Do it for pleasure

There I was sitting in my flat, drinking a glass of chardonnay and with no important plans made for the weekend; it looked as though my ass and pussy would be getting a well earned rest. How wrong can a girl be! The phone rang startling me somewhat. Recognising the number on my display, a little grin cast over my face. The porn baron had come a calling.
“Hello stranger. Long time no hear?”
“Hi babe if you’ve nothing planned, how do you fancy making a wad of cash on Saturday lunchtime?”
“If it involves a wad of cock I may be interested!”
“Funny you should say that, but I’ve shown your tape to a few business associates and two of them are very interested in booking you for a shoot this Saturday”
“What will it entail?”
“The usual. You decked out in fuck me clobber, some still solo shots, then some shots with the actors, then turn the cameras on for a fuckfest, but all money shots must be on the face. For this they’re willing to pay five grand and a budget of one grand for costumes and make-up”
“Fuck me! Five grand! Make it six and I’ll bring my own outfits”
“Suits me fine honey. Thing is they’ll have a few guys with them who’ll be spectating only if that’s ok with you?”
“Spectating! If this pussy gets hungry she’ll need feeding”
“Good girl! If you can be here by 11.00 on Saturday that would be great”
“No problem sweetie. I’ll see you on Saturday”.
“OK doll but just to forewarn you these guys do like leather and PVC”
“Men after my own heart. See you Saturday honey. Bye!”
Hanging up my phone the recognisable tingle swirled around the inside of my pussy.
Without thinking I moved my fingers down toward my pussy to give myself a congratulatory diddle. Ass my fingers reached the lower section of my hairless mound I pulled my hand back up to my face, almost slapping my cheek in the process.
“Not tonight dearie. We’ll keep it hot till tomorrow lunchtime!”
Placing the wine glass on the coffee table I meandered through to my bedroom opening my wardrobe and sex drawer. Taking two packets of stockings out of the drawer, one black fishnet, the other Black shiny seamed. I tossed the packets onto the bed and perused my avid collection of exotic lingerie in the wardrobe. Picking out the Black PVC Waspie with Quarter cup bra, I threw them onto the bed next to the stockings. Next I selected my black lace Basque, with the cups a size too small, allowing my ample full bosom to spill over the lace cups. Picking up my Playboy spiked heel shoes and my black strappy high heels; I placed them into my holdall I used to use during my e****t days. Should I take thongs or would that just be silly. No thong was my impulsive decision. Going back to my sex drawer I took out my long black satin gloves, the suction cup life like vibrator, my newly acquired nipple clamps and my bottle of body hot oil. Placing all the garments into my holdall I then packed a couple of towels, make-up bag with extra slutty make-up and a dressing gown just in case I wouldn’t be active for any periods. Finishing the remnants in the bottle of chardonnay, I retired to bed for a good night’s sl**p.
I awoke around 9.30 and stepped straight into the shower. Lathering my body delicately, I let the warm soft water rinse the bubbly suds off my glowing skin. Having had a Hollywood wax two days earlier, the mound of my pussy felt deliciously smooth. Inserting my cock shape sensitive soap slowly between my pussy lips, I proceeded to work the phallus in and out of my cunt. Taking the phallus out of my pussy I turned the shower head on my tingling pussy. The jet stream of water wormed its way inside my pussy, waterfall out as gravity did its job. Replacing the showerhead back in its position I turned off the shower and gently towelled my body dry. Applying a thin layer of baby oil to my entire body, I walked around the flat letting the warm air help my body absorb the glistening liquid. Returning to the bathroom I brushed my teeth then flossed. Entering the bedroom I pulled on a skin-tight pair of Lycra jogging shorts with matching top. With no bra and no panties, the Lycra moulded itself to my pierced tits and bald pussy. Slipping a pair of flip flops on my manicured feet I picked up my holdall and headed to my car. My neighbour was at the lobby door as I stepped out of the vestibule. I could feel his eyes tracing my nipples and pussylips. I pretended to drop my bag and bent seductively to pick it up, ensuring he got a long lingering view of my ass and pussylips clinging to the wafer thin lycra. Judging by the response I glimpsed when I straightened up, he’s one I’ll have to put down for future reference. Opening my car I placed the holdall on the passenger seat, turned on the ignition and headed off on the short journey to the porn barons. Pulling into the walled drive of the porn baron’s studio I couldn’t help but notice the Aston Martin DB9 and the Bentley Continental parked near the entrance.
