Naked in the woods

Like all teens I was constantly horny. Just thinking about sex was enough to make my cock immediately get hard. But I was also a shy, nerdy type and couldn't even imagine how I'd ever get a girl to have sex with my. Hell, I could hardly talk to one. So, like most teen boys, I jacked off a lot.

I liked the way my cock looked when it was hard. It was easy to fantasize about the way its head was shaped to help spread the lips of a pussy and ease inside. There was a hand mirror in the bathroom at home and I would use it to look at my hard cock while I jerked it. Seeing it from other angles turned me on even more (if that was possible).

It wasn't always possible to jerk off at home; other f****y members didn't like me hogging the bathroom and I was worried they might find out what I was doing in there so long. So I started getting a little desperate. They route home from school went by the edge of town by the base of the local mountains. So one day I just left the sidewalk and went up into the hills to where the trees started. There just had to be a private place around there where I could jerk off without risk of being caught. Sure enough I found a place by a little creek that was well screened by bushes and had a nice flat rock to lie on. It was just what I needed and most days after school I stopped there and left cum on the granite.

Then came a Friday with school out at noon for some silly teacher meeting. I could hardly wait to get to my special spot and have several hours of time with my cock. I quickly hiked over the hill and was about to crash through the bushes when I heard a voice. Looking through the leaves I saw that a boy and a girl, both about my age and naked. He was on his back and she was kneeling beside him.

His was the first hard cock I'd seen that wasn't my own and she was the first naked girl I'd seen. I found myself turned on by both sights and, looking around to make sure it was okay, I took out my own hard cock. She had her hand on his by this time and was slowly stroking it while she teasingly talked. They seemed to come to an agreement and then something really shocked me: she bent over and took his cock into her mouth! I was so naive back then that I had never even thought about that possibility. It was too much and I blasted cum onto the bush and the ground. Quickly zipping up I quietly left so I wouldn't get caught. The sight of that girl sucking a cock was burned into my mind. I used the memory for jerking off over and over.

Another half school day came and I hurried to my spot. Of course I was hoping for a repeat of the cock sucking scene so I was sure to be quiet when I got close. But this time there was just a guy there (not the same one) and he was just lying on a towel looking like he was asl**p. Disappointed I moved on looking for another place with some privacy. Finding nothing I cared to use I turned around. As I neared the area of my spot I came around a corner and there was the guy sitting on a rock by the path. Now he was naked and his cock was quite hard. Seeing me he said "Hi!" like there was nothing unusual about the situation. I mumbled some kind of response and tried to not look at the hard-on he was displaying. But it was difficult not to look and I'm sure he knew he was turning me on.

He reached into his pack and handed me a beer. Not sure what else to do I pulled the tab and took a sip. He moved over a bit, told me his name was Tim, and said I should sit on the rock with him. I figured sitting to the side of him would make it easier for me to look at his cock without being obvious so I sat down and sipped a bit more beer. We talked a bit and I watched his hard cock bob a bit every time he moved. He then asked if I ever got naked out in nature like he did. I said I sometimes did but had only done it while alone. Tim laughed and said it was time to change that and, besides, I might hurt my cock having it cramped in my pants all hard like it was.

So I shyly removed my cloths and let my cock spring out hitting by belly. When Tim asked if that was not better I said it was. So what talked a bit more while both our hardons waved in the wind. I was finally starting to feel relaxed when Tim grabbed my hand and put it right on his hard cock. It was a shock but I also loved the feel of that cock. It felt nothing like touching my own cock. It was warm hardness covered by soft skin and I could feel the pulse of his heart.

We were both quiet while I rubbed his cock up and down. Then Tim softly told me that nobody had ever touched his hardon before. That surprised me as I had been sure he must be quite experienced from the say he seduced me. Telling Tim that made us both laugh a bit and we both said we wished we had got together a lot sooner.

I continued playing with his cock as we talked and that reminded me of the couple I had seen on that rock. His cock got even harder as I told the story. When I came to the part where she sucked the guy Tim seemed to be shaking a bit. Then he put a hand behind my head, looked at me and gently pushed towards his hardon. My mind spun as my head neared Tim's cock.

Tim was no longer pushing but that didn't matter. I wasn't sure if I was willing to put it in my mouth but I was at least going to get a good close look. Holding it in front of my face I admired the curves just like I had with my own in the mirror. As I looked I knew I couldn't stop. My tongue came out and touched the head. It didn't bite so I licked that special spot. Tim's cock jumped a bit and his hand rubbing my back felt great. So my mouth opened and I wrapped my lips around the head. My cock pulsed at the same time his did this time. I was feeling wonderful and started moving my head like I saw the girl on the rock do.

