Gangbang Slut

Gangbang Slut
I recall the time I invited some guys back to my flat. One of the guys a friend and I had a threesome with some time ago. He was in town on a night out with two of his friends and it was obvious he had been telling them how my friend and I fucked this guy into oblivion. These guys took me home and gangbanged me like the filthy slut I am. Here’s how it came about. I was on a night out acting my usual flirty slutty self with a bunch of people from where I work.. The crowd I was with were starting to disperse, I’d cockteased a few of the guys in the crowd earlier and had a few French kisses while the guys rubbed my tits and pussy through my clothing, though I did let one of them slip my thong to one side and dip a finger into my dripping cunt….cheeky bastard brought me off fingering my pussy while his thumb circled my clit…I held him close as I tongued his mouth so the rest of the pub couldn’t see my pussy getting some attention… I gave his cock a nice slow rub through his trousers and gave him a nice little kiss on the cheek for being a good boy…It was at this moment that I saw the guy from the threesome walk in with two other guys…I moved away from my crowd as they started to leave the pub…standing on my own I looked over toward the guy and his mates…he made eye contact and gestured me over toward him and his friends…I could see him talking to the guys as he looked at me…I knew he was telling them how he’d fucked my pussy and ass when we took part in a raunchy threesome…
when they clasped their eyes on me their eyeballs were almost out on stalks….I was dressed all sexily and slutty in my tight clingy black dress with my shiny red belt cinching my waist and making my tits look even bigger, strappy high heels and underneath I was wearing a Black see through bra which my pierced nipples were almost tearing, with a matching thong and fishnet hold ups…I made my way slowly trying to look as outrageously slutty as possible.. the guy who had fucked me came over and whistled, looking me up and down approvingly and then introduced his friends to me…They both kissed me on my cheek and I made sure my breasts grazed against their bodies as they did so…one of them was very good looking and the other was handsome in a rugged sort of way…turns out they’d all been to a stag night complete with strippers and the strippers were allegedly quite filthy…but it as luck would have it none of the girls had very big tits and all these guys were tit men…. The guy I had fucked with Liz, snaked his hand around my waist pulling me close to him, he whispered into my ear that both guys knew about the threesome we’d had but didn’t believe a word of it….He told me that the two guys had quite big cocks and were horny as fuck after watching the strippers and asked if I was up for sharing my pussy with three cocks…I smiled at him and moved my lips close to his…he parted his lips expecting a kiss but I flicked my tongue across his lips and turned to his friends….I leaned in close to both guys in turn and pressing my body close to them I whispered in each of their ears “I hear you both have a large cock and are feeling very horny….I stroked both their cocks over their trousers and must admit that I was quite impressed with the packages….I said to all three if they bought me a quick drink we could go back to theirs and have a little late night fun…we took our drinks to a table in the corner of the pub where we could have some privacy as the conversation got extremely filthy…They all took turns in trying to flatter me about how wonderful my sexy body was, how sexy I looked, how my figure was superior to the strippers they’d seen…I told them I did pole dancing classes and would give my special friends a little performance…I then told them how I was learning burlesque striptease and I’d mastered the art of nipple tassel twirling…one of them said with my tits that must be quite a sight…I leant toward him and brushed my lips against his, they parted slightly and gently probed his mouth with my tongue…breaking free I smiled at him and thanked him for the compliment telling him I may just give him a little display later…Under the table I could feel hands running up my stockinged thighs so I parted my legs slightly and let them explore even higher…It was the two new guys who were rubbing their fingers up and down my thighs….when they reached the tops of my stockings I opened my legs as wide as the chair would allow me….my thong was brushed aside as I felt different fingers begin to explore my fleshy pussy lips…the guy on my left smiled when he discovered my pussylips were hairless…He leant toward my ear and his hot breath whispered “Did you and your friend really fuck him”….I gave his cock a gentle squeeze, licking my smiling lips I whispered into his ear “Sure, and I’m going to fuck all three of you when we leave here” He smiled as I leant toward his friend and whispered would he like to me suck his cock…he asked was I for real…I just looked him in the eye smiling and gave his cock a gentle squeeze…they all started asking how far I was prepared to go and was I just teasing…I responded by saying they should wait and see and that they wouldn’t be disappointed…Standing up from the table, all eyes in the pub were on me as I straightened my dress over my lace top fishnets…I left the thong to one side as we all moved to leave the pub and go back to their place for a no strings fuck fest.