Getting out of my car I retrieved my bag from the passenger seat, slung it over my shoulder and walked up to the entrance. I pushed on the door expecting it to open, but the door was firmly locked. I pressed the intercom button and porn baron’s voice boomed.
“Just push the door honey its open now”
A buzzing sound emanated followed by a click, I leant against the vast door.
Opening I stepped inside and the door closed slowly behind me. A door on the right of the reception area opened and porn baron greeted me with a flute of champagne.
“Here you go honey, get some of this Crystal down you. You’ll need it when you see these guys!”
“Is it a nice surprise?”
“Good sized cocks, not huge but good length and girth. But wait till you see length of one the guy’s tongues and what he can do with it!”
On hearing this, my stomach flipped over with a rush of sexual nervousness. More than one cock to occupy my attention would send me into ecstasy mode, but a long tongue that can do tricks had my pussy going delirious. The porn baron ushered me into the studio where the crowd were waiting. A damp patch was already beginning to show where the skin-tight Lycra was clinging to my pussy mound. Walking across the well lit studio, my tits, narrow waist, moisture clad pussy and swaying hips all came into major effect judging from the sharp intakes of breath.
Blonde guy, Brunette guy and shaved head guy all extended their hands to introduce themselves. Taking each hand in turn, I introduced myself and gave each guy a nice gentle kiss on the lips ensuring my Lycra clad body smothered itself on their person. They all asked what experience I had of the adult industry. Porn baron turned on a DVD and asked them all to pay attention for a few minutes.
On the large flat screen TV, images of me were instantly displayed; showing me sucking cock, having my pussy and ass fucked, twisting my pierced nipples for the cameras effect, holding open my bald pussy and swallowing what seemed like gallons of spunk in the most outrageously sexy underwear. I sat between bald guy and Blonde guy as they watched me fucking on the LCD Screen. The heat generating in my pussy could have fuelled a major city for days. It was only a matter of time before I was being felt up. A hand slid down the back of my Lycra shorts as the finger wormed its way between my ass cheeks. I moved slightly back in my chair to allow the stranger better access. What was obviously a well manicured fingered gently scratched away at my anus and wiggled its way inside my ass. Raising myself off the seat just enough to allow the finger to fuck my ass very delicately. My pierced nipples were almost bursting through the thin Lycra material as all eyes were still watching me being fucked on screen. I leant back to where the arm originated from and leant into his body. I snaked my tongue around his neck and ears and gently manipulated his cock through his designer jeans. Nibbling my teeth ever so gently around his clean shaven cheeks, the porn baron clocked what was happening and interrupted the proceedings with:
“I think we ought to get you changed. You look about ready to go”
“I’m always ready to go” I replied as I slipped off the ass fucking finger, taking it in my mouth and licking it sluttily. A cheer resounded around the studio as porn baron lead me into the dressing to prepare for my fate ahead. Closing the dressing room behind us, porn baron pressed a buzzer on the dressing table and a woman aged around mid thirties entered the room with a large make-up box. She opened the box and without saying a word began to apply make-up to my face. Paying particular attention to my eyes, cheeks and lips. Finishing off the make-up she tidied my hair up and then left the room. Porn baron asked what delightful lingerie I had with me. Opening my holdall he sifted through the carnage and selected the following. PVC Waspie, PVC quarter cup bra, black seamed stockings, Playboy Spiked heel shoes and long black evening gloves. He then said put those and have a sort through this lot. Opening the cupboard next to the dressing table, my eyes feasted on a cacophony of outrageously slutty lingerie. He pulled a black skin-tight buckle PVC mini skirt and a skin-tight PVC bomber jacket. Offering the articles to me he said he was going back to the studio to set up the scene.
