Caught At A XXX Bookstore

With the invention of the internet, you don’t see to many adult bookstores anymore and the ones you do see and nearly empty. Why leave the comfort of your home when you can download endless quantities of porn for free. I still go once in a while to pick up a new magazine or buy some lube. I just turned 19 years old and like most young guys I had a hard-on that wouldn't stop no matter how much I jacked off. So today I decided to visit a new bookstore because the one I used frequent closed about two months ago.

Inside out smelled like a wet ashtray. I was nervous as I walked through the racks displaying hard core magazines and others that didn't show dicks penetrating pussies our cum-shots, but just about everything else. I noticed in the back was a bank of closed doors. A sign overhead said "Arcade". I wasn’t really sure what that was all about and I went back to investigate. It didn't take long for me to realize they were individual booths that had a TV inside and played porno movies.

I couldn't resist and went in a booth to watch but found out my quarters didn't work on the coin operated player. Embarrassed even more than I already was, I had to walk to the cashier and get tokens to pay with. I quickly got back in the booth (the same one I went in my first attempt) and closed the door behind me.

The booth had a chair bored to the floor 3 feet in front of the TV screen. There was a coin receptacle to the right of the screen and a button below it. There was also a box of tissues on top of the TV and a partially filled garbage can underneath it, and I easily guess what that was for. I sat in the chair; my heart was beating heavily in my chest. I dropped a token in the receiver unit and the TV came to life. I don't remember what was on but I'm sure it was hot and explicit. I toggled through the selections, stopping at one briefly before realizing it was gay porn and slapping the button to go to a different movie as fast as I could. I found one I liked and watched for a minute or so as some porn starlet got fucked. I was so hard I was almost going to come in my pants. I want to jerk off but was anxious and didn't know if I should. Then I remembered the tissues in the booth and figured that's what it was there for.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my surging prick from my shorts, rubbing it the instant it was in my hand. I tried to keep my composure and not come in the first 15 seconds I jacked my dick, and I changed channels a couple times to find another good video playing. Once I did my hand was immediately back on my cock jerking it furiously. The scene I picked was at the very end and I watched as the stud in the video pulled his big dick out of his costar's cunt and blasted his cum all over her tits and belly while she squeezed his balls.

I was just about to spurt too when I heard this disembodied voice say, "Let me suck it." My hand stopped in mid stroke and I looked around horrified for who had said that. He said it again - "Let me suck it." - And I finally saw the source. There was a small hole in the wall between my booth and the adjacent one and the guy next to mine was looking through it at me while I was jerking off. Horror crashed over me again, I had no idea what to do our say and it felt like I stared at him for a minute but I know it couldn't have been longer than 8 or 10 seconds, but long enough for me. "Leave me alone," I said in my most authoritative voice which probably sounded very afraid.

He asked me again to let him suck my dick, and I told him to leave me alone again. He gave up in me and I saw his eye disappear and I heard him leave his booth (the hole was only as big as his eyeball and wasn't a "glory hole," although I didn't know what one was at the time, and I don't even know how I would have let him suck me off if I would have, I guess by letting him come into my booth?).

By the time his eye disappeared my token had run out and my TV was dark. I thought about leaving, running from the booth as fast as I could, but I'd paid for all these tokens and a sign at the cashiers stand said there were no refunds on tokens, and I was still desperate to come.

My heart was still pounding and I had to make sure I wouldn't get surprised again so I looked through the peep hole in the wall to make sure my neighbor was really gone. I was afraid I'd see another eye ball starting back at me but all I saw was a dark empty booth. I also noticed another peep hole in the other wall of my booth. Jeez, how many people had I put on a show for today, I thought. I f***ed myself to look through the second hole too, but fortunately it was also vacant.

Relaxed that I could pleasure myself in peace, I turned my attention back to my still-dark TV screen. I deposited another token and resumed watching videos. I settled on one showing a threesome with 2 girls and one guy. This instantly turned me on again and my prick stiffened in my hand. I started jacking off again while I watched the scene play in front of me, occasionally glancing nervously at the peep holes in the walls of my booth.

But before long I had forgotten about them and was fixated on the fucking on the screen. I stroked my cock faster and faster until I could feel my climax coming closer. My balls ached and I thrust my hips off the seat while I jerked on my cock, imitating the thrusts of the porn stud pumping his long dick in and out of the starlet's wert pussy. I wanted to time my orgasm to his in the video, but I couldn't hills back any longer.

I shot my load with great relief, my flying cum landed on my belly. I kept jerking myself as cum ran down my thumb and over my knuckles until I was spent. I again checked the peep holes anxiously for peering eyes but none were watching, and I squeezed my cock while watching the guy in the video shoot his load on the faces of his conquests with the cum running down my stomach.

I used several tissues to clean myself up afterward and left the wad in the trash can. I felt embarrassed to walk out past the cashier but just kept my eyes down and hoped he wouldn't say anything to me. I drove on back home still deeply humiliated that I'd been caught jerking off - and had been propositioned for anonymous gay sex - and feared that whoever was next to me in the arcade would see me again. But I was also deeply aroused that someone - if never know who - had seen my most intimate act. I just wish it hadn't been a guy's voice from the other booth.

I went back several times to that adult bookstore, both to jack off in the arcade booths (I was always careful to pick one with empty adjacent booths) and buy magazines and videos to fuel my jerk off sessions at home. I've also become highly aroused by any videos I can find of men or women who go to such booths. There's a great one with Jenna Haze in which she watches porn in one and fucks three dicks through glory holes in her booth. I've blown my load countless times stroking myself to that one, it comes highly recommended. Hmmm... I might have to go find it again just now...

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2 months ago
well you missed out you could havew been really satisfied or more go back and this timelet them suck you off
10 months ago
let him suck you next time
12 months ago
I know, right?
1 year ago
The fear and excitement is palatable.