…walking slowly out of the venue I had two guys with arms around my waist….I gave each of them a slow sexy kiss with a little tongue action in front of the whole pub as we finally walked out of the venue…on leaving the pub we hailed a cab, one of those London type cabs where all four of us could sit in the back…I climbed slowly in to the cab first as various hands slid my dress up my thighs till my ass was on display…I felt my stockinged thighs and ample breasts being stroked and caressed as I made my way to the back seat…I sat between the two new guys and placed my hands on their legs as one of them leant toward me and pressed his lips onto mine kissing me hungrily as his tongue discovered mine.., the other guy moved my dress up to my waist and slid his hand up my stockinged thigh as I eased my legs akimbo slowly for him to access my cunt, groaning as his friend tongued my burning lips….he moved my wispy thin black thong further to one side, stroking my already opening slit and started to ease two fingers inside my pussy… I shifted down the seat a little to accommodate his fingers, my dress up around my waist with my parted legs exposing my part shaved cunt as his fingers fucked my pussy, he hooked his fingers quite f***efully to my g spot and circled the target area…instantly the recognisable feelings of orgasm began to build up deep inside my pussy…the guy kissing me started to fondle my breasts and groaned with delight when he found my pierced nipples…knowing as I was turning them on and making their cocks hard filled me with a burning sexual desire…the other guy sat opposite watching as my breast were pawed and my fingered cunt was on display…the taxi sex scene really began to unfold….the guy kissing me scooped my tits out of my dress and bra, exposing them to my little audience…he started to flick his tongue around my pierced nipples…the other guy fingering me expertly, placed his mouth on mine and probed my mouth with his tongue….I unzipped both cocks and slowly wanked them to full erection…The guy kissing me placed his hand on my neck and guided my head down to his cock which I hungrily fed it into my heavily lipsticked mouth…I could hear a third zip opening as I concentrated on giving them a real show with my tongue and lips working the erect into a frenzy… He removed his fingers from my gaping cunt and the guy opposite slipped two digits back into my greedy pussy…sucking one cock I knelt on the back seat with my ass facing the guy opposite, one cock occupying my mouth as I stroked the other cock…I then knelt on the floor of the taxi splaying my legs as wide as I could...the guy opposite slipped a third finger inside my pussy, I could hear his breath quickening as he wanked his cock furiously….he freed his cock and placed his middle finger knuckle deep straight into my ass hole, fucking my ass with his fat finger….I writhed purring almost on his fingers as I sucked each cock in unison, my exposed nipples brushing against their knees as I bobbed between each cock…the two guys being sucked now had a breast each to play with…teasing and tweaking my ever hardening nipples as the other guy fingered my pussy and ass…. I continued to suck the two cocks in front of me and at one point I was trying to put both cocks in my mouth at the same time like the true porno slut I am….in between moving from cock to cock I looked up and said to the guys “Do you still think I’m teasing…I want all of your cocks inside me at the same….you lot can decide on who gets which hole or you can take turns”… The good looking guy asked “ Can we fuck your ass” I replied “Of course…I insist…your friends preparing it right now with his finger, but with the size of these cocks I may need two fingers to stretch it and some pussy juice for lube”…The guy opposite smeared my ass with scoops of pussy juice and slid three fingers into my tightly stretched ass…Feeling the intense pleasure from his triple digit insertion I said “Shall I leave my saucy underwear on, it will look even more slutty”….sucking two cocks and having my ass and pussy fingered the taxi and I’m telling them it would look more slutty!! We eventually arrived at the address…I was pleased that none of the guys had come yet, though I had came about three times in the taxi, a giveaway by the moans and groans I was making and the pussy juice running down the inside of my thigh…The guy opposite went to pay the taxi, but the driver wouldn’t take any money as he said he enjoyed the show in the rear view mirror…I said if he enjoyed the show maybe he should come in and enjoy the encore….the taxi driver was fucking gorgeous…He got out of his and moved me close to him…I gave him a big sloppy kiss as he locked his taxi doors…His free hand went straight to my pussy and three fingers penetrated my soaking wet cunt…Involuntarily I found myself bucking and fucking his inserted digits…Pressed against the doors of his cab, his fingers doing their magic on my cunt, I felt his fingers being removed and almost instantly replaced with his very large cock…he lifted my feet clean off the floor and I wrapped my stockinged thighs around his thrusting waist….
