Fucked in New York

My trip to New York was ace. The city is frantic, the shopping was fantastic and the food was brilliant. I even managed to get in a couple of discrete fucks while I was there. It was most unexpected, but incredibly sexy to say the least. A nice set of genuine intercontinental one night stands. I was fucked by total strangers on another continent. How it all came about was I met this guy from England in the apartment Kitchens. The kitchens were communal and I was making some coffee as mum was away shopping with friends, when this guy swanned in. He looked fairly hot and seemed like he had a good body. Instantly we started talking, just general chit chat and he eventually invited me into his apartment to finish my coffee. He was rather attractive so I thought why not, and if nothing happens at least I’ll enjoy my coffee with a bit of company. I picked up my coffee mug and off we went to his apartment. We were both sitting on the sofa chatting away getting to know each other. He enquired was I single and I explained my situation to him. He told me of his recent divorce but didn’t dwell on the subject too long. He asked what I was doing in New York and I told him it was mainly for shopping as the shoes and clothes were stylish, elegant, affordable and sexy. I explained that the fashions in New York were geared for the over 35s as you didn’t feel like mutton dressed as lamb wearing the sexy designer clothes and shoes on offer, that’s when the conversation obviously drifted towards sex. I was wearing black strappy high heeled sandals, a black tight pencil skirt with a tight low cut black shiny t-shirt. If I’d known what was going to happen I’d have put some stockings and suspenders on. Gaining confidence he commented on how attractive I was and that he found my clothes and shoes very sexy, even more so with my large bust and narrow waist. I played along with his compliment paying and thanked him. I squirmed around on his sofa acting as sexy as possible. I was thrusting my bust out and arching my back, my bust must have looked huge as it jutted out before me making my waist appear tiny. He asked what size my bust was, so as he was being so brave I told him all the details. Bust 36DD, Waist 23 or 20 if I wear a Waspie and Hips 36. He gave out a little wolf whistle which I found rather endearing. I smiled back at him as sexily as possible ensuring that my tongue glossed my lips regularly. He made a few saucy comments regarding my bust and my long legs and how dainty my feet were as nothing would grow in the shade. I laughed and placed my hand seductively on his knee and let my hand slowly drift up his thigh. My red painted fingernails lightly brushing the length of his thigh. In no time at all his hand was at the nape of my neck and his tongue was down my throat. Two of his fingers had brushed aside my black lace thong and were inside my pussy. I was leaning back on the sofa with his fingers inside my pussy as all of my clothes were being removed and flung on the floor. All the while his mouth was locked on mine as his tongue darted in and out my mouth while his free hand removed my clothes. Lying back in just a black lace half cup bra and matching thong I arched my back to accentuate my breasts. Moaning lightly his fingers twirled inside my pussy delicately grazing my G spot every few seconds, heightening my sexual pleasure. His free hand scooped my breasts out of the half cup bra and he teased my pierced nipples with his thumb and forefinger. Fucking against his fingers I could feel my orgasm approaching. He expertly unclasped my bra, removing it from my heaving body and placed his mouth on my already erect nipples. His free hand then slid my thong down my thighs exposing my shaved pussy still with his twirling fingers inside. I ended up lying there with just my high heels on as he went down me and started to remove his own clothes. His tongue was lapping at my pussylips and clitoris as his clothes were thrown all around the lounge. His tongue licking my clitoris as his fingers found my G spot and brought me to a wonderful orgasm. Grinding my fuck hole into his face he lapped all of my come juice as he pressed gently on my G spot. He clothes were strewn everywhere and now that he was completely naked he knelt between my legs. I could see his erect circumcised cock nudging its way to my pussy and in one thrust his cock was inside me. My first circumcised cock slid into my slippery hole effortlessly. My pussy gripped his cock as he fucked away frantically. His cock wasn’t too big but it was big enough and it was extremely hard. Thrusting away inside me, his cock was really hitting the spot. I was beginning to come again and really put a show on for him. My hips were gyrating and thrusting up to meet every down stroke of