A night of great sex

To regale my next tale I have to take you back a few years. Way back before I ever did e****t work or starred in any porn film. Long before I ever indulged in gang bang activities or performing sexual acts in front of an audience.
It’s incredibly easy to partake in good sex. It’s just as easy to find great sex, but to encounter incredible sex, that only comes around once in a blue moon. Each individual will have their own interpretation on incredible sex. Some will put it down to size, body, looks and a multitude of other misguided conceptions. Well take it from me, to encounter incredible, mind blowing sex here are the ingredients. The man must possess the following qualities.
Imagination and inventiveness.
Strong sensitive hands.
Knowledge of a woman’s body and how it functions.
Last but by no means least, a sense of fun.
I’ve spent time with guys who would put horses to shame with the size of their cocks, but they thought they just had to turn up with the meat and that would be that. I’ve fucked male models with looks and bodies to die for, but it was always a fight over the mirror before, during and after sex. If my mind wanders from the task at hand then the sex is obviously not that remarkable.
Without a shadow of doubt the most incredible, remarkable unbelievable sex I ever had the good fortune to take part in happened with a guy in his mid forties. He had an incredibly sexy smile, thinning hairline which he kept shorn close. He used to train regularly but not so much these days, so his body was better than average but could do with toning. He was good looking in a bad boy, manly sort of way, and had an aura of confidence that put you at ease in his company. He had in the past been quite aggressive, but these days he didn’t feel the need to spill out testosterone. All these commodities together made you feel safe around him, that he would protect you and keep you from harm. His cock was just above average length, but a little thicker than most, plus he could fuck for hours on end, ensuring your satisfaction was top of the agenda. His sense of humour was amazing. He would find something funny in any conversation. He was unshockable. Some of the tales he regaled when in conversation I must admit brought colour to my cheeks once or twice. I first met him when I was having a cigarette break. I don’t usually smoke at work, but this was a particularly bad day and I needed to get away from my desk for a while. He was holding court as per usual in the smoke shelter, keeping everyone amused. The girl I went outside with for a cigarette introduced me to him. He smiled and instantly picked up my mood, encouraging me not to worry about circumstances and that everything balanced eventually, even quoting a few examples in a humoresque way. I tried not to be attracted to him, but he possessed a persona that somehow got past my defences. When he found out what my job was he informed me that his department needed some help in my chosen field and would I be available to assist. Instructing him that my function was to help and not hinder he said he’d email me with the details. True to his word when I returned to my desk, there was an email from him outlining the problems in his department. The email covered all the details but also in between paragraphs there would be a few funny lines and the inevitable innuendos. Not one to shirk a challenge, I replied with a few tongue in cheek statements with some of my own more obvious innuendos. The emails bounced back and forward like this for about a week, when I pushed the boat out and suggested he gave me his mobile as our emails were becoming too suggestive for work and we could get even dirtier by text. He obligingly gave me his mobile asking for mine in return. The texts far outweighed the emails in levels of smut. I decided to take things to the next level and told him that I would be all own that night with a bottle of wine and would more than likely be satisfying myself sexually. He responded by asking if he couldn’t help in that department could he at least watch. I gave him my address and told him he could indeed watch, but there was an interactive facility if he wished to take part. The texts for the next few hours were mind blowing. This was the greatest cerebral foreplay I’d ever experienced. The texts even covered articles of lingerie, positions, activities, preferences, toys almost anything sexual you can think of. By the time I was driving home from work my pussy was bubbling like a boiled kettle. It was impossible not to give my pussy lips and clit a few strokes on the way home, to help release some of my pent up sexual energy. On arriving at my flat I had a quick shower and chose a red see through bra with matching thong, a pair of high heeled mule type slippers with my silk dressing gown wrapped around me. I opened the wine and poured a very large glass. My throat was drying with anticipation. A few sips of the wine appeased my thirst, as I relaxed on the sofa as rhythmic music pulsed from the sound system. The timing was immaculate, as I stood from the sofa to refill my glass, the doorbell chimed. I pressed the intercom.
“Who is it?”
“The district r****t”
“Oh you’d better come in”.
I opened my door and heard his footsteps become increasingly close. He turned off the staircase, a bottle of wine in one hand, looking at me in my silk robe and high heels, smiling he said.