He was fucking me in the street outside the flat of the guys…I was so turned I have no way of explaining how gorgeously dirty and slutty this felt…locking mouths we fucked in an a****listic frenzy…. I decided that I wanted all cocks and not just one…so removing my legs from around his waist I placed my high heeled feet back on the ground…he unplugged his cock from my gaping pussy and we walked into the flat…well they carried me really…One guy either side of me, my tits still exposed and my dress up around my waist, my cunt on display as the two guys held me in the air, my legs f***ed wide apart …I have no idea who’s fingers were slipping in and out of my ass and pussy but it felt incredible…I was off the ground with legs held wide open…my cunt on display to the world when one them stood between my parted legs….the guys holding me lifted me higher and the guy between my legs began to lick my pussy, darting his tongue inside my soaked crevice…my head thrown back as the anonymous tongue worked my pussy, darting in and out of my dripping wet fuck hole…we were all still outside the flat as my orgasm burst over me…I made quite a lot of noise as my hips bucked in rhythm to his lapping tongue…anyone could have seen but I was past caring with lust at this stage…They thought it best we all get inside as I did make quite a commotion when I came panting and screaming as my cum covered the licking guys face…we eventually got inside the flat and the guys placed me on the sofa…dress up around my waist and my tits exposed I held one breast and stroked my love lips with my other hand, smiling at the guys as I threw my head back and opened my heavily made up lips, sighing gently as I stroked my cunt to orgasm…my body quivering with sexual desire as my orgasm sent ripples of delight through my entire body … The watching audience gave me a round of applause as one of the guys went to make some drinks…The taxi driver made his way over to me on the sofa….I was slamming my tongue down the taxi drivers throat as he finger fucked my pussy…on my knees leaning back I fucked his probing fingers, I so wanted all of their cocks inside me…I then heard the distinctive rhythms of pulsing sexy music…The taxi driver removed his fingers from sex hungry cunt and asked me to do a striptease for them….I said I’d do that no problem but they all had to get naked first…I sat sipping at my drink as all four guys removed their clothing and pulled up a dining chair each as they sat naked in a circle formation in the expansive lounge…four hard cocks pointing in my direction…all for me to play with…I asked if they wanted me naked or to leave a little underwear on as I knew it turned most guys on….They all agreed to leave the hold up fishnets and strappy high heels but the rest could be discarded…
I was looking around the room at the four erect cocks and I could sense my pussy opening like a flower in bloom…standing in front of them I undid the buckle on my red shiny belt and removed it from around my waist…my tits were still scooped out of my dress and bra… pierced nipples were hard and erect….I slid the dress down over my body letting it fall to the floor…I kicked the dress over to the other side of the room….my lacy see through thong was still pulled to one side exposing my neatly trimmed pussy….I hooked my thumbs into my thong and slid it down my thighs…keeping my legs straight I bent right over arching my back as my tits thrust proudly…sliding the thong all the way down my legs giving a couple of the guys a tremendous view of my wet pussy…throwing the discarded thong on top of my dress…I arched my back again and bent over showing my hairless pussylips to the two guys …my legs slightly parted I could feel my pussy lips parting letting them see inside my love tube….I stood up straight with my hands round my tiny waist…taking a final sip from glass I removed two ice cubes and put them to work….The first one I teased my already erect nipples and the second one I inserted into my pussy, grabbing the cold frozen water my cunt walls as it began to melt and trickle down my thighs…. I moved myself over to the sofa resting my knees on the edge of the seat…Placing my hands on the back of the sofa, arching my back, my breasts jutting forward and proudly, I turned my head back to ward the guys and asked them what they wanted me to do, and that anything they wanted was on the of them told me to place my hands on my ass cheeks and open my pussy as wide as it would go….I did as he asked, holding