“What’s the scene this time?” I enquired.
“We thought you sitting at the bar dressed as you are and the guys, who are supposed to be on a sales convention, try to pick you up as Individuals. They all fail but you tell them you only do package deals. As the bar is closing and no one else is around you do all the guys right there in the cocktail lounge. Even fucking them on top of a grand Piano”.
“A grand piano?”
“Yep! We’ve got one in there and the guys are setting up the cocktail lounge. I’ll be playing the barman if you want me to join in just say so”.
“Three cocks! Four cocks! It’s all the same to me”.
Porn baron left the dressing room saying for me to come through as soon as I was ready. I placed all the chosen items onto my excited body very slowly and sensually enjoying the glorious sensations from the sexually charged materials. Looking at my reflection in the full length mirror, my pussy was just covered by the length of the mini skirt. Every step I took my pussy peeped out from beneath the hem of the tiny strip of PVC masquerading as a mini skirt. My tits were almost spilling out of the PVC bomber jacket, so I unzipped it almost to my navel. My ample cleavage displayed to maximum effect, kept in position only jus, by the PVC quarter cup bra. The Tightness of the Jacket and mini skirt accentuated my narrow waist and full hips. My cleavage would obviously be drawing all eyes toward it, only to be distracted by the shininess of the stockings and PVC outfit. Checking my hair and make-up one last time I ventured forth into the awaiting Studio. You would swear blind that I had walked into a Hotel lounge bar. Right down to the barman in his crisp white shirt and black bow tie. I was e****ted to my stool by bald guy, who rubbed his hand over my PVC clad ass, running it around my waistline and giving my tits a nice friendly fondle. Helping me climb on to the bar stool he noticed that my bald pussy was just visible as I made myself comfortable on the high stool. Crossing one leg over the other, my stocking tops and suspender clasps were in full view. He smiled at me, gave me a little wink, nodding in the direction of my pussy and moved off the set.
Porn baron laid out the gist of the intended plot. I was to be a bar fly and the guys would all make passes at me on an individual basis. I would reject each guy in turn but then turn things around by offering myself to all three in a take or leave it situation.
My pussy was flowing sex juice just at the thought. Porn baron continued stating that I was to tease endlessly and that each guy was betting that he’d be the one to bed me. My mind was racing as to which would be the best way to play this, and a good few scenarios were now being played out in my mind. Porn baron finished by telling us that the drinks he would be serving as the barman would indeed be real alcohol.
I looked at three guys who would be exploring my body in great detail. All three were attractive in their own way and had very decent bodies to boot. Blonde looked me straight in the eye and said:
“If I’d known she’d look like that we wouldn’t have needed to drop a Viagra each!”
Oh my god! They’ve all dropped a Viagra. We could be fucking for hours. I swear the pussy juice was flowing down my love chute like a tsunami!
The two cameramen took up their positions, and the lighting guy dimmed the outer lights for effect. Porn baron said.
“When you’re already, just go for it!”
The camera zoomed in on me as I felt the probing lens scour every inch of my sex dressed body, starting at the head and finishing at my spiked heel shoes. I open the cigarettes placed on the bar in front of me and took one out. Placing the cigarette between my rich red lips, a flame appeared from a Zippo lighter. Brunette guy held the Zippo in place as I drew a long drag on the slim cigarette. Blowing the smoke back towards him he asked:
“Can I buy you a drink?”
“No thanks. I’ve already got one!” I replied quite sharply.
“Sorry I was just trying to be friendly” He retorted.
