For Rebecca: two

Stefan drove home after a long day of researching the Napoleonic wars for some lazy author’s new book. He couldn’t wait to get home and relax with his longtime girlfriend Rebecca. He remembered what she had aid last night.
“My friend Katie is stopping by tomorrow night, so you better be on your best behavior”. Something about how she said that kept bouncing around his head. Tonight was supposed to be their sex night where he was to be the sub to her dom. She knew how much he needed this but she insisted on hanging out with her friends. It bothered him a little, but he could wait until her friend left. Besides she would probably be nice and d***k by the time Katie left. Thinking of all the nasty things they were going to do tonight got him hard. Before he knew it he was home. He quickly tugged his boner into his shorts and walked inside.
“Becky, I’m home!” Stefan yelled. He paused for several seconds but no one answered him. Strange, he thought to himself, I thought Becky would be home by now. He walked into the kitchen to grab himself a beer. As soon as he popped the cap he heard a thud upstairs. As he went to investigate he heard the obvious sounds of sex coming from the master bedroom. Low moans passed down the hall as he slowly crept to his bedroom. The door had been left open only a crack but that was all he needed to spy inside. On his master bed was Katie eating out Rebecca. Rebecca was obviously in the throes of an orgasm, her head was thrown back and her legs were tightly gripping onto Katie’s head. Seeing this Stefan became instantly hard. It had always been his fantasy to see his wife with another woman, now here it was laid out before him. He took out his cock and began to silently stroke it. Now the two women were kissing passionately, their tongues intertwined in an orgy of pleasure. Both of their hands focused on each other’s pussy, they hardly seemed to notice Stefan. In a blink of an eye their legs were intertwined as well. They began to move their hips together rubbing their pussys against each other. They broke their kiss and leaned back to put more f***e into rubbing against each other. Stefan could not believe what he was seeing, his girlfriend and her friend were scissoring on their bed. It was a dream come true. They went on like that for several minutes before Katie pulled away her orgasm too powerful for her. She lay on the bed for several minutes with Becky stroking her hair.
“I have something I think you’ll like”, said Rebecca with a slight grin on her face. She reached into her drawer and pulled out a big black strap on. The strap on must have been ten inches long and two inches across, far bigger than Katie had ever taken. Katie stared at it with amazement tinted with fear.
“You want to stick that thing inside of me?” she cried incredulously. “No way is that thing goanna fit inside of me!”
“Don’t worry Katie, I’ll be gentle.” Rebecca said reassuringly. Katie looked over to her lifelong friend and sighed. “Fine just be gentle.” She said as she went to all fours and stuck her ass in the air waiting for that big fat cock to penetrate her. Becky looked over to the door and winked. Stefan saw this and smiled to himself. Becky slowly approached her from behind and lovingly slid the tip of the humungous dildo into her friend. Katie elicited a small gasp but said nothing as Becky continued to slide the whole thing inside of her. “You like the way this big cock feels in your tight pussy?”
“Oh god I fucking love it!” She screamed in ecstasy.
“Good”, said Becky, “Now fuck it like you mean it” as she said this she pulled the dildo almost all the way out until just the head was inside Katie. Katie’s ass bounced on the dick taking almost all of it inside of her. Katie was fucking like an a****l in heat. Becky pulled out of her and laid on the bed waiting for Katie to pounce. Katie jumped on top of Becky and plunged the whole length of the dildo inside of her , moaning softly while doing so. Her hips began to go buck wild, wanting every inch of the hard cock inside of her.
“I’m cumming” She cried. Stefan could no longer hold back and released his sperm at the same time as Katie came. Katie slowly got off and collapsed next to her friend. There they laid until Becky called out “Come on Stefan.” Startled by her sudden call he had no choice but to walk in. Katie didn’t look the least bit surprised by his entrance. Which was surprising in and of itself.
“You two planned this didn’t you?” Stefan said, almost not believing his luck.
“Sort of” Katie explained, “Becky told me how much you wanted to see her with another girl, so I jumped at the chance.”
“Now that you’ve had your show its time to get down to business, come here.” She commanded. He slowly crossed the room pulling off another article of clothing with each step. By the time he got to the bed he was naked and very hard.
“Now let’s put that to good use” said Becky as Katie began to put on the strap on. Before Katie could barely move Becky climbed on top of her and began to fuck herself. Becky looked back at Stefan and said in a low sensual voice “Fuck my ass.” That was all Stefan needed. He grabbed the lube and worked his fingers into her ass making sure it was nice and lubed up. Then he stuck the head of his cock in her ass pushing past her sphincter. The three matched their strokes to get the maximum penetration. Becky lay atop Katie to allow Stefan to fully penetrate her. Their collective moans filled the house. Pretty soon Becky began to cry out “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” Stefan could hold back no longer and came deep inside Becky’s asshole. The three laid there all tangled up. Stefan pulled out of Becky and saw his cum ooze out of her ass and slide down the strap on.
“Don’t think I’ve forgotten that tonight it’s your turn to be the sub.” Becky said reproachfully. Stefan knew exactly what she wanted and dutifully laid on the bed pulling his legs in the air. “Good boy” Becky said as she lubed up the strap on. She then began to finger fuck his ass spreading the lube inside of him. Pretty soon she slowly began to work the strap on into his tight ass. Meanwhile Katie spread her legs and sat on top of Stefan’s face. Stefan moaned and groaned into her pussy as Becky began to really fuck him, forcing the entire dildo up his ass. Faster and faster she fucked him. Katie began to stroke his cock matching the strokes of Becky. Stefan’s cock was bigger than it had ever been and was ready to burst. He could no longer hold back and said “I’m goanna cum.” At the moment Katie began to suck his cock, this sent him over the edge and he had a massive orgasm. Katie began to make out with Becky, swapping Stefan’s cum. Becky pulled out Stefan and crawled up next to him, as did Katie. The three fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

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