his cock. Pulling him on top of me I kissed him deeply and passionately. My tongue slithering inside the cavity of his mouth as my breathing increased in tempo with my approaching orgasm. Holding my breasts and tweaking the nipples, his cock violently fucked my pussy just the way I like it. Raising my legs around his back I placed my high heeled feet on his buttocks for purchase. Raising my hips to every stroke I fucked him with wild abandon. My orgasm hit me quite hard as I panted loudly “Fuck me! Fuck me!” He released one my breasts from his grip and with no lubrication inserted his finger deep in my ass. The shock of the intrusion f***ed me to rotate my hips provocatively to accommodate the finger comfortably. He obviously enjoyed the slut like movements as he continued thrusting his cock in my pussy, fingering my ass in unison and pawing at my breasts. My movements encouraged some natural lubrication in my ass of which he took full advantage of by pushing his finger deeper then adding an additional digit. At this point I could feel from the throbbing and twitching of his cock that he would soon be coming. He panted during thrusts was I on the pill and I panted back at him he could come wherever he wanted. Slowing his thrusts down he asked if I was serious, so I took control fucking him wildly and told him to come on my face. I decide to take him over the edge and insisted he call me a whore as he fucked me. He took to this like a duck to water and fucked my pussy as he yelled that I was a filthy whore. A dirty cumslut who loved to be fucked and wanted come on her face. This worked on me as met each thrust with my pussy tilting back on his hard cock. After a few deliciously violent thrusts he withdrew his cock, gripping the erect cock he moved close to my face as I turned my head toward his pulsating cock as he rubbed his length frantically. I opened my lip glossed mouth, extended my tongue and invited him to spurt away. Thick creamy globules of creamy white spunk hit my face and lips as I greedily licked as much as possible into my mouth and swallowed continuously. I could feel the hot spunk sliding down my throat as further ample spurts splashed on my mouth and face. As the last spurt hit my tongue I ran my fingers over my face and scooped all of his spunk into my hand. Leaning my head back I let the come drip off my fingers into my mouth and swallowed every last drop. It was a good fuck considering he did me in only one position, and I do like to vary the positions and angles a cock thrusts into me. Lying on top of me, he played delicately with my naked pierced breasts and my wet shaved slit. Kissing me softly and gently he rhythmically stroked my naked flesh, as we enjoyed each other’s bodies all through this post orgasmic delight. My body was still trembling slightly as his finger gently ran the length of shaved slit. Worming a couple of fingers into my hungry cunt, he hooked his fingers till he made contact with my G spot. Thrusting back at his fingers he circled my erogenous zone and asked if I wanted to spend the night with him, but as I was in New York with mum I declined the offer. I told him if we met up in the kitchen we could always have a little repeat fuck session. I gave him my number and said if he was in my area we could hook up again and relive the moment. He accepted my conditions and manoeuvred his way down between my spread-eagled legs. Holding my pussy lips wide open for him, he stroked my raw willing cunt then moved his tongue closer to my gaping pussy. His hot breath wafted over my sensitive pussy lips as I raised my legs high and wide. His tongue rotated in circular motions around my clitoris taking me to a new orgasmic height. His finger, lubed this time, slid effortlessly inside my ass. I moved to the beat of his finger and tongue as he brought me to the most delightful orgasm. Moaning almost in whispers as the orgasm took control. As my climax reached its peak my body trembled and I almost sobbed with sexual desire. The juice flowed from my pussy as he tongued my cunthole like an expert, making me come three times in the process. I held my pussy wide open as his tongue darted in my cunthole. My other hand played with his finger as it slid in and out of my ass then I pushed my index finger inside my ass to join his own finger as his tongue lapped my pussy. Our fingers almost entwined, I could feel my ass hole stretching as his tongue continued its delightful snake like exploration of my pussy. I decided I needed a cock inside me to complete my slut like happiness but to no avail. He never managed to regain a full erection so I made my excuses, picked up my strewn clothes, dressed gave him a passionate kiss and left. It was an extremely nice little sexual excursion though ultimately a tad frustrating.