“You could have made an effort”
“Come in before you disturb my neighbours”
He walked into the hallway closing the door behind him, and followed me into the kitchen. Offering him a glass of wine, I refilled my glass and we walked toward the lounge. Halfway down the hall, he stopped me and placed his hand around my waist. Pulling my back to him he kissed my neck slowly nibbling my flesh delicately with his dazzling white teeth. His tongue slid between his teeth and gently caressed my earlobe. Shivers sprinted up and down my spine as I leant back into his body. Throwing my head back towards his, he kissed me gently on the lips, waiting to be invited to unleash his tongue. I explored his mouth with my tongue as his own snaked its way into mine. Unlocking our lips I deliberately bent over, grinding my pussy into his ever growing bulge. He walked me into the lounge as I gyrated on his cock. When we arrived in the lounge I placed both of our glasses on the coffee table, and made myself comfortable on the huge bean bag. Letting my robe fall open, my red lingerie was now on display. My pierced nipples pushing the thin red lace to its limits as my dampening pussy clung to the red lace second skin, outlining my lips and shaved mound. My legs slightly parted, I patted the bean bag and invited him to join me. Kicking off his shoes, he joined me on the huge bean bag, slipping a hand inside my robe, as his hand stroked my soft tanned flesh. Running his hand down my side, he glided his fingers gently across my taut stomach. My hips involuntarily moved with the rhythm of his wandering hand. His other hand gently held my head up as he kissed me sweetly at first, then increasing the passion to match the movement of his hand. Releasing my swollen breast from their red lace bondage, he massaged my pierced nipples between his thumb and fore finger, teasing them to erection. Placing one leg between mine, he guided his other hand, so slowly toward my mound. His hand began moving on its downward journey, grazing my breasts and stroking my flesh, all the way to its final destination. My body was burning with desire. The need to have him inside me was now uncontrollable. I wanted his cock and I wanted it now. As his hand final rested on my red lace thong, he skilfully swept the flimsy garment to one side as I felt the breeze of air waft against my pussylips. Avoiding my pussy he teased the surrounding area to such a scale that a delightful orgasm swept through my pussy, forcing me to unlock our lips as I panted the orgasm out of my body. He buried his head into my neck, nuzzling and nibbling the flesh. Whispering softly what he was about to do, as his breath stimulated every erogenous nerve in my neck and ears. His thumb began to apply pressure to my outer pussy lips as his index finger removed the hood of my clitoris. Now exposed, the rawness of my sexuality was seeking fulfilment. His index finger pressed gently ion my clit in small circular motions. My pussy lips opened of their own accord as my hips swayed gently on his inquisitive finger. His finger then entered my pussy and hooked itself straight onto my elusive g spot. Applying light pressure he rubbed the soft spongy flesh of my g spot as his thumb replicated the movement on my clitoris. It felt as though his finger and thumb were trying to meet. Whispering into my ear he encouraged me to reveal my inner fantasies. Bucking against his digits my oral description of I what of what I wanted and desired rolled from my mouth. My orgasm hit me fiercely, as my thrusting hips extracted every drop of pleasure from the situation. The pressure build up of sexual tension exploded, as my pussy convulsed with a flurry of female ejaculation.
Removing his finger and thumb he let the final waves of ecstasy course through my body, gently stroking my hips and stomach as my body trembled with sexual delight.
Leaning over me he kissed me gently, biting my lips softly as he expertly removed my thong. Kissing his way down to my breasts, he took a pierced nipple between his teeth and applied light pressure to my erect nipple, flicking his tongue across the aroused flesh. Continuing downward he grazed his teeth over my stomach and inner thighs. His tongue darted out and softly licked my inner thighs, working its way up to my outer pussy lips. His tongue kissed my pussylips as though he was kissing my mouth. Locking his lips on my pussy, he manipulated my pussylips with full blown kisses, opening my lips with kissing lips, he snaked his tongue inside my lips and delved as deep as he could into my pussy. My orgasm came from nowhere. My hips thrusting up to his face, as my pussy endeavoured to suck his tongue ever deeper into my pussy. Flicking his tongue inside my pussy, he began stimulating my cunt walls as my orgasm increased momentum. Placing his hand on my legs, he lifted them toward my chest then held them wide open as his tongue fucked me. The pleasure derived from this action, of his lips enticing my clitoris and pussy lips, as his tongue fucked my hole took me to a place I’d never been before and I passed out with total sexual abandon. His shoulders keeping my legs in place as his hands paid careful attention to my swollen breast, all the while his tongue fucking my cunt hole. When I came round, my whole body was one erogenous zone. The slightest touch was providing delightful mini orgasm, which built up to my first ever multiple orgasm. My breast being pawed and kneaded so expertly, my cunt receiving more attention than its ever known, added to the wondrous delight of my multiple orgasm as sensations swept through my body that I’d never experienced before. All this incredible sex had taken place and still his cock had not been inside me. As the final waves of ecstasy swept over my body I turned him on his back, releasing his cock from his trousers as he kicked them off. Holding his cock I smiled at him as I made my way to the purple glans, smiling and maintaining eye contact all the way. Placing my lips over the purple head I put my tongue to work on his erect cock. Gently massaging his balls, my hand at the base of his cock, I slowly wanked his cock whilst sucking the living daylights out of his engorged bell end. As I sucked his cock he relayed more fantasy talk, parting my legs I sent my spare hand to my cunt to entice myself as I sucked on his member. The talk, the sucking and the finger fucking my own cunt sent me wild. I took his cock from my mouth and insisted he fuck my cunt immediately. Lifting my head up towards his he kissed me softly, pacing his hands on my waist as he lifted me up on to his awaiting cock. Straddling the erect manhood, I positioned myself slowly onto its length, gyrating my hips to ascertain the best position. Filling my cunt to the brim with hot cock I began to fuck him as he paid lavish attention to my breast and nipples. Thrusting at his cock I could feel the twitching of his orgasm begin to build up.
