Trapped - Part 1

This is a story of a married woman named Mona. Who was mother of one and her husband worked at a respectable position. Her husband had to travel a lot. She was 35 years old and her husband was 43. She kept herself well maintained. Her sizes where 36 32 36. 5 4’ in height. She was very beautiful and sexy MILF. She was a very honest lady towards her husband. Her husband was the first in her life regarding sex. She had a high sex urge but she controlled her urge and was honest with her husband. But she was never satisfied with her husband. As her husband was not much interested. They used to have sex in dark, as her husband was a bit religious. Due to his age his interest in sew was very low. She also used to work in an organization for passing time. She used to wear decent but a bit exposing clothes.

Her office was not much crowded. The washroom of the office was a bit separate from the building. There was a sweeper who was a black guy in the washroom area who used to stare her a lot. He was a tall and strong guy. She sometimes even used to be embarrassed by his stares. Once when she was in the washroom he brushed her ass twice, but she ignored it as she didn’t want to create a scene. But this attitude made the sweeper bolder. Once when she was working late in office. She headed towards the washroom. That day she was wearing a fitting skirt which was reaching almost her knee and a shirt.

As she was washing her face she saw the sweeper standing behind with a weird smile. As she was about to leave, the sweeper pinched her ass. Due to which she shouted OUCH and turned and slapped him hard. Due to that slap he became very angry and just caught her hand and dragged her into a washroom cabin, locked the door and caught her hands on her back and pressed her hard on the wall. Her ass was facing him. He was looking angry and in real hurry to taste Mona. Next Mona, he took her skirt and guided it above her waist. Now her bright white firm ass was visible under a black thong panty. It just took him seconds to take that panty till her knees. Now he was having clear view of Mona’s holes. Mona was in a panic situation and was trying her level best to get free but all her resistance went into vail in front of the black guy’s power. The sweeper gave few hard spanks on her firm ass and started directing his fingers into her pussy. Most embarrassing for her was she was already wet and this gave the sweeper more advantage. She was really frightened and started to shout. He kept on fingering her using his 2 fingers.

Mona was having a feeling of a normal size dick in her pussy. His fingers where really big and fat. After few minutes Mona’s body started trembling and she had an orgasm. It was looking from her face that she does not like it, but guesses she was. The sweeper quickly took out a cloth strip and tied her hands behind. Then he made her sit on the pot and started removing his jeans. When Mona reacted he gave her a nice hard slap which made her see stars in day light. He started unbuttoning her shirt, made her bra go up and started rubbing her boob’s nipples and sucking them. He was twisting her nipples in his fingers which were making her moan in pain and pleasure. Then took their jeans off. Mona was stunned looking at his semi grown cock. It was big, very big. Pain in her body had started growing and tears in her eyes.

He guided his cock right into her mouth. Her hands were tied so she was not being able to protect herself. He caught her hears and banged his cock inside her mouth. He carried on fucking her mouth till him cummed inside her mouth. It all came out of her mouth onto her dress. Then suddenly there was voice from outside. Which panicked the guy and he wore his trousers and untied Mona’s hand and left. He came back and made Mona’s legs in air. She started resisting as she thought he is about to fuck her. But he harshly took her panty out and took it away. Mona was still on the bathroom floor and was trying to recover. She got up and washed her face. Covered her body. All the way she was crying. Cleaned her clothes as much she could. Took the car keys and drove back home. All night she kept on thinking about the incident and was very confused about her likeness. She slept with quite unwanted satisfaction that night.

She started her next day with same routine. Avoided going to washroom for 2 3 days. Saw the sweeper working and giving smiles to her. She used to see the sweeper here and there and more afraid when she starting seeing him following her in streets or super markets etc. After 4 days at home she was alone as her hubby was on a tour and k** was at her moms place. She was thinking of that cock and was getting horny. She was thinking about the size the strength and after a while she saw that she saw wet. That guys thought is making her wet. She got up and went for a nice shower. Then she decided to hit the club and have few drinks. She used to go there with her hubby for few drinks. She was not a good drinker. She a skirt much above her knees, heels panty and bra.

When she reached the club, there were not many women there. Especially single ones. It was a weekday. She called on for vodka. After drinking it she was being a bit tipsy. She went towards the washroom for a pee when she was a guy and girl kissing each other. This made Mona more hot. She pee and came back. At that time a guy (John) came and offered her a drink. She was about to leave but she accepted it. After having two more drinks. She stared feeling his hands on her thighs and back massaging her body. She started feeling awkward and she was feeling d***k and wanted to leave for home. She came back home and slept.
Next day morning she woke up and started her chores of work. She came to the balcony for a coffee and was stunned to see the sweeper standing at her garden. She was very afraid and at the same time had horny feelings. She thought many times what to do about him but she didn’t come to a conclusion. So she decided to meet him once and ask him what he wants. She woke up next morning and got ready for office. She had controlled her urges and had made sure to ask him what he wants.

