Weekend Hooker for My Husband

Hubby would normally arrive home from the around 6.00pm. Why was his key turning the front door lock at 11.30am on a Thursday? Closing the door behind him, I could hear his footsteps all the way till he reached the kitchen. I was sitting at the breakfast bar, holding a half drank cup of coffee wearing only a silk robe.
"Glad I caught you!" he started. Sitting on the stool opposite he continued.
"We'll need to go round to your flat to pack a bag full of toys and outfits!"
"Why do we need to do that?" I enquired somewhat confused.
"Because you fucked Jeff so good that the contract has just been signed and one of the conditions was him fucking you all weekend in a London hotel!"
Hubby smiled at me with a trace of pride in his demeanour. I most certainly did fuck Jeff with wild abandon, so much so, that the deal was completed and now he wants my ass and pussy to do with as he wishes!
"Are you sure about this, as we'll have no contact with each other, until the weekend is over and I return to you, well and truly fucked!".
Hubby looked me directly in the eyes, holding my hands across the breakfast bar.
"You're dying to fuck him! I saw the effect his cock had on you. When you gushed I've never ever saw so much fluid come from one woman! You were besotted with his cock. I saw you sucking it and almost worshipping it!".
He was absolutely right. If I'd got Jeff's number I would have been calling him offering him free fuck sessions his cock was that good! My ass and pussy took almost two days to recover after the pounding his cock dished out. How would I cope with a full weekend? Just thinking of having him inside me had my pussy squelching. I swear that my pussy began to open and gape at the thought of his cock!
"How much do I charge for a full weekend with him?". I quizzed.
"The price has been taken care of. Transportation has been catered for also. He has a small Lear jet which will whisk you from the airport and take you to the city of london airport. There a limo will take you to a west end hotel where you will be at his beck and call for the weekend. Just think I should point out that he will be in the aircraft with you and he's asked that you be dressed up your lingerie that you wore the night he fucked you. No dress or clothes of any kind but you can wear a long coat to protect your modesty, until you board the aircraft that is!"
Fuck! My pussy was juicing ferociously at this point. This was like a dozen sexual fantasies rolled into one. Plus I'd get to join the mile high club!
"When do I set off?"
"The flight will lift at 2.00pm Friday. The return flight will arrive back here Sunday at 7.00pm. You enter the airport via the private flying club, so no one should see you leave or return. You won't be able to take your credit cards with you or he'll get to know your name, so I've put £2500 on one of those holiday visa cards and your new name is Lisa Hill. You'll need to get a taxi there and back as I can't risk him seeing me, and we know which taxi driver you'll be using!".
He was right again. One of my regular fucks was a taxi driver who would often take me to some of my many sexual outings. He like to hear what happened and quite often we would finish off the night by fucking the living daylights out of each other. I picked up my phone and arranged a pick time from taxi boy and confirmed a pick up time for my return. This would add an extra sparkle to the proceedings as I could tease the fuck out of taxi boy on the way there and on the return journey I'd be able to tell him all of my antics while he fucked me in his taxi then in my flat. Hubby would be able to see and hear the final bout so everyone's a winner!
"I'll drive over to the flat and start packing a filthy naughty bag of tricks! I'll also pack some lube as he had my ass and pussy torn to pieces with that huge cock of his! Will I need any dress clothes at all. I mean even he could go 72 hours of depraved fucking?".
"Pack something nice and I'll spring for a west end show!".
"Not so nice that I can't wear anything naughty underneath!". I suggested.
Picking up my car keys I set off to the flat to select a variety of outfits and prepare my requested travel outfit.
Instinctively I placed the outfit I fucked him in on the bed. The quarter cup bra, the suspender belt and evening gloves all in black wet look cire. The black nylon seamed stockings and the bondage strapped spiked heeled shoes. I decided to improvise my outfit this time by ensuring I changed my pierced nipple jewellery from small bars to nipple rings with a small dangling chain. I went over to the wardrobe and right at the back I rediscovered my long PVC mac. This was calf length and tied at the waist. My travel look would be complete. I imagined myself stepping on to the plane and undoing the belt of the PVC raincoat, revealing my outfit like some kinky flasher!
The articles would remain on the bed until they could adorn my body. I rummaged through my extensive collection and pieced together four outfits.
Black Waspie, quarter cup bra, fishnet stockings with playboy shoes. Outfit No 2 consisted of red basque, shiny black stockings and red ankle strap court shoes. Outfit No 3 was the white nurses outfit with white quarter cup bra, white suspender belt, white stockings, white gloves and a pair of Essex high heeled stilettos. No 3 outfit was the gold thigh length boots with matching gloves. I put the outfits into my bag then placed my make up bag and my toiletry bag into the overnight style case.
I noticed I'd not packed any knickers or thongs! It would seem that subconsciously I wanted my sexual openings on display and available to this beautiful creature of a cock. Just the thought of his cock got my pussy tingling again, reminding me that a waxing wouldn't be possible but I'd need a nice smooth shave before my flight.
I began to pack a non sexual bag of day clothes and I put in a couple of slinky Lycra dresses I could throw on if we decided to venture out of the hotel room. One dress was a blue skintight mini with a feint flowered pattern running through it. The second dress was a gold metallic looking minidress and this one was incredibly skintight. Definitely an underwear free zone if that was going to be worn.