“I want you to come on my face” I said as his cock pounded my pussy walls.
“Its on its way” He said throwing me onto my back as his cock surged toward my face.
Holding my breasts I opened my mouth awaiting the onslaught of hot white spunk. The first spurt hit me directly on my right cheek as I moved mouth toward the spurting cock. My lips just made it to the underside of his purple glans as the second spurt covered my left cheek and embedded into my hair. My tongue and lips gently rolled around his cock as spurt after spurt of cum gushed onto my lips and tongue. As the final spurt landed on my tongue I covered his cock with my lips and softly sucked the man fluid off his semi erect cock. He immediately moved his head down to my pussy and licked my cunt as I continued to perform on his semi erect cock. In our own version of the sixty nine position, he placed his hands on my ass cheeks and separated my ass whilst tonguing my cunt. His tongue unfurled from my cunt and snaked its way to my asshole. The shock of this sent me senses on full alert. His tongue wormed its way inside my tight puckered hole, sliding in and out magnificently. The unusually soothing itch of his tongue sent waves of pleasure through my body as his tongue sexually assaulted my ass.
The slight moans emanating from my throat brought new life into the cock in my mouth. His hardness growing until I could feel the throbbing veins of his proud erect cock. Running my tongue over the undulating surface, swirling it around the bl**d engorged cock. Placing two fingers in my cum drenched cunt, he began to finger fuck my pussy as his tongue fucked my ass. Taking his cock out of my mouth I placed my cheek on the flat of his stomach, slowly wanking his hard cock and flicking my tongue toward it intermittently. My heavy breathing and panting could not disguise the fact that an orgasm was surging through me. Screaming almost, telling him to tongue my ass, to fuck my pussy, to make my cunt come! He willingly obliged by poking his fingers onto my g spot and pushed his tongue deep into my ass, swirling it around inside the confines of my puckered ring. My cum spilled out onto his palm as his fingers brought me to erotic nirvana. Still trembling and thrusting he removed his tongue and fingers, positioning me on my hands and knees. His own knees separated my legs as I felt the searing heat of his hot cock plunge deep into my pussy. He thrust away majestically, his balls slapping at my clitoris. All the while, fucking my pussy and talking the most filthy sex talk. Begging him never to stop fucking me I dispersed a few choice phrases of my own. Placing my hands on my buttocks I spread my cunt and ass as wide as possible, giving him a marvellous view of my sex. I could feel my ass puckering with every thrust of his magnificent cock. Feeling his balls tighten I knew another hot load of spunk was forthcoming. Turning my head back toward him I enquired.
“Will you fuck my ass?”
His cock slid out my cunt and plunged into my ass in one fluid motion. His cock deeply inserted in my ass, I began to gyrate my hips seductively, maintaining eye contact with him.
“Fuck my ass; f***e your cock into my fuckhole!”
I kept repeating this phrase, while maintaining eye contact and tweaking my pierced nipples. He asked did I want him to cream my ass or did I want his cum elsewhere?
I told him I wanted his spunk anywhere he felt like leaving it.
It only took about three more deep thrusts before I felt the overwhelming heat of hot white spunk gush its way deep into my ass. Something triggered inside me and a warming surge of orgasm swept over my body. As our sexual peak subsided we still continued to thrust and gyrate until his cock inevitably slipped out of my ass hole. A trickle of spunk followed his departing cock, as a small pool gathered on the bean bag just below my ass hole. Laying down beside me, he cupped my breasts and delivered the most beautiful kiss on my lips. Placing his arms around my waist he drew me close to him and held me tight as my trembling at last began to diminish.
Snuggling against his chest, I began to cry uncontrollably. Holding me closer he stroked my hair, and then turning my head toward his face he kissed me passionately. We lay like this for what seemed like an eternity. Peeling ourselves apart, I smiled at him and thanked him. Something I’ve never ever done to a man before. I thanked him for the most intense incredible sex of my entire life. I knew he would have to leave soon, so I ensured that we agreed to repeat this performance as much as we possibly could. We’ve fucked each other countless times, in various locations and situations. He emails and texts me still to check on my sexual progress. He introduced me to the delights of light bondage, dressing for sex, Threesomes, bisexuality, dirty talk and teasing. And in case you were wondering it was him who unlocked my sexual libido and unleashed it on to the world.

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