Fucked in a Porno

All of my sexual escapades seem to start with the best intentions and before you know it they’re out of hand and I’m getting fucked by some stranger in every hole. This particular event occurred after I’d arranged a hot date with a guy on the internet. His photo and emails seemed very interesting and I decided to try him out. We were to meet in a pub for a few drinks and conversation, and then he’d take me dancing to a club. Almost a proper date I thought, so I decided to make a bit of an effort, but not too slutty. After a long hot shower I styled my hair and put just a little make up on, but you know me I had to lash the lipstick and lip-gloss on. Looking through my wardrobe I thought a nice black pencil skirt, my black Basque with shiny stockings, a black see through blouse over the top and my playboy high heels would give a sexy look but not appear too slutty. Once I’d finished dressing I was quite impressed with the look I’d chosen except my thong was digging a bit tight. I couldn’t sit all night with my thong searing its way into my pussy; it would effect my decision on whether he was turning me on or my thong was doing his job for him. Lifting my skirt up to my waist I looked at how much lace had entered my shaved pussy. A very good look for a bout of some slutty fucking, but not appropriate for a first date.
I slipped the thong off and straightened my skirt, suspenders and stockings. Something was missing from my intended look. I looked a little too much like a black widow, so I got old faithful out of the wardrobe and fastened my Red Belt around my waist. The belt was the finishing touch; it cinched my waist in deliciously showing my curves to full effect and added a little bit of colour to my sexy garb. My full ample bosom rested on the top edge of the Red Leather belt, almost advertising my proud jutting breasts. A quick twirl in the mirror I thought I’d achieved what I’d set out to do. I phoned the taxi company to come pick me up and wouldn’t you know it taxi boy was the designated driver. I climbed into the front seat alongside taxi boy who groaned “Phwoar” when I sat beside him. I leant across and gave him a little light kiss with just a hint of tongue. Checking my reflection in the rear view mirror, to my amazement my lip-gloss was still intact. I leant back in the seat thrusting my breasts forward. He asked where I was off to. I informed him that I was off on a date and I told him of the venues I was headed as my date had pre-arranged the whole evening. Chatting away on the journey to my date, he said if it didn’t work out to give him a call on his mobile and he’d make sure I got home safely. I placed my hand on his crotch, giving his stirring a cock a little squeeze I said
“Not too safely I hope!”
He dropped me at the entrance of my scheduled rendezvous. I gave him another light kiss and a prolonged rub of his now erect cock, smiled and said I may see him later. The guy I was supposed to meet was waiting at the corner of the bar. He turned and recognised me from my photograph. Smiling he gestured me over. He gave a polite kiss on the cheek and introduced himself. A bit of small talk followed as we sipped our drinks. He was a computer programmer (No chance of being fucked bandy I thought). We had a few more drinks in the bar and decided to go off to the club for a drink and a dance. The club was just around the corner and as we walked into the club the bass of the music pulsated straight to my pussy. I looked at I.T. boy and thought that nothing will happen with him. There was no sexual spark between us. The pounding music was turning me on more than he ever could. We got our drinks and found a discrete table. Hoping that he would at least make a move on me, I parted my legs slightly and ran my fingers up and down the long glass of my drink. Not even a little stirring or half hearted grope. I asked if he would like to dance, hoping that a bit of body closeness could trigger things off, but he said dancing was not really his thing. So I told him I was going to dance and he could join me if he wished. I got up from my chair and he rose from his. We approached the dance floor and began to dance. He was right dancing wasn’t his thing. I’d decided that I should make some excuse and leave. I nipped off to ladies to re-apply lipstick and lip-gloss, tidied my hair up and rang taxi boy and asked if he could pick me up in 10 minutes. Returning to the table I told I.T. boy that I would have to leave and gave him some feeble excuse. He said he’d email later in the week. Gulping my drink down, I kissed his cheek and rapidly exited the club. Taxi boy was on the other side of the road and flashed his lights at me. I walked across to him, my high heels clipping on the cobblestones as I made way to his cab. I opened the door and slid in next to him.
“How was the Hot Date?”
“Not so Hot! Why do you think I’m in your cab?”
“Is that an offer?”
“Course it’s an offer you dumb fuck!”
“Are we going back to your flat, because I may have a proposal for you?”
“I’m intrigued! What are you proposing?”
“Promise you won’t get offended”
“Do you think your proposal will offend me?”
“God I hope not!”
“Well aren’t’ you going to tell me?”
Nervously he plucked up the courage and blurted out.