I packed a couple of matching handbags, some jewellery, a couple of silk scarves, some perfume and a silky black robe. At this point my mind began to drift to our previous encounter. The man is very attractive with all the attributes a woman would look for, and the added bonus he had a huge hard cock, but to balance all of this he also possessed the highest level of arrogance that I've been exposed too! A lot of woman would be deterred from this but as my intention was not to enter into a deep meaningful relationship with him, I was actually aroused by his arrogance! Plus I had the wild card of playing the e****t to his role of the client. I could enjoy and endure all the deviant sex, receive an income from the agreement and remain detached as this was a professional business arrangement.
Now here I was parading around my love shack, daydreaming about being fucked whilst packing some bags to go and visit some cock hound. This must have been subconscious but I found myself placing my new leather look white Waspie along with white stockings into my fuck bag. When I placed the goods in the bag I turned around and there hanging right at the back was a black wet look body with a thong back. The body had zips across the nipples and a zip at the crotch. Now the intriguing thing was I'd never seen this outfit in my life. I can't recall buying it I and I can't place any of my victims bringing this along. When I lifted it off the rail, I discovered it had a separate white collar with attached bow tie al a bunny girl plus it had a set of long black shiny evening gloves. The body zipped at the front and in my opinion it looked extraordinarily sexy. I decided to try it on and see what the effect would be. Slipping out of my clothes I stood naked in front of the mirrored wardrobes as I stepped into the body. Pulling the garment over my thighs till it sat snugly covering my stubbly pussy. Placing my arms into the body I pulled the straps over my shoulder and began to pull the zip upwards. As the zip reached just below my tits I could see how the body was cinching my waist more than normal. The body was very high cut and the front gusset area just covered my pussy. The shiny wet look garment was stretched over my pussy emphasising the groove of my slit and cinching my waist. My breast were nestled inside the body perfectly as the soft wet look material hugged them into position. Leaving a little of the zip unfastened my cleavage spilled out of the body as though it was designed to do so. I looked at my reflection and decided to slip a pair of high heels on to see the full effect! With the shoes in place I inspected my reflection in detail. My legs look sleek, my butt looked taut, my waist was tinier than it had ever been and my breasts looked magnificent. Standing admiring myself my phone went off. Leaning across the bed to retrieve my phone I answered without checking who the caller was.
"So you approve of the outfit?". Hubby said. He'd been watching me on the CCTV.
"More to the point do you like the outfit and do you think Jeff will like the outfit?".
"Put the gloves on and pose around the room and on the bed!".
Placing the gloves over my hands I pulled them the full length of my arms. The gloves were clinging to my arms and hands. I would have swore blind that these had been made to measure. The fit was outstanding. Looking at my reflection I had to agree that the gloves did compliment the body most effectively. Placing my hands on my tiny waist I turned to the camera then picked up my phone."Does this look any good?". I teased.
As conceited as it may sound the vision reflecting back at me looked awesome. I arched my back and stuck my ass out which made my tits jutt out as I posed for my marital voyeur.
A few exaggerated poses round the bedroom, then I knelt on the bed and moved panther like into the centre. Posing on all fours I began to simulate the movements of being fucked from behind. Unzipping the body a little more I exposed my pierced nipples, cupped my breasts and lay on my back with my legs wide open. The shiny black material was now stretched so tight over my mound, my pussy lips were forming in the heat generated blackness. Picking up the phone I asked my voyeur what would he like next?
"Take your vibrator and plunge it deep inside your pussy!" whispered my voyeur.
Obeying his orders I unzipped the crotch area releasing my pussy to the elements. Taking the vibrator from the bedside drawer I slid the buzzing sex toy along my wet slit, rubbing up the entire length I then altered the angle and pushed the vibrator deep inside. This was incredibly exciting, lying here in the flat wearing a very sexy outfit masturbating to order to a remote sexual partner. This was a side to my hubby neither of us knew existed and I fucking loved it. Holding the vibrator in place, I moved my pelvis to thrust toward the vibrator as opposed to plunging the phallic object into my pussy.
I could hear his voice on the phone as my own moans grew more vocal as I approached orgasm.
"Fuck the cock! Fuck it faster!".
I willingly obeyed as my hips rotated at rapid speed creating a friction between the vibrator and the flesh of my pussy. My head tilted back slightly as my wet lips opened in unison as I throatily groaned. "I'm coming! Oh fuck I'm coming!".
I plunged the vibrator inward and upward as the vibrating tip stimulated the region of my G spot. My thrusting increased as my orgasm turned multi with the added visual bonus of gushing a healthy portion of pussy juice. Biting my lip I let the vibrator nestle inside my cunt as the ecstatic waves of sexual pleasure rippled through my entire being. Sexual electric shocks were pulsating at every erogenous nerve. As my mind and body were beginning to return to earth I could hear a distant voice on the phone. Concentrating on the audible voice of my voyeur the only sound emanating was him continually repeating the phrase. "Fucking wow!".
Removing the vibrator and climbing off the bed I picked the phone up. Placing it to my ear I asked.
"Did you like the show?"
"Fucking wow! Awesome!"
I took from that he approved.
"Do you think Jeff would like that outfit?". I enquired.
"That's the fucking reason I bought it!". Came his reply.
Peeling the outfit from my frame I looked at the camera as I smoothed my tits and pussy.
"I think he'll get a kick out of fucking me in that outfit!". I teased.
I placed the outfit in the bag blew a kiss to the camera and hung up the phone. I returned to my wardrobe and gathered a pair of spike heeled ankle boots with bondage locks and chains on the sides. Looking at the camera I mouthed "to go with the outfit".
