The pretty girl with her thumb out

It had been a couple of years since my wife left and I was finally starting to enjoy trips by myself. So that fall I through some stuff in the car and headed out to see things and clear out my mind some.

As I turned at the freeway ramp there was a young woman standing at the side with her thumb out. So I quickly pulled over and, with a smile, she hopped in. As we chatted I learned Chris had recently turned 18 and was using her new status as an adult to head north to see a friend. That worked out great since it was the direction I was already going for my trip.

Chris had long blonde hair and a pretty, albeit angular, face. The summer dress she was wearing showed her breasts to be small, but I like that and I could see a couple of nice nipple bumps pushing at the fabric.

When she asked me if I was married, I told her about my divorce and how my wife had been sl**ping with another guy and had left me for him. She seemed very interested but I didn't add much more since I was sure it'd be quite boring. But when she asked me if it felt weird having sex with my wife and finding out someone else was too, I just gave a small laugh.

Asked why I laughed led my to explain how my wife had seemingly lost interest in sex a couple of years before she left. Of course finding out she had a boyfriend explained all of that. Chris asked how I dealt with not having sex and I told her I did what all guys did: masturbate.

Chris then told me about her parents divorce. They broke up because her father was having sex with guys on the side. I wondered aloud if he was doing that because his wife had lost interest and Chris said that might have been so. I agreed saying I found masturbation to help but that it didn't remove the desire for sexual contact with another human.

Then she surprised me by asking if I had ever thought of sex with men as a release. I didn't say anything at first but she said it was okay if I did. So I admitted to the desire which made her smile. She smiled even more when I also admitted to having given in to those desires a couple of times.

Chris wanted details. So I told her about being in a video booth when a nice looking cock came through a hole in the wall. And how it had turned me on so much I took that cock in my mouth and sucked until it was about to spurt and then pulled off so the cum flew onto the floor. She then asked if thinking about it made me hard. I told her it sure did and she reached over for a quick feel to check.

When she asked if I would do it again I said yes. I told her how hot it made me and how once I thought it through, and decided there was nothing wrong with it, I loved the freedom of not worrying about the act being somehow wrong. At that point Chris said it was all good and she was glad to hear that I wanted to suck cock again. It was then I notice the front of her dress tenting up.

I said something about her not being quite what she appears to be. Worry crossed her face as she said she hoped I wasn't angry. But I just smiled and said things were fine, I was just very surprised that someone that looked so cute as a girl actually was a boy.

In truth I was the opposite of upset: I was incredibly turned on. So I asked Chris if she would show me what was causing the large bump in her dress. She lifted the hem and slowly pulled it back to reveal one of the nicest hard cocks I had ever seen. That cock must have been about seven inches long, a little short of average thickness and circumcised with a head that fit with the rest.

A loud noise and vibration from the rumble strip at the side of the highway brought me back to the reality of driving. Obviously I would have to find someplace to park before we did anything and Chris agreed with that. So when I spotted a narrow dirt road heading into the forest we headed down it to find a nice place to park that was screened by trees and bushes.

I spread a blanket on the leaf covered ground so we wouldn't be cramped up in the car. Chris got on it first and looked amazing in her dress there. If I hadn't seen that cock, I would have never guessed her real gender. As I stared Chris again pulled back her dress and spread her legs to expose her perfect cock. Then smiled and asked if it was as good as the one I had sucked before.

Positioning myself between her legs I took that cock in my hand while letting Chris know it was much better than the other one. It felt hot in contrast to the cool forest air as it pulsed with each beat of her heart. Chris whispered for me to please suck it as I lowered my head. I let the head touch my closed lips transferring a small drop of pre-cum. Then I let my lips stretch around the head as it slowly entered my mouth. Running my tongue along the good spot below the head got me a gasp from Chris.

I continued halfway down the shaft before reversing. Back up at the head I repeated my tongue work and was again rewarded with a gasp. With that encouragement I kept it up before once more going down, this time making sure my tongue was in contact.

Chris began to lift his hips to thrust as I sucked and I could feel the head getting larger and more firm. I knew he was getting close to cumming but this time I decided to let it happen in my mouth. Soon he gave one large upward thrust and paused. The first shot of cum hit hard on the back of my throat. It was quickly followed by a second that had even more f***e. Each time I swallowed my mouth was full with more before I finished. This was nothing like my previous experience which produced maybe a tenth of what I was getting. But only a small bit escaped and run down my chin.

Once his orgasm was over Chris lowered his ass back to the blanket. I released his softening cock and smiled over what I had just done. When I asked if I had done okay, Chris told me it was better than he had ever dreamed. Turned out that he had never had a blow job before nor any sexual contact with another person at all.

Packed up and on the highway again Chris was more open about his life. It turned out his high school years were a lot like mine: he was picked on and that made him shy. So he never had a girlfriend. And since this was before the Internet was available he had a hard time even learning much about sex. So he jacked off a lot (once he figured out how) and spent a lot time time wondering about sex.

Chris had started cross-dressing just a few months before. He told me he wasn't really that into it but liked looking at himself in the mirror while he masturbated. That way he could at least pretend he was with a girl.

When the sun started getting low in the sky I started thinking about where to sl**p. I had planned on camping but I only had one sl**ping bag and if Chris was going to stay with me, we'd either need another one or we'd have to stay in a room somewhere. Opting for the bag we found a Target in a town along our route and procured another with no problem.

The campground was nothing special but since it was fall it wasn't full either. Chris gathered some firewood while I cooked dinner and after eating we settled back to enjoy the warm flames and talk some more. Of course we mostly talked about girls and sex. Chris had a lot of questions about what sex was like with a real girl. I tried my best but it really is a "you have to be there" sort of thing.

When we finally headed to the tent there was just enough light to see his dress was again pushed out by his hardness. Once inside and down on his knees Chris pulled the dress up over his head to disrobe. The moon shining on the tent wall behind him created a wonderful view of his cock sticking straight out from his thin body.

Chris said all the talk had made him really horny (like any 18 year old boy is ever not?) and how he would love to have another blow job from me. I feigned reluctance for a few seconds before taking his cock in hand. Pausing long enough to say something about his lovely cock turning me gay I took it into my mouth repeating what we had done that morning.

My third time sucking cock was even better than the two previous times. The first time I was very much wanting to try but I was also extremely nervous. My hand was shaking and I felt weak when I first took him in my hand. When I had sucked Chris earlier that day I was more relaxed but, even though it was obvious that he wanted me to do it, I still had some deep down worry about rejection. Now the worries were gone.

That time I paid more attention to what I was feeling as I sucked. At first it was the shape of the head; I loved how it was curved in a way that would move flesh aside as it penetrated. Then there was the shaft: hard with a soft coating of skin. And all of it was burning hot in the cold night air. But the best part was the giving and the reactions I was causing in Chris.

I lost myself in his cock as I bobbed my head up and down on it. I wanted him to cum and my universe shrunk around me until it became my only thought. Up and down with his cock sliding over my tongue and into my throat. And this time it went on and on. Ages later he finally started cumming.

Neither of us had any trouble getting to sl**p that night. I slept solidly until the sun warmed the tent enough to wake me. As we broke camp I noticed Chris was smiling a lot.
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Those are the site censoring certain words. It's pretty broken.
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Pausing long enough to say something about his lovely cock turning me gay I took it into my mouth repeating what we had done that morning."

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