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[Story] The Ballgame

For being a little town nestled into the hills the roads were as twisting and turning as I have ever seen. The scenery was beautiful if you could take it in for keeping your eye on the road. But eventually we arrived to a clearing in the woods with a double wide and a garage tucked neatly out of view from the main road.

They must have been waiting for I no sooner pulled into the yard when Amy and her son appear out the door headed for the car. He was an image of his ma but unmistakeably a male - I mean nothing sissy about him. He looked about ten and was well built but he walked with eye... Continue»
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[Story] The Ballgame

For a small town it sure had more then its share of twisting roads but eventually I found her house (a double wide actually) out in the middle of no-where.

She came out accompanied by a ten-ish looking boy in a Little League uniform that proclaimed he was a "Bear" and she wore a respectable mommy outfit consisting of shorts, a tank top covered with a denium shirt and a bra beneath that.

They must have been waiting because no sooner pulled in the yard then out they came. "Mom, we're going to be late!" came the plaintiff cry from the "Bear" to which mamma replied, "No dear we'll make ... Continue»
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[Story] My Very First

She was older then me but younger then my mother by some years through still very attractive. We were staanding in my apartment as I hung up her coat... this guy from work dared me to ask her if she wanted to go home with me and to my surprise she accepted.

I was 22 nd still a virgin. I mean I had never been joined to a woman though I'd seen plenty of naked women in mags, movies and strip clubs but I had yet to enter one.

We had a beer which loosened me up some but I was still very nervous and I am sure she knew it.. yet I kissed her and we did so again then I felt her tongue going in... Continue»
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[Story] The Flash

Up to that time it was just a normal sales call, "Hello Amy! Is Todd in?" "No Mr. Tims he's not. Can I leave a message?" I look at her for th thousandeth time thinking that I'd sure like to see those mellons she's hiding and know that a snowball in a Christmas kitchen has a better chance yet I still hope and I know she sees me staring.

"No Amy I'll leave my card and try to catch him before I leave town." then adding, "Does he give you a lunch break?"

"Why sure he does. What a silly question."

"Well, if you won't get into trouble I'd like to take you to lunch because I haven't h... Continue»
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[Story] What Are You Hiding?

It began as a regular sort of day the usual two mugs of coffee with half teaspoon of sugar and French Vanilia Creamer, beard trim, shower, checking the internet to see if any lovelies messaged me overnight then looking at the political blogs on CNN to get my bl**d raised, then off to work.

Or so I thought.

Door unlocked, check. Key in igniation, check. In Park, check, Turn key.... what!?!? Click, click, click... Damn. And damn again.

Well, there no time to do anything but catch the bus since I cannot be late this morning. Sales meeting and the Regional is coming down to give us a ... Continue»
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Your Pleasure Is Important

My sex philosophy is pretty simple. If a lady grants me access to her delights it is a privledge and not a right. The fact that she does indicates to me that she likes me and wants me to love her. Therefore it becomes my duty to see that she enjoys and receives pleasure from the encounter. She should feel like a princess when its all done and not like a street walker; like a lady and not a whore. So I do not use deroggatory language in her arms nor let my mind drift but concentrate on loving her to the best of my ability.
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Feel Me

I've heard from some women that their lovers did not want them to touch their f****y jewels. I do not understand that. Persoanlly I like it when a woman goes for my cock with out being coaxed and begins to stroke it going down to my most sensitive area and rubbing there are well (as long as she is gentle). Its even more fun when she wants to take it into her mouth and suck it and lick it. Its pleasurable if she show such interest in making me feel good... very pleasurable.
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Licking Pussy

I like to be slow and methodical about it. Assuming the females is already nude, I like to kiss slowly up the inside of each thigh all the way up but not kissing the cunt lips yet. Shifting attention I will then kiss from your breast, ladies, down to your naval, then kiss arpound the naval till I reach your "triangl." Then kiss across the top then down each side.

By this time your should be pretty close to being beside yourself with this teasing. Then going down between your legs, I let my tongue open your pussy lips as I go from the top to the bottom. Then Going back to the top, I fin... Continue»
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That night

It was the same bs, ms and phd as before but at least I was there and there was enought time to jack off to relieve my cock of the pressure Lisa's $100 million ass gave me.

The luncheon was the same ole same ole as was fare for all these meetings but at least there wasn't going to be a dinner because the regional's wife told him to be home for some f****y event or else as he gave the sign of his throat being cut by the real boss. Forgot that.

But that Receptionist gave me a wink and a 'knowing grin' when I came back to work - wonder what that meant? - and telling me there were important... Continue»
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