I moved into the bathroom where I began to run a bath. Placing my razor and shaving foam on the side, I grabbed some essential oils and placed them next to the razor. Once the bath was ready I climbed in and rinsed water all over my body. Once my moody was accustomed to the temperature I sat on the edge of the bath. Shaking the can of foam I began to smear shaving over my mound and on my pussylips. There was only a fraction of stubble so a few gliding strokes of the razor should. Sort this out. Holding the razor firmly I gently glided the razor head over my mound and the carefully around my pussylips. Dipping a sponge into the bath water I squeezed the water over my newly shaved area. Running my fingers over the mound and circling the labia I found the region totally hairless and sexily smooth. Pouring a little soothing oil onto the newly shorn area I then slipped back into the bath. Legs and armpits were treated to the same action as the razor glided across my flesh. The hair free regions were then gently massaged with soothing oil. Giving my body one final rinse I stepped out of the bath and began to softly pat my body dry with a fleecy white towel. Placing a silk robe over my naked body I then moved into the lounge. Looking for a pack of cigarettes and lighter. Although I had cut down dramatically in recent months I did enjoy a post wank cigarette. Finding a packet of consulate, I took one slim cylinder from the pack, placing it between my lips, holding the the lighter to the tip I began to draw the menthol laced smoke deep into my lungs. Lounging on the sofa with my comforting cigarette, my robe fell open displaying my breasts and long legs. I knew that hubby had hid a CCTV somewhere in the lounge, so I decided to make my cigarette break a little more erotic. My free hand softly stroked my breasts and taut stomach. When my fingertips reached the mound of my pussy, I gently circled the flesh with my fingertips. Taking deliberate long drags on the cigarette, almost performing oral sex on the white menthol phallic substitute. I took it to a new level now, ensuring the robe had fell open displaying my naked body. Taking the cigarette down to my labia, I placed the filter tip inside my pussy lips and attempted to grasp the white cylinder with my wet pussy. Amazingly my pussy not only grasped it, but on doing so sucked enough air inside to inhale the cigarette. I removed the cigarette and pushed down on my pussy. A puff of smouldering smoke wafted from my pussy. Not believing what was happening, I repeated the cycle. Amazingly a bigger puff of smoke blew from my womanhood. Excited at my new found skill I decided to try and form a smoke ring as I thought this would blow my lovers minds. After three attempts I managed to create a perfect smoke ring. Replicating the manner in how I achieved it, I continued until I'd perfected the technique. Opening my legs to maximum width I Tilted my hips up slightly and placed the filter tip of the menthol cigarette just inside the lips of my pussy. Holding the cigarette, I clenched my pelvic floor muscles as the cigarette end glowed red. I could feel the cool menthol smoke wafting inside my pussy. Removing the cigarette from my pussy i help my self open and wIth a light push down on my abdominal muscles, the smoke ring blew cleanly from my vaginal lips. This was going to be my new party piece for many lovers. Smiling like a Cheshire cat my phone went off again.
"I got a right good close up of that! You should see how horny that is?".
"I'll see it when I get home". I replied.
"Do that for Jeff and he'll blow his mind!".
"I fully intend too!". I teased.
"Now that I'm aware of their presence are you going to tell me where the cameras are and I'll ensure all future fucking can be captured by the lenses!".
Hubby then explained where each camera was hidden and where every mike was located. I moved around the apartment introducing myself to each item of technology.
"I'm going to finish packing here then layout what I'm wearing for the flight on the bed. Do you want to come over tomorrow to help me get ready?"
Hubby's response was instant.
"Fuck yeah! I'd love to prepare you for his cock!" hubby replied quite nervous and excitedly.
"Then that's what we'll do!" I confirmed
I hung up the phone and finished my packing then left the apartment to head home to hubby.
We arranged that hubby would take me to the apartment for 10.00 am to help me prepare and make sure everything was packed and ready for the weekend ahead. That night I didn't allow hubby inside me, though I did let him come on my face before we drifted off to sl**p.
We enjoyed a light breakfast together and chatted nonchalantly.
I was a tad nervous in an excited sort of way at the weekend ahead. My loins were tingling with anticipation at the sexual activities that would be heading my way very shortly.
As we locked up the house and headed into the car I phoned ahead to book a cab with taxi boy. Taxi boy confirmed that he would be at my door for 12.45 which should leave ample time to get me to the airport. As I hung up the phone my new party trick jumped into my mind. Quite pleased with my new skill I thrilled at how this spectacle would please my lovers but for a better effect it would be even more impressive and erotic if it was performed in front of an audience of more than one. I'd concoct a plan in the future to achieve this, but for now my mind was focused on Jeff's cock and it's wondrous ways.
As we pulled into the car park for the apartment building, I stepped out of the car, opened the lobby doorway and made my way up to the apartment. Hubby locked up the car and followed me into the building. As I turned the key to unlock the door hubby turned the landing corner smiling at me.
As the door swung open I said
"I'll just jump in the shower. Can you make sure that my bag, make up bag and all the other stuff is packed". I stated as I dropped my coat on the floor and headed into the bathroom. Disrobing all of my clothes I turned the shower on and stepped in the glass cubicle. As the warm water cascaded over my tanned skin I applied a thin layer of shower gel and lathered up my body. Stepping back into the water flow I rinsed the soapy residue from my body. I took a step out of the flowing water and picked up the bottle baby oil. Pouring a copious amount into the palm of my right hand I began smoothing the thick shiny liquid all over my upper torso. A second palmful made its way across my buttocks and hairless mound. The third and fourth palmfuls ended up on my smooth sleek legs. Allowing the oil to be absorbed I then stepped back into the flow and rinsed the outer coating of baby oil from my skin. Turning the shower off I stood still for almost a minute whilst residual water rippled down my body leaving my skin soft and silky. The last remaining drops were captured by a huge fluffy towel patting my body softly. Stepping out of the shower I leaned over the bathroom sink to give my teeth a good brush followed by an intense bout of mouthwash. Totally naked I walked into the bedroom where hubby was waiting to help prepare me for Jeff's cock!
