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[Story] Me n My Friends

After a night of drinking, we came home to smoke. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, Sue and Maria were not anywhere I could see them. I went to see if everything was OK, and make sure that if me and Sue’s boyfriend Miguel started to fuck, we wouldn't get caught. ( he was already sucking on my tits and had my underwear at my ankles)

I walked into the bedroom where I heard some noises and saw what I never would have thought. Sue was laying on her back with her legs wide open and Maria was eating her pussy. I guess I made some kind of noise because, Maria came up for air and loo... Continue»
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Need it

I am so horny, really wish I could meet a girl who was down to earth and plays no games. Someone that would come over often, mostly to have sex with me.

I'm home alone all day and would enjoy someone to spend the day with me and make it good.

I honestly think I have not met anyone because once I eat pussy for the first time I may just prefer it over dick. (Well maybe not)

But I think I would like it ALOT!!!!

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[Story] Me and my friend's great time

I was in my room, getting dressed for a night out with my girl friends trying on clothes, when my door bell rang. I knew it would be Joanna because she had told me she was going to come over to get dressed at my house. So I yelled to her that the door was open to come up stairs to my room.
I had a towel wrapped around me since I had just gotten out of the shower and was looking for what I was going to wear. Joanna walked in and she was in what I would say, was as little as possible she could have on. Not only little bit of clothing, but see through and very revealing of what God had given he... Continue»
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Girl Just wants to

I just want to fuck! I want a girl with big tits and nipples and knows how to eat pussy, to come knock on my door and just take charge.

She can even bring a male friend. I prefer a black dick, but hey if it's big and thick and likes to eat pussy any will do.

They have to be totally nasty! The girl wouldn't mind eating my pussy just as the guys dick slips out of it, because she now is getting the juicy dick rammed in her pussy. The guy wouldn't mind while in the middle of fucking me stops and begins to eat me out. The girl would not mind either that the dick that was just in my pussy, is ... Continue»
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The Pick up

I met this girl at the night club. She was about 5’6 with big boobies. She was wearing a black short dress that showed her twins off and you could see through her dress when the light hit her, she wasn’t wearing underwear. I asked her if she was there alone, and she said yes, she was expecting a friend but he never showed up. Since I was alone also, we hung out the rest of the night, and drank. We were feeling pretty good, and I was a little d***k.

I asked her how she was getting home, and she said she was going to walk. I offered her a ride, since I had a driver. She accepted. We both got... Continue»
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What makes me horny

I think it's so fucking hot when I watch a porn video, and the girl who's pussy the guy was fucking, gets off the dick, and the dick slides into the other pussy and she eats the one that was just getting fucked! Damn! That's what Im talking about! I want to have a dick slide out of me and into another pussy, and for my pussy to be munched on!!!! I wish I had friends like that! I wouldn't mind at all!
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[Story] Being Bad

I regularly went out of town over night on business matters. I would go with our partner Rich. Rich never drove because he didn't have a license and would drink and just didn't want to risk it, so he always had a driver to drive him. When we went out of town was not exception.

Not going to hide it, Rich and I were lovers and took advantage of the business trips to have sex. We also had sex other times.

One day, as we were on our way to out, Rich was in the back seat and resting alittle because he was exhausted from working long hours the prior night. I sat in the front seat and Sam was ... Continue»
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[Story] My Desire

I lived with my boyfriend, and a couple who were my friends. in a 4 bedroom house. I would hear my friend and her boyfriend going at it and within a few minutes it was over and she would go to the restroom and shower. After several times of this, I thought m poor friend she needs to be sexed up, if he's cumming so fast.

But it wasn't until one day she and I were talking and she confessed, David, her boyfriend, was having trouble getting hard and staying hard. She said she tried EVERYTHING imaginable. and still no deal. She didn't understand and needed to get fucked. I listed to her and fel... Continue»
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