for the night…waving and blowing a sexy kiss at you as I turn into Tony’s street… I would park my car outside his front door and walk up the path to his house with my coat still slightly open, ring his doorbell and then go inside to be fucked by that huge cock.….I’ll drop my coat off in his hallway and he can lead me to anywhere in the house he wants to impale me on that huge cock…I’ll rub the length through his trousers on our way to his chosen destination, kissing him deeply, pawing at his massive cock and acting the slut… I’ll beg him to fuck me…to fuck me deep and hard…that I want to feel his huge cock slide it’s way up my ass…I’ll kneel on his stairs and hold my cheeks open, inviting him to spear my pussy with his cock….Foreplay wont be required as all my holes will be wet and gaping after the fucking you’ve just given me. He’ll rip his clothes off unveiling his monstrous length, then holding his cock at my cuntlips he’ll slide the b**st deep inside me…no foreplay, just straight forward fucking…ramming his length deep inside me till his entire length is inside my stretched cunt….Your spunk and my cum juice coating his b**st of a cock, tilting my hips back and forth I would control the speed of this fuck…encouraging him to fuck me hard…..then I’d surprise him by telling him to slide his cock in my ass…..all the lube from earlier and the stretching that took place would help as he eased his huge truncheon like cock inside my ass filling my tight hole like never before…fucking my ass with stinging, stretching pain….God I love sex when it’s this filthy…screaming for him to fill my hole and fuck my ass….as the first twitch of come ran up his cock I would remove it rapidly and place his cock straight in my filthy mouth, planting my pussy on his face at the same time….feeling his cock explode in my mouth as he licked my pussy to orgasm, holding my pussylips wide open as he lapped his tongue inside my stretched gaping cunt….as my orgasm rushed through me It would be intensified in the knowledge that he was licking the spunk out of my cunt that wasn’t his…..
Sucking and licking that monster cock happy in my second fucking… I’ll let him catch his breath then insist he fucks me again….I’ll email you later with all the details of how we fucked and sucked and what he thought of my outfit…..where he came, whether it was inside me or in my mouth and on my face…he’ll never know he’s kissing a face and mouth that has just been sucking a cock that’s been up my ass…..When I’ve finished fucking him I’ll have a quick shower and then I’ll get changed and drive home purring at the memory of how much cock I’ve sucked and fucked…I really am a dirty filthy cock slut….God I love to be fucked and used….what a whore….it’s wonderful…Do you think I should let him take some photos of me…..If I agree to that do you think I should let him video me sucking his cock and the two us fucking …would you like to see the pics and video?….if he takes some pics I’ll email them to you with the details of our fuck…I think I’ll have him take pics of my pussy and ass impaled on his huge throbbing cock…and I’ll definitely have some pics of his come all over my tits and face or wherever he decides to unload…if he does video us fucking I hope to get a video of him coming on me then we could watch it the next time we fucked….when we’re watching the video of me being fucked by that huge cock acting like a total slut, worshipping his cock as he fucked me anyway he wanted….I could put the Vibrating Cock in my Pussy and I’d be wearing everything I have on in the video and you could fuck my ass…Mmmmmm!! I want you inside me….I’m bubbling inside my pussy I’m so fucking horny… he does have a huge cock but it’s you that makes me cum…I’m going to have to go online and see if there is any fresh cock nearby that I haven’t fucked yet and see if they can pop round and slip me a length, my cunt is throbbing with desire and I’m so desperate to have a cock inside me..