The baby oil had been fully absorbed now leaving a perfect glowing image to my skin.
Standing in front of the dressing mirror I began to apply my classy hooker make up. Having perfected this look many years previously, the application was not a long drawn out process. Finishing off the last touches of lip gloss I turned to hubby and said.
"Dress me to be fucked!".
The wet look suspender belt was lifted from the bed and placed around my waist. The belt was very tight but stretchy due to the soft man made fabric.
The black seamed stockings were smoothed over my legs and attached to the straps of the suspender belt.
My ankle strap bondage shoes were next to be placed onto my frame. Placing my foot between hubby's legs on the bed he strapped the shoes on.
Hubby stood up holding my quarter cup bra in front of me. Slipping my arms through the shoulder straps I turned my back to hubby as he fastened the clasps on the wet look garment. Turning round to face him, he adjusted my ample breasts so the nestled in the quarter cup bra perfectly.
I walked over to the dressing table hearing my spiked high heels clip across my hardwood floor. Standing in front of the dresser mirror I picked up the gold nipple rings with the one inch of dangling chain. Pulling my nipple upward I slipped the ring through the pierced hole and clasped the ring shut. After inserting both rings I looked at my reflection in the dresser mirror. The wet look lingerie and the nipple rings sexually enhanced my figure in a way I'd never noticed before. The high heels and lingerie ensemble empowered me and thrilled me. I placed the elbow length gloves over my arms and the reflection facing me was the one that would be receiving cock soon enough.
It was impossible not to notice my lack of panties and a decision was required.
"Should I wear panties or a thong?" I enquired.
"You'd only lose them in the affray!"
"Mmmm probably!"
"Besides you want that cock in you as soon as possible and panties will only get in the way!"
So the decision was made that I would travel to the airport and board the plane pantyless!
I hope there is no custom search or the custom guy is going to get one hell of an eye full.
Hubby held the long soft PVC coat open as I slid my arms into the mackintosh. Placing the coat over my shoulders I began to button the coat. The coat hugged my waistline and bust as I tied the belt round the waist. The overall effect was fantastic. The look was very French chic with just a hint of erotique.
Ensuring all bags were packed and waiting at the door, I lit a consulate cigarette and inhaled the cool menthol smoke deeply. Swirling the menthol fused smoke around my mouth I exhaled slowly checking my reflection once more.
The cigarette only enhanced the look. All that was missing it seemed was a beret!
Hubby gave me one long hug and said his goodbyes as taxi boy would be here any minute. As hubby's car left the car park, true to form taxi boy pulled into the very space he'd vacated. Taxi boy walked across the courtyard car park and pressed the intercom. I responded to his buzz by informing him to come straight up and help me with my bags. As taxi boy turned onto my landing I was locking the front door and placing the keys into my handbag. Pointing to the suitcase and small holdall I instructed taxi boy to place these in his cab. Taxi boy lifted the luggage then looked me up and down. Whistled approvingly and suggested that someone was a lucky bastard this weekend. Taxi boy placed the luggage in the boot of the cab then sat in the driver seat waiting for me to get in the vehicle. Placing my handbag on the floor I climbed into the front passenger seat and settled next to taxi boy. I twisted slightly to reach the safety belt and my PVC Mac parted open exposing my lingerie clad body to taxi boy.
Taxi boy gasped out loudly "Fucking hell!".
"It would make eternity interesting!". I smiled smoothing my coat over my almost naked frame.
"How the fuck am I supposed to drive with this hard on?". Taxi boy blurted.
"Keep it for me for Sunday night when you pick me up on Sunday at 7.00pm and I'll make it worth your while!".
"Same outfit?". He enquired.
Opening the top two buttons of the Mac I exposed the pierced nipple rings with dangling chains.
"Right down to the jewellery!". I replied.
The remainder of the journey was spent listening to Ibiza dance tracks as taxi boy stroked my shaved slit.
As we pulled into the private sector of the airport I instructed taxi boy to be as professional as possible, which was proving difficult to me as the continuous stroking of my shaved mound had me on the edge of what seemed a very explosive orgasm.
He pulled up directly outside the mini terminal building. Getting out of his seat he walked round to my door and held it open as I alighted from the cab. Closing the door behind me he opened the boot and retrieved my baggage. He then carried the bags inside the building and placed them on a trolley. He turned to face me and said he would be at the entrance on Sunday evening around 7.00pm. I thanked him and said I would see him then and he returned to his cab and drove off into the distance. The stewardess for the building instructed a man in overalls to place my luggage in the Cessna at hangar one. The guy lifted my baggage and asked me to follow him. We walked through a doorway straight into the hangar. The Plane was right at the doorway with the doorsteps in the open position. Seeing the aircraft for the first time and knowing I was to be fucked onboard pushed the sexual tension even further on my expectant orgasm. The baggage guy placed my luggage in the open hold then closed the door shut. He e****ted me to the staircase and watched as I ascended the stairs. I decided to put a little show on for him and swayed my hips provocatively up the five steps. I knew full well that my PVC coat was stretched over my body and the straps of my suspenders were protruding through the shiny black plastic with each step I took up the gangway. As I stooped to enter the aircraft the door was being closed behind me. The seats weren't as the usual aircraft type. These were like lounge sofas and sprawled over one of them was Jeff, barefooted wearing faded jeans and a crisp white T-shirt.