I did finish the job off back at my apartment but it’s not the same as having a cock inside you. The actual act of fucking was good but it was just a frustration fuck. I came a few times but when I was seriously aroused I needed his cock hard again but he failed, so I made my exit. I wanted to be fucked again and in various positions. I desperately wanted my ass licked and maybe fucked so you can imagine when his cock never regained full erection my libido began to wane. When I got back to our apartment I did have a good wank. I used the handle of a spatula to insert inside my pussy as my fingers stroked my clit till I came and came. The spatula handle was just the right shape and thickness to apply pressure to my G spot and my fingers brushed my clitoris wonderfully. I even gushed at the end I was so frustrated. For the rest of the day and most of the next all I seemed to do was shop and eat. Everyone in New York is in such a rush so there was never any time for meeting any hot guys. I did see the guy I fucked a little later in the trip at the kitchen, we did chat but he was a bit stand offish which was a pity and his loss as I was feeling very horny at the time and I was wearing Stockings and a Waspie underneath my black dress. I’d even foregone any panties as I was hoping to bump into him. I’d have let him take photos I was so horny. So his loss as he missed the fuck of a lifetime. What made it even worse was when we were in the kitchen a very good looking black man came in to heat up some food. The Black guy had a feint English accent. He left as soon as his food was prepared but if soft cock hadn’t been in the kitchen I could have been impaled all afternoon on a huge black cock. White pussy and black cock do look awesome together. I went out that evening wearing what I described, but we went to a place full of couples. I took great delight in the knowledge that every guy there gave me long lingering looks and I could read the minds of all of them. They wanted to fuck me!! I know that’s a bit conceited but when some of the female partners were elbowing their partners it became too obvious what was going through the men’s minds. Just wish it was their cocks going through my pussy!! I hit the wine quite hard that night and when we left I was quite tipsy. When we got back to the apartment mum decided she was off to bed. I told her I was off to the kitchen to make myself an Irish coffee. I put my high heeled shoes back on and toddled off to the kitchen. Opening the kitchen door I found to my delight the black guy from this afternoon. He was washing his dishes from his earlier meal. I asked if he needed a hand and he thanked me but said he was nearly finished. We chatted as he finished his chores and it turns out he was visiting New York from Carlisle in England. He and his friend were over for a long weekend. I picked up his wet plate and carefully dried it with the tea towel. He thanked me again and asked how he could repay me. I just went straight for the kill.
“You can take me back to your apartment and fuck me!”
“But my roommate is there!”
“Is he black and single?”
“Yes we both are”
“Then he can fuck me also”
I couldn’t believe I was blurting these phrases out. My pussy was quivering with delight at the prospect of two black cocks. He scooped up his plates and crockery and we headed off to his apartment. My high heels were clipping along on the hardwood floor. I walked in front of him and wiggled my ass most suggestively. As he opened his door he placed the goods on the hallway table. Turning toward me, he pulled me toward him and brushed those big lips across my glossed mouth. He flicked his tongue from the slight gap and found my own. His hands ran from my waist down my thigh and a heavy sigh emanated from his mouth when his hand made contact with my suspender strap. Smiling back at him I whispered there was more beneath the dress. His hand slid my dress up my thighs and his fingers brushed the lips of my shaved pussy.
“Oh fuck a shaved white pussy!”
“I take it that you approve?”
“I’ve always wanted to fuck a Blonde white woman; I just never thought it would be with one so fucking sexy.”
I raised my arms in the air and he lifted the dress over my head. Standing before him in just my ½ cup black lace bra, PVC Waspie, Sheer black seamed stockings and High heeled shoes. He stepped back to admire the view.
