What Are You Hiding?

It began as a regular sort of day the usual two mugs of coffee with half teaspoon of sugar and French Vanilia Creamer, beard trim, shower, checking the internet to see if any lovelies messaged me overnight then looking at the political blogs on CNN to get my bl**d raised, then off to work.

Or so I thought.

Door unlocked, check. Key in igniation, check. In Park, check, Turn key.... what!?!? Click, click, click... Damn. And damn again.

Well, there no time to do anything but catch the bus since I cannot be late this morning. Sales meeting and the Regional is coming down to give us a pep talk (usual BS, but cannot be helped)and its mandatory.

Walking fast to the "Stop" I find that I've made it in time. Maybe a few minutes late but the Czar is always late, I swear the man will miss his own funeral; so, we're OK.

What this? A woman. Not just any woman but one who could stop a run-a-way truck. Lord, low cut blouse and high skirt, dark nylons and spike heels: she's a public health threat causing men to have heart attacks looking at her. But, how do you keep your eyes off?

Oh! She caught me looking at her... well, she'll just turn her head and ignore me, old enough to be her father: she's smiling at me! Now why did she do that sitting down letting her skirt hike up... damn brillant view> Oh! she sees me staring and she's smiling.

Probably conceited though. Beautiful and she knows it. Probably married anyway, but I don't see a ring on her left hand: still - Darn her! I am getting aroused. She still smiling at me...what, she moved on the bench to give me room. Mercy, well here it goes.

"May I Miss?" "Yes," she replies, ""Nice to be asked for once, Finding a gentleman is rare." "Thank you for the compliment, ma'am." She turns toward me and... and, there is a view right down her clevage, the breast are beautiful..she saw me staring down, well she know men I am sure.

"I haven't seen you here before," she ask taking a shawl and covering her attribures from view, "Are you new to the neighborhood?" "No, actually I've been here quite a few years, usually drive to work but the battery is dead thos morning," I answer. "Sorry to hear that," she repiels and I say, "Well it happens. I am Don. You?" "Lisa," holding out her hand.. What possessed me to do .that, I kissed her hand. "Oh dear," then giggeling, "I feel like a lady," she say looking embarassed, "Well you are a lady. So you should feel like one."

We were silent for a bit after that which was just as good cause even her voice was send bl**d to my member. At last, the rumble of the diesel could be heard and the smell of the exhaust and with that the appearence of the bus.

I paid her fare.. why, I didn't realize I did it. "Thank you, sir," she says as she sits opposite me on the front two bench seats. She crosses her legs and I get a flash of her panties - unintentional I guess - but the sight send day dreams rushing into my mind. My cock is getting hard so I take my briefcase off the floor nd put it in my lap... she notices.

"Are you married?" Huh? What? "Don, are you married," "No, Lisa, I am divorced," I say somewhat bewildered, "Sorry to hear that." After a bit she ask, "When did it end?" then adding, "if its none of my business, it's OK." "No problem, five years ago last March," then adding, "She wanted out,"
"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked," she replies.. ackward now, she shifts a bit looking down so I ask, "Are you attached?" "No, my boyfriend cheated on me," now looking sad I feel ackward... Thank goodness my stop.

"Oops!" as we bump into each other and her breast touch me chest. My cock is harder now and the briefcase is in front. She norices smiling. I let her in front as a gentleman should a lady and see she's got a sweet round ass. We both step down onto the walk and she's going the same direction I am.

I reach the office building starting up the few steps and, what is this, she is as well. Turning with a big smile, "Yopu work hear?" "Yes, I am a sales man for United Electrical Industries on the 20th. Floor," "Oh we're neighbors!" "Huh?" I work "Timison, Barkley, and Jenson, Attorney's" next door to you. Do you know Julie in your office?" "Yes," I say in reply as we walk across the vestibl toward the elevators, "She's our receptionist." "We have lunch together sometimes," she says as I punch the up button and realize that her perfume is intoxicating me.. "I take the 5:30 bus home, will I see you tonight?" "Yes," my cock is throbbing but there's time to make it into the men's room, then turning toward me in the car she says "You're a nice man, I am glad we met. Then kneeing my briefcase as if to say "What are you hiding?" she gives me a peck on the check and turns around saying, "Looking for you tonight at the bus stop Don" giggling she walk away shaking her $100 million dollar ass - on purpose!

Oh my cock is hard...
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2 years ago
very nice,and a sudden rush of blood to head :)