She reached office and started her work. She saw the sweeper moving towards the lobby. She quickly went behind him to stop him.

Mona: hey stop
Sweeper: yes
Mona: I want to ask you something
Sweeper: sure
Mona: what do you want?
Sweeper: do you want me to be straight?
Mona: yes
Sweeper: want one more panty of yours.
Mona was willing to slap him again but she controlled herself.
Mona: that can’t happen again. If you need some money, I can give you and then finish this.
Sweeper: hahahahaha. I have more ways to earn money. I just want one more of your panty.
Mona: ok I that's it I will bring one tomorrow.
Sweeper: no, I want you to remove in front of me.
Mona feared now and said
Mona: that can’t happen
Sweeper: then see what more can happen
Then in a hurry the sweeper told
Sweeper: see me after 6 pm in the washroom we can talk in detail there and solve the problem.

Mona just turned and went to her seat thinking what she should do. She didn’t have much choice. At 6 pm there would be almost no one in the office and she thought it might be a good time to meet him and settle all the matters. At last it was 6 pm.

She thought a bit and headed towards the washroom. As she reached she found no one there. She waited and after 5 mins the sweeper came and hurried her into a side changing room for the sweepers. She stood still there in the room. It was a small room. She was scared a bit.

Sweeper: should we start.
Mona: so should I give you the panty?
Sweeper: I will take it myself sweety.

She was wearing a fitting trouser and a sleeveless shirt. She didn’t know that she will be in this state. Due to her trouser the sweeper will have to remove her trouser completely to get to her panty. Mona was not feeling comfortable at all when he came near her. She wanted to run away but she thought it might be end of her humiliation. The sweeper came forward and kept his hand on her waist. A chill ran over her body. He was slowly massaging her waist. Mona kept on looking downwards. She was scared seeing his eyes. The sweeper then started rolling her shirt up. She closed her eyes. Then he lowered her trouser very little so that her panty could be visible. He started kissing her neck to which Mona resisted by shaking her head. That’s all what she could do. She was in a state of confussion whether to stop it or enjoy it. But she was starving for it. While kissing her neck cheeks, he was playing with the elastic of her panty. Then suddenly he inserted his hand inside her panty touching her pussy. She gave a prompt resistence but infront of his power, her power couldn’t do much. She started with deep breaths when the sweeper started maasaging and fingering her pussy. Her eyes where closed and she was enjoying it the most with moans. The sweeper was taking complete advantage of her condition. After few minutes her body started trembling. It carried on for about a min. after Mona taking a long breath, the sweeper felt her wetness and started removing her shoes. Then goes down her trouser. and in a flip her panty’s wheir in his hands. Mona regained some senses and tried to wear back her trouser. but at the time the sweeper steped and said:

Sweeper: I want to have more fun
Mona: no that’s it. You have had what you want. Now leave me.
Sweeper: but I want more otherwise I wont leave you.
Mona: what more do you want?
Sweeper: I want your pussy. I want to taste it. And I know you want me to do it.
Mona: no I don’t please leave me.

The sweeper started kissing her. One hand on her pussy, the other on her hairs. Mona’s tears starting falling and was protesting. This carried on for 15 mins. Mona’s resistance had reduced. Her hands where free falling. Then he left her and caugth her hand and said

Sweeper: lets go to the car
Mona: no
Sweeper: come on ( he dragged her)
Mona: please. Atleast let me wear my trouser.
Sweeper: leave it. Your shirt is enough to hide your ass.

Sweeper gathered her clothes and dragged her towards her car. She was extremely ashammed. She was walking back to her car in only her shirt and of her clothes where in the hands of his office sweeper. He got her in the car. Took hold of the driving seat. And started driving. Quickly he stopped at a bar’s parking and came back on the back seat towards mona. Sweeper started with her breasts, he touched her breast and squeezed them gently. Mona sizzled and shivered at his touch. He quickly removed her shirt and bra. Strangely there was not abit of resistence from Mona. He then rolled her nipple between his fingers until they become rock hard. He played with her soft breasts and firm nipples for minutes, and then leant forward to lick it. He started rubbing his tongue on her nipple, tasting her sweet flesh. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Mona approved as she felt his wet tongue lick all over her sensitive nipples.

He played with her lips. She had beautiful red lips and Sweeper used his fingers to caress them properly before he started kissing and sucking it. He squeezed her cheek to turn her lips in a pout and then started sucking it. He used a lot of tongue too as he licked her lips and then occasionally her cheeks and then her lips. Mona wriggled slightly in pain when he took her lower lips and bit on it intentionally.