“Like what you see?” I asked. The jogging bottoms he was wearing had expanded a good 10 inches. My mind went crazy at the thought of that big black cock impaling me. Then it struck me. His roommate was here and it would be two huge black cocks.
“Is your friend here and is he as gifted as you?” I asked as I put my hand inside his jogging bottoms and ran my hand up the entire length of his wide black cock.
He shouted through to the lounge.
“Winston come here a minute”
I almost orgasmed right there on the spot at the sound of the name. One of my favourite blue movies contains a black guy called Winston with an enormous cock fucking the living daylights out of two white women. Winston came into the hallway. He was over six foot with a very athletic build. Winston had a shaved head and goatee beard. I thought of that afro stubble teasing my pussylips. Carl stood next to me as Winston feasted his eyes on me standing there in my exotic lingerie with my shaved pussy on display. I stepped forward extending my hand and introduced myself to Winston. He took my hand very gently and slowly pulled toward him. Lifting my head up to meet his, he kissed me softly as his hands explored my body. Carl stood behind me and unclasped my bra. My bra fell to the floor as Carl opened the lounge door and invited me inside. I walked into the lounge, my pierced breasts swaying with every step. I swear you could hear the squelching of my pussy as the wetness increased like never before. Both guys were still in shock at the sight before them. They stood before me not knowing what to do next, so I decided to take control and issue a few instructions.
“OK Guys here’s the deal. Every hole is available, but gently at first. We can go one at a time or both together, the choice is all yours!”
“We can fuck your pussy and your ass?”
“Of course you can! And you can fuck my mouth!”
Both guys ripped at their clothes and tossed them over to the other side of the lounge.
“Put some music on guys” I insisted. Carl went over to the CD and pushed a button. A driving hip hop beat cascaded from the speakers. I began to move suggestively doing a little erotic for the boys. Both guys moved closer to me and cupped a breast each. Gyrating provocatively I took turns in kissing each guy. Two sets of fingers began to run up and down my smooth slit then digits entered my pussy. Crouching slightly to allow better access I continued my erotic dance. With the fingers in my pussy I arched my back and leant over as my mouth made contact with Carl’s huge cock. Placing my lips over the engorged shaft, I slurped noisily as the cock slid to the back of my throat. Bending over with a cock in my mouth and fingers in pussy I felt warm saliva being smeared over my ass hole. A finger was making perfect circles around my tightest of holes as I bucked against the fingers in my pussy. The cock began to slowly fuck my mouth just as a huge black finger slid inside my ass. I came there and then at the exoticness of the sensations. Winston came round to the front still with his finger in my ass. I looked to the side and saw his cock was every bit as big as Carl’s. All that was going through my mind was would I be able to accommodate both these fine specimens of black in some double penetration action. The thought of both cocks sliding in and out of my ass and pussy was bringing me to orgasm again. This time I had to remove the cock from my mouth as my orgasm was leaving me breathless. Bucking against the fingers fucking my ass and pussy I screamed for them to fuck me. Leading me over to sofa Carl sat on the cushions and lifted me onto his rampant cock. Holding round the waist where my Waspie was cinching me, he slowly dropped me onto his glorious cock. Opening my legs as wide as the position would allow I impaled myself on the throbbing black meat. Inch by inch slid inside my pussy to Carl’s cock was embedded in my pussy. I’d taken the whole length in one go. My head was spinning with sexual delight as Carl slowly thrust his cock in and out. I gyrated my hips to enjoy the full benefit of being so full of cock. Carl pulled me toward him and kissed me deeply as his hands played with my ample breasts. With Carl’s mouth locked on my mouth I felt the searing heat of Winston’s cock invade my ass hole. Slowly moving his cock forward Winston pushed his huge cock inch by inch into my inviting ass hole. My ass was gripping his cock and dragging it deeper inside. At last both cocks were impaling me. The guys let me get used to the feeling of fullness and stretching, and then took turns in sliding those cocks in and out. I came and came and came. My pussy gushed all over Carl’s cock and sprayed up his taut black stomach. Winston’s cock was being devoured by anal love juice as orgasm after orgasm shook through me. Both guys quickened the pace and began thrusting more deeply. Carl said that I was a filthy white ho and loved black cock. Winston’s was saying that my white ass looked awesome full of black cock. As thrusting intensified I came like I’ve never came before and passed out with sexual desire. Both guys unaware of my passion continued fucking me as I regained my senses I could feel that both guys would be coming soon.
