Me & Pelon

So my first time having sex with a man or woman was when I was 18 yrs. old. The weekend was coming and I didn't have any plans yet, which was unusual for me. By this time of the week I would have plans already, as a matter of fact too many to squeeze into one weekend.

Later that day my mom said that Pablo aka Pelon had called her and asked if I could spend the weekend with him. She told him that it was alright with her and she would take me over to his place in a few of hours. She told me that if I wanted to go, all the things she had asked me to do had better be done before we left. I had less than two hours to mow the yard (it's a little side yard), take out the trash and clean my room. The pitfalls of being 18 and still living at home with moms. I barely finished by the time we were leaving.

When we got to his place, he asked if I was hungry. I said, “YEAH!” since I didn't have time to eat before we left the house. He made tacos de asada for us.

When we were done eating, we sat in the living room and watched TV. I always felt really comfortable with Pelon and we could talk about anything. So it was about 1:00 am, and we decided to go to sl**p. I would usually sl**p on the couch, but my he asked me if I wanted to sl**p in his room. This caught me off guard and I said I was ok
on the couch. But in the back of my head I really wanted to sl**p in his room.

After brushing my teeth I headed back out to the living room, and as I was about to go to sl**p I went to tell him goodnight. We said our good nights and as I was turning Pelon grabbed me by the hand and told me to stay. After a while I finally got into bed and we started to fall asl**p. I am not sure how long we were asl**p, but I woke up to something poking me and as I started to grab it I soon realized it was Pelon's dick. It was
hard about 9.5 inches of uncut meat. So I started to stroke it and much to my surprise Pelon said, "te gusta?" (You like it?)

I was so freaked out; I apologized and begged him not to say anything to anyone. And we both fell asl**p. Later on that day we woke up and ate some food. After we were done, he brought up the "incident" that happened.

My heart stopped, and he asked me if I was gay. I said no I had feelings for both male and females. He asked if I wanted to see it and stroke it. I told him we couldn't, that it was wrong what I did. And as much as I wanted to stoke and suck his dick, I just couldn’t. So he got up and stripped in front of me and said, "Mirame.” (Look at me.)

He said that when I stroked his dick he liked it and he got hard by my ass brushing against him. He told me to stand up and I complied. He hugged me and wrapped me so close and tight. I felt so safe in his arms. And he whispered in my ear "Te quiero.” (I love you.)

I told him my feelings for him. He said he has been waiting until I was old enough to tell me. So he then took me by the hand and headed to the bedroom. Once we were in the room I slowly started to take off my clothes and we both were standing there naked. He hugged me again and we started to kiss. After what seemed like forever, he laid me on the bed and got between my legs. I felt his dick rubbing against mine. I felt it pulse and felt the veins. He asked me if I wanted him inside me. I of course freaked and told him I am a virgin. He said, “If you want to go further, we can. If not, we can stop.”

I told him I wanted to go further. He got up and pulled out some KY jelly and while holding a condom in his hand he said, "Si quieres que me lo ponga me lo pongo, y si no quieres no lo uso..." (If you want me to put it on, I will, but if you don’t want to, I won’t use it.)

I looked at him, then at the condom and threw the condom away. I saw him smile as he said “I am happy that I will be your first.” He lubed up and slowly started to push in. Once the head was inside, it hurt and burned. He was patient and didn't move until he felt I could take more. After a while the pain subsided and was replaced with pleasure. I asked him to fuck me hard and fast but he said no, which disappointed me
He then said, “I don't want to fuck you or just have sex, te quiero ser el amor." (I want to make love to you) which brought tears to my eyes. He did pick up the pace and about fifteen minutes of lovemaking, his breathing got deeper and he said, “I’m about to cum.”
I tell him not to pull out, that I wanted him inside me. He started to moan louder and finally came inside me.

He pulled out his now soft dick and lay next to me and said, "Tu eres mijo y yo soy tuyo.” (You are mine, and I am yours.)

I kissed him and said that I would never let anyone have me except for him. That's was when I was 18. Now at 23, I now live with him as a couple, and although our families don't agree with our relationship that doesn't matter to us. He is my first, my last and my only.

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