my cheeks wide apart as my love tunnel and asshole were on display to my audience…one the guys then instructed me to put some fingers in my cunt and to dip a finger in my ass….this I obeyed willingly, loving the disgusting feeling of totally displaying my sex to the guys…..taking the fingers from my pussy I licked all of my pussy drenched fingers, ensuring all the guys could see me doing this while my finger probed my ass… I then asked who wanted to unhook my bra…all the while staring at the taxi driver….he smiled back at me so I climbed from the sofa, my finger still circling the inside of asshole as I stepped toward him and straddled him in his chair….my open pussy was inches from the tip of his cock…I removed my finger from ass and I held my pussylips open as I guided myself onto his hard cock….slowly descending on his cock till his pubes were brushing against my unhooded clit…I started to gyrate my impaled pussy on his erection as his hands slipped up my back and expertly unclasped my see through bra… he handed it to one of the guys who placed it with my dress, thong and red belt…I was riding happily on his cock, kissing him deeply when one of the others stood at my side with his erect cock in his hand…turning my head I placed my open mouth over the helmet of the hard cock and put my tongue to work on the rim of his cock…The other guy stood on my opposite side so I took his hard cock in my hand and took turns in sucking each of the cocks before me….at this points I felt a cold greasy sensation on my ass as the last guy started to lubricate my ass…he was slowly circling my ass with his greased up finger eventually dipping the digit into my puckered ass…this continued for a couple of minutes which felt sensational…he removed his finger then the undeniable feeling of a hard cock started to enter my ass…Two cocks being sucked in unison, one cock in my pussy and now one fucking my ass...Totally full of cock I thrashed away enjoying the sexual frenzy rushing through my entire body….see sawing my body to the sexual charges…I didn’t want any one to come just yet as I was enjoying the experience of being a total cock loving fuck slut…an orgasm surged through my cunt walls forcing me to buck my body …as the final shudders of orgasm dispersed…I told them to all change positions….One of the guys standing, sat on the nearest chair as the guy behind took his cock out of my ass…I slid off the taxi drivers cock and told him to fuck my ass next…The guy sitting pulled me toward him as I straddled his thighs with my fishnet stocking clad legs….his cock slipped in my gaping hole with the minimum of ease…Taxi boy positioned himself behind me and fed his cock into my eager ass…..I continued sucking the other two cocks as taxi boy started to tweak my pierced nipples in rhythm with his ass fucking….I could feel the cock in my ass and pussy moving at separate rates and my orgasm started to gain momentum….The cock in my ass plunged really deep as I experienced my first anal orgasm…my first gangbang orgasm for that matter…they never let me subside my orgasm as they all just continued to fuck away at my mouth, pussy and ass…using my body for their sexual gratification…I was a total fuck slut to them to use abuse my sex holes as the pleased and I loved every minute of it…My orgasm just seemed to continue as the fucking persisted…My cum was running down the cock in my pussy when the weirdest sensation I have ever experienced occurred….The continuous orgasm and the two cocks fucking my ass and pussy triggered something that has never happened to me before…..I had my first ever gush….my cum juice squirted out of my pussy all up the stomach of the guy fucking my pussy…I fucked against the cocks in a frenzy…I had to stop sucking the cocks at this point as the sensations had my body trembling and my head spinning…my breath panting as the unending waves of pleasure continued…this was too much for the guy in my pussy as his spunk burst up the walls of cunt as his hot sticky mess flooded out my pussy…his cock depleting I instructed one of the other guys standing to take his place….taxi boy took his cock out of my ass to let the guy get seated but the spunk flew out of his cockend all over my back….he rubbed his cock juice into my skin as I straddled the new cock waiting to fuck me…..I moved my body as sluttily and sexily as was humanly possible… he paid great attention to my neglected tits….his hands reached round and spread my ass cheeks so the others could see his cock fucking my dirty whore pussy…my fucked ass hole was puckering to the viewing masses when a familiar sensation appeared at my asshole as the last cock slid it’s way right to the hilt inside my ass…both cocks took control and fucked me with total abandon…I was so full of cock being used by the rampant hard cocks…I was the ultimate slut…taking everything these cocks could throw at my ass and pussy…
