My Very First

She was older then me but younger then my mother by some years through still very attractive. We were staanding in my apartment as I hung up her coat... this guy from work dared me to ask her if she wanted to go home with me and to my surprise she accepted.

I was 22 nd still a virgin. I mean I had never been joined to a woman though I'd seen plenty of naked women in mags, movies and strip clubs but I had yet to enter one.

We had a beer which loosened me up some but I was still very nervous and I am sure she knew it.. yet I kissed her and we did so again then I felt her tongue going into my mouth to which I recipicated. My cock was getting swollen.

"Hold me close," she whispered in my ear and I pressed her into me feeling her breast pressing against my chest... the layers of cloth could not conceal the fact that her nipples were hard and I could not believe I was turning her on.

At last we sat on the couch beginning to kiss and hug. I risked touching the side of her breast recieving a sigh instead of the slap I expected. Growing bolder I placed my hand on the from of one and massaed it, "Oh! Oh!," she sighed. Growing more nervous, more excited and more bold I fumbled with her blouse finally opening a couple of buttons and exposing her glorious cleveage.

My mouth was so dry and my heart beat so fast I thought I'd pass out when I hear, "Do you want me to remove it?" but she didn't wait for an answer as she removed her breast from the cups exposing them and then deftly removing the garment. "Touch them, please," I heard soewhere in a tunnel as my shaking hands touched her warm soft flesh. I kissed her and then circled her nipple with a finger like I saw in a "blue" movie not expecting her to gasp and as we kissed and asking, "Do that to the other one, please" and so I did with my cock so hard I thought it was going to break and needing to get out of my pants...BUT, I had never taken my pant off in front of a woman - well, at least since a was a tiny little boy - and I'll admit I was acared yet it hurt.

"can I touch you?" she asked with a "ssssssuuuuuuurrrreeee" staggering out and not knowing what to expect. She undid my shite pulling it out of my trousers and her hand glanced my bulge but the didn't open the zipper. "Would you suck my breast?" Did she really say that? I think so and so my lips went to her nipples and I began to suck as I heard her "Oh, Ah, OOhh!!"

I had never gone this far before yet I want to go farther so I placed my hand on her kneee eding it up not knowing what to expect... she parted her legs slightly... I thought I'd have a heart attack my heart was racing so hard as my hand reached mid thigh with no resistance even as I kissed her breast.."AAhhAAhh," muttered.. so I went higher and higher till I fwlt the cloth of her panties. I was damp.

She parted her legs more and when she did that is when I got my first real scent of a woman's arousal it was pungent, sweet and intoxicating. Then she lifter her butt slightly so I could slide my hand under her then WHAM! - the heat of her pussy enveloped my fingers thriugh her panties.

"Can we lay down to be more comfortable?" she asked: CRUCH TIME had come.. "Yeah, sure" leading her to the bedroom standing there dumbfounded as she pulled the covers back with her breast hanging down smiling at me.. "Karen," I said, "Yes, what is it," she answered... I felt flushed not knowing what to say finally muttering, "I...I...I never have had a woman before... I mean had sex.." Seeing her smile she reached out her had saying, "I feel privledged then," then tuggin me down to the bed she begins to kisss me.

Kneeling on the bed she takes my hand placing them on her hips, "Honey, remove my panties," as I tug them down seeing her womanhood come into view I gasped for breath... it was the most beautiful sight I had seen ... I full life it was much more pretty then a picture so after I stared a bit she sat and took them off parting her legs as another breeze of her love juice came up to meet me..

"Mind?" as she lifter on one elbow undoing my belt, then opening the waistband button then pulling down the zipper. I admit I was in a state of shock which I anm sure she felt but she didn't say anything bad rather she bouyed my confidence when she saw the bulg under my shorts, "Your mama should be proud of you," running her hand over it... then pulling them off she return to touch me, "You don't mind do you? Some guys do." "No it feels very good," as she gently strokes my cock then ask, "Please feel me?"

By this time my heart had slowed down adnd being naked in front of her actually made me feel better especially when my hand went up and into her crotch... her cunt was sopping wet and my fingers became saturated with her love juice. "Honey, find my non and play with me.." soo I went searching having a vague idea where it was from blue movies.. finally I found it, "AAAHHHHAAAAHHH!!!!... you found it" she cried... "Now roll it between your fingers, excite me...Oh Oh!!!! you sure you never had a woman?" as my confidence grew.."May I do something else. Karen?" "What do you have in mind?" "I want to lick you," and begand to lick her knob... the first pussy I ever ate and did it feel good; but what felt better was what it was doi ng to her..

She twisted, and turned, arched her back, cried out, Yes. Oh it feels good, Oh, bit it harder...yes!! harder!! finger fuck me, please.. yes..put your tongue in me..OOOOoooooooOOOOOOoooo... You've loved a woman before you naughty man... you eat pussy so good... bite it, lick it I am just about there..harder finer fuck me hard..Yes, Yes, it feels so good," then she screams so loud I worried for a moment that the people above me might call the cops... just a minure though, "OOOOhhhhhhOOOHHHH AAAAGGGHHHHAAAAAGGGHHH" arching her back high then pushing me back and covering her pussy with her hands ... Breathing heavy... "You gave me an orgasm!" she said catching her breath, "First one I've had in a long time," she's still breathing heavily and I am wondering what I did to her.."You sure you've never had a woam?!?" "Yes, I never had sex with a woman,"

"OK, I believe you but barely.." then, "I need to rest then you can have me,"

My cock was still and hard as I layed back thinking, "Wow, that what happens when a woman has an orgasm...Awesome!" and, "Damn, that was fun,"

I feel a hand on my shoulder, "My lover," she says come to me and with that her legs open and I get inbetween... she guides me in and oh,, did it feel good to feel her orfice close in around my cock even as her heat and wettnes soaked it I made one thrust and came inside her..."Sorry," "It's OK," then being as reassuring as can be she says,, "Relax, calm down," as she stroked it and it a manute or less it was hard again, "Put it back in," and in it went and we humped for a few minutes before I came inside her again..

We rolled over and talked and kissed a pressing our nude bodies together feeling her heat on the balls and cock and getting hard once more but much more relaxed this time I slide it in and we are joined for some time till I cum in her a third time... then we sl**p.

Next mornign after we clean up and eat she ask, "Tell me the truth, do not lie tp me! Was I the first wonam you ever had?" "Looking her full in the eyes I say, "Yes you were," kissing her and feeling my cock beginning to get swollen she then ask, "Can I come back again?" to which I reply, "Yes," and then I take her home... were fucked three or four times after that then we lost track of each other. But I have never really forgot her and I would like to have her again.

86% (10/2)
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