“OK! One of the guys we pick up from time to time works in the porno business. One of the other cabbies told him about you and he was very interested in meeting you. The thing is he wants to put you in one of his pornos!”
“Me! Getting fucked on camera! By a total stranger! I’m not sure about this”
“No it doesn’t have be fucking. It could be striptease, playing with yourself, toys etc. He knows about your pole dancing and burlesque skills, plus the driver told him about all of us shaving your pussy in the office so he knows you’re not the shy retiring type. The choice is all yours but he wants to meet you”
“Mmm! When can we meet this guy?”
“I can call him now if you want and we can go round to his studio now if you like, it’s not too far from here”
“A real life stud with a porno cock. Lead the way”
“I’ll ring him and telling him we’re on our way”
He phoned the guy there and then and arranged to be at his studio in 15 minutes.
A little more conversation took place and the taxi boy hung up his phone.
“He’s just finishing off filming a couple of sex scenes, but we’re more than welcome to go round if you’re up for it.”
Taxi boy started his engine and off we went to visit with the porn baron. The throbbing of the taxi engine was playing havoc with my pantyless pussy. Rubbing my stockinged thighs together in harmony with the taxi’s engine kept my sexual longing at peak level. I stroked taxi boy’s cock all the way to the porn baron’s studio. We pulled into the walled drive of the porn baron’s studio. Taxi boy parked his cab at the front of the building. Switching his engine off, he turned to me and said. “If you don’t want to go through with this speak up now”
“You must be fucking joking. I’m so horny right now I could burst!”
The door into the studios was already open. We made our way through the small reception where the guy on the reception waved us through to a door marked with a huge star. We opened this door slowly and the sight before me almost had me coming immediately. In the middle of the room was a large bed with a woman covered in bay oil sucking a large black guy’s cock while a smaller white guy was pounding his cock into her arse. The woman was groaning heavily with sexual desire. The black gave a signal to the guy holding the video camera. The cameraman got close to the oral action as thick globules of the black mans spunk dribbled out of the woman’s mouth. She greedily licked all the come seeping out of her mouth and facing the camera began to swallow every last drop.
The guy fucking her ass exploded his come deep inside her asshole. The cameraman went to the rear of the girl and filmed the guy remove his cock and all the spunk as it seeped out of her just fucked ass. The woman scooped the ass spunk onto her finger and licked the come off as the cameraman filmed it all. Fuck was I horny now, I wanted to dive on the bed and lick her pussy. I wanted to suck the black guy back to full hardness. The lights for the camera being switched off brought me back to reality. The people that had just finished fucking all got up and went out the room. The cameraman came over to me and taxi boy. Extending his hand to shake mine he said.
“I’ve heard such a lot about you and what they’ve said about your face and body doesn’t do you justice”. Nice bit of flattery I thought.
“Thank you for being so kind. What was all that about?” ” I smiled back at him.
“Oh some guy we know likes to watch his wife get fucked and we video them so they make a few quid out of their deviant hobby”
“Nice work”
“So would you be interested in doing some video work? The choice is yours, you could make a lot of money doing soft-core, and striptease, masturbation etc or you could make a fortune doing hardcore. How hardcore again would be your choice!”
“To be honest both sound intriguing. I’m very interested in erotica and hardcore is something I have thought about.” Smiling at me he asked would I be prepared to do a few test shoots, some with me clothed and some in just my underwear. No naked or risqué at least until I felt ready to do it.
I said “Where do you want me to start then”.
The Porn baron and the guy from reception moved the large bed to one side and started to position lights all around the studio.
I placed my handbag on the makeshift dressing table; touching up my lipstick and make-up in the well lit mirror, a final application of lip-gloss then I turned to the porn baron and asked him where he wanted me. All of the lights he’d positioned came on and he gestured me stand in the centre of the room. Taxi boy took a seat at the dressing table, lit a cigarette and made him self comfortable. Porn Baron put on some nice sexy dance music and asked me to walk around the floor slowly till I felt comfortable in my surroundings. I walked back and forward a few times, my gossamer stockings sheathing together with every step I took. Noticing the appreciative glances porn baron was giving my body. I asked him if I should start taking a few things off.
“You’re not shy then. That’s a good sign. The camera likes what it sees and I have to agree with the camera”
The reception guy starting taking still photographs as I paraded around.
The porn baron directed the video camera at me and gave me the thumbs up.
Staring straight at the camera I unbuttoned the sleeves on my see through blouse.
