Me n My Friends

After a night of drinking, we came home to smoke. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, Sue and Maria were not anywhere I could see them. I went to see if everything was OK, and make sure that if me and Sue’s boyfriend Miguel started to fuck, we wouldn't get caught. ( he was already sucking on my tits and had my underwear at my ankles)

I walked into the bedroom where I heard some noises and saw what I never would have thought. Sue was laying on her back with her legs wide open and Maria was eating her pussy. I guess I made some kind of noise because, Maria came up for air and looked towards the door.

They laughed and both said, “It’s about time, we thought you would come looking for us a lot sooner and then join us, come on,” Sue said, “He had his fingers in your pussy already right?” as she laughed. I told her I had only come upstairs to see where they were and make sure we wouldn't be interrupted. Or I would be getting fucked by her man instead of interrupting them eating each other out.

She got up and I thought we were going to start arguing, but instead she came to me and lifted my skirt up and started licking my pussy, as I laid back on the bed and began removing the rest of my clothes. She said, “What would you rather be doing?” She was referring to getting fucked by her boyfriend down stairs, or her eating me out.

I told her there was no competition. Her licking my pussy was the winner. I added, “ But I wouldn't mind sharing his dick with you and Maria, It would be so nasty and feel so good if her would fuck all three of us and we would eat each other out, no holding back.”

Just then Miguel walks in with his dick stiff and hard and he was already naked. He didn't hold back or wait for an invitation, he we straight for Maria’s sweet tasting pussy and slid his 9 inch dick in and out of her.

Miguel continued to fuck Maria, then he pulled out of her and went straight into my pussy that his girl was just eating. I told Maria to sit on my face and I would eat the cum out of her pussy. As she sat on my face, she began to eat out Sue.

Miguel then pulled his big dick out of my pussy and slammed it into Sue’s pussy then her ass. She offered to eat his cum out of my pussy and I ate Maria out. AGAIN

Miguel fucked the shit out of 3 pussies, one right after the other over and over all night long. We all ate each other out and sucked Miguel’s dick and didn't care that it was just in another pussy, we just wanted to eat and fuck.

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