The guy inside my pussy had his mouth locked on mine forcing his tongue deep into mouth…the guy fucking my ass was cupping my swollen orbs and tweaking my erect pierced nipples…Orgasm after orgasm swept through my body as I screamed obscenities to both guys to fuck my ass harder and to twist my clit and nipples…the guy fucking my pussy nipped my clit between his finger and thumb, then began to twist and turn my clit…this seemed to send both cocks over the edge as I felt two erect cocks twitching away inside me as the they both deposited their seed in both my fuck holes…I climbed off the cock in my pussy as the guy up my ass let his soft cock flop out of my ass…I smiled at al the guys and gave each of them a slow seductive thank you kiss…”well guys how do I get home?” I asked as I started to gather up my clothes….I put on my thong to catch the spunk dribbling out of my ass and pussy…didn’t want to waste that stuff….the Taxi driver said he would drop me off….I fastened my bra but scooped my tits out of the cups…my nipples were burning after the mauling they’d just had…I placed my dress over my head and smoothed it down over my well fucked body….Giving the guys one last tongue deep kiss I said my goodbyes and scooped my tits out of my dress as I walked to the taxi…..the driver held the door open for me as I stepped inside his taxi this time sitting in the front seat….he leant in and gave me a wonderfully soft sensual kiss…nibbling my lips gently and slightly probing my mouth with his soft tongue, his hands softly stroking my raw pierced nipples…. He climbed into his seat and I told him my address and off we went….on the journey to my flat I placed my high heeled feet on his dashboard and started to stroke my pussy gently through the flimsy thong….I could feel the swelling flesh of well fucked ass hole every time my fingers reached the lower region of my pussy…god I’d been well fucked…..I looked over at the taxi driver….I smiled at him and bold as brass said “Do you want to come in and fuck me in every hole” he said he could think of nothing better. I said as soon as we got in I would jump in the shower then join him in my bed to fuck him senseless….he said a shower was a good idea but he liked to see me in my stockings and heels….I told him that if he was a good boy and fucked me good I would put on a show for him he would never forget….He said he was looking forward to this but that he couldn’t stay the night as he was married….Excellent I told him I love no strings fucking….He pulled up outside my flat and we entered the building…climbing up the stairs he fingered my red raw ass and pussy…I showed him where to get a drink and where the bedroom was… I told him to pour me a glass of wine while I jumped in the shower and I’d join him in a minute…A quick despunk of my body with the shower and I lightly towelled my self dry…my PVC Waspie and quarter cup bra were on the bathroom floor so I trussed myself into them and pulled the fishnets back onto my legs…slipping my feet back into the strappy high heels I gave my mouth a quick rinse with mouthwash and re-applied my lipstick, a light spray of perfume and I was ready to be fucked again…stepping out of the bathroom I made my way to the bedroom…my high heels clip clopping across my hard wooden floors…he had turned the TV and DVD on….on the screen was the DVD of Winston fucking my ass….taxi boy was naked wanking his cock watching me on screen being totally stretched by Winston’s huge cock…he didn’t know it was me being fucked in the DVD as my face was not on screen yet…I walked over to taxi boy and impaled my pussy onto his erect cock and told him to fuck me while watching the sex on the screen…I could see Winston fucking me on screen in the mirror opposite…Looking in the mirror I could see taxi boy fucking me and Winston on screen fucking my ass…seeing some ass fucking on screen. taxi boy slipped his cock out of my pussy and slid it straight into my ass…my ass could take any cock at this stage of the proceedings….four cocks had already been through it this evening…..his hands began kneading my ass cheeks as his cock fucked my ass relentlessly…he was still transfixed glancing at the screen as I saw his eyes widen as he realised it was me being fucked on the screen….he fucked my ass with total abandonment now as he realised I was the biggest fuckslut he would ever fuck…
