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Licking Pussy

I like to be slow and methodical about it. Assuming the females is already nude, I like to kiss slowly up the inside of each thigh all the way up but not kissing the cunt lips yet. Shifting attention I will then kiss from your breast, ladies, down to your naval, then kiss arpound the naval till I reach your "triangl." Then kiss across the top then down each side.

By this time your should be pretty close to being beside yourself with this teasing. Then going down between your legs, I let my tongue open your pussy lips as I go from the top to the bottom. Then Going back to the top, I finf that love button and lick it this way then that as I insert first one finger then two into your pussy fucking you... I let my lips bite the clit and suck on it taking into account your instructions: "Lick it harder" or "Bite it" or "Finger fuck me" or whatever... when you are good and wet, will will go back down to your love canal a thrusting my tongue insideas I let my figers play with your clit.. then I may finger fuck you more licking the honey off t=before licking inside once more.

I will keep attention of your movements and your instructions to see what is pleasing you. Generally I go back to the clit to lick and suck it as I finger fuck you hard using two fingers... at this point many of you will reach orgasm arching your back and thrashing cying out and some even cover their pussy cause they cannot take anymore just then.

The objective is to make you have a real intense orgasm. To give you maximum pleasure and to endear you to me. If you are satisfied sexually you will come back for more.
Posted by needingitbad 2 years ago
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