Then Sweeper the started brushing his tongue over her nipples. He did this continuously until he took it in his mouth and started sucking. Mona shifted in excitement and her whole body started shaking in pleasure. Both he enjoyed seeing the way she was getting turned on and continued teasing her more. Sweeper continued sucking her nipples while he held her breasts firmly and squeezed it hard for more pleasure.

Sweeper again sucked, licked, and bit her lips, and he also pushed his tongue in her mouth to explore her from inside. He put his tongue in and then licked her tongue. She responded too and both of them played with her tongue. Mona now wanted them to attend to her pussy which was getting sore with a need for a manly touch.

He realised this too, and he asked her to spread her legs. Sweeper held her thigh and pulled her legs wide open. Mona’s legs now were at 90 degrees with her body with both the thighs in a straight line from one side to the other. It opened her private parts up and her cunt felt the fresh cold air of the air condition.

Sweeper held both of her breasts and started squeezing them hard. He pressed and pinched the other nipple while he sucked the other. He took it between his lips and nibbled at it. Sweeper however went down at her crotch with one hand. He placed his palm over her recently shaved vagina and started rubbing gently.
A chill ran down her body as Sweeper’s palm touched her recently shaved parts. The cold touch on her bare skin shot spasms within her body. She clutched on the pillow and threw her head back in excitement. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh....Nnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Sssssssssssssss....Yesssssssssssssssssssssss” She moaned as the he continued working on her breast and her vagina.
Sudeenly he stopped and asked Mona to go to her home and enjoy the rest. But she was not willing at all to take him and show him her home. They had a long quarrel and Mona was on fire. So they decided to go to her home. But he will not enter her house. They would be in the garage room only in the car. They reached home.

Sweeper started with a gentle rub but then gradually varied his pace and motion over her vagina. Mona was going crazy. She thrust her hips automatically along his hand movement. His finger often brushed the sensitive parts of her cunt, and she squealed in pleasure whenever that happened. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned whenever his finger brushes past her labia or clitoris.
She moved her hips up and down, left and right along with his hands to keep him rubbing on her itching cunt. “Yasssssss...Yesssssss....Ahhhhhhhhhhyessssssssssssssssss....” She continued moaning harder as the two made it difficult for her to control. She threw her arms madly and banged them against the bed, shook her legs like a lunatic. Her entire body was trembling with pleasure as she came near to an orgasm.
Her cunt was already moist and it was becoming rapidly wet too. Sweeper’s fingers glistened with her juices as he continued rubbing her cunt. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and grunted helplessly like a bitch as they drove her near to an orgasm. Her muscles ached as she stiffened and straightened her body. She turned sideways and arched like a bow. She felt the dam break loose within and she remained arched up like that.

She wanted to use the washroom and she went inside her house. Without knowing that the sweerper is following her. As she came out of the washroom she saw the sweeper standing at her room door.
Sweeper locked the room from inside and started taking his clothes off. He kept his eyes on the desolate figure standing in front. Mona was breathing heavily, her eyes were closed, and her face blushed in embarrassment and pleasure. She looked very adorable like that. Sweeper got rid of his clothes quickly and jumped back at her. He started kissing all over her body. Starting at her stomach and then slowly going up towards her face.

He kissed all around her neck and shoulder and then started kissing her lips. Mona too responded back by hugging him tightly and kissing him back. As Sweeper climbed on top of her, his cock rubbed against her crotch and she felt the chill again. She wrapped her legs around his butt and then continued kissing him intently. Both stayed locked like that and kissed and sucked each other’s lips for almost half an hour.
Mona was turned on again. She was ready for another orgasm. She pulled her legs back and spread them, allowing him to settle between her legs. Sweeper started rubbing his cock on her vagina. His shaft was nicely placed over her labia and it was rubbing it nicely. Her cunt become wet very quickly again and she started longing for his cock.

Sweeper lifted his ass a little to adjust his tool. He lined up the head with her vaginal opening and then moved his waist to rub his cock all around her pussy. Slowly the cock head pushed against a soft, wet flesh. Sweeper pushed a bit more and his cock rubbed her soft skin and dipped inside smoothly.
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned in an initial pain as his cock started going inside slowly, while rubbing against the sensitive skin of her tight vagina. Sweeper had a 7 inches cock but with average thickness. And so she didn’t felt much discomfort, but being recently married, her cunt havened loosened up greatly yet. She clinched at him and hugged him tightly. She moaned as his cock continued moving in until it was completely fitted inside.
Sweeper paused once his cock was fully in. He had had his upper body raised, supported by his hands which were at either side of her. She had clinched on to him when he was pushing his cock in her tight cunt, and hence she too had to raise her upper torso up. Finally when Sweeper paused, she collapsed back on the bed. Her eyes were closed, she had beads of sweat on her forehead, and her face grimaced in the pain.