as Winston pulled his cock out of my ass and was now shooting streams of hot spunk all over my face and open mouth…taxi boys cock exploded instantaneously inside my ass at almost the same time as Winston on screen…I let his cock subside and fall from my ass as I gave him a lingering kiss and said I’ll now put on the show I promised...Standing up I moved across the and grabbed the suction cup vibrator and put it on the mirror of my wardrobe…easing my pussy back on to the plastic cock I started to talk as filthy as I’d ever done….I turned the sex toy on full speed and fucked myself to orgasm…taxi boy was spellbound as he saw the cock plunging into me in the mirror…my PVC underwear only enhancing my slut effect…taxi boy stood in front of me and began to twist my pierced nipples…I opened my lips and sank them on his stiffening cock…I asked him if the thought the show was good…wanking and sucking his now hard cock I could feel my next orgasm approaching…I continued describing everything to him in filthy detail to him when my orgasm violently kicked in….shuddering with sexual delight I told him I wanted to be fucked good and hard...when my orgasm had subsided I took the cock off the mirror and placed it on my chair…standing with my legs either side of the vibrating sex toy I began lowering my ass over the cock… I let the plastic vibrator fuck my ass in front of this total stranger…gyrating my ass on the vibrating cock I stared into taxi boys eyes and begged him to fuck me…taxi boy was ready to go again but looked extremely excited…he positioned himself so his cock could access my cunt while plastic cock fucked my ass…taxi boy grabbing my PVC Waspied waist slid his hard cock into my pussy….now fucking both cocks I guided taxi boys hands to my exposed tits…playing with my erect nipples taxi boy slipped his index finger over my enlarged clit…stroking it sensually he flicked me into another orgasm…taxi boy could only manage about ten more strokes as the vibrations from my ass where surging through my pussy sending wonderful sensation on both our sexual organs…He pulled his cock out of my pussy as a huge load of spunk flew toward my face…I opened my mouth and took his spurting cock in my lips as I managed to catch the last few splurges of spunk slid down my throat still bouncing my fucked ass on the vibrator… I kept his cock in my mouth as my tongue ran wild on his softening cock…..Taking his flaccid cock out my mouth I kissed him passionately still with vibrator throbbing away in my ass…My final orgasm of the evening was approaching as I asked taxi boy to give my pussy a few licks with his tongue while I came….his tongue made contact with my cunt lips as the first waves of orgasm surged through my pussy….I held my pussylips wide open as his tongued lapped at my clitoris and exposed fuckhole…the vibrator was ensuring that this orgasm would be intense….his tongue was now pressed onto my clitoris making tiny movements as my orgasm went into overdrive and for the second time in my life I gushed……my female spunk splattered his mouth and face as he hungrily swallowed all of the sex fluid….I fell forward onto the bed almost fainting with desire…the vibrator slid out of my ass on the way to the bed as my body trembled like I’ve never trembled before….Taxi boy left me quivering on the bed as he went into the bathroom to wash the cum off his hands and face….He didn’t need to wash his cock as I had licked it clean earlier…he came out of the bathroom and gave me lingering kiss as he played with my swollen breasts…”Don’t start what you can’t finish” I said. He gave me one last kiss and said his goodbyes….I’ve never paid for a taxi since that day as he told most of the fleet what happened that night…I must have had half of the taxi drivers in my pussy or up my ass…but never more than one at a time……though the thought has crossed my mind once or twice……

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i like
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perhaps i need to become a taxi driver
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Hot story!
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great story!
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Tht was hot!!!!!