Walking toward him he said not too worry as he'd instructed the crew that the cabin was out of bounds to the crew until we landed in London. Smiling I stood before him and began to untie my belt. Once the belt was untied I began to unbutton my Mac slowly and deliberately. As the last button opened I slid the coat over my shoulders slowly revealing my lingerie clad body. Dropping the coat on the aircraft floor I bent slightly so the nipple rings swayed away from my body. Beckoning me toward him I slithered up to his knees and straddled his thighs. Running his hands up my silk clad thighs, he moved his thumbs toward my mound.
Manipulating the soft hairless flesh, his thumbs moved slowly toward my exposed clitoris.
Spreading my legs even further I moved my clitoris toward the thumbs. My opening rested on the knuckles of his fingers as I began to gyrate my his simulating the movements of fucking him. His thumb tips pressed either side of my clitoris and added pressure to the throbbing clitoris.
Placing my gloved hands on his blonde head I pulled his face upward and planted my lips over his mouth. My tongue instinctively sought out his and twirled around the saliva coated muscle. His cock was rock hard and straining against the denim prison. I took the opportunity to slide my pussylips over the strained denim and dry humped the throbbing granite hard denim clad erection.
He thrust his hips into my groin as the pilot announced that we were clear for take and he would talk to us when we were ready to land in London.
For a brief moment I'd forgotten we were on an aircraft and that I was about to join the mile high club. Unzipping his jeans and releasing his cock from its prison I knelt before him and worshipped his cock with my tongue and lips. As I swirled the hard cock round my mouth I replicated the movement with my hips. My ass gyrated rhythmically as I sucked the fabulous cock, holding the balls gently in my hand as the aircraft surged up the runway and took off into air. My mouth was now an official member of the mile high club all that was missing was for my pussy and ass to get their membership approved. I climbed onto his erect cock, straddling his thighs as the aircraft levelled out for the main part of the flight. His cock slipped in my tight hole as I lowered myself onto the throbbing weapon. Involuntarily I began to thrash about wildly on his rampant pole like a new caught fish. The walls of my pussy were gripping the rock like flesh as it seared my sex. My breathing was erratic at this stage as orgasmic waves of sexual pleasure surged through my entire body, gripping the back of his hair with my gloved hands I placed my panting lips over his and kissed him f***efully. My tongue entwining with his as lingerie clad body worked its magic keeping his cock unbelievably solid. His hands stroked my butt cheeks as he twiddled the the straps of the suspenders. Clamping his hands on my buttocks he spread my ass then moved his right index finger the pouting opening of my ass. The tip of his finger slid into my ass as the tight flesh slowly stretched over the invading digit. His first knuckle had now entered the sexual arena stretching my asshole just ever so slightly. His finger now began to gently thrust in and out of my ass matching the rhythm of his pulsating cock. The cock, the finger, the lingerie and the mile high situation pushed me over the edge as the most delightful orgasm punched its way through my sexual being. Bucking frenziedly I almost passed out with the hardcore sexual sensation. My lips remained on his as each wave of orgasm increased with intensity until my body could accept no more sexual pleasure. Riding his cock and finger slowly I unlocked my my lips from his and moved my lips to his neck and ears to allow the both of us to take in much needed air. My lips were level with his ear as my panting breath must have been stimulating his erogenous zones as his lips were in the much the same area and were doing the most wondrous things to my neck and ears with his heavy breathing.
"Lower your ass on my cock!" panted Jeff lustfully.
Obeying his request dutifully, I grabbed the base of his cock and slid off the monster pole.
Scooping some pussy juice onto my fingers I smeared the love liquid around my asshole and slid two lubricated fingers into my tightest of holes. Satisfied with the required lubricant I placed the swollen bulbous helmet into my asshole. Allowing myself a few seconds to get used to the stinging stretching feeling, I began to slowly impale my ass on the greatest piece of cock I've ever had the privilege of taking inside me. The heat and fuzzy hair of his balls informed me that there was no more length to take and that all of his cock was inside my ass. Slowly riding his length I built up a nice rhythm as his hands began to play with the hanging nipple piercings. My pussy was slightly tilted toward him to allow me to take his length up my ass. He moved one of his hands from my pierced nipples and slid a finger between my gaping pussylips. Pressing on my clit with his index finger I began to thrust more energetically on his cock. His thumb now came into action as he rolled my clitoris between his thumb and index finger. I stopped gyrating and stayed perfectly still, feeling how much his cock was filling my ass. Jeff began to twitch his cock inside my ass while he rolled my clitoris between his thumb and finger. This was a new sensation to me and the movements opened the orgasmic floodgates. Pushing myself down onto his cock and fingers, I felt the intense sexual pressure of my orgasm surge through my pussy and my anal walls. My cervix trembled as a release of fluids gushed from my pussy onto the twiddling fingers of Jeff.
"Keep fucking me I'm about to come in your ass!". Jeff stated.
My own orgasm was beginning to recede as I ground my pelvis on to his almost exploding cock. A few gyrations later and his hot seed erupted into my accepting ass. Pulling my body as close to his as possible he emptied all of his creamy seed deep in my ass.
Gripping his cock with my ass I milked as much spunk as was possible from the pulsating fleshy pole.
Smiling at me as he softly played with the dangling chains attached to my breasts Jeff said.
"Welcome aboard!".