Sweeper leant forward and kissed on her lips. Mona smiled as the initial pain slowly eased away and she readied herself for the one to come. Sweeper stood paused waiting for her to be comfortable. The look at her face eased and she smiled back at her. She was breathing heavily but managed to nod at her as a signal to go ahead.
Sweeper smiled as he slowly started pulling his cock out of her cunt. Mona grimaced once again, and then suddenly he pushed it back again. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as the pain rushed back. She felt relieved whenever the cock was pulled outwards and was in pain again as he pushed it back Sweeper continued this to and fro movement as she started moaning in a mix of pain and pleasure.

She hugged her tightly, with her arms wrapped around her. “Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm....mmmmmm....mmmmmm...mmmmmm....mmmmmm....mmmmm...” she moaned with each strokes. Sweeper gradually increased the pace, and with it her moans increased too. And soon he was fucking her hard and fast.
Sweeper continued like that for almost half an hour, and by the end of it she was squealing like a goat. She no longer moaned with each strokes but moaned in a continuous tone. “Annnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhnnnnnhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhnnnnnnn” she kept doing without any pause as she neared her second orgasm. Her lips and throats were getting dry and she was exhausted like hell. Never before she had had two orgasms in a day, or had been fucked or played with so long.
Sweeper too was getting high by the noises she was making. He continued kissing all around her face and body while his waist kept her at the edge. He continued fucking her hard as his cock too started building for the climax.

Mona stopped moaning and started grunting as she realised how close she was from explosion. She felt like the bowl of milk which was about to be over-boiled. It had already blown up to its highest limit and was now about to burst. She wrapped her legs around her ass to keep him tightly in her cunt. Sweeper raised his upper body again and continued thrusting hard.
He looked at her face and it said all. Her face was begging for the orgasm, he held her by her hairs and started grunting himself. He was terribly close to his climax. He closed his eyes and felt a trance as his cum slowly started to build up in his cock. Mona gritted her teeth as her control gave up. She wrapped her legs more tightly as juices started flowing down her cunt. It flooded her from inside and she was swept away in a magical feeling.

Sweeper too felt her orgasms. He felt his cock suddenly become wet with a warm stream of juices. It was enough to set him off. And he too exploded in a wild orgasm of his own. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Mona moaned as she felt his thick load of cum filling her from inside and she lay back letting herself relax and enjoy the feel of his seeds spread within her body.
Sweeper stood stiffened like that until his cock spit out the entire load, and then it lost its hardness and he collapsed beside her. They had started around at 6 PM and it was almost 1:30 AM when they finished. Both were dead exhausted and dozed off immediately. Mona thought for a second to clean herself but found herself too tired to walk up to the bathroom. And soon the night dawned at them and swept them within a dark robe of sl**p.

Next morning was terrible for Mona. She woke up at about 11 in the morning. Her first instinct was to remember what happened last night. As she got up she found a black man sl**ping with her in bed where her husband used to sl**p. Mona was still sitting on the bed and was trying to console herself looking at his dick. She found her pussy drenched and messy with her and sweepers cum. Her hairs where totally out of shape. Bite marks on her boobs. Ass was spanked red. She went to the washroom, just washed her face, wore a panty and shirt on top and came back to the room. She started waking the guy up. She directed him to leave the house. He went to the washroom to freshen up. Meanwhile the sweeper came out dressed and gave her a kiss. She didn’t respond much. Then he said:

Sweeper: sweety don’t be sad. I will be back.
Mona: why? Please don’t. you have got what you wanted now please stop it.
Sweeper: hahaha. You stop it slut. I now you liked it. I will be back. Do be ready.

Sweeper turned and moved back out of the house. Sweeper came back and showed her the visiting card of her husband. Sweeper said if you don’t show up, then I will have to tell him what you have been doing on his back. Then he came towards Mona, made her sit on the sofa. Mona was feeling like he wants another session. As she sat on the sofa. He moved his hands towards her waist and started massaging her body. He started kissing her. He moved his hand towards her pussy and slowly started massaging. Mona had again started trembling with her closed eyes. Within minutes Mona felt a wave inside her and she was wet again. Sweeper smiled to her and then gently took of her panty. He smilingly took away her panty and then he left. Mona cried for a while on the bed. Gained some power and then moved towards the washroom. She freshened up and continuously thought of the evening.

She was relieved with the fuck. As it was her first experience and her body was requiring it. But being an honest wife she never tried it. She started cleaning her house. she cleaned her room and then thougth of cleaning the garage. In the car she saw her bra on the foot step her trouser on the front seat, shirt on the back seat. Spot marks on the seat covers. Her panty was not there, it was taken by the sweeper. She collected all.

She sat in the lounge and was chilling. It was 9 pm when she thought of going for a sl**p. When her mobile rang. It was an unknown number. After receiving she found out it was the sweeper.

Continued ....
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