Putting some of my burlesque and pole dancing skills to good use, I decided to show him a few erotic gyrations and twirls. Next I undid the remaining buttons down the front of blouse. Removing the blouse I asked if they liked my Basque and should I keep the Red Belt on. He told me to go with the flow. Do what I felt was right. I turned my back to the camera and unzipped my tight pencil skirt. I remembered at that moment that two days earlier 6 taxi drivers had all taken turns in shaving my pussy. I’d decided to forego panties that evening and now I was going to stand in front of perfect strangers while they filmed my bald pussy. What the hell I thought. Smoothing the pencil skirt down my shiny black stockinged thighs, I could hear the camera zoom into my exposed pussy region, getting an extreme close up of my ever dampening quim. As the skirt rested on the floor, I stepped out of the garment. I was now standing before the porn baron, wearing only my Basque, stockings, high heels and red belt. I did one of those gyrations strippers do on their way to the floor. I got down all fours, then kneeling I scooped my tits over the top of the Basque. The camera whirred in the direction of my pierced nipples. Lifting my breasts to my mouth I gave both nipples a naughty nibble as I began to slide my knees further apart. My pussy lips parted as my legs widened. The fleshy lips of my cunt exposed to the stranger and his invading camera. My pussylips now stretched open, my cunt bubbling with pre sex excitement. The sexual energy coursing through my veins could have lit a major city. The Porn baron asked me to run my hand slowly over my shaved pussy. Licking my made up lips I moved my head backward as my hand moved to my stretched pussy. Lightly rubbing my labia I sighed involuntarily as the sensation tickled its way up my love hole. Sliding my digit finger into my slit I began to masturbate in front of the camera. Rocking my hips back and forth onto my searching finger I could feel the orgasm begin its dance of sexual excitement in my cunt. Resting my fingertip on my throbbing clitoris I began making circular movements on my clit. My tits were thrust forward as my finger delightfully delivered my orgasm on camera. I smiled directly into the camera as I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked each and every finger clean. Porn baron turned off the camera, walked over to me still kneeling and asked did I want to continue filming with some cock action this time. I asked seductively “which cock do you have in mind?”
“Well I was thinking mine but again the choice is yours”
“Is that Black guy still up for it? You can join in if you wish, but who’ll work the camera?”
“My assistant will work the camera and I’m sure Winston will be ready to again right now.”
“OK. Go and bring him in and you get stripped and hard, because I’ve a pussy and ass that needs some cock attention!”
Porn baron and taxi boy lifted a sofa shaped like a high heeled shoe into the middle of the studio floor. Porn baron then moved a coffee table quite close to the sofa and placed some vibrators and dildos onto the table. Porn baron left the room and came back in with black Winston and a long haired guy who would act as the cameraman. I went over to give taxi boy a little kiss as Winston put some KY jelly on the table. He’d smeared a little KY onto his digit finger and walked over to me, gave me a kiss on the lips then said “Hi. I’m looking forward to working with you” Then he stood behind and smeared the KY all around my ass and slid his huge black finger knuckle deep into my asshole. God I’ve never been so unashamedly aroused. I was burning with desire to get him in my cunt and ass. I gave taxi boy one last kiss with finger still in my ass. I stepped off Winston’s finger and went to the other side of the studio to await my cue. Winston removed his shorts and the biggest cock I’ve ever clapped eyes on sprung from his pelvis. He grabbed some KY jelly and glossed the entire length of his enormous black cock. Porn baron then told us the gist of the storyline. I was to walk on set dressed as I was, while Winston would lie on the sofa. I would go over and kiss him then suck his cock for a while, emphasising the noise and slurps, then slowly slide down on his length. Porn baron would walk in a few minutes later, supposedly as a jealous husband catching me fucking a black lover, but then he’d have me suck his cock and fuck my ass as a means of punishment for my infidelity. The come shots needed to be decided now. Porn baron asked if I had a preference. I said Winston should come on my face and porn baron could cream pie my ass. Winston took up his position on the sofa and started to slide his hand up that huge black pole. I walked in on cue. Teetering over toward Winston in my playboy high heeled shoes, black Basque and gossamer stockings. I grabbed the base of Winston’s dick. My hand just managed to grab the girth of this monster cock. I licked from my upward till I reached the swollen head. Still licking the cock I planted little kisses on the helmet looking Winston in the eye all the while. He grinned back at me and placed his hand on the top of my hair, stroking my head gently. I opened my mouth and stretched my lips over the huge cock. Sliding as much as I could of Winston’s cock down my throat, I began to put my tongue to work. My legs were splayed quite wide and my open cunthole was