We both giggled at this as his depleted cock slipped out of the grasp of my anal ring. At the side of his seat was a box of wet wipes and tissues. Taking a handful of wipes I began to wipe down his semi erect cock along with my ass and pussy. Placing the soiled articles in the stainless steel waste bin behind me I climbed onto the sofa seat next to Jeff as he handed me a freshly poured gin and tonic. Taking the glass to my lips I sipped the chilled alcohol as I relaxed on the sofa drinking my tipple all curled up wearing only my outrageous lingerie.
"Not a bad way to start the weekend?" I enquired.
Jeff smiled and said "Every minute my cocks not inside or getting ready to get inside you is wasted!".
Turning to his left he leaned into a tan brown holdall and handed me a very heavy envelope.
"There's ten grand in there. I've took the trouble of organising a celebration party with us and three of my friends when we reach the hotel suite!" Jeff commanded.
"So I'm to fuck these three guys also?".
"There's an extra five grand if they can film and photo the party!". He enthused.
I've fucked more in the past and never received a penny. Here I was contemplating fucking four guys and being filmed and photographed in the process. My mind didn't need to make the answer as my pussy was bubbling with excitement and made the decision for me.
"Will I need to get changed or will this outfit do?" I enquired ever so matter of factly.
"As long as the boys can fuck any hole and come where they please you can wear what you like. But I hope you've brought other things for me to enjoy later and tomorrow!" he mused.
"Some of it will blow your cock as well as your mind!" I exclaimed.
From nowhere Jeff began opening a bottle of champagne. Pouring the bubbly liquid into to flutes he handed one to me and lifted the other toward mine till the glasses chunked.
"Cheers!" he said then continued "This could be the start of a very profitable relationship!" he enthused.
Inquisitive by what he meant I decided to ask questions later and just go with flow for now. A tray of aperitifs appeared just as miraculously as the champagne. Jeff placed the tray on the coffee type table in front of us as we both picked away at the delicious finger buffet.
I was so comfortable sitting with Jeff I forgot that I was lounging around in the most outrageous fuck me lingerie. My large breasts nestling on the wet look material of the quarter cup bra as my chain tasseled nipples sat proudly jutting forward. The stockings were still in pristine condition regardless of the previous exertions. I stood up parading my body in my lingerie, tits and pussy displayed.
"Should I get changed into something more respectable or do you want me like this?" I queried.
"Don't even think of getting changed. I want to fuck you in the limo to the hotel dressed like that, then when we reach the hotel suite the boys will be delighted when you come out of the private lift dressed like that!".
News to me that we were travelling to the hotel in a limousine. That we were booked in a suite with a private elevator and that his friends were waiting in the suite to do with me as they wished. Fuck was I turned on!
"The limo will pull into the underground car park where we will take the private lift directly to the room, where your surprise will be there to greet you!".
Hardly a surprise when he'd told me, unless he did have a surprise!
The pilot announced that we're now in descent and would be landing in ten minutes. To pass those ten minutes I reapplied my make up and lipstick and gave Jeff's bell end a nice gentle tongue bath. His cock was at the back of my throat when the heels of the aircraft made contact with the runway. His cock slid just past my gag reflex and was completely ensconced in my throat. Removing his rampant length from my throat I stood up as the plane slowed to stop in Jeff's private hangar.
Placing my PVC coat over my lingerie clad body, Jeff f***ed his erect cock back into his jeans as I waited for the doors of the aircraft to open. Right on cue the ground crew opened the door and lowered the steps. Jeff and I stepped off the aircraft straight into a waiting black limo parked no more than ten feet from the aircraft. Our luggage was being loaded into the boot of the limo as we took our seats in the limousine. The car doors were closed behind us when the partition between the driver and passengers slid down a couple of inches.
"The traffic is not too difficult today sir and we should be at the hotel in twenty minutes!". The chauffeur finished his statement.
"Excellent work Thomas." Jeff bellowed as the darkened glass partition slowly slid back into the closed position.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity I opened my coat revealing my lingerie clad body. Sidled down the colossal seat of the limousine, opened Jeff's fly and removed the monster cock in all it's glory. Holding the base with my gloved hands I slipped my lips over the purple engorged helmet and swirled my tongue around the meaty glans.
Jeff gave a little moan of obvious approval accompanied by a throaty "Fuck me!".
I lay along the length of the seat licking his balls and stupendous length. Positioning myself almost onto my back, my coat fell open revealing my whore dressed body. Parting my legs as wide as the circumstances would allow, I revealed my hairless mound and began to slowly thrust my hips back and forth. Jeff placed the palm of his hand over my mound and softly stroked my labia and clitoris. Every now and again a digit would slide between my labia and slowly penetrate my pussy. This action along with my hooker blowjob continued for the duration of the journey. As the limo made its way up the spiral car park entrance, Jeff and I made ourselves as decent as possible. The car pulled up directly outside the doors of what was the private elevator. This was a lifestyle totally unfamiliar to me.
The lift doors opened and Jeff and got inside the brushed steel walled box. The doors closed behind us and the elevator rose to the intended floor. On the upward journey I asked Jeff about our luggage. He replied that the luggage would be going to the suite in the service elevator. I gave a little shrug then placed my gloved hand over Jeff's crotch to feel his cock was still rock solid. Moving my face up toward his I opened my mouth and kissed him passionately as my tongue explored the inner workings of his mouth. My hand was grabbing the hard flesh through the straining denim of his jeans.
The lift stopped at the required floor. Jeff said get ready for a surprise. The doors of the elevator opened directly into the biggest most luxurious suite I've ever clapped eyes on. The room was beautifully decorated with the most fantastic soft lighting. My eyes scoured the room soaking in all of the majestic beauty of the suite. At the far side of the room there appeared to be a cocktail bar with a couple of guys sitting on bar stools whilst another guy had his head in a bar fridge getting some ice. The two guys on bars tools stood up and walked toward Jeff and I.