I started thinking about what would happen if I didn't stop soon. Was cum something I really wanted in my mouth? Then, just as I was seeing how much of his length I could take, I felt his first spurt hit the back of my throat. I swallowed without thinking about it and stayed down until the cum stopped. As I eased myself back to a sitting position Tim just said wow between breathes.

Since it was still early we decided to go back to the rock and rest a bit. Tim's cock had gone down from its full hard status but wasn't exactly soft either. Mine was still rock hard and felt great that way as we walked.

Back on the flat rock we looked at the sky as we talked about sex. Of course "sex" was pretty much jerking off since neither of us had been with another person until today. Tim's cock recovered quickly as teen cocks will do and I was once again enjoy the sight of it. Tim then suggested rubbing our cocks together saying he'd done it while playing doctor as a k** and it felt good then. I thought it might be fun. He then straddled my body and let the underside of our cocks lightly touch. It felt really, really good.

Then he reached down and played with my cock a bit as he sat between my legs. His cock touched my balls from time to time while he did this. Then he did what I was most hoping for: he bent down and my cock was in his mouth. I have to say I had no idea how good it would feel and I soon blasted my cum just like he had done with me.

Tim pointed out how I was the one with the not so hard cock and laughed a bit. So I turned over and told him he didn't have to look at it. Tim said that was alright and told me he'd rub my rock marks out of my back for me. His hands felt good and my eyes closed as I enjoyed the back rub. Of course I could also feel his cock bobbing on me as he rubbed and that was good too. He reached over to his pack and pulled out some baby oil saying he sometimes used it for jacking off. (I'd tried oils and lotions but always had gone back to jacking dry.) With the oil his hands glided on my back and shoulders.

He started working on my feet and then worked his hands up one leg and then the other. I spread my legs so he'd have better access. He was now kneeling between them as his hands made it up to my butt. As he worked I felt a finger touch my asshole and was surprised that I liked it. But he soon moved on up my back again.

Then he had me turn over onto my back. Back between my legs he rubbed my chest with his hands as his hard cock bobbed against mine. Then Tim asked me if I had noticed when he touched my hole. I admitted that I had noticed and even told him it felt kind of good. Tim just smiled and played with my balls a bit. Then he lifted my legs up and put a finger on my hold again. It felt even better this time as he rubbed lightly in circles with a baby oil covered finger. Then he centered the finger and put pressure on my hole. He slipped inside and I felt a warmth that spread to my cock as he moved his finger in and out. Tim then reminded me how I had said I liked the way the head of a cock looks like it is built to spread the lips and work its way into a pussy. He then pulled his finger out and scooted forward to put the head of his cock at my hole while telling me a pussy isn't the only thing a cock's head can spread open.

That cock felt burning hot against my ass. I was picturing it spreading my flesh and started feeling a yearning to be filled. Tim was keeping gentle pressure as he talked. Then he started pulling back and pushing forward a bit but still being very gentle. After a bit I started meeting his gentle thrusts trying to get his cock inside me. Each little push got just a small bit more inside until I felt him give a slightly harder thrust and felt the head make it past the entrance. It felt great and I knew at that point we'd be going all the way.

He kept up his little thrusts but didn't pull back enough to take the head out. Now each push was making real progress and soon I felt his pubic hair on my butt and knew it was all the way in. I smiled at Tim and told him it really felt good. My cock was rock hard to prove it. Tim stared fucking for real now and I was past the point of being able to talk. This felt much better than even the blow job I had received an hour ago. Each thrust rubbed against something inside that I hadn't known was there. I could feel it causing some cum to push slowing up my cock. The feeling was strange but good.

Tim reached down and started jacking me off again. Another blow job would have been better but that wasn't possible and his hand was feeling pretty good anyway. Then I started cumming the hardest I ever had. My asshole clamped down hard on Tim's cock and the first blast of cum hit me on the forehead. Tim wasn't able to keep thrusting but I could tell it didn't matter: he was cumming inside me.

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4 days ago
OMG! that was so good, vivid tale!
3 months ago
amazing story had me hard as a teenager.
6 months ago
This turned me on so dick got hard as a rock
7 months ago
7 months ago
brings back memories of fun summer days learning new things!
7 months ago
wow, that was really hot..