beginning to drip pussy juice onto the floor. Something the cameraman had picked up as the camera was now behind me doing a close p of my exposed shaved pussy. While the cameraman was in that position I decided now would be the perfect time to slide on the black pole. Rising for the floor I straddled Winston’s cock and slowly impaled my pussy onto the black monster cock. Winston held my ass cheeks apart to help me accommodate his glorious length. As each glorious inch penetrated my cunt he held my cheeks a little further apart. I placed my mouth over his thick black lips and slid my tongue inside my black lover’s mouth. Winston’s hand cupped my huge breasts as his thumb and forefinger gently twisted my pierced nipples. All this time Winston never thrust his cock toward me. Instead he let me enjoy the size by twitching it pulsatingly inside my pussy, something the camera could not see. I lost count of the number of orgasms I experienced from this new sensation. Winston picking up on my multi orgasm approaching decided at that moment to thrust his big cock deep inside me. His helmet banged against my womb as the walls of my pussy rippled with orgasmic delight. Reaching down for his balls I rubbed them in my hand giving them a gentle as the moans erupted from my mouth. I was begging him to fuck me deep with that huge black cock. Porn baron took this as his cue to come in. He acted all angry that I was fucking a back dude and how could his wife be such a slut. I turned my face toward him and beckoned him over. Unzipping his jeans I unleashed another monster cock. Not as big as Winston but huge nonetheless. I swallowed his erect cock into my wanton mouth. Still gyrating on Winston’s pole I sucked the cock and let my tongue swirl around the head. The zoomed in close for this as my tongue swirled around the head of the giant cock. This continued for about 5 minute’s all the while porn baron calling me an unfaithful whore, dirty slut and other names of that ilk. Fuck did that turn me on; especially knowing it was all on camera. Porn baron pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me he was going to teach me a lesson. He stood behind me as Winston held my ass cheeks apart. My ass had already been lubed by Winston earlier so porn baron’s cock slid in with little ease. The unbelievable sensations of the two fat cocks fucking my pussy and ass sent me wild. I was screaming out that I was a filthy whore and should be fucked like one, that they should abuse my sex holes any way the wish. I grabbed my breasts and rode both cocks till my gushing orgasms squirted all over Winston’s black cock. They both took this as their cue to come. Winston as agreed lifted me off his cock and sitting in front of me sprayed my face and tits with what seemed like a gallon of hot white sticky spunk. I placed my mouth over the end of his cock to capture the last few spurts. Licking his cock as the porn baron twitched his cock inside my ass and delivered an equally good measure of hot man juice deep into my asshole. Bucking against the emptying cock I Scooped Winston’s come off my tits, I held my head back and let the come slide off my fingers and ooze down my willing throat, swallowing every drop of the black mans seed. Winston stood up from the sofa as did the porn baron, leaving me to kneel on the sofa legs akimbo as the spunk dribbled out of my ass. Next Winston and the porn baron got a vibrator each off the table and took turns in plunging the huge phallic shapes in and out of my ass and pussy. The number of orgasms this generated I have no idea. It felt like I’d passed out a few times at the intensity of the number of orgasms my body was trying to deal with. Totally satisfied like I’ve never been satisfied before, they removed the phallic intruders and each gave me a lingering kiss as they rubbed their fingers between my labia and dipped them in my cunt for one last time. The camera lights faded and only the main lights of the studio were burning. The cameraman said he was off to the editing suite to run this through and see what it looks like. Porn Baron gave me a glass of white wine as Winston tucked that huge cock back into his shorts said his goodbyes. Taxi boy joined me on the sofa saying I was without doubt the filthiest, dirtiest, horny sexy thing he’d ever seen. Porn baron said he’d been making these films for about 15 years now and that I was easily the best fuck ever to appear in his studio. He asked if I was interested in making a few more films. I said I’d wait and see what this one looked like before I made a decision. We all went through to the editing suite, me still in my underwear smelling of sex and watched the video we’d just shot. I have to admit I looked awesome being fucked on the screen and could feel stirrings of arousal all over again. I thought it only fair to let taxi boy empty his balls inside my ass while we watched the video and I enjoyed a couple of more orgasms. They downloaded a DVD of our movie and gave it to me as present. Taxi boy helped me get ready and took me to where I thought was home. Turned out to be the taxi office where the DVD was put on screen, my skirt and blouse were removed again and I sucked off the 5 drivers while they watched the movie, making sure I swallowed every drop. Well once a slut, always a slut!!!

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1 year ago
Outstanding story...got me hard and dripping.