“No you’re not. You saw a woman at a bar alone and you decided you’d try and get into her knickers!”
“No I just offered you a drink, not try to get in your knickers”
“Just as well then, cause I’m not wearing any” I said and uncrossed my legs to give him a glimpse of my shaved pussy.
He glanced down at my pussy and moved closer to me. I put hand up to his chest and held him back, shaking my head as I blew smoke in his face. He turned away from me and joined the other two guys. The camera followed him and I could hear the scripted conversation.
“She’s fucking red hot. She showed me her shaved pussy, but blew me out” the brunette guy said.
“Well that’s you down a grand” said the blonde guy.
It turns out that I’m the subject of a wager between these three. They’re betting a grand each that they’d be the one to bed me. And brunette boy was now down a grand. Next up was blonde boy.
“Watch how it’s done fellers” blonde boy said very cockily.
He walked over to the bar and took the bar stool next to me.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” he enquired.
“It depends why you want to sit there!” I replied.
“I was hoping to get you know better. Is that a good enough reason?” he retorted.
“If that’s the best line you can come up with, then it’s not a good enough reason” I snapped. Blonde guy got up off the stool and walked over to the other two guys.
“Jesus she’s a hard bitch. But those legs and tits are phenomenal” he said.
“Never mind that, you’re a grand down” said the brunette guy.
Looks like it’s left to me then” said the bald guy.
He slowly circled round me, studying my legs and body intently. Moving his way to the bar he leant in front of me and was just about to speak, when I cut him off abruptly.
“How much is this bet for?” I asked directly.
“What bet?” he shrugged.
“The bet you three guys have going about who will be the one to bed me. You’re not very discrete with the conversation are you? I’m sitting ten feet away for fucks sake. I’m horny not deaf!”
He looked me directly in the eye. The words tumbled out.
“The bets a grand each and winner takes all”. He blurted.
“Well slaphead here’s the deal. You go back to your friends and get their grand each, then with your grand, place all of it discretely in my handbag and we’ll retire to one of your rooms and all three of you can fuck me. Any hole! Anyway you like! But there’s one condition. The barman joins in for free”
Slaphead rushed back to his friends to broker the deal. I smiled at the barman.
He leant over the bar and said “
I’m closing the bar. If you wish you can do it here. I’ll lock the doors and we’ll have some privacy”.
“Sounds good to me, but after this is finished you and I are going somewhere private to finish the job properly”.
Again he smiled, walked out from behind the bar, walked past the three guys and closed the bar doors, locking and bolting them. He returned behind the bar and put some soft sexy music on the sound system. I turned on the bar stool and leant back against the bar. Crossing my legs, displaying my stocking tops and taut suspender stars, I unzipped the jacket totally, displaying my pierced breasts to the three guys.
“Well do we have a deal?”
All three guys nodded and walked toward me, placing the three grand in my opened handbag. Closing my bag I turned to the three guys.
“So who’s first, or are we working collectively?”
Two of the guys stood either side of me and lifted me off the barstool, carrying me over to round table the placed me on top of it, and all pulled up a chair each.