"Remove your coat and let them see how wonderful you are!" Jeff ordered.
The two guys both with blonde hair were extremely good looking in a rugged manly way almost like Olympic rowers. I slipped my coat over my shoulders and walked out of the PVC garment. My almost naked body was now on display to the two strangers. My heart was having little sexual palpitations at the thought of fucking these two hunks. My breathing was a little nervously erratic but what happened next totally took my breath away. As the two strangers came toward me they both grabbed a breast each and played deliciously with the dangling nipple chains. A hand had covered my bald mound and was stroking my cunt and palming my seriously aroused clitoris. Jeff was removing his clothes in the distance as the two strangers began removing their own articles. I looked over at the third guy whose head was now out of the fridge and on display to my gawping eyes.
Of all the people I never expected to find in that room my number one choice would be my hubby! Here he was grinning across at me as the two strangers were pawing at my body. I offered a lusty smile to my hubby as he winked at me. The two strangers were naked now with two hard cocks pointing at me. Instinctively I grabbed both cocks with my gloved hands and began to rhythmically slide the foreskins back and forth. A familiar heat appeared between my butt cheeks as Jeff began to slide his cock into my tight anal ring. Bending me over to achieve better purchase, Jeff slammed the entire length of his magnificent cock deep into my ass. One of the strangers presented his engorged bell end to my mouth which I hungrily devoured. Wanking the other stranger I glanced at hubby who was now naked sporting the most impressive erection I've ever seen in all our married years. I've never in my entire life ever been so sexually aroused. As my other free hand grabbed hubby's cock my first gangbang orgasm of the day surged through my entire body. Removing the cock from my mouth to allow the frantic breathing to take its course I involuntarily screamed to be fucked harder. Jeff taking his cue lifted my legs up off the floor, with his cock still stretching my ass, manoeuvred my body over to the sofa and sat himself down in the middle section. My cock filled ass was quite comfortable with this position as he held my legs wide open, displaying my bald pussy and gaping opening to my assembled audience. Hubby positioned himself between my splayed legs and slowly fed his cock into my very grateful pussy. Inch by inch it slowly made its way inside my pussy. The two strangers stood on the sofa either side of my body watching hubby's cock separate my labia and plunge into the depths of my love tunnel. Jeff's cock followed the momentum of hubby's as the two new business partners owned my holes. Ignoring the strangers either side of me, who both were wanking furiously, I concentrated on looking at hubby as two powerful cocks took me to a height of sexual arousal I never thought possible. Each thrust from the rampant cocks sent a delightful trembling orgasm through my sexual nerves. The intensity of the multiple orgasm continued when carnal desire took over and I had to kiss hubby and swap saliva. Planting my panting mouth over his our tongues entwined snakelike and slithered between our teeth. I grabbed both strangers cocks as broke from my hubby's lips. Wanking both cocks in a strong rhythmic motion I begged all parties to shower me in spunk. I insisted Jeff shoot his load up my ass and that hubby should spray his hot come on my face along with the two strangers loads. Hubby grabbed my ankle straps of my bondage shoes and f***ed my legs as wide as possible. Deep thrusting his cock violently into my cunt, I could feel his cocks bulbous head banging at the entrance of my cervix. The first splash if spunk hit my left cheek from one of the strangers. Turning my mouth to the erupting cock the next two spurts landed inside my open mouth. The stranger to my right followed suit almost immediately and the pattern was repeated as his hot spunk joined his associates on my swirling tongue. I could feel a burning heat inside my ass Jeff unleashed what felt like a pint of the thickest hottest spunk ever to sting my ass. Hubby was now thrusting faster, harder and deeper. The motion of the thrusting made me pant causing me to swallow the come in my mouth, something not lost on the strangers as both of them said
"Fucking hell the dirty bitch swallowed!". A sentiment which aroused me even further. The sentiment was not lost on hubby as he withdrew his pulsating cock and aimed the aroused slit at my face. Wave after wave of creamy white semen splashed on my cheeks and lips as I licked the come off my lips and took his throbbing ejaculating cock to the back of my throat. Jeff's cock had now slipped out of my ass and his substantial deposit of come was beginning to head in the same direction. Standing up from the fuckfest sofa I took a step forward when one of the strangers handed me white towel as the other stranger passed me a handful of moist wipes. As I cleaned all of the man fat from my face and ass I made my way into the bathroom just off the lounge, disposed of the wipes and freshened up a little more proficiently. Returning into the lounge I picked up my bag and reapplied a touch of make up and lipstick finishing off with a waft of perfume. The guys had returned to the bar at the far side of the suite, drinking and eating some snacks which were arranged on the bar top. All of the guys were wearing white towels around their waists and judging by the erections being sported either I was the sexiest creature ever or my old friend Viagra had made an appearance. Not conceited enough to believe the first option I plumped for the second which would mean that I would be involved in quite an extensive fuck session until the little blue pills had wore off! I walked as slowly and provocatively across to the guys wearing only my outrageous lingerie and bondage high heels. Resting my right ass cheek on a vacant bar stool a glass of chilled white wine was handed to me. I raised the glass to my lips and sipped the delicious crisp white wine. Round two was beginning as I could feel a digit finger tickling my asshole so I manoeuvred my tight ring onto the digit. Both breasts were being cupped by one of the blonde strangers. Jeff was directly in front me removing his towel revealing his massive erection. The other blonde stranger was alongside Jeff discarding his own towel. My powers of deduction had collected that it was hubby's digit that was penetrating my ass. Hubby's lips brushed my earlobes as he softly whispered.