“I want you both to come on my face”
The guys now were frantically fucking my holes. Carl was ramming his snake like tongue deep inside my mouth as Winston twisted my nipples wonderfully. The pain and pleasure was immense as another orgasm swept over me. Panting furiously I begged them to come on my face. Both cocks pulled out of my fucked raw orifices as I lay back on the sofa, cupping one breast in my hand as my other stroked my bruised pussy lips. Winston was first to pop. Wanking his cock furiously he approached my face. I turned my mouth toward his huge cock and took the tip of his exploding cock into my mouth. His cock had just been released from my ass and here it was now deluging what seemed like gallons of thick white spunk. With each orgasmic spurt of his cock I swirled my tongue around the huge black glans. Empty now he removed his still impressive cock from my mouth just in time for Carl to unleash his seed all over my open lips. Flicking my tongue around the rim of his glans I slurped every drop of the two black guy’s spunk and swallowed all of the delicious creamy fluid. Scr****g the residual sperm off my face I licked my fingers clean ensuring both guys witnessed the spectacle. Both guys flopped down in the chairs opposite. The naked glorious black specimens sat watching as my hands explored my body. Lying back on the sofa I opened my legs as wide as possible and dipped my whole hand inside my pussy. Fisting myself frenziedly I kept eye contact with both guys. Licking my lips I tossed my head back as the orgasm burst through my entire body. My pussy was electric now as the sexual charge surged through me. Pushing my fist ever deeper I was surprised to find Carl’s cock resting on my lips. Slipping the cock inside my mouth I grabbed the base with my hand and stroke the length as his cock grew hard in my mouth. Removing my fist from my pussy I held Carl’s buttocks and stroked the smooth black flesh. I circled a finger around his ass and then slowly dipped my fingernail inside his ass. He groaned lightly as I pushed my digit deep inside his ass. His hard cock was resting at the back of my tongue as I moved my tongue softly on the underside of his of monstrous erection. Involuntarily I swallowed as his tongue slipped down into my throat. The pressure created a slight vacuum effect as my throat gripped his pulsating cock. Breathing through my nose I Wiggled my tongue on the underside of his cock till the tip of my tongue curled and tickled his hairless black balls. He groaned with unspeakable desire as my tongue teased his balls whilst my throat vacuum sucked his enormous cock. I turned onto my knees to make this position more comfortable. Now he could slide his cock in and out of my mouth while my tongue worked his balls. Spreading my knees as wide as possible I could feel my cunt gaping as trickles of love juice ran from my pussy and slithered down to my stocking tops. I felt Winston’s hands spreading my ass cheeks as he kissed my gaping pussylips with his prominent black lips. His tongue unfurled and eased inside my pussy. The snakelike movements of his slippery tongue sent me over the edge as a spine shattering orgasm swept over me. Carl loved the sensation of my moaning in ecstasy on his cock wedged in my throat. Winston continued by licking the entire length of my shaved slit with his smooth long tongue. As he reached the rim of my ass he continued swirling his tongue around the sensitive region. Without any warning he slid his tongue deep inside my ass. I fucked his tongue as it explored my ass. Another orgasm swept over me but this time I was f***ed to remove Carl’s cock from my throat. Panting furiously on Carl’s cock I begged Winston to fuck me. Winston removed his tongue and knelt between my splayed legs. Placing his hands underneath my thighs, he lifted my legs high. His cock came into view and it looked enormous. Grabbing his cock by the base he rubbed his black pole up and down the length of my gaping slit. Easing the first couple of inches inside my cunt he then lifted his body into position then ploughed his cock deep into my pussy. His bulbous hug glans hit my cervix immediately, which opened to accept his seed. Long deep powerful strokes were the order of the day as his cock went to work on my desperate