…If there’s no cock around maybe there’s some pussy that would like to be licked and fucked with the plastic dick…if not it looks like the plastic cock is getting a workout…if you were here now I would let you do anything…fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, come on my face…anything you so desired….my friend Liz wants to join us in a threesome….Liz is the Blonde one with the huge tits and long legs…she likes to wear leather and PVC when she’s being fucked so it could be a fun night of fucking….and she’s not in the least bit camera shy…..the last time Liz and I shared a cock the guy was fucking my pussy from behind and Liz was tonguing his balls and then slipping her tongue in his ass…She wouldn’t let him fuck her but she sucked his cock and tongued his ass…along with mine I might add…I was wearing black stockings, suspenders and High heels, Liz was wearing just a pair of black PVC thigh length boots….The guy was twanging away at my suspenders as he rammed his cock into me…when he came inside my cunt, Liz licked all of his cum out of my pussy then we swapped it with our tongues, on all fours facing each other as our tongues played with the sex fluid…the guy watching this got hard instantly, positioning himself behind me, he slipped his cock inside my ass as Liz and I were swapping his cum from mouth to mouth…his cock went in with no resistance as Liz had been licking my cunt and tonguing my ass earlier…she knelt beside him as he fucked my ass and slid her tongue in his mouth…her fingers were slopping in and out of her shaved pussy…I could hear her moaning even though her mouth was clamped on his…she placed her hand on my tilted pussy and started to finger fuck me in unison with the guy’s cock…Liz always brings me off when she does this…I could feel the guys cock twitching in my ass and I knew he was about to come…I released his cock from my ass and turned onto my back …Liz pulled my pussylips open and I invited him to spray his spunk on to my open pussy…every last spurt of hot cum hit my hot exposed cunt and he rubbed his semi erect cock up and down my opened slit…Liz moved him away from my pussy and placed her lips on my cuntlips…she kissed my pussy as though she was kissing my mouth…her tongue slipping in and out of my cunt as she French kissed my gaping hole…curling her tongue deep inside me she lapped the cum out of my raw pussy….as the last drop was sucked out she rolled her tongue onto my clit, flicking it gently, sending an orgasm straight through my cunt….he sat on the edge of the bed rubbing his soft cock as Liz and I licked and fingered each others pussies for about an hour…I have no idea how many times I came that night but the guy got hard again and I said I wouldn’t fuck him again…Liz the slut that she is said she would let him fuck her but only in the ass as she wanted to stay faithful to her boyfriend!! The guy slid his hard cock into her ass and fucked her ass really slowly….I watched as his cock slowly pushed into her ass and slowly withdrew….I must admit the view was extremely erotic watching my friend taking a cock up her ass…I locked my mouth on Liz’s when she started to pant rather loudly “Fuck my ass deep”…I knelt beside the guy and slid my tongue inside his mouth…he cupped my breasts and massaged them as he fucked away at Liz’s ass…I slid underneath her and lapped at her pussy , every now and again flicking my tongue on his balls….he informed us both that he was on the verge of coming and Liz said to leave his cock in her ass and spunk deep inside her….from my position I could see his balls tighten as his cum snaked inside her cock filled ass...Sticking a finger in his ass I slid it in and out in unison with his cock in Liz’s ass…He left his cock in her ass till it softened and slopped out….his come dribbled out of her ass and run down her pussy…she started to rub his come into her pussy but I thought it only good manners that I should lick his come off her cuntlips…lapping up the come I took a vibrator and plunged into Liz’s cunt and brought her off as I placed my come dripping tongue in her panting mouth…we sent him packing totally drained and spent the rest of the evening exploring each others bodies over and over again…he was by no means a great fuck but the evening was so erotic…..we’ve decided we’ll do something similar to you……and we’ll be dressed to kill that’s for sure…Stockings, Me in my High Heels, me in my PVC Waspie, my PVC ¼ Cup PVC Bra and Liz in her PVC Suspender Belt, PVC Plunge Bra, Long Gloves and Thigh Length Boots. ..One Brazilian Pussy and one totally shaved pussy…two huge breasted small waisted women kitted in exotic lingerie waiting to be fucked by you in any hole you desire….and we desire that you fuck every hole available…two highly sexed whores at your beck and call to do as you wish with them…would you like that…we’ve both agreed that you can take photos and videos of the fuck fest…hee hee!!!!

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21 days ago
"Two In One Day.....Not A Bad Idea!"

Let me make an enormus suggestion, in dozen words or less: Paragraphs!!! Paragraphs!!! Paragraphs!!! And, Paragraphs!!!