"You've never looked more beautiful than you do tonight!".
I turned my lips toward his and kissed deeper and more passionately than we'd ever kissed before.
"You can fuck me and they can watch!" I stated.
Leaning back in the chair I opened my legs as wide as possible. Holding the base of hubby's huge erect cock,I guided the stiff flesh between my pussylips as hubby thrust the entire length deep inside my pussy with one dynamic thrust. Wrapping my stocking clad legs around his waist I pulled his body closer mine. Locking lips, he began thrusting f***efully as I met each thrust with a deliberate sexy gyration. We were now putting on a seriously sexy floors how for our small audience who began to take part voicing encouragement.
"Fuck the bitch harder!"
"That's it dude. Smash that pussy!"
And my own personal favourite.
"Come on the whores face!".
I was now putting on the most wonderful sexual exhibition begging to fucked in all my holes and that all the guys must come in my mouth.
I was being used as nothing more than a sex object for the gratification of lustful men and I have to admit that I fucking loved it!
Holding my own ankles I pulled my legs wide apart almost doing the splits. My pussylips stretched tight as the cock slid in and out of my soaked cunt.
Hubby was fucking me like never before. My pussy was being pounded and stretched by the man I love. The sexual tension in the room was at its peak now as my orgasm spread throughout my entire being. Panting ferociously I screamed almost to be fucked harder and deeper. Hubby duly obliged as his cock banged the opening to my cervix. His hands began to play with my jewellery decorated nipples. I was now in a different place sexually and mentally as my orgasm became almost spiritual. Thrusting my cunt back at hubby's hard dick a gush of love juice burst from my pussy. This was quickly followed by two small ejections. The guys gave a cheer as the fountain of sexual fluids emanated from my pussy. Thrusting my pussy onto my hubby's cock I scratched my clitoris with a gloved finger to help relieve the enormous sexual tension. My orgasm had now crescendoed placing me at the highest sexual euphoric state. My thighs now wrapped around hubby's waist were trembling with desire. My head was spinning and my breathing was fast and furious. Hubby pulled his throbbing cock from my pussy, moved up toward my face and emptied his biggest load ever straight down my opened mouth. Gush after gush of the f***eful seed blasted my tongue and throat as I gratefully accepted his thick creamy orgasm. Licking his cock totally clean there was no evidence whatsoever of his orgasm on his cock or on my face. Mission accomplished. One of the blonde strangers replaced my hubby between my splayed stocking clad legs. Rubbing my pussy very gently he eased two fingers inside my quim and hooked the fingertips to the front of my pussy nestling with pin point accuracy on my very obliging G spot. Rubbing the fingertips in a circular motion he began to increase the speed and pressure. Hubby held one ankle and Jeff held the other as they f***ed my legs as wide as possible. My legs were shaking with the strain and the obvious build up of sexual pressure. The blonde strangers was furiously finger my pussy with the two strong digits, rhythmically stimulating my about to explode G spot. His free hand had rested on my ass for balance which he'd now taken to another level by slipping two fingers of that hand inside my well lubed ass. His fingers in my ass were holding me down preventing me from thrashing around on his G spot fucking fingers, which I was desperate to do. The hands holding my legs apart were adding to this sensation of sexual bondage. The other blonde guy stood behind me and rammed his cock into my panting mouth. His hands pleasures my nipples and breasts as the G spot assault continued. The sexual f***es were out of my control now as my gave itself to my assailants. The two fingers pressed f***efully onto the spongy flesh of my G spot as the first violent gush of sexual fluid burst from my shaved pussy. The flow ran up the arm of the blonde guy. I released the cock from my mouth and raised my head to witness three further substantial gushes of fluid spray from my pussy. The blonde removed his soaked hand from my pussy and offered the creamy residual liquid to my sex hungry mouth. I licked every single drop from his hand as his other hand fucked my asshole. Removing his cleaned hand, his other blonde accomplice returned his cock to my willing mouth. I gave a show to my small audience as I sluttily destroyed this cock with my tongue and lips. As I was devouring this cock end I could feel my pussylips being stretched by the tip of Jeff's enormous cock. The size of Jeff's powerful cock ensured that I would remove the cock from my mouth while Jeff's stretched my cunt. Looking Jeff directly in the eye I raised my head up and throatily demanded.
"Fuck me!"
Jeff plunged his cock deep inside me till his engorged bell end pushed against my cervix. My head tilted back and my eyes rolled back with delirious pleasure as a deep moan reverberated from my voice box. Thrashing my pussy to meet every thrust of this awesome cock, Jeff and I began to fuck furiously. My stockinged legs resting on Jeff's narrow waist as he continued to devour my pussy with his unflattering erection. My bondage strap heels dug into his taut buttocks as I began to moan encouragement to Jeff to fuck me harder and do my cunt! Jeff took up the gauntlet and fucked me ferociously. My head was swimming with sexual delight as my eyes glazed over as I caught a glimpse of hubby who was openly encouraging Jeff to fuck me and come on my face. Jeff showed incredible stamina as he continuously fucked me to three orgasms before he removed his huge cock and sprayed a colossal quantity of white creamy cum all over my face. Licking the come off my fingers I scooped as much of the liquid from my cheeks and feasted on the milky white fluid. The guys it would seem we're all sexually spent so I made my excuses and headed to the bathroom for a long luxurious soak.
The rest of the weekend would be another story!!

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