pussy. Carl’s cock now back in my throat was beginning to twitch warning me that a flood of spunk was imminent. My hand massaged his opulent testicles which were tightening ready for the unleashing of hot seed. Holding his balls with one hand, I placed my other on the base of his cock and slowly removed his glans from my throat. Stroking the length of his cock I swirled my tongue around the shiny black glans as his spunk flew from the slit quite forcibly. It seemed more than the first time as thick creamy seed landed on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Continually sucking his exploding cock, I maintained this action till his cock went flaccid. Winston was still pounding my pussy with his wonderful black manhood. Carl sat back in the chair and watched the proceedings. Widening my legs as far as they would go, I held my pierced breasts and watched Winston’s cock drive into me. I could see my pussylips stretched around the b**st of a cock. My pussylips stretched so tightly that the senses on my lips were at their peak. With each thrust an orgasm was gathering momentum. The visual and physical sensations were astounding. As my orgasm peaked, my pussy gushed fluid, spraying Winston’s cock and stomach with a warm creamy liquid. Driving my hips to meet every thrust of that magnificent cock my orgasm went multi. The sensations were uncontrollable as Winston pounded my cunt. In the onslaught of pleasure I passed out again, panting furiously almost hyper-ventilating. Winston continued to fuck me as I regained my senses and became more vocal.
Winston then asked did I want a cream pie. My orgasm gushed yet again as Winston buried his seed into my accommodating cervix. Riding his still hard cock I sneaked another little orgasm as his cock subsided and slid out of my gaping pussy. Winston lay on top of me and kissed me deeply holding me close to him as rivers of his come slid out of my pussy. Holding him close I felt a strange sense of safety even though I was almost naked and had been fucked senseless in every hole by these two black men. Something primeval took over and I felt safe. Carl gave the two of us a round of applause. He got up from his seat and leant over me to kiss me. Winston moved to one side as Carl lay on the other side of me. Both guys were kissing and nuzzling my neck as they both played with my breasts and pussy. We lay like this for what seemed a half hour. I thought I should break the ice so I said I would have to go now. Both guys took turns in helping me dress, and once dressed they both spent a long while giving me a goodbye kiss and an inevitable grope. I gave both guys my number and said if they were ever in my area to look me up and we could have a re-run. Both guys smiled and said they would make the effort to be in my area. Saying our final goodbyes we all had one last lingering kiss and grope. I walked out of the apartment on a sexual high as come was dribbling down my thigh and gathering on my stocking tops. What an absolutely fantastic fuck that turned out to be. It was so erotically charged. I’ve never passed out from passion before. My pussylips were still puffed and swollen two days later and I’ve no idea how much spunk those guys produced but it dribbled out of me continuously during my trip. I slept well the night I got fucked by them and I kept my stockings and Waspie on for bed as a reminder of how wonderful the night had been. In the morning you could see the dried semen on my stocking tops and you could distinctly smell the scent of sex. I had to play with my raw pussy for a while to calm me down. For the remaining two days in New York, every step I took my puffed pussylips would rub together and I’d eventually have a mini orgasm. I must have looked like the happiest person in New York. On the plane home his spunk was still dribbling out of my pussy. I do hope they both get in contact as every time I watch the porn movie with Winston fucking the two girls I have to bring myself off at the memory of my wonderful New York fuck!!! I even kept the come stained stockings and I’ll give one to each of them if we meet again as a memento. I will definitely video our escapades if they do show up. Maybe, just maybe, you could hold the camera?

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