I turned slowly on the table, ensuring each guy got a good view of my scantily clad body. Standing upright I slightly parted my legs, my ass cheeks and pussy mound clearly being displayed as I turned gyrating on the round table. Taking my jacket off completely, I threw it at the barman, my breasts were now on full view to my audience. The top of my Waspie was just peeking over the top of the PVC Buckle mini skirt. I bent over, my tits swaying slightly as the mini skirt stretched across my ass. Placing one hand at the top of the zip I slowly pulled the zip down. The skirt slid down my stockinged thighs and landed at my feet. Picking the skirt up, I threw this in the barman’s direction. Standing before my captive audience in just the outrageous underwear, my pussy and pierced breasts exposed. My spiked heels helping maintain my posture I attempted to step off the table. Bald guy, the gentleman that he was lifted me off the table by my waist and lowered me to the floor. My body slid down his and when my face levelled with his, I put my arms around his neck and slammed my tongue deep into his mouth. Running his hands up and down my tiny PVC clad waist, I grinded my pussy mound against his ever growing manhood. Our tongues entwined I continued to grind my pussy against his hard cock. His hand came down to his flies and began to unleash his rampant cock. As his cock broke free from the strains of confinement, a finger made its approach to my ass. Blonde had parted my ass cheeks and was circling his digit around my puckered anus. Holding my cheeks wide open, he knelt down and replaced his finger with the longest slippery tongue I’ve ever encountered. I was standing squirming on his tongue as bald guy slid his cock between my pussylips and thrust upward filling my cunt to the brim. My orgasm belted through me ferociously. My legs buckling as the sexual wave caressed every erogenous zone. Sitting on the stool, the bald guy lifted me up by the waist and plonked me onto his cock, as blonde continued to send my ass to oblivion with his unbelievable tongue. Brunette guy, now naked, pulled up a bar stool alongside us. Kneeling on the barstool he offered his cock to my willing mouth. Sheathing his cock with my slut red lips, I slid my lips up and down the entire length. Traces of rich red lipstick mingled with my saliva as his cock became coated in glossy pink tirade. Grabbing his cock at the base, my lips and tongue blew this guy like he’d never been blowed before. The camera zoomed close in as my lips and tongue caressed the gorging cock. Now bucking on bald guys cock, blonde guy replaced his tongue with the tip of his very impressive cock. The heat from his engorged glans opened my ass, spearing my ass slowly as it grabbed his cock till he was embedded deep in my ass. Both guys inside me remained motionless as my hips pounded between both cocks. The sawing action of both cocks tipped me over the edge and my next orgasm was a gusher. My juices spurted from cunt, covering bald guy’s stomach with my sticky fluid. The cameraman had moved the lens to my pussy just in time to witness the female ejaculation empty on to the bald guys well developed six pack. As the orgasm reached its crescendo, my lips and tongue were frantically working the circumcised cock fucking my mouth. Stroking his hanging balls with my deep red talons, I began scr****g the nails gently over the scrotum sack and back toward his ass, all the while sucking his cock and lavishing attention on his swollen purple glans. My panting breath from my orgasm seemed to highlight the sensations for him as his balls tightened and cock twitched as the first spurt of spunk flew to the back of my throat. Releasing his cock from my mouth, I held his pulsing manhood in front of my open lips as spurt after spurt of thick creamy white spunk blasted my lips and face. When the final dollop of come released, I refrained from fucking the cocks inside me and concentrated all my efforts on the spent cock. Licking the entire length, I cleaned every morsel of come from the flagging cock. As the cock subsided in my grasp I released my hold and smeared all of the come from my lips and face on to my fingers. Holding my head back, I opened my mouth and let them come slide down my tongue swallowing every last drop. The cameraman caught every frame of the come gathering and moved back from my face and zoomed toward my ass. Blonde guy was moving his cock in and out of my ass beautifully as bald guy remained motionless. I could feel the heat from both cocks sliding on the wall of my cunt that separated my ass and pussy. Blonde guy placed his hand on my cheek and held my face back toward him. His enormous snake like tongue slithered into my mouth, licking my lips en route. The tongue was amazing. He swirled it around inside my mouth, making contact with parts of my mouth I didn’t know existed. The passion welling up inside my pussy burst forth with uncontrollable f***e. The gushing orgasm this time was far superior to the first. The amount of sticky liquid discharged was unbelievable. Gush after gush spurted up bald guy’s stomach, some of it even reached his chest. On the third gush bald guy rubbed the flat of his thumb on my clitoris, pressing gently on the bl**d engorged sex organ. At this point I passed out with sheer pleasure. When I came around the orgasm had subsided, but the sensual waves continued to flow through my body. I decided we need to change position. I was desperate to get that long tongue in my pussy. I choreographed the scene, Laying on the bar I instructed bald guy to stand at my face and blonde guy to work my pussy with his tongue. Arching my back slightly off the bar, I took bald guys cock and fed it into my sex hungry mouth. Opening my legs as wide as possible, I opened my pussylips with careless abandon as the snake like tongue landed on my vulva. The tongue took up a life of its own as it explored my pussylips inside and out. The tongue then worked its way inside my pussy, penetrating my hole as it wriggled its way to my cervix. With his cock embedded in my pussy he did the most outrageously horny act I’ve ever experienced. His tongue deep inside began ripple back and forth, like the waves of the sea, back and forth. The sensational pleasure this presented me with, f***ed me to remove the cock from mouth as my breathing intensified. The orgasm hit me with the f***e of a hammer as my gush of sticky fluid sprayed his face. Grabbing my own breasts I twisted my nipples red raw, enhancing my own lustful pleasure. Bald guy was wanking his cock furiously at the sight before him, when his own cock erupted and a shot of come hit my cheek. I turned my head toward the spurting cock as each eruption landed on my face and into my open mouth. The tongue was slowly easing its way out of my pussy as I scooped up the come from my face and licked my fingers clean. Spreading my legs in the missionary position he thrust his cock in my pussy with one lunge. The pressure of his cock banging against the wall of my cervix, tapping on its doors to open up, as his own powerful semen turned my pussy into an erotic cream pie. Thrusting my hips to meet his erupting cock a tiny but delightful orgasm completed the wonderful fulfilling fuck. As his semen buried itself in my cunt, I wrapped my stockinged legs around his back, clinging to him tightly as we embraced passionately. Our tongues entwined, our orgasmic breathlessness f***ed our mouths apart. I held his head to my neck as my tongue flicked his own neck and ears. Lifting himself up on his arms he kissed me deeply as his semi erect cock slowly fucked my drenched cunt. Taking his cock out of my pussy he knelt between my legs. I raised myself up onto my hands and knees and holding his semi erect cock I licked both of our sex fluids off the almost flaccid cock. Spunk and pussy juice dripped from cunt directly onto the bar. I turned away from the flaccid cock and lapped the come off the bar like a kitten with cream. The barman was standing in a heavy state of arousal, thinking I’d forgot he was part of the deal.
“Why are you still dressed?” I asked.
His clothes were almost ripped from his body as he climbed on the bar to join me.
“Now that’s a plan” I smiled at the barman.
With the barman kneeling behind me, I positioned my pussy over blonde guys face. His amazing tongue unfurled and squirmed its way inside my cunt. Raising my ass slightly, I opened my cheeks with both hands as the barman slid his rather large cock inside my ass. Instantly he began to f***efully fuck my ass as the snake of a tongue slithered away inside my pussy. Neither the barman nor I were in any state to last too long and as nature intended my orgasm and the spurting of his own arrived in unison. Blonde guy removed his tongue from my pussy as the barman continued to fuck my ass. His emptied manhood slid out of my well fucked ass as his come trickled out of my puckered ring. Turning to his flaccid cock I gave him some ass to mouth action purely for the cameras. Finishing the scene I decided to lick the remnants of ass spunk off the bar. Lying on my side, the camera panned away to capture my well fucked body. Opening my legs I run my fingers over my pussylips, smiling at the camera as the lights in the studio faded to darkness.
“That’s a wrap” Shouted the porn baron as the lights in the studio came back on.
Helping me down from the bar, the porn baron kissed my hand and said.
“Good work honey! By the way that’s real money in your handbag. The other two grand is in the dressing room”.
Good work! Good work! I thought Brilliant work more like it. Five grand, fucked senseless, that snake of a tongue and all captured on film for me to relive anytime I wanted. It doesn’t get much better than that……………
It goes without saying that the blonde guy and I took the liberty to exchange numbers. I mean once a